Thursday, 2013-10-17

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saildevI'm having a little issue here..12:49
saildevOh, first of all. Hi all! :)12:50
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saildevI've used pageStack.pushExtra to add a page on a right side that can be accessed when flicking.12:50
saildevI also have few MenuItem QML components in my PullDownMenu where I want to load a new page calling pageStack.push ( ).12:51
saildevWell, everything works fine so far.. But when I want to get back to the previous page from where I called the pageStack.push ( ) function by flicking, it returns me to the page I attached by using pageStack.pushExtra ( ).12:52
saildevAny idea how it could be done?12:52
saildevTo demonstrate the problem here are the pages in stack: [ x ] [ o ] where 'x' marks the current page and 'o' is attached page. Now when I call pageStack.push ( "AnotherPage.qml" ) it throws me here: [ o ] [ o ] [ x ] - on top of the stack. Now to get back to the first page where I were I need to move through the second page which I have never accessed.12:55
saildevSo when pageStack.push ( ) is called it should be like this: [ o ] [ x ] and the attached base is not there anymore (which was called in the very beginning by using pageStack.pushExtra ( ) function). But when I go back to page one it attaches it again. Does it make any sense?12:56
saildevI also couldn't find anything that removes the attached page before calling pageStack.push ( ) function from That would've solve this instantly..12:59
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ericcci  gree  with u13:32
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Jonniand saildev didnt have enough time to listen for answers... :)14:59
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artemmaQt creator modifies yaml file all the time (just rearranges rows). Is it auto generated file? Do I need to keep it in version control at all?15:54
Sfiet_Konstantinartemma: better keep it15:55
Sfiet_Konstantinthere is an ui in Qt Creator15:55
Sfiet_Konstantinopen the yaml file in QtC and then you can rearrange rows yourelf15:55
artemmaarrgh, it's so annoying to try not to forget uncheck it when committing changes15:55
* artemma implemented Mixpanel support in QML for a sailfish app and feels good about it15:56
artemmano queuing and buffering yet though :)15:57
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* artemma would appreciate #otherhalf for a MacBook. Switching from work to private context takes many relogins and terminal path changes 16:08
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artemmaIs there QtMobility in Sailfish? Or was it renamed in Qt 5+ somhow16:16
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artemmaI am trying to get a device IMEI and fail when trying to import QtMobility 1.216:17
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artemmaAha! "In Qt 5 the mobility APIs are part of the Qt itself as add-on modules."16:18
artemmaOkay, need to figure out the proper modules for device data..16:18
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artemmadoh, can't find any header with something about hardware :/16:32
artemmawell, except for camera, but I need IMEI. Or some other unique user/device id16:32
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artemmaQNetworkInterface hardwareAddres() maybe..16:35
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artemmaor maybe I could obtain some system id via gconf or something like that16:40
artemmaaha, QtSystmes module might be what I need, but Sailfish SDK doesn't seem to have it16:41
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Jonniartemma: a second, I'll give you example :)17:00
artemmaWould be great!17:00
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artemma@Jonni: just this doesn't work17:03
artemmaI should tell in the pro file somehow where to find the header I suppose17:03
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artemmaand I can't see is any QDeviceInfo header in SDK17:04
JonniQT += systeminfo17:04
Jonnito .pro file17:05
Jonniand "BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5SystemInfo)" to .spec17:05
Jonnibut anyways, that works on real device, I havent tested if it works on sdk (I dont remember if sdk has ofono running) :)17:08
artemmah,,.. trying17:10
artemmayou've got a real device.. oh.. good17:12
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Jonniartemma: and source for those are in here
artemmaI can't really understand why (because I still don't see header in SDK), but it compiles17:15
artemmareturns empty string on SDK, but that's normal I guess17:15
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artemmaJonni: thanks, since it works on a real device I guess I just use it, understanding how it works would help too though :)17:17
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Jonniyou can always read qtsystems sources to see what it does :)17:17
artemmaJonni: I still don't get how on earth it compiles when there are no headers for it in the SDK :)17:18
artemmabut it compiles, it's good17:18
Jonniartemma: it automaticly fetches the headers if you added that buildrequires to .spec file17:19
artemmaJonni: fetches from network you mean?17:19
* artemma isn't very familiar with the *nix build chain17:19
Jonnior you can manyally install the headers with zypper in qt5-systeminfo-devel, but yes it automaticly fetches headers from network if they are mentioned as build requirements17:20
artemmaThere is no QML counterpart for QDeviceInfo I think17:20
artemmaor is there?17:20
artemmawhy do you convert imdi string to latin1?17:21
artemmaI guess it;s latin1 already17:21
Jonniwell actually same mer package has qml api too17:22
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artemmaokay, got stuff to read then :)17:23
artemmaJonni: thanks a lot!17:23
artemmatrying to use it right away results in  module "QtSystemInfo" is not installed17:24
artemmawell, maybe qml module needs to be installed separately somehow17:25
Jonnizypper in qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo17:26
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artemmathat will modify my sdks only to my understudying17:27
artemmaso code won't work on the final user device unless Jolla decides to include the package?17:27
Jonnior just add to .spec file   Requires: qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo    and it gets automaticly installed when end user installs your rpm17:28
artemmahave to run now, but thanks a lot!17:29
artemmaI'll try17:29
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Jonni.spec file is the magic place to make things happen, it automatcly installs buildrequirements, and you can also mark your package depencies there with Requires lines17:29
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artemmaJonni: I added Requires: qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo , still QML tells QtSystemInfo is not installed21:06
artemmathough Qt creator installs by copying files, not via RPM, maybe then Requires isn't executed21:07
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Jonniyeah if you dont deploy with rpm then you need to manually install21:19
* artemma is now trying to figure out a difference between yaml and spec files, they look very similar to each other21:20
artemmayet, spec doesn't seem to update when I change yaml and build21:20
artemmabra, how do I know where to specify which packages :/21:20
JonniI usually just rm *yaml file from the project and only use spec21:20
artemmaaha, so yaml is something you need once only then21:21
Jonniyaml was more for qt creator gui thingie, and and creator runs specify to yaml when it builds21:21
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Jonniif there is no yaml, then it just uses spec directly21:22
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artemmahmm, then specifying qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo in yaml should have been good enough.. 21:22
artemmaAnyway, if spec directive will pull the package for the final devices, I guess now I just install package to my target21:22
artemmaHmm, target tells that qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo is already installed :/21:23
artemmain SailfishOS tab in Creator21:23
artemmayet QML tells module "QtSystemInfo" is not installed21:23
Jonniand your using import QtSystemInfo 5.0  or some other version number?21:26
artemma1.0 I was using21:29
artemmatried 5.0 now - no change21:30
Jonnimight want to also check that qt5-qtsysteminfo is present in emulator target21:30
Jonnias buildrequires only installed it into compiler vm21:30
artemmaSailfishOS tab in creator tells that it is21:34
artemmaFrom packages named similarly qt5-qtsystems is not installed21:36
artemmaand creator fails to install it21:36
artemmaNo provider of 'qt5-qtsystems' found.21:36
Jonniwhat kind of line you have in spec file?21:37
artemmaRequires:   qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo21:38
artemmaBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5SystemInfo)21:38
artemmathat's it. Everything else - whatever was in spec by default21:38
JonniYou might want to add:   Requires: pkgconfig(Qt5SystemInfo)21:39
Jonniand remove that other requires line, as it might not be needed, I've forgotten which package provides which21:39
Jonni(And Im just going to sleep, I'll recheck when Im back in office tomorrow)21:40
artemmaand cleaning just in case21:40
artemmano change21:40
artemmathanks anyway, C++ side I've got working after all21:40
artemmaI've sent a mail to the mailing list about it. If you'll be in the mood, you can answer there for others to know too21:41
Jonnimaybe then just left-crtl+ F2 on emulator and login as root, and use zypper to check that packages really are there21:41
artemmaI don't really know zipper. Used it once only copy-pasting what people tell21:42
Jonni"zypper se systeminfo" tells what systeminfo pacakges are installed, S-field will have "i" when installed21:42
artemmaonly qt5-qtsysteminfo is installed21:45
artemmaokay, no surprise declarative doesn't work if qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo is not installed21:45
artemmaWhy does creator's tab tell it is installed? :/21:46
artemmaor maybe it's installed to Mer build machine, but not to Sailfish emulator21:46
Jonniyes it shows build machine21:48
artemmaThen I guess Requires: line in spec file should command emulator to install package, but it doesn't do it21:49
artemmaprobably because no RPM step happens21:49
Jonniif you zypper in the package from the commandline it will find the import. yes it needs to be deployed by rpm to automaticly pull it in21:49
artemmaI tried adding line to yaml too, didn't help21:49
artemmaokay, searching for proper zipper syntax21:50
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos21:50
artemmashit, sailfish emulator talks to my in Finnish21:50
artemmazypper help too21:50
Jonniin the run settings there is option "Deploy by copying binaries" vs "deploy as rpm package" if you change that then your golden21:50
artemmai don't even have a finnish locale anywhere21:50
Jonni(if you dont want to learn commandline)21:51
artemmaoh, I though RPM deployment just doesn't work yet :)21:51
artemmaI don't mind learning command line at all, but I am pretty sure I won't want my users to learn it :)21:51
Jonnicopying is just a bit faster thats why that is default21:51
artemmaso rpm configuration is better21:51
artemmatrying rpm deployment21:52
artemmaI mean if rpm works for me it should work for final users too then21:52
artemmadidn't help21:52
artemmachecking build logs..21:53
artemmait did retrieve package package qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo..21:53
artemmaInstalling: qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo-0.0git684.fb72a05-1.6.2 [.....done]21:53
artemmaand even command line zipper now tells qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo is installed21:54
artemmabut QML engine doesn't see it21:54
artemmahooray, it works now!21:55
artemmaPRM install + proper requires + import QtSystemInfo 5.0 (not 1.0) solved it!21:55
artemmaJonni: Thanks a lot!21:56
blue787Hi guys21:58
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artemmablue787: hi22:01
*** jotik has quit IRC22:07
*** jotik has joined #sailfishos22:11
artemmaI've got Mixpanel implementation identifying users via IMEI now - great! Go fork it! :)22:11
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artemmatrying to put combo box to pulley menu and open combo box on pulley item activation22:38
artemmaif I add ComboBox straight to menu, it cannot be activated (only can choose it when menu is fully open), if I wrap it into menu, then menu is pulled back on activation22:39
artemmaand if I cancelBounceBack, menu isn't enlarged to fit unwrapped combobox22:40
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