Tuesday, 2014-07-01

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Bysmyyrcoderus_: I sent a logfile to you about over 50% cpu usage... I hope it helps something07:05
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coderus_Bysmyyr: no07:23
coderus_i said 10000 times i dont need logs of this issue07:23
coderus_its useless :D07:23
coderus_i'm removing 10 logs every day from my inbox :D07:24
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coderus_i'm not fixing it because i have no time and resources07:29
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coderus_and google mail thinks all "Mitakuuluu bug" emails are spam because of too many emails :D07:33
Nicd-sadly mitakuuluu is completely useless now :/ back to having no whatsapp on jolla07:34
Nicd-hope somebody picks up on it, I don't have the resources either07:34
coderus_you can get and use 0.7.7 version07:35
coderus_it's pretty stable07:35
Nicd-will it work with the 0.8.0 db or do I have to remove it?07:35
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Bysmyyrcoderus_: you should put that version to openrepos07:40
inteBysmyyr: whats wrong with 0.8.2?07:45
intedoesn't make any difference to me compared to the previous07:46
inteboth are burning the cpu from time to time07:46
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coderus_inte: last version is 0.8.007:47
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inteto be precisely :)07:48
coderusyou should not care about build number07:48
inteyeah but that is working for me no better or worse than the previous07:48
coderusit's just internal identifier07:48
intecoderus: jep, second rpm you made07:48
coderusyou may not remember how 0.7.7 works07:48
coderusbuild 1 was for beta-testers07:49
inteno actual difference or how old was that?07:49
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coderusand they said everything is okay nad this version rocks07:49
coderusso please blame them :D07:49
coderusi have no resoures for wild testing app07:49
inteso 0.7.7 was not burning the cpu?07:49
Nicd-Bysmyyr: I have 0.7.7 rpm on my device07:50
intedo you need my logs?07:50
coderuscan only test with my perfect home wifi and perfect 3g :)07:50
BysmyyrNicd-: I have it also... but tthat is way to reduce log spam07:50
coderusinte: no, please :D07:50
* w00t_ sets up a cronjob to mail coderus every hour07:51
intei don't see the cpu issue as a too big problem07:51
Nicd-w00t_: accidentally write in an infinite loop07:51
inteits not happening too often07:51
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Nicd-it's happening constantly for me07:51
Nicd-full cpu usage for the whole day07:52
intei have lighthouse running frequently and whenever it cpu usage increase i just restart mitak07:52
intebut that didn't happen to me for a few days at all07:53
intewas mostly in wifi coverage area as well, though07:53
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seiichiro0185hi, I have a problem with the latest SDK-Release. If I deploy my app to the device from the sdk I get an error that the app crashed. The Error shown is this: http://pastie.org/9342859 does anyone have an Idea what might be wrong? I removed the SDK including config and did a complete reinstall, the error stays the same.09:39
Nicd-are you deploying as armv7?09:40
Nicd-dunno if it's even possible to deploy as i486 though...09:41
kaltsiseiichiro0185: what kind of an application are you making?09:46
kaltsiseiichiro0185: does that happen with the default sailfish template project?09:46
kaltsiseiichiro0185: are you building with the MerSDK-SailfishOS-armv7hl kit?09:47
seiichiro0185yep, it happens with a freshly created project too. The app I try is sailOTP, wich is already in harbour and openrepos and worked fine until the last update09:47
seiichiro0185and I use the armv7hl kit09:47
kaltsicould you copy paste the whole compile output to pastebin?09:48
seiichiro0185thats the paste for the template project: compilation http://pastie.org/9342887 and app output: http://pastie.org/934289109:50
kaltsihmm thanks.. nothing wrong there, but it didn't really build anything this time09:53
seiichiro0185here is a complete log including build: http://pastie.org/934290209:54
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kaltsiit only builds one file test.c?09:56
seiichiro0185yes, the output is form the template project without any changes, it only has one cpp file09:57
kaltsiah it was the template project.. I thought it was the otp :)=09:57
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intesorry for my ignorance but: what is otp good for at all??10:00
intei saw this app, even installed it, but i still dont know what it is actually good for10:00
kaltsiI don't understand what's wrong with that build.. doesn't seem to be any problems10:00
seiichiro0185OTP == One Time Pad, it generates temporay keys for two-factor-authentification10:00
kaltsiseiichiro0185: did you remove the ~/.config/SailfishAlpha4 dir before reinstalling?10:00
inteseiichiro0185: and what do i do with it? I mean, i enabled this two factor thing on google, received an sms and now it works10:01
seiichiro0185kaltsi: yes, I removed the config and the complete SDK-Directory, so it is a complete vanilla install of the SDK with no changes10:01
Nicd-when I see OTP all I think of is http://learnyousomeerlang.com/what-is-otp10:01
intewhat do i need the app for?10:01
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inteNicd-: :)10:02
kaltsiseiichiro0185: have you done any .bashrc or .profile customization on your device.. or do you set some extra environment vars in them?10:02
inteNicd-: hey we're using ofono:)10:02
seiichiro0185inte: some services (like github) can enable two factor auth without sms and stuff, they give you a QR-Code you scan with the app and then the app generates a new 6-digit key every 30 seconds that you have to enter on login together with your password10:03
Nicd-inte: erlang otp doesn't have anything to do with telephony though :P10:03
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seiichiro0185kaltsi: no, my .bashrc / .profile are untouched10:04
inteNicd-: whops actually only saw the phone and read something about open :)10:04
inteseiichiro0185: aah thanks10:04
kaltsiseiichiro0185: ín device if you ssh as nem, what does:  env | grep QPA10:04
kaltsissh as nemo10:04
seiichiro0185kaltsi: QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland10:05
inteso you can't authenticate devices with github? Like for gmail, i only had to two-authenticate once10:05
kaltsiseiichiro0185: what if you try to run the binary from the command line there10:05
seiichiro0185kaltsi: works fine if I start it from ssh10:06
seiichiro0185it only fails if started through the SDK10:06
kaltsiseiichiro0185: are you sure you've configured your device correctly for the SDK? it uses ssh to run the binary10:06
seiichiro0185kaltsi: pretty sure, did the config the same as it was in the last sdk version, and all the tests in the SDK-config are successfull10:07
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seiichiro0185inte: authenticating a device and two factor auth are two different things. The whole point of two factor auth is that you need two factors (your password and the device with the code-genereating app) to login into a service. someone who just steals your password still cant log into your account if he doesn't have the device10:09
kaltsiif you just ssh from linux to the device like: ssh nemo@device_ip /opt/sdk/usr/test/bin/test10:09
kaltsiseiichiro0185: does that^ work?10:09
inteseiichiro0185: jep i understand that, therefore the first time i logged into gmail i received an sms and now it works without sms as the device is authenticated10:10
seiichiro0185kaltsi: actually, that gives the same error as the sdk...10:10
inteso if someone steals your password and installs your app on his phone he can login?10:10
kaltsiseiichiro0185: then there is something in your .profile or .bashrc that resets the environment10:11
kaltsiseiichiro0185: please double check those10:11
inteor is your (unique) app-install sotosay the "registered device"10:11
intestill don`t get what i need the app for since it works withoug the app for gmail e.g.10:11
seiichiro0185inte: no, he can't, because the app alone doesn't help. you need the secret key for generating the code which you get by scanning the QR-Code on activating the two-factor-auth. This code is only saved on the device you "authenticate" with the service this way.10:12
inteah. so you only scan it once10:13
seiichiro0185inte: as long as the service does two-factor-auth via sms its all fine, but there are services that don't offer it and need the app10:13
intebut device registration works for e.g. gmail even without scanning at all10:13
inteseiichiro0185: aaaaah10:13
intethank you very much10:13
intei only have this two-auth thing on facebook and gmail yet10:14
intedont know if there are services (that I use) that offer this otp thing10:14
*** chiromante has quit IRC10:14
intewould be nice to have on mailbox.org10:14
intemy email provider10:14
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*** Guest75987 has quit IRC10:16
seiichiro0185kaltsi: the .bashrc just sources /etc/bashrc, and .profile doesn't exist10:16
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos10:17
seiichiro0185kaltsi: I never changed anything in the bashrc or profile.d/* in /etc10:17
kaltsiseiichiro0185: ok.. but this is a symptom of that, I don't know why it happens to you now10:17
*** s1gk1ll is now known as Guest2629110:17
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos10:18
kaltsiseiichiro0185: could you ssh nemo@device_ip env  .. and check it doesn't contain anything secret and pastebin that, I'll compare my output10:19
seiichiro0185kaltsi: http://pastie.org/9342970 seems like the whole QT / Wayland variables are missing..10:20
*** fracting has quit IRC10:20
kaltsithat's all you have?10:21
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC10:21
seiichiro0185yep, if I start it directly thats all10:21
kaltsiok.. I've got like three pages of env vars here10:21
seiichiro0185if I start it after "normal" ssh login I get a whole lot more10:21
kaltsiwould you happen to have some .ssh/config set?10:21
seiichiro0185nope, none10:22
kaltsior would you happen to have rebuilt bash yourself? :p10:22
seiichiro0185no, its the standard jolla bash10:22
kaltsido you have .login, .environment or any other rc files bash might read?10:22
kaltsiyou = nemo@device10:23
*** Guest26291 has quit IRC10:23
seiichiro0185only .bashrc and .bash_profile (which just sorces .bashrc), no .login, .environment or anything else bash might source on start10:24
kaltsiseiichiro0185: check do you have /etc/profile.d/developer-profile.sh10:28
*** screwjack has quit IRC10:29
kaltsiit's the one that's supposed to set all the vars10:29
seiichiro0185kaltsi: yes, the file is there10:29
*** s1gk1ll_ has joined #sailfishos10:29
kaltsiwhat's the date of that file?10:29
seiichiro018521st May 1410:30
kaltsihm I wonder how it gets its date.. mine is 16th of June10:30
kaltsimd5sum developer-profile.sh10:31
seiichiro0185the one I have is 6e11e19992ddf9623e61fd46a04370fd10:31
seiichiro0185so its different10:31
kaltsiI have an unreleased version of the device.. just a sec10:31
seiichiro0185thats the content of mine: http://pastie.org/934301110:32
*** screwjack has joined #sailfishos10:33
kaltsiyep yours is fine..10:33
kaltsiwell I'm sorry but I'm out of ideas.. something in your environment is causing that file not to be sourced in a non-interactive session and then those envs are not set10:34
kaltsiI'm not sure if the host side ssh settings can affect this10:34
kaltsianyways qt creator is not using the ssh command, but its own ssh library10:35
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has quit IRC10:35
seiichiro0185k, thanks for your help anyways, I'll try to debug this further..10:35
kaltsibtw I'm not saying you've changed anything.. but if you've ever installed anything from openrepos, maybe one of those might have modified a file.. there could be a 'filename.rpmsave' if that has happened10:37
kaltsibut that depends on how well the openrepo package has been created.. again just a theory10:37
*** m4r0v3r has joined #sailfishos10:45
m4r0v3rhello, am trying to set up a layout for a simple form, what would be the best to use? would it be best to do this via anchoring, or use the qt quick layout api?10:45
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*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos10:47
m4r0v3ralso how can i mkae listview and the pull down menu coexist, since when I attempt to pull down the list view scrolls, i've seen it done in the search example but no luck doing it myself10:49
*** xfrancis has joined #sailfishos10:49
*** cosmo_ is now known as cos-10:51
goroborodoes anyone know how I can best interact with timed to create my own events? basically I am after a way to schedule stuff like you can do with cron10:57
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stephggoroboro: there is a commandline client if you want to mess around11:06
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos11:07
goroborostephg: timed-qt5-tools thanks... installing now to take a look11:08
* goroboro misses regular cron :)11:08
*** overlayer has quit IRC11:09
stephgwell timed has more features :)11:10
stephgbe warned though, from what I remember the syntax is a little ideosyncratic ;)11:10
goroborowith features comes crazy complexity11:10
goroboroI'm checking out the command line client... damn... learning curve ahead11:11
seiichiro0185kaltsi: I found the problem: somehow I had two instances of bash, the 3.2.x from jolla and a version 4.3. No idea how there could be 2 versions of bash with the same name in parallel, but after pkcon install bash only the "correct" one remained and now the sdk-deployment works... Thanks again for your help!11:12
kaltsiseiichiro0185: ok interesting.. but explains the problem :)11:12
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pp3rd party bash is a bad idea :-)11:18
*** N-Mi has quit IRC11:20
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coderusm4r0v3r: simple layout with text inputs is done with column11:23
m4r0v3rcoderus: ah I see, so I was slightly overcomplicated things lol11:24
coderuspp: i'm using 4.3 bash because of completion. 3.2 bash sucks.11:24
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos11:25
kaltsithe jolla, or actually Mer, bash has been built with an option that sources dotfiles also in non-interactive sessions, which is not standard11:26
*** screwjack has quit IRC11:28
intekaltsi: my bash doesnt source .profile at all?11:28
intehow can that be done?11:28
kaltsiuse .bash_profile11:28
intedidn't work either the last time i tried11:29
inteonly for ssh11:29
intebut not for fingerterm11:29
kaltsiahh fingerterm..11:29
kaltsidon't know about it to be honest11:29
inte.oO(ok I should have been more precise)11:29
kaltsinp :P11:30
intei found a rather strange workaround on tmo11:30
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos11:30
intesimply change the fingerterm icon to invoke fingertem -e ssh nemo@localhost11:31
inteand put a key on the phone11:31
intethen fingerterm would always ssh into the device and thus .bash_profile gets sourced :)11:31
kaltsihehe :)11:31
ppcoderus: suppose one that installs /bin/bash43 would be fine11:32
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coderuswould be fine if jolla will use latest version. but there is some licensing stufff afaik12:08
*** situ has quit IRC12:08
*** kimmoli_sailing has joined #sailfishos12:08
Aardmight be new bash is gplv312:10
*** situ has joined #sailfishos12:10
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dv2I have a question13:13
mikma_good for you, we are so delighted13:14
SpeedEvilI have a flavour.13:14
dv2so there will be the Sailfish launcher for android soon13:14
SpeedEvildv2: What do you mean by that?13:14
dv2And I hope it willl be open source, too13:14
SpeedEvilI suspect the answer is no.13:14
dv2so will there be a way to download it without googleplay?13:14
SpeedEvilSailfish is not an app.13:15
dv2I mean the launcher13:15
SpeedEvilYou can't install it under android.13:15
dv2I know, the launcher for android. Fake Sailfish13:15
SK_workdv2: there are shared links here and there13:18
intedv2 try to get it through http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/13:18
dv2okay thanks inte!13:19
dv2but would it be possible that the launcher will be available on f-droid?13:19
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coderusit can be available on yandex store :)13:54
entilwill mitakuuluu2 be available on the jolla store?-)13:55
*** jardous has quit IRC13:56
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m4r0v3rdoes anybody know how I can make the listview and the pulldown menus coexist14:01
*** overlayer has quit IRC14:08
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jake9xxm4r0v3r: pulldown menu, you mean pulley?14:23
jake9xxdefine them inside the page as separate items, no problems there14:23
jake9xxand if you ever thing sailfishos listview is troublesome or alike.. take a deep dive with Android ListView :)14:23
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos14:25
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m4r0v3rprobably wont bother with android14:27
m4r0v3rand yeah pulley menu14:27
*** ionstorm has quit IRC14:27
m4r0v3rill give it a got cheers14:27
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC14:29
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jake9xxthere are some examples in the sailfishos.org14:30
*** ionstorm has quit IRC14:30
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m4r0v3rah still no luck not sure how to duplicate the movement of the menu that when am at the top of the listview and i pull down the pulley menu activates, otherwise its just normal scrolling15:02
jake9xxyou can trigger it in the event callback15:03
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b0bbenhey all16:07
b0bbeni've ported GagBook to Sailfish, but it uses webkitwidgets for web scraping, and widgets aren't allowed on the Jolla appstore16:08
*** xfrancis has quit IRC16:08
b0bbeni'd really like the app to be in the official app store, but would need to find another way to scrape pages16:08
b0bbenany hints?16:08
ruskietimed service?16:11
stephgb0bben: there must be a lower-level c++ lib that'd do the scraping you need to?16:12
stephgwhat do webkitwidgets themselves use?16:12
*** N-Mi has quit IRC16:13
b0bbenstephg: well, they use webkit, which can do DOM (since it's a browser)16:13
b0bbenone option would be to convert the HTML to XML with libtidy16:13
b0bbenthen use XML parser to get the info16:14
b0bbeni have no idea how to include libtidy in my project (and in a harbour-friendly way)16:14
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tortoisedochow long usually after an app passes harbour qa to when it's available on Jolla store?16:51
tortoisedocJonni : ping16:52
tortoisedocJonni : (i am asking you as you seem to know)  is there a chance in helping for the paid app support into harbour? I.e. beta-testing etc16:53
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b0bbenanyone knows how to use share dialog from Gallery in own apps?22:40
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jake9xxb0bben: check gallery sources?23:32
b0bbenjake9xx: i did, it's using bunch of weird stuff not in the apis :/23:33
b0bbenis it me or is the Dev mode really shaky in the latest release23:34
*** N-Mi has joined #sailfishos23:34
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b0bbeni have to reboot my phone every couple of mins for it to become active (and respond to ssh)23:34
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