Wednesday, 2013-10-30

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KhertanAtworkHello !14:27
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jake9xxright.. like it was said on mailing list, the cloud cache bite us :( indexes are now refreshed so all should be good.14:47
jake9xxi.e. to update emulator only14:47
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jake9xxdm8tbr: please ignore that , in the final image that bottom part pulley won't be there anymore14:51
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saildevGood afternoon! :)15:39
saildevI noticed this one little thing that I don't quite understand.. It's about Joona Petrell's presentation in Beijing 2013.15:39
saildevYou can read it here:
saildevAnd the problem or the issueI'm having is with the header: SearchField { ... } part. You can find it almost in the end of the presentation.15:40
saildevIt says that you use filter: searchString inside model: xmlListModel_Text { ... }. But if I try that I get an error.15:40
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KhertanAtworksaildev, which error did you get ?15:47
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saildevOh yeah, forgot to put it here... "Expected type name - model: xmlListModel_Results { filter: searchField_Results.text }15:49
saildevAnd it underlines the xmlListModel_Results with a red underline but without the { filter: searchField_Results.text } part it works so the problem shouldn't be with the xmlListModel_Results.15:49
KhertanAtworka XmlListModel didn't have result attribute15:50
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KhertanAtworki look at the pdf15:50
saildevOkay, thank you..15:52
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saildevI do know other ways to filter the results by using TextField (or in this case SearchField) but this looked kinda easy and better than others so I decided to test but not sure what's wrong with it..15:52
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KhertanAtworksaildev, that s probably a self made model with a specific attribute filter ... but neither ListModel or XmlListModel have a filter attribute15:55
saildevHm, okay. In which case it can be used?15:55
KhertanAtworksaildev, i filter it manually too for ownNotes15:55
KhertanAtworksaildev, if you create your model with c i suppose15:55
saildevCan you give an example?15:55
KhertanAtworkof course15:55
saildevThank you. :)15:55
saildevBrilliant. Thank you very much!15:56
KhertanAtworksaildev, that a mixed python/c/qml apps :)15:56
saildevSo do you use C or Python at all with the filtering?15:57
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KhertanAtworkpython for the filtering15:59
KhertanAtworkbut you can do it in c with a  QSortFilterProxyModel15:59
KhertanAtworknot sure that still exist in Qt515:59
KhertanAtworklet me check16:00
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KhertanAtworksaildev, still exists :)16:03
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saildevYeah, just found it as well. :)16:04
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saildevThanks for your help, mate!16:04
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KhertanAtworksaildev, you'r welcome16:10
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MMoriwhat's new with the emulator?18:43
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Nicd-Error during installation process (org.merproject.emulator):18:47
Nicd-Execution failed(Unexpected exit code: 1): "/usr/bin/VBoxManage createvm --name SailfishOS Emulator --register --basefolder /Users/nicd/SailfishOS/emulator"18:47
Nicd-when updating with the sdkmaintenancetool18:47
Nicd-on OS X 10.6.818:47
MMoriah ok18:47
MMoriI thought you answered my question18:48
MMorijust wanted to know what's in the latest update18:49
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Nicd-no, that was not related18:49
Yanielcheck the mailing list?18:49
Yaniellbt/whoever, we want changelogs somewhere where they are easy to find...18:50
Yanieland the ml does not qualify18:50
lbtI do agree18:51
Nicd-the error with the command is18:51
Nicd-"VBoxManage: error: Invalid parameter 'Emulator'"18:51
Nicd-if I run it manually18:51
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Nicd-you should escape the space in SailfishOS Emulator apparently18:52
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mike7b4_on_x230I totally fucked up the upgrade of virtualbox now I try manually add the vbi in virtualbox what settings should I use? Only I trremember is 1Gb ram but what network settings etc?18:52
mike7b4_on_x230(What I talk about is the emulator ugrade)18:53
Nicd-I'm going to make a gist about this18:53
Nicd-here's my problem if any jolla person wants to look at it:
mike7b4_on_x230Nicd-: same for me :(19:01
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EgoistaIs the OS source release? I want to tinker around with it and see if I can get it on my Nexus 4.19:03
Nicd-Egoista: the sailfish ui is not open source (yet)19:05
Nicd-but the mer and nemo parts are19:05
EgoistaThank you for the reply.19:05
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FlyingSheep1Nicd- have you tried —name "SailfishOs Emulator"19:44
Nicd-yes, it's in the gist19:46
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FlyingSheep1Nicd-, I mean the vm name in double quotes. I can't see that in your gist
Nicd-I don't think that matters20:05
Nicd-I already tried single quotes20:05
FlyingSheep1I am pretty sure double quotes worked on my windows installation this afternoon, I can verify that tomorrow when I am back at work. On OSX I got different errors ….20:07
Nicd-they are equivalent20:07
FlyingSheep1that might be so, but my OSX and Windows updates bugged out at different points, with different errors, and different levels of damage ..20:09
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Nicd-the difference between '' and "" is just shell parsing of variables etc20:10
Nicd-doesn't matter for simple strings like that20:10
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FlyingSheep1And (on OSX) both quote formats are accepted:  e.g both --name "First Second" and —name 'Third Fourth' result in VMs being created20:19
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artemmaJust to double check: nobody is able to debug QML code from emulator, correct?21:43
artemmaor is it Mac specific that Qt Creator's debugger fails to connect?21:44
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos21:45
Yanieldo you have the qtdeclarative debug package installed?21:46
artemmadon't know, lemme check21:46
*** sababa has joined #sailfishos21:47
artemmahmm, somehow SDK control center refuses to search21:48
artemmaToolchain '' is not available in any repository. That target cannot be installed.21:48
Yanielssh to emulator and check directly with zypper21:49
artemmabut I didn't remember installing anything like qtdeclarative-debug, so if it wasn't in the sdk, it wasn't installed21:49
artemmaah, it needs to be in the emulator, not in the sdk21:49
Yanieland by default it is not installed21:50
Yanielunless that changed recently21:50
artemmayep, it's not21:50
artemmayou mean qt5-qtdeclarative-debuginfo I suppose21:51
YanielI don't remember the exact name21:51
artemmaso I just need to install it and debugging should work?21:51
Yanielin theory21:51
artemmawill try, thanks21:51
artemmanope, still "Connecting to remote server failed: tcp:localhost:10000: Bad file descriptor" when trying to start debugger21:54
artemmaoh well, for now I am fine without debugger, but it general it sure would be nice to have21:54
Yanielmight be another package21:55
Yanielbtw the wiki layout breaks down if the browser window is not wide enough21:56
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Yanielah lbt21:58
Yanielwhat was the qtdeclarative debug package again?21:58
lbtuse the control centre search?21:58
lbtjust  got back to the hotel so not got sdk open :)21:59
lbtqt5-qtdeclarative-debuginfo ?22:01
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Yanielalso the layout on the faq page on the wiki breaks if the browser window is too narrow22:01
Yanielapparently it wasn't  that22:01
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lbtenter "declarative qt5 debug" into the search on the target manage screen22:02
lbtit does filtering from each term22:02
Yanielqt5-qtdeclarative-deve-tools(-debuginfo) maybe?22:03
lbtyes - as you see they've broken out the packaging22:03
lbtI'm not the expert on what's in each of them - sorry 'bout that :)22:03
Yanielor qt5-qtdecclarative-qtquick-debuginfo22:04
lbtI'm more about the SDK VMs and build side22:04
artemmayea, there are many packages, not an expert on these22:04
Yanieldevel-tools sounds good at least22:04
* artemma was sure hoping that SDK would support debugging from the SDK install moment22:05
artemmaanyway, for now I am just wondering, not a burning problem22:05
* artemma is cool on autotesting22:05
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artemmaHmm, error: undefined reference to `SailfishApp::pathTo(QString const&)'22:11
artemmathat is when trying to copy code from new default app to old sdk project22:12
artemmaCONFIG += sailfishapp is present22:12
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artemmastrange, it can't be spec file that influences linking, can it?22:17
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artemmaand indeed I cannot see -lsailfishapp in the make call22:38
artemmanow why..22:38
artemmaone project with CONFIG += sailfishapp is present links to this lib fine, another one doesn't see it22:39
* artemma doesn't like spec file magic. Such a pity .yaml doesn't support multiple packages22:40
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos22:40
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Stskeepzsupports subpackages22:44
artemmaStskeepz: in theory yes22:49
artemmain practice no22:49
artemmatry creating a standard src/tests project22:49
artemmawith the corresponding main and -test packages22:50
artemmaCreator will mess with .yaml all the time22:50
artemmaI think it's creator's plugin issue, but doesn't help nevertheless22:50
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:51
artemmaactually if you'll be into improving it for work with multiple packages, here's the minimal project -
artemmawithout .yaml, I deleted it as it didn't work, but everything else is just a minimal qml app + qml test project22:52
artemmaOkay, I have a template app from new SDK  (working with SailfishApp:pathTo), started copying it line by line into old app trying to figure out why old project cannot link to -lsailfishapp and.. when I change TARGET in the .pro file, linking stops working..22:54
artemmahow can linking request depend on the TARGET name?22:54
artemmaI must be missing something more basic22:55
artemmanever mind, solved. Old sailfishapplication.pri was requesting something22:59
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artemmais there docs somewhere on what exactly CONFIG += sailfishapp is doing?23:46
artemmasort of hard to track where exactly it wants which files to be23:46
artemmathat is if you want to convert default template to subdirs project for example23:46
artemmathere's quite some magic assuming exactly matching target names and some other strings23:47
artemmaparticularly now I am trying to trace + desktop-file-install --delete-original --dir /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/applications '/home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/applications/*.desktop'23:49
artemmain a .pro file INSTALL command would control things like that, but in the new template magic CONFIG is somehow doing that23:49
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