Friday, 2014-05-09

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manqeloq1ehas anyone used jolla with a data-only simcard?00:47
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coderusmanqeloq1e: what you mean?06:19
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MFaro-Tusinoany of the sailfish for android people around?08:00
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BysmyyrMFaro-Tusino: most times better to ask directly, not ask for asking08:03
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MFaro-TusinoBysmyyr: Sorry, I don’t know who is on that team anymore, hence it was an open query08:04
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SK_workMFaro-Tusino: ask Stskeeps or sledges08:08
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MFaro-Tusinoi’ll ping sledges, hate always bothering stskeeps :p08:11
MFaro-Tusinosledges: when you’re around, give me a nudge please. Quick query about the zipping of the rootfs for sailfish on Android08:11
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* sledges nudges MFaro-Tusino 08:35
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MFaro-Tusino\o sledges08:36
coderusthere is ImageMetadata in Sailfish.Gallery i can use for getting image width/height08:36
coderusbut what can i use for getting video geometry?08:36
MFaro-Tusinois there a proper channel for SF on Android? or just ask away here?08:36
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: shoot here08:36
sledgesit's sf ;)08:37
MFaro-Tusinosorry :p08:37
MFaro-TusinoOkay, so given a tar.bz2 rootfs for an android device, how do i zip it in order to flash ? I opened the Nexus 4 zip and discovered the hybris img and META-INF folder with two binaries and altered to my needs but no it fails (which is no surprise)08:38
MFaro-TusinoI’m sure this will be answered with HADK but I’m impatient haha08:39
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: coming up with HA for new android device is much more than rezipping manually modified image08:41
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MFaro-Tusinosleges: oh I know! i have the device specific rootfs built from a ks using mic08:42
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sledgesyou said "it fails" - how?08:47
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: ^, and what did you altered to your needs? :)08:51
MFaro-Tusinofailed during install with the META-INF folder08:52
MFaro-Tusinoand I altered updater-unpack.sh08:53
sledgestake it stepwise08:53
sledgesalter one line - test08:53
sledgeshi meek_geek08:53
MFaro-TusinoIt was only the one line in that I altered08:54
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meek_geeksledges, sup08:54
MFaro-Tusinoreplaced where it linked to mako.tar.bz2 to be hammerhead.tar.bz208:54
sledgesmeek_geek: fryday!08:54
sledgeswell, see what fails where08:54
sledgesthat .sh is for mako08:54
leszekanyone successfully running textsecure with acl on sailfish ?08:54
sledgesenrtirely, so much more to alter08:55
meek_geeksledges, cool .. What do you think about tizen ?08:55
sledgesmeek_geek: haven't heard much from them08:55
meek_geeksledges, Do  you think Sailfish OS would be a fully open os soon ?08:56
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sledgesthere was a phone demo in mwc, using draggable/closeable windows08:56
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MFaro-TusinoE: could not extract ‘META-INF/com/google/android08:57
sledgesmeek_geek: nemomobile is fully os ;)08:57
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sledgesMFaro-Tusino: is that a full error?08:59
MFaro-Tusinodoubtful, I just can’t see the error beyond that08:59
meek_geeksledges, nemomobile ?08:59
MFaro-Tusinowait, nvm, can copy log to sd08:59
MFaro-Tusinoi’ll go have a look at the logs08:59
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: yes, you can adb in09:00
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MFaro-Tusinobtw, appreciate the help sledges :)09:05
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: i think you need to use another zip package09:08
sledgeslinux `zip` is best bet09:08
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MFaro-Tusinothis is what happens when you use OS X to do linux hackery haha09:08
MFaro-Tusinofiring up that vm again09:09
zuhCompression method "12" seems to be bzip2 according to the zip spec09:09
sledgesthe road to hell is paved with good intentions MFaro-Tusino ;) i appreciate your passion for OSX though :)09:11
sledgesthat's interesting zuh09:12
MFaro-Tusinoif linux had the mainstream software support of OS X/Windows I wouldn’t use OS X. But as it is, its a struggle to get OS X softwares, let alone linux09:13
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sledgesflame warning ^_^09:17
Nicd-but it's true09:17
Nicd-linux does not have the same support for mainstream software as Windows and to a lesser extent OS X. what you can live with is another matter09:17
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MFaro-Tusinoit comes down to what i need not what i want09:18
* sledges quit last job for that :)09:18
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Nicd-I use Linux (Ubuntu GNOME) at work but so far I still prefer OS X on my own laptop09:20
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meek_geekNicd-, Y09:32
TemeVOS X is just so good with laptop. On desktop it loses it advantage a bit, and I prefer Linux there09:32
Nicd-meek_geek: is that a "yes" or "why"?09:32
meek_geekI love gnu/linux everywhere09:33
meek_geekuse Debian or Arch whatever you like09:34
sharpneliI really don't want to use linux on a laptop myself. It's always "Oh the ACPI tables are bugged due to hitler and thus you drain battery like #"?"!"09:34
Nicd-because I feel more comfortable with OS X. I haven't found a desktop environment that I would feel totally comfortable in for linux yet. and of course I don't want to have to fix it09:35
sharpneliOr small annoying things like some special buttons not working etc. I just cba to fix them anymore.09:35
Nicd-I had to hunt down drivers for my work laptop09:35
TemeVBattery life is great with OS X09:35
TemeVI think Linux would not be as far optimized with macbooks09:35
TemeVmy 4 year old macbook pro still runs 4 hours with light usage09:36
Nicd-they really optimized battery usage with 10.909:36
meek_geekuse freebsd then09:37
Nicd-huh? :D09:37
TemeVand I love the touchpad gestures09:37
meek_geekuse freebsd on a laptop09:37
meek_geekI think09:37
sharpneliSolution for bad linux laptop drivers = System with even worse support :D09:37
meek_geekI think gnu/linux is ok on a laptop09:37
Nicd-"I think" doesn't quite cut it09:37
MFaro-Tusinoubuntu on OS X is terrible09:38
Nicd-ubuntu on os x?09:38
Waiteeubuntu on os x?09:38
Nicd-do you mean ubuntu on a macbook? or in a vm?09:38
MFaro-TusinoI mean MBP09:38
meek_geekdebian over any OS on planet = awesome09:38
sharpneli'sides. What's wrong with OS X? It's enough of an unix system to be nicely usable.09:38
MFaro-TusinoI’m sleepy hahah09:38
MFaro-Tusinosharpneli: thats why I use it ;)09:38
meek_geekOS X is prop09:39
Nicd-sharpneli: it's evil because apple and steve and you are a sheeple09:39
TemeVsharpneli, I'm guessing it is the apple-logo on top right corner09:39
TemeV*top left09:39
Waiteei'd propably never buy an iphone or ipad09:39
MFaro-Tusinoi would buy an iPad if it ran OS X09:39
Waiteebut apple laptops arent overpriced, they are good quality and everything works09:39
TemeVWaitee, me neither. I don't like iProducts09:39
Stskeepsi think we're drifting off topic, guys.. :P09:40
MFaro-TusinoImagine an MBP running sf09:40
MFaro-Tusino*shifts it back on topic*09:40
WaiteeStskeeps: just because this is a channel for sailfish doesnt mean we cant discuss other stuff :D09:40
sharpneliStskeeps: Now now. Isn't it obvious that the "i would buy an iPad if it ran OS X" is a hint that everyone would buy a sailfish tablet?-)09:40
Stskeepssure, just noting that it's developer support and such :)09:40
zuhStskeeps: awwww, they didn't even get to editors yet... ;)09:40
Nicd-Waitee: well, that's up to Stskeeps :D09:40
meek_geekno guys Debian is so far the best OS09:40
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sharpneliYes. If you want to run 5 year old software.09:41
Waiteeseems pretty lame to restrict what people can chat :D09:41
meek_geeksharpneli, debian testing is 6 months old09:41
sharpneliI think I'm getting old. I hate pretty much every OS and every distro.09:41
Nicd-I'd love to use some Arch derivative on desktop if I managed to get it to work :P09:41
TemeVWaitee, though, I would not buy new Macbooks either09:41
zuhWaitee: it's about where, not what...09:41
TemeVThey made the mistake of soldering everything to motherboard09:42
Nicd-had to resort to Ubuntu GNOME on my work laptop to get any work done :D09:42
meek_geekxubuntu is fine09:42
meek_geek14.04 is pretty stable09:42
MFaro-Tusinoso sledges, worse off than I was before09:42
jake9xxTemeV: plus you don't know what kind of SSD you get09:42
MFaro-TusinoOnly get Error flashing zip '/sdcard/'09:42
sharpneliArch linux is kinda fine if you use it only on Desktop.09:42
TemeVjake9xx, really? They use several manufacturers?09:43
Waiteeif i had to buy a new laptop or something i'd really buy m$ surface pro209:43
Nicd-sharpneli: I run Arch on my server because I like living on the edge :P09:43
jake9xxTemeV: yeah, it was recently in the news. At home you know if you got Sandisk, Toshiba or Samsung09:43
jake9xxfunny that they don't run Kingstons - and in my work laptop (x230) that is the best performing SSD I've used09:43
Waiteejake9xx: kingston quality has dropped dramatically09:44
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away09:44
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: adb in and try to unzip it there, upload error?09:44
sledgesbtw hint: use sideload, is better than scratching your SD card every time09:44
sledgesfor future09:44
TemeVMBPs also have glossy screens, which I hate also09:44
MFaro-Tusinoyeah it was zipped wrong hahah09:45
MFaro-Tusinoand sdcard in this case is emulated storage, N5 doesn’t have sd slot ;)09:45
TemeVOne reason why I would like to buy a new computer is to get matte screen. This MBP just works otherwise so well, that I don't really have an excuse to buy a new laptop :)09:45
Waiteematte screen is nce09:46
sledgesMFaro-Tusino: that ;)09:47
jake9xxWaitee: since when ? My drive was bought umm... last autumn. It's one of the old stuff found at shelf in
jake9xxWaitee: my home ASUS runs on OCZ Vector, it's a real scramer. Used to have Vertex III but even compared to that random writes are blistering fast09:48
Waiteedont really know when the drop in quality happened but the new thumbsticks are totally rubbish09:49
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TemeVWaitee, it doesn't mean that all products are rubbish09:49
Waiteewell tbh my kingston ssd has worked fine09:50
Waiteebought after last christmas09:50
TemeVthese days even "good manufacturers" tend to make also cheap rubbish which they sell using their good reputation09:50
TemeVe.g. cheap laptops of lenovo09:50
Waiteei bought a 16gb usb3 stick from kingston which is slower than any of my usb2.0 sticks :D09:51
SK_workTemeV: geez, don't tell me about lenovo09:51
WaiteeTemeV: true :D09:51
SK_workTemeV: especially the fact that they ruined their kbd :(09:51
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TemeVSK_work, don't they still sell the good old thinkpads also?09:52
Waiteei heard they removed the scroll button for the trackpoing mouse09:52
SK_workTemeV: x240 is horrible (since they mapped their kbd to win8)09:54
SK_workthey are still here, but less good compared to eg X20009:54
WaiteeSK_work: what does mapping for win8 change on keyboard?09:54
Waiteeexcept the windows button logo09:54
SK_workWaitee: well, you don't have fn keys, instead, you have volume, etc09:55
Waiteewell havent they always had specific keys to control volume on thinkpads?09:55
Waiteewhats wrong with that :D09:55
Waiteei personally hate function keys09:56
TemeVCan't you change the behaviour to default to f-keys?09:56
Waiteeoh you mean f1-1209:57
Waiteewell that sucks09:57
Waiteei thought stuff like fn + arrows to control volume and brightness09:57
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MFaro-Tusinosledges: turns out I fail at compressing to a zip via terminal10:06
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* sledges used filemanager that comes with ArchBang (OpenBox)10:15
*** Dvorak_ has quit IRC10:15
sledgescompressing via nautilus should do same good10:15
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MFaro-Tusinostill no luck sledges :(10:26
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos10:26
MFaro-Tusinonow i don’t even gett error messages10:26
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*** NoGy_ is now known as NoGy10:27
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sledgesdig deeper :)10:29
MFaro-Tusinohow much deeper can I dig?10:29
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*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos10:35
sledgessee what change caused what effect10:36
sledgesand that no other side-effects came in way (perform md5 checks, ensure reliable usb cable etc)10:37
MFaro-TusinoMaybe I’ll just need to wait for vgrade or situ to pop up online10:38
*** maxorator has quit IRC10:38
sledgesthey'll just give your right scripts10:38
sledgesand you'll have learned less ;)10:38
sledgesup to you :)10:38
MFaro-Tusinoi learn better from seeing the final result10:39
MFaro-Tusinothen digging deep backwards10:39
*** maxorator has joined #sailfishos10:40
*** fracting has quit IRC10:41
MFaro-Tusinoideally though, I’d just be following HADK by now ;)10:41
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos10:46
sledgesit's not an ideal world ;)10:47
sledgesall depends on one's level of tolerance10:48
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos11:15
coderusany way i can get video width/height in c++?11:23
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos11:26
kimmolicoderus: didn't you manage in that already?11:26
m4g0glbt, how long is package checkin process?11:29
*** Schrostfutz has joined #sailfishos11:34
Schrostfutzwhat is the easiest (and cheap(est)) way to get a smartphone with sailfishos?11:35
cos-first one would be getting a Jolla11:35
jussiyeah, buy a jolla, simple plus overall the phone is quite cheap.11:36
Waiteethe phone is quite expensive concidering the hardware11:37
sledgesand you get all the bells and whistles (toh, android apps)11:37
Waiteebut i'd still buy jolla instead of, say, huawei ascend p611:37
sledgesWaitee: sailfish does not consider hardware ;)
Waiteesledges: i know it doesnt, but still it's a bit overpriced for the hardware11:38
sledgesyou're not paying for the hardware11:38
Waiteewell if i understood correctly, sailfishos is opensoure and free11:39
sledgesthen jolla should sell an OS-less phone, wonder what price would be :)11:39
Waiteei merely bought it because my old phone was crap and i wanted something new11:40
sledgesit's the sw integration and company costs you're paying for11:40
Waiteeyupp, i know11:40
Waiteeand i love my jolla11:40
Waiteedont get me wrong on that :D11:41
sledgeswe're talking about the price of jolla phone ;)11:41
Waiteethe price is high because jolla cant afford giving them so cheap11:41
cos-Waitee: sailfish is not open source & free. major parts of it are.11:42
sledgesWaitee: yep, and has to give something in return - the sw ;)11:43
Waiteecos-: last summer when i preordered my jolla i heard everyone being really loud about a "truly open source phone"11:43
Waiteeseems a bit missleading eh?11:43
cos-Waitee: you'll still need to wait for one.11:43
sledgesit's not black and white11:43
Stskeepstruly open, not truly open source..11:44
Stskeepsthough a large majority is11:44
cos-there isn't a 100% open source phone on this planet afaik11:44
Waiteenope, there isnt11:44
Waiteebut to be honest i guess this is the wrong channel if i want to have a chat about jolla in non-fanboy manner :D11:47
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cos-Waitee: who exactly called it a "truly open source phone"?11:54
Waiteecos-: no fucking clue :D it was a year ago11:55
Stskeepsopen is such a bullshit word.. :P11:55
cos-i remember when android was called that11:56
Waiteecos-: "who exactly called it that?"11:57
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos11:58
cos-sailfish is open sourcer than android, which is open sourcer than for example symbian. but nothing can be called fully open source.11:58
jussinemo is about the closest thing youll get...11:59
cos-jussi: but nemo is all you need to build a phone12:01
cos-is not12:01
cos-Waitee: ok, it's on the front page12:02
Waiteegranted, it doesnt say "open source" but it's still a bit missleading if you ask me12:03
AardWaitee: well, we don't lock you down with stuff like aegis :p12:04
WaiteeAard: what's that?12:04
jussicos-: mer+nemo is all, except specific drivers I guess12:04
*** Dvorakfag has joined #sailfishos12:05
AardWaitee:  the security framework on the n912:05
Dvorakfagwith the nexus 4 porting can i dist-upgrade?12:05
Dvorakfagoh right. hi everyone.12:06
Waiteehi Dvorakfag12:06
Waiteenice nick :D12:06
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #sailfishos12:08
Dvorakfagi've spended like three hours setting up the phone, then I wondered: when the next update comes out, could I flash it over the old one?12:08
AardDvorakfag: as in, 'keep my content/settings'?12:09
Aardprobably not, though updatability will come eventually12:10
*** flywheel_ has joined #sailfishos12:11
cos-do the OTA upgrades rewrite the partition or just upgrade packages?12:11
Dvorakfagand with dist-upgrades? I noticed a new version of libhybris. is it safe to update?12:11
*** flywheel has quit IRC12:13
*** flywheel_ has quit IRC12:13
*** flywheel_ has joined #sailfishos12:13
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coderuskimmoli: no12:39
coderuskimmoli: only for images12:39
coderusstill have trouble with videos12:40
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos12:43
*** fracting has quit IRC12:45
kimmolicoderus: could this be something that helps >>
*** Dvorak_ has joined #sailfishos12:50
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*** Dvorak_ has joined #sailfishos12:51
jusa_Elleo: you are cutespotify author, right?12:53
Elleojusa_: yep?12:53
*** meek_geek has quit IRC12:54
jusa_Elleo: yeah. there are going to be some changes to the QtMultimedia audio bits regarding resource policy, and need to change apps doing resource policy themselves.. also would be nice to test with some real life applications. I have some other suggestions re cutespotify as well12:55
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC12:55
jusa_I wasn't sure if I understood how the stuff was done in cutespotify, but now while writing and reading I think I got it :)12:56
*** branek has quit IRC12:56
*** branek_ has joined #sailfishos12:56
Elleojusa_: okay, cool; any news on when QAudioOutput is likely to support resource stuff properly? That'd be the ideal fix from my perspective as it'd mean CuteSpotify wouldn't have to do resource management itself anymore12:57
jusa_Elleo: yeah, QAudioOutput with resource coming12:57
*** kkszysiu has quit IRC12:57
Elleookay, cool12:57
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos12:58
Elleowell if you need anything from my side feel free to give me a poke12:58
jusa_will do, thanks12:58
ElleoI haven't had much time for CuteSpotify stuff lately, but if something is needed urgently to keep it compatible with Sailfish then I'll happily make some time for it12:58
jusa_in perfect world I'd submit some patches, but at least previously I didn't understand fully how you build & package cutespotify12:59
*** kunev_ has joined #sailfishos13:00
Elleoyeah, there are a few oddities like having to bundle up some libs with it and some stuff that isn't in the repo containing private spotify keys and such (the README should detail the process for getting your own keys though)13:01
*** kunev has quit IRC13:01
*** kunev_ has quit IRC13:01
jusa_yep, I have the spotify key13:01
Elleowell, any questions just let me know13:02
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos13:02
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coderuskimmoli: hm-m-m13:15
coderuskimmoli: is player metadata loading time acceptable for realtime actions?13:15
*** piiramar has quit IRC13:16
kimmolimean < 1ms, i think not.13:16
kimmolimy guess is that this is file-size dependent13:17
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos13:18
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos13:18
coderusi hope it shouldnt :D13:19
kimmolii have test-setup here, just need to get tics or something to evaluate it13:20
*** veskuh has quit IRC13:21
kimmolisounds good13:22
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos13:23
kimmoliyou dont like this13:27
kimmoli[D] Mete::showMetaData:36 - Resolution! QVariant(QSize, QSize(1280, 720) )  was got in  1052  ms13:27
kimmolikiitos.mp4 is 20M file13:27
*** Dvorak_ has quit IRC13:28
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** zhxt_ is now known as zhxt_home13:29
kimmoli56M file took about the same13:29
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:36
dr_gogeta86hi guys13:36
dr_gogeta86any way to got vnc13:37
dr_gogeta86from jolla13:37
dr_gogeta86use phone via vnc13:37
Wntdr_gogeta86: I haven't heard of any tool like that :(13:39
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC13:40
Wntoh found something from
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos13:41
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*** meek_geek has joined #sailfishos13:43
kimmolicoderus: ~800ms with improved test-setup.13:45
*** artemma has quit IRC13:47
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meek_geeka good epub reader on SFOS ?13:50
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos13:52
coderuskimmoli: acceptable :)13:53
coderuskimmoli: thanks13:53
coderusbtw, v0.6-8 gt or lt v0.7.0-1 ?13:53
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos13:57
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squiddanyone want to buy jolla in finland?18:53
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:53
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squiddlet me know if anyone is intrested, I got one extra18:55
slatetwenty bucks18:58
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos18:58
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squiddno deal :(19:02
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coderus$100? :)19:17
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coderusi need jolla for my girlfriend19:17
squidddamn you guys, you dont give it that much worth :D19:19
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coderusi just have no more money :(19:31
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stephgcoderus: fwiw I think 0.6-8 < 0.7.0-119:41
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coderusstephg: okAY, THANKS :)20:17
coderusdamn caps :D20:18
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squiddstephg: want to buy a jolla?21:08
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