Sunday, 2013-10-13

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dinsdale247So is this where I would come to find out if I can put sailfish on an old lumia 800 I have?03:43
dinsdale247I've been pouring over whatever I can find. I can't find a kernel for the qualcomm processor03:44
dinsdale247or reference on how to plug all the pieces together to make "sailfish"03:44
dinsdale247I noticed that the Jolla "mark 1" has dual qualcomm plus a whole gig of ram03:46
dinsdale247is that going to be a minimum spec? I hope not. I'd love to port this to a sony experia arc s as well03:47
wmarone_dinsdale247: assume that anything running Windows is locked down hard03:48
wmarone_that said, most devices are fair game for those willing to put in the effort.03:49
dinsdale247I found a link to a device that reflashes the board on the lumias from 600 - 90003:49
wmarone_most android devices*03:49
dinsdale247is there a how to yet?03:49
wmarone_dinsdale247: reflashes with what though? I assume Winphone.03:49
dinsdale247hmm... don't know. pretty new at this03:49
dinsdale247lemme see if I can find the link again03:50
dinsdale247so the experia arc uses the same processor as the lumia03:50
wmarone_what OS does the arc run?03:50
wmarone_so there's no real "howto" because it's generally not trivial03:51
wmarone_generally you start by getting merproject running on your target device03:51
dinsdale247I'm a software developer at a company that makes arm devices...03:51
wmarone_so you have an advantage :)03:52
dinsdale247support for this is easy to come by but I need direction. :D03:52
dinsdale247I do have an advantage03:52
wmarone_so Sailfish isn't publicly available with ARM builds yet03:52
dinsdale247okay, so that's step 1?03:52
dinsdale247would I just use the kernel that is available for the platform. i.e from the vendor?03:53
wmarone_it's a linux kernel03:53
dinsdale247I understood that much03:53
wmarone_merproject doesn't use the Android-specific additions, but it'll work03:53
dinsdale247does the kernel not need to be ported to the processor?03:54
dinsdale247in this case a qualcomm ?03:54
wmarone_presumably the kernel has already been ported03:54
dinsdale247alright, I will keep looking for that. (step 1a. lol)03:54
wmarone_merproject/sailfish don't supply a kernel03:54
dinsdale247and then I should try and build mer03:54
wmarone_the nice thing about Mer is that you don't need to build it03:55
dinsdale247good news. :)03:55
wmarone_so you'll want to request access to the community OBS server03:55
wmarone_it's a nice tool, albeit a bit confusing03:56
wmarone_and building a kickstart file that compiles your device image03:56
wmarone_can you boot off SD card?03:56
dinsdale247haven't got that far yet03:56
wmarone_that will simplify things greatly03:57
dinsdale247The Lumia and the experia seem to be built off the same chipset. I guess I should check at qualcomm?03:58
dinsdale247find out if the reference design boots from sd?03:58
dinsdale247what about a bootloader?03:58
wmarone_up to you03:58
dinsdale247So mer is the "framework layer" (?). Where do I get the sailfish UI from ?03:59
wmarone_no ARM build of sailfish is available yet04:00
wmarone_and I don't expect one to be until after their handset is released04:00
dinsdale247I see04:00
wmarone_mer is basically the entire linux stack between the kernel and the UI04:00
wmarone_up to Xorg/wayland04:00
dinsdale247I sort of understand that.04:01
dinsdale247so that means I could get an OS running but wouldn't have the UI (i.e. shell only?)04:01
wmarone_for the next step you could get nemomobile runnign04:01
wmarone_which supplies a lot of the middleware sailfish uses04:01
wmarone_and has its own UI based on qt quick as well04:02
dinsdale247and nemomobile is based on qt04:02
dinsdale247ah. thanks04:02
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dinsdale247good, that gives me somthing to digest. very exciting to see this getting somewhere04:02
dinsdale247I've been a huge nokia fan for a very long time so it's nice to see some of that innovation coming out again.04:03
dinsdale247Thanks wmarone_. TTYL04:04
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dinsdale247You still around wmarone_?04:26
dinsdale247This is the device for Lumias I saw:
dinsdale247Anyway, I'm on the build server and I registered for Bugzilla.04:28
wmarone_that's handy for flashing a bricked phone but I suspect it won't help you boot non-windows OSes on the devices04:28
dinsdale247hmm. bummer04:28
wmarone_I hate locked down deviecs too04:28
wmarone_though I'd LOVE to have one of those for messing around with device images04:29
wmarone_perfect recovery04:29
dinsdale247I wonder how I would find out how to crack a lumia?04:29
wmarone_swap the CPU probably04:29
wmarone_I'll wager they use TrustZone to sign the UEFI environment04:30
dinsdale247that's no fun04:30
dinsdale247ah. I've just started reading about uefi04:30
dinsdale247k. lame04:30
wmarone_I do driver work on it at my job04:30
wmarone_albeit with PCIe devices04:30
dinsdale247awesome. I'm a windows developer with a chip on my shoulder out to prove I can work with embedded systems and phones04:31
dinsdale247so should I download mer for i586 and try to get that running in a vm first?04:32
wmarone_don't know if that'll really help04:32
dinsdale247I can get my hands on a freescale reference board as well if that would be a better starter platform04:32
wmarone_it would be handy for you to learn how kickstart files work and generate your own images04:32
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wmarone_again, if you have an Android kernel ready to go for it, you can probably use it04:35
dinsdale247k. I'll keep that in mind. stumped by something more mundane at the moment...04:37
dinsdale247I've navigated to the build mer-core:i586:devel04:37
dinsdale247and I can get a listing of rpms.04:37
wmarone_ok onesec04:38
dinsdale247do I use my bugzilla account to ftp in and download all of them?04:38
wmarone_one sec04:38
dinsdale247thanks. :)04:38
wmarone_so -you- want to start here:
dinsdale247fantastic. Thank you so much!04:39
wmarone_that will get you the build environment and walk you through building an image04:40
wmarone_which is a good start04:40
dinsdale247So this is what the Sailfish emulator that came with the SDK is built on?04:41
wmarone_the SDK as well04:41
dinsdale247awesome. k. page one...04:42
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dinsdale247Can I ask about getting my app running in qt creator?05:06
dinsdale247:-1: error: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Connection refused05:09
dinsdale247But it starts the emulator?05:10
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dinsdale247If I leave the emulator running, it just starts a second instance and gives me the same error?05:10
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dinsdale247 Goodnight, thx again.05:17
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asys3hi, can anyone help me, what's wrong with my sdk installation? I get a emulator connection error after compile/run while the emulator-vm itself is up, running and connection test passed in the qtcreator settings...07:57
asys3qt-Creator-Buil-Error-Message: ":-1: Fehler:Could not connect to SailfishOS Emulator Virtual Machine."07:58
asys3got it - was my fault. in qt creator the emulator button on the bottom left was not pressed.08:01
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ericcchi  lbt  is  here?13:48
Yanielhe's probably having fun since it's weekend13:52
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ericcci  forgot  today is  weekend13:58
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KondouIs there any way to find out which icons are available (for covers)?15:55
KondouI have an update coveraction15:55
Kondouand icon-l-repeat isn't the best one imo15:55
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shiwu_kabigonHi everyone, how can I interact with the Phone contacts(read / write) with a sailfish os app ?17:08
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Sfiet_Konstantinhi shiwu_kabigon !17:36
Sfiet_Konstantinright now ... there is no API17:36
Sfiet_Konstantinbut you might get interested in QtContacts17:36
Sfiet_Konstantinwait a sec17:36
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Sfiet_Konstantinno doc :/17:38
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry shiwu_kabigon17:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe you should read Qt Mobility Qt Contacts doc17:38
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shiwu_kabigonokay, that's a good hint, thx Sfiet_Konstantin :)17:40
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Sfiet_Konstantinbut sailfish will use Qt Contacts17:40
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