Thursday, 2013-11-21

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artemmaAand Flashlight app for Sailfish OS got submitted to Jolla Harbour! :)01:26
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coderusartemma: good luck01:36
coderusmy app still in QA for 5 days :)01:37
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artemmacoderus: good luck!01:46
artemmawhat's the app?01:46
coderusartemma: whatsapp client :)01:47
artemmathat's useful indeed!01:47
artemmaI could use it on day one even :)01:47
coderusyou can use it already on emulator :)01:47
artemmahmm, I somehow thought that so important apps should get some sort of a fast track even if coming from indy devs01:48
coderuswell, i think QA team just using it every day and can't stop to push it to Harbour :D01:49
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TemeVcoderus: does your whatsapp client integrate to telepathy (or what ever the messaging app is called in sailfish)07:58
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coderusTemeV: no08:18
coderusTemeV: i need device to make full integration ;)08:19
TemeVok :)08:20
coderusTemeV: purple whatsapp plugin is ready and working on ubuntu pidgin :)08:20
coderuseven location and voice recording features are disabled08:20
TemeVwell I think whatsapp app is better that no whatsapp08:21
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TemeVone think I hate with N9 is that there is no plugin for whatsapp08:21
TemeVI always forget to start the app after I've had to boot the phone08:22
coderusN9 have no group chats management, so you want to use whatsapp without group chat feature?08:22
TemeVoh, thats why facebook group chats don't work either08:23
TemeVI didn't know that there is such restrictions08:24
coderusn9's telepathy have groups, but ui have no such function :)08:25
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TemeVso yeat another thing they didn't get to finish08:33
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coderusi hope sailfish will be open enough for community patches08:44
Yanielmer and nemo certainly are08:45
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coderusYaniel: i know. currently i mean sailfishos patches :)08:47
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Yanielwhat would those technically be? fixes for silica?08:48
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faenilcoderus, mer and nemo *is* sailfish08:57
Stskeepswell, rather08:57
faenilyeah opposite :P08:58
Stskeepssailfishos = mer + nemo mw + sailfish ui08:58
faenilsailfish *is* mer and nemo :P + ui08:58
faenilStskeeps, ah, take that whip away :P08:58
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coderusYaniel: yes, for Silica09:11
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nodevelHey! I have a question regarding building RPMs for armv7hl in Sailfish SDK. I am quite new to this... I set up the target, it build succesfully... But I cannot find the .rpm file anywhere... Where is it placed?09:32
nodevelThere's a ~/rpmbuild/ folder, but nothing inside.09:34
Yanielhmm do you maybe need to deploy the app for it ti generate the package?09:35
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nodeveli wrote an app -> set the target to armv7hl -> set 'deploy as rpm' -> clicked 'build' -> succesful output09:48
nodevelYaniel: you mean anything more than that?09:48
YanielI mean the 'deploy' command09:49
Yanielin the project or build menu IIRC09:49
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nodevelthank you! that should be the problem09:54
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nodevelwhat should be then set as 'Device type' and 'Device' in the armv7hl target? (i'm sorry for asking questions with most likely obvious answers, it's just my 1st time deploying an app this way :) )10:06
coderusnodevel: you should select "Deploy RPM to device" instead of "Deploy RSYNC to device"10:09
coderusnodevel: click small arrow near big green "Run" arrow.10:09
coderusnodevel: default action copies files, not creating rpm package10:10
nodevelcoderus: thanks. i have selected this option (of course that before, when testing the app, i was using the rsync option), but it fails to deploy - there's an exclamation mark next to the armv7hl target in Options. it says the reason is i need to choose a device (and if i choose either of devices available, the exclamation mark is still there)10:12
nodevelthe output says 'Fatal: deploy must have a valid --device'10:15
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nodevelalright, i've solved it. i needed to set 'emulator' as the device and it built the rpms even with the 'red exclamation mark' next to it. thanks everyone10:25
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artemmawas reading about harbor updates today. Me dislikes16:06
artemmaor shall I say "me unlikes"?16:06
artemmachanges are not bad, but how they are given. I am now completely lost about what to do about the apps currently at app store16:06
artemmaDoes anybody understand whether you can still apply old requirements for the launch date period? It's sort of a very special date16:07
artemmacybette: maybe you know?16:07
Yanielwhat updates?16:09
w00tartemma: we're trying to figure things out ourselves. the problem is that the ball was dropped a bit until it got noticed, so now we're playing catch up - we'll have more answers for you soon16:10
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artemmaw00t: thanks. In general I am totally fine with this sort of things for a young company. It's closeness of the launch date that makes the situation special. Having my flashlight in the device on day 1 in important16:12
artemmaand worth a lot16:12
w00tI understand, and I'm sorry this has come so late16:12
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w00t(on the other hand.. better now than we break everyone's applications a few months down the line! :p)16:13
artemmaI'd be happy if somebody just told: "yes your Qt module imports via Requires won't work already now, but we promise to do whatever we can to review all resubmitted apps in 24 hrs now"16:13
artemmaw00t: nope. Few month down the line is much better. Again, launch day is special16:13
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artemmacurrent review speeds at 9 days+ while there are only few apps submitted every day pretty much leaves debs and me out of hope for submitting any fix for launch date16:14
artemma9+ days16:15
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coderusartemma: just wait for SDK update. you need to start project from scratch and name it org.artemma.flashlight. then copy back your sources and resources. and use 86x86 icon.16:19
artemmacoderus: have you understood what to do with Qt module Requires?16:20
coderusartemma: or you can hack sailfishapp.prf now (as i did ;) and force it to use 86x86 icon. and then start project fom scratch :)16:20
artemmaI failed to understand16:20
coderusartemma: nothing16:20
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coderuseverything comes from sailfish official repository are allowed16:21
artemmaDon't we need to package them into some special folder now?16:21
w00tcoderus: no16:21
coderusnemo libraries are not allowed at the moment16:21
artemmaHow do I know if it comes from official repository?16:21
w00tnot everything is allowed16:21
coderusw00t really? :)16:21
coderusw00t example please16:22
w00tcoderus: yes, really - if we cannot promise that the API or ABI of a given library won't change, we won't allow use of it in the store until we can16:22
coderusartemma: if you not enabled additional repositories in emulator and your project builds - use it as is.16:22
coderusw00t: what? me laughing. how libraries in official sailfish repository can change? :D16:23
artemmaI use particularly two modules (standard qt5 modules, but not included into emulator by default): qt5-qtdeclarative-systeminfo, qt5-qtgraphicaleffects. How do I know if these are fine to Require or not?16:23
coderusw00t: it means bad ecosystem ,nothing else, if true16:23
coderusartemma: qt5-declarative modules are fine16:23
w00tcoderus: we don't maintain everything in our operating system by ourselves16:24
coderusartemma: use it16:24
artemmacoderus: libraries have versions. Maybe they didn't think deep about updates story16:24
w00tsysteminfo is not ok, as I already explained on the mailing list16:24
artemmaw00t: I was reading replies, must have missed it..16:24
coderusw00t: just publish blacklist then16:24
w00tartemma: the reply was directed at you:
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coderusbut most of qt5 and silica packages can be used anyway ;)16:25
w00tcoderus: once we're sure of it, we will16:25
coderusw00t: it confusing me16:25
artemmaw00t: i still failed to understood whether it's requirement already for now (my app will be rejected) or I can correct it after the launch16:26
w00tartemma: that we don't know yet16:26
coderusw00t: situation confising me*16:26
w00twhich is why I haven't answered that on the mailing list, and neither has anyone else16:26
w00tonce we have an answer, you'll get it16:26
coderusw00t: thats it! you dont know it yet, as i supposed :D16:26
artemmaw00t: okay, now I got it, you are still thinking abt the launch date situation - that helps me, thanks16:26
w00tcoderus: what confuses you?16:27
artemmaw00t: Do you know if qt5-qtgraphicaleffects is expected to be OK? If not I can start replacing glow effects with pre rendered graphics already now16:27
coderusw00t: rejecting depends because you dont know if it working good or bad16:27
coderusw00t: if something working bad then need to be hurry in fixing it16:27
w00tcoderus: we haven't decided whether or not we want to reject the already submitted applications that don't pass all checks, because this whole situation only came up pretty recently, and we're close to launch (obviously)16:29
w00tcoderus: if you want to fix the points mentioned, then go ahead, that's great16:29
w00tartemma: let me go refresh my memory16:29
artemmaw00t: take your time, I am all ears16:30
locusfhmm I wonder what my librarys mean in his context16:30
locusfI have eg kqouath16:30
coderusgraphical features  should  be ok, its only hw and mw features are suspicious, imho.16:30
w00tlocusf: ah, you were the one submitting that16:31
w00tlocusf: you can't install it to /usr/lib16:31
coderusw00t: sure i want be helpful. i'm waiting for an answer from jolla jobs :)16:31
w00tlocusf: change it to install to your sandbox path as the mail on the devel list mentioned, use rpath to link your application against it, and it's ok16:31
locusfwhat about ld_library_path16:31
locusfw00t: ok16:31
locusfon runtime it might not work16:32
w00tkontio: did we talk about qtgraphicaleffects yet?16:32
w00tkontio: i don't think we did, so i guess i need to go do research...16:32
w00tlocusf: LD_LIBRARY_PATH would be ok too, if you could get it to work - personally i'd find rpath less magical but that's me16:33
kontiow00t: I don't think so qtgraphicaleffects16:33
kontioI guess you don't have a chance to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH any where...16:34
locusfgotta investigate rpath too16:35
* artemma is interested in qt5-qtgraphicaleffects16:36
w00tartemma: if you want to be safe, I'd disable it for now as we're definitely not allowing it right at this minute16:37
artemmaw00t: sad, but thanks16:37
w00tI think we *can* allow it, but I'll need to double check16:37
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos16:38
artemmareplacing them with the graphics.. well, I'll try. Maybe I just take a screenshot and post process somehow16:38
* artemma still hopes that it will be possible to fix after the launch16:38
artemmatoo little time before the launch unfortunately16:39
w00tas in update? of course, just because it's released doesn't mean that's it :-p16:40
artemmaw00t: as in "my submitted apps that violate new requirements will be installable and usable by users on the day one" :D16:40
artemmalike already in the post 450-sales beer parties16:41
w00thaving a torch in scandinavia at this time of year is certainly useful16:41
artemmaif reqs are enforced a month later - no problem, I'll do the updates and you'll clarify policy about standard Qt modules as well16:41
* artemma ha Wikipedia too. Hey, maybe this upgrading situation explains why it's for 9days in review by now16:42
* artemma has* Wikipedia too16:42
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:42
*** freedomrun has quit IRC16:42
artemmaokay, my Wikipedia app is quite a primitive example by now, not like Flashlight that looks actually good16:42
locusfw00t: what about the other 2 apps I submitted, I guess those are ok except the icon path and size16:43
w00tlocusf: kontio might be kind enough to kick the tyres and let you know16:43
w00tI don't have access to any of the infra/stuff, I'm just acting as API nazi :p16:44
kontiolocusf: what apps...?16:45
locusfw00t: thanks :)16:46
* kontio also has not access to the harbour as admin, but he got to see some rpms :-)16:46
locusfkontio: quicklist and mtgcounter16:46
Morpog_PCUpdated jolla-icon-shapes on Github because of updated launcher icon size and Harbour rejectings.
Morpog_PCBe sure to pull latest commit:
locusfMorpog_PC: thanks a bunch :)16:47
kontiolocusf: sorry these rpms I didn't get into my hands yet, but I know that the quicklist uses qtwebkit... which w00t the API nazi does not like...16:48
locusfhmm does it?16:48
locusfprobably a bad dependency16:48
artemmaThis wave of updates couldn't have been initialized by my app compatibility-upgraded question, could it? :D
kontiolocusf: yeah a tester was complaining that it can't install the qt5-webkit rpm...16:49
artemmaI asked it just yesterday at night :)16:49
kontioso if that is a old dependency in the rpm clean that up16:49
kontioartemma: no that started a little before...16:50
locusfkontio: ok16:50
artemmakontio: I am sure about it, but a funny coincidence :)16:50
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locusfw00t: unix:QMAKE_RPATHDIR += /usr/share/$$TARGET <- is this enough?17:24
*** Taduro has quit IRC17:26
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w00tlocusf: it's been forever since I tried things like that, so I don't factually remember ;)17:32
w00tgive it a shot and see if it works17:32
*** ibins has joined #sailfishos17:34
locusfw00t: ok :)17:35
locusfwow it did work17:36
locusfw00t: thanks for the tip17:36
locusfor hmm17:36
*** Taduro_ has joined #sailfishos17:37
locusfthe libs still were there in /opt/sdk/blaa/usr/lib17:38
locusfit didn't work :/17:39
locusf/opt/sdk/bluewhale/usr/bin/bluewhale: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:39
*** artemma has quit IRC17:43
w00tlocusf: and it's appearing in your linker lines?17:44
locusfw00t: nope17:44
*** ericcc has quit IRC17:44
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos17:46
locusfw00t: now it did, with LFLAGS17:46
locusffor the reference QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,--rpath=\\\$/usr/share/yourapp17:47
locusfdamn I gotta rebuild every time, it takes like 3 minutes for all of the sources to compile17:49
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:50
kontio3min are up, does it work?17:53
kontioso I know what to add to the FAQs ;-)17:53
locusfanother rebuild17:53
locusfQMAKE_RPATHDIR is probably more official17:53
w00twhatever you can get working .. ;)17:55
locusfnope that didn't work17:55
locusfQMAKE_RPATHDIR that is17:55
*** miksuh has quit IRC17:56
locusftrying     QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,--rpath=/usr/share/bluewhale17:56
kontio worked for me17:57
kontiowith the QMAKE_LFLAGS17:58
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos17:58
kontioseems there needs to be a , between the -rpath and the path it self...17:58
locusfhmm it might be the sdk env thats messing it up17:59
locusfand I don't have a silica env at hand at the moment18:00
locusfmaybe after 5 mins, please wait18:00
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:03
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locusfstill building for armv7hl18:07
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos18:08
locusfFatal: deploy must have a valid --device18:08
locusfit hasn't done this before now18:09
locusfQMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath,/usr/share/bluewhale <- this works on device18:12
locusfwon't work on emulator18:12
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*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:32
locusfok back again, will try with dual paths now19:33
locusf-Wl,-rpath,/usr/share/bluewhale,-rpath,/opt/sdk/bluewhale/usr/share/bluewhale <- something like this19:33
locusfhacky I admit19:33
locusfthat worked though19:35
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AlphaX2Ahoj sailors!20:46
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AlphaX2I'm new to Qt with C++ so maybe this is not a specific SailfishOS question. I just want save some data to a file (via QFile), but I get this error: "No such file or directory". In my case I try to save the data to /home/nemo/.local/share/CubeTimer (the folder is created with QDir.mkpath() if not already there). So this works and I thought if I give QFile a QString it's creating the file. Here is the code (some parts missing): http://p20:57
Yanielthe URL got cut off20:58
ottulowell, he did say "some parts missing"20:58
Yanielyes :D20:59
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:59
AlphaX2sorry was not the load function I wanted to show:
ottuloI tried some Qt today as well again... but with basically 0 programming experience it seems like there's just too much to catch up on before I can make even the simplest app work...21:00
Yanielbasic C++ should be a good start21:00
AlphaX2where do you stuck Yaniel?21:00
AlphaX2what problem stops you?21:01
AlphaX2Nothing specific?21:01
Yanielme? none21:01
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos21:01
YanielAlphaX2: this looks like you create a directory and then try to open it as a text file21:02
Yanielbut the pathes are different21:02
ottuloAlphaX2 you probably meant me, and nothing specific... I simply am completely new to Qt/C++ so anything I want to do I have to research, from the smallest task21:02
*** nodevel has quit IRC21:03
YanielAlphaX2: ~ may not be /home/nemo21:06
AlphaX2Yaniel, but I create the folder with QDir and the folder is .../CubeTimer in this folder I want to create a file and I'm doing this with QFile("...CubeTimer/times.sav")21:06
Yanieland .local/share/ is certainly nowhere near .local/share/share/21:07
AlphaX2I also tried "~/..."21:07
Yanieland you are creating a directory called times.sav21:07
AlphaX2ouch share/share is not wanted^^21:08
Yanieland then try to open that *directory* as a file21:08
AlphaX2and why a directory?21:08
AlphaX2I'm some kind of blind21:09
Yanielmkpath does not say 'file' anywhere21:09
Yanieland I think it is relative to whatever directory the QDir is in21:09
AlphaX2Sorry thats right21:10
Yanielso you can omit the ~/ at the beginning21:10
AlphaX2just QDir()21:10
YanielI mean from the mkpath21:10
Yanielread the docs ^^21:10
AlphaX2ah okay21:11
AlphaX2yes I know from the docs that QDir wants some path21:11
*** wentknweqt_ has quit IRC21:11
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AlphaX2Thank you21:11
AlphaX2very very much21:11
*** wentknweqt_ is now known as wentknweqt_here21:12
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos21:13
Yanielyou might also want to take a look at
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:20
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:23
AlphaX2ottulo: I think is a very good starting point for c++21:24
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos21:33
ottulothanks, I'll take a look21:35
*** arcean has quit IRC21:48
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nodevelhi! after today's SDK announcement, one thing isn't clear to me... for example, if i want to release my app, do i need to first obtain a domain (i.e., in order to name my app accordingly?22:45
nodevelsay org.nodevel.myapp22:46
*** piggz has quit IRC22:46
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos22:47
*** jstaniek has quit IRC22:58
AlphaX2I really guess not, it's just like the situation with your own imports - it's just a clean way to name applications with out any conflicts, even if two or more applications have the same name, the "url" is providing a clear difference. :)22:58
AlphaX2but as far as I understand, not just the folder, also the executable itself have to be named like that23:00
AlphaX2this makes killing an application via xterm a bit harder :)23:01
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:03
nodevelyep, it won't be nice :) i always hated this naming scheme on webOS23:03
nodevelYaniel: ah, nice. after so many years on Linux, one can still learn something new :)23:06
AlphaX2Can someone explain, where this naming comes from? I mean it's used in some projects, I know it also from dbus? What is it about?23:07
Yanieljava packages are also named like that23:08
Yanielit is a hierarchical naming scheme so it should make it easier to sort stuff by developer etc I guess23:09
nodeveli thought it was some kind of a naming standard, but couldn't find any documentation. for example whether to use 'com' or 'org'...23:11
nodevelwebOS had it even more complicated: domain.vendor.type.appname23:11
Yanielif you have an organisation then use their tld23:11
Yanielif not, well I'd use whatever tld it would have23:12
Yanielfor example for myself I think I'd use net.yaniel.blah23:12
Yanielnot that it matters much23:12
*** krnlyng has quit IRC23:13
aard_AlphaX2: we needed a naming scheme which avoids collisions of 42 developers want to publish a fart app. this notation is quite commen, so people are used to it, and definitely easier than adding something like random hashes or other bits to the app name23:13
Yanielbut there is only one right name for a fart app even with that naming scheme!23:14
AlphaX2aard_ I just guessed that it is something like that, but my question was more the one of a historian - what are the origin? When was it "invented" :)23:15
nodevelYaniel: :) i wouldn't wonder if there was this tld already (with all the .search, .web, etc. crazinness)23:16
AlphaX2I don't like all these new top level domain endings... :-/23:17
aard_AlphaX2: the all-knowing all-seeing trash heap has hints
AlphaX2Cool thanks, I was looking around via Google, but found nothing. :)23:19
Yanielnodevel: apparently there isn't23:19
Yanielwhich is kind of strange since the IANA list has stuff like .plumbing and .singles :D23:20
Yaniel hilarious stuff23:21
nodevelaard: thx, i do understand the logic behind it, it just feels weird on an .rpm based distro23:21
aard_nodevel: the problem is that with store we're leaving classic distro territorry23:22
*** miksuh has quit IRC23:24
*** artemma has quit IRC23:24
Yanielaard_: hmm?23:25
Morpog_MobileWell, it's an unlike store.23:27
* Morpog_Mobile hides23:27
Yanielunlike a store?23:27
aard_Yaniel: in a classic distribution only selected software goes in, software mostly has unique names, you don't get that much duplication, and you have a team picking what goes in23:28
aard_nothing like that with a store23:28
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos23:30
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nodevelit will be a dilemma whether to act accordingly to the naming convention when uploading to openrepos.net23:35
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos23:51
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