Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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artemmanothing provides
artemmaI am migrating from .spec to .yaml and fail to Require QtQuickTest libs for emulator somehow :/00:53
artemmaAnybody knows what's the correct package to Require in .yaml?00:53
artemmaI am trying the following two:00:53
artemma      Requires:00:53
artemma      - qt5-qtdeclarative-qtquicktest00:53
artemma      - qt5-qtdeclarative-import-qttest00:53
artemmaactually old projects don't run anymore as well, hmm..00:56
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artemmanever mind, emulator update helped01:01
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coderushello! anybody in sailfish devel mailing lists see my answers?06:06
coderusi cant see my answers in
Stskeepssent from what mail?06:07
Stskeepsat least i don't see you in moderation queue i think06:07
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coderusStskeeps: em. it was a many mails i answered :(06:09
coderusStskeeps: is there any trick i should use to answer mails correctly?06:09
dm8tbruse the address that you subscribed with06:09
dm8tbryou can try to change the settings in mailman so it sends you an ACK and a copy of your own posting06:10
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Stskeepscoderus: i meant original e-mail address sent from ;)06:11
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coderusStskeeps: dm8tbr oh sorry. seems my mails was replied to sender, not lists =| stupid me =|06:16
dm8tbrah, then the list doesn't replace the reply-to. which is the preferred option in mailman, but to be honest I prefer to set it to on, because there are just so many people who get this wrong06:17
dm8tbrStskeeps: something to consider maybe?06:19
Stskeepsdm8tbr: already on it..06:19
coderusStskeeps: dm8tbr just used button "Reply list" instead of "Reply". Its first time i'm using mailing lists :D06:20
dm8tbrcoderus: yes, it's very easy to make that mistake06:21
coderusdm8tbr: just in a hurry all time, thats my fault :D06:21
coderuswell, according to my own question to mailing list06:23
coderusany ideas how to pop my window to foreground?06:23
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coderuswhere to fill sailfish bug?08:08
dm8tbrcoderus: in which component08:09
cybetteHartzi: can you provide me info/link to the tampere event?08:10
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dm8tbrah, that's the more generic job-fair08:14
cybetteHartzi: cool, thanks08:16
veskuh_coderus, there is no public bugzilla. Best at the moment is to report in developer mailing list.08:16
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Hartzicybette: np. Be there!08:17
cybetteHartzi: buy more phones! so we'll need to hire more people! :D08:17
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Nicd-so if I buy another phone, can I get a job? =)08:18
Hartzicybette: I already bought one in "day one" :D08:19
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cybetteNicd-: might increase your chances but no guarantees ;)08:21
cybetteHartzi: o/08:21
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Hartzimy dad bought also (instead of iPhone 5)08:22
cybettei bought in both first and second waves - gonna send them to my parents in taiwan08:23
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Nicd-my mom almost ordered one but then decided to wait08:26
Nicd-then again she has never had a touchscreen phone so I don't know if it's the best for her08:26
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cybetteNicd-: yeah there might be bigger learning curve for her, maybe let her try yours first08:32
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: coderus: sorted09:04
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ottulooo, news!11:11
leinirindeed! :)11:16
leinirImportant ones, too! :)11:17
fk_lxYaniel: on mail -> harbour.jolla.com11:19
Yanielnever heard of that :o11:19
leinirwhich, of course, is now being hammered and has already fallen over ;)11:19
leinirYaniel: that'll be because it is news ;)11:19
Yanielso what ml was that on?11:20
leiniryup :)11:20
leinirabout 10 minutes or so ago :)11:20
Yanielbut wow, are they running those websites on a cereal box or are there really that many people following this11:22
jukkaeklundit has become a tradition :p11:22
YanielI wonder, could this have been part of what made the 'legendary' week..11:22
jukkaeklundthat and many other things11:23
lbtYaniel: our IT are adding more boxes as we speak ... larger surge than expected!11:27
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TemeVthere reads just "false" every where. Will it help if I keep hammering the F5? :)11:30
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faenilTemeV, not sure :p11:47
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coderusdm8tbr: veskuh_: application window cannot be activated itself. only clicking cover works. none of window activaion methods activation i means brings window to front ;)12:41
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veskuh_coderus, wierd. From QML ApplicationWindow's activate method has worked is working on real device.12:42
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coderusveskuh_: well. we have no real devices to test :)12:46
coderusveskuh_: but we need emulator to be fixed :)12:47
veskuh_coderus, yeah, should work on emulator too.12:47
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Jonniveskuh_: it changed a bit with wayland :)12:52
Jonnithere is a hack, but I'm not sure if that is public info yet :)12:53
Jonnimy ip address application is using the hack to minimize itself12:53
Jonnibut migh be that activate method is just having issues in emulator.12:55
coderusJonni: any problems about publicing everything? :)12:56
Jonniit was just a hack, in theory normal qt api's should work and if not then we should fix them :)12:57
Jonnias hacks tend to break if internal implementation changes :)12:58
coderusJonni: but suitable for testing while developing on broken emulator ;)12:58
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Jonnicoderus: as a hint lipstick window surface has lower() and raise() functions. But please use public API's after using the hacks :)13:02
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coderusJonni: you talking about lipstick qml plugin? or should be implemented in Qt?13:04
Jonnicoderus: works from qml yes13:04
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coderusJonni: which object should be used?13:07
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coderusJonni: because i tried to use WaylandSurface from that plugin in emulator and it failed to create an instance13:12
coderusis there QMessage QMessageHandler replacement in qt5/sailfish?13:21
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WntIs working for someone? I keep getting 504 Gateway Timeout15:11
Yaniel502 Bad Gateway15:12
Wnt first redirects to and that gives the timeout15:12
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Stskeepsthere's some IT issues, give it time15:12
Wntnow it changet to "ERROR 502: Bad Gateway" here too15:13
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coderusJonni: can you give me more info for lipstick?15:21
coderusJonni: import org.nemomobile.lipstick 0.1 as LipstickInstance15:21
coderusJonni: is it correct?15:21
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coderusJonni: afterwards i checked and it false =(15:21
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lbt"Jolla Promises that Hardware Keyboard Could be Enabled"   err, yeah16:04
Eztran...what? Why would they have had to promise it, they confirmed TOH specs...16:05
leinirbecause lol news website16:06
fluxthe dialogue continues like: "hmm, so where's the hw kbd other half you promised?" "no, we only said it could be built" "NOOOO BUT YOU PROMIIIIISED!"16:06
lbtat least they have a screengrab of the tweet :D16:06
lbt"is it here yet?"16:06
lbt"is it here yet?"16:07
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leiniroh yeah, wonder what the update is on the thing someone was poking about with on tmo...16:07
dm8tbrreminds me to order an iphone bt-kbd from for some haxx0ring16:07
lbtand mailing lists16:07
lbtbut I must go and nap16:07
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artemmaDid Harbour get millions of debs?20:59
artemmait could not go down under a few dozens, could it?20:59
artemmaOn a related topic: how are you supposed to make a screenshot for harbor if emulator isn't showing full screen?20:59
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Stskeepsartemma: hmm?21:07
artemmaor am I the only one who always sees emulator scrolled? :)21:07
artemmacould be mac-specific21:08
artemmamaybe macs are not very popular among sailors21:08
Stskeepswell virtualbox has a screenshot functionality too21:08
artemmaoh, didn't know that21:09
* artemma went to browse emulator menus21:09
artemmaindeed, thanks!21:10
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Morpog_Mobileartemma: also you can scale emulator so it fits your screen21:53
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos21:53
artemmaMorpog_Mobile: true, screenshot button should solve it anyway though21:53
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khertanartemma, you can use the menu of virtualbox in file menu virtual box can take full screen screenshot even if emulator isn't showing full screen22:23
khertanartemma, no no .. .i see it scrolled22:23
artemmakhertan: yes people advised, I should have checked22:23
khertanbut you can use resized screen22:23
khertanartemma: hum look like i lag as much as harbour22:24
khertanartemma, your welcome22:24
artemmaI am somehow worried about the harbor situation22:24
artemmaI hope it some sort of a bug, not a too-much-load situation22:25
artemmaapp store can't go down under a few hundreds of developers max logging in even on day one22:25
khertanartemma, even if it s a too much load situation, that can be fixed22:25
khertanby optimizing, scaling architecture22:26
artemmayeah, it's just sort of a scary indication then22:26
khertanartemma, or a sign of many devel ... and a store that will be full of apps !22:26
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artemmaI hope app store architecture and stuff gets decent amount of good attention and not everybody skilled is working on the device22:27
khertanarchitecture of server and software can be fixed with an update22:28
khertanmore difficult when it s hardware of a device22:28
khertanand so, one guy can do an amazing job to create an store22:29
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M4rtinKwill be interesting to compare it with other stores/repos once it is fully working23:07
M4rtinKlike the low level stuff - dependencies & co23:08
M4rtinKwell, workst case we have Openrepos as a backup :)23:08
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* artemma would appreciate some quick way to reset emulator to the original state. Sorta sucks to reinstall everything just to check if app package declares all the actually needed dependencies23:40
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