Thursday, 2014-07-10

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stephgnot again09:15
stephgScelt: you should get that looked at09:15
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Sceltstephg: I had. It is called "waiting for sailfish os updates can sometimes be just too exciting for a mortal" -syndrome09:18
Armadillo_lol :)09:18
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tortoisedocupdates? we still get one this month? :P09:21
stephgI'm still waiting for the ETA of the ETA of the update, app09:23
tortoisedocstephg : which app?09:24
stephgthe ETA of the update app09:24
stephgbut we don't have an ETA for that yet either09:25
Nicd-tortoisedoc: yes, there is an udpate coming this month09:25
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tortoisedocthe update needs an update app? :P09:25
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tortoisedocNicd- : does it include paid apps support in harbour? :P09:25
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TemeVapp for ETA of the update would be nice09:29
kimmolicoderus: ping -  what i could use to trigger that user has read the mit√§kuuluu message? (to clear the notification symbol from toholed)09:30
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tortoisedoc[W] unknown:-1 - <Unknown File>: QML Connections: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onLockscreenVisibleChanged"09:40
tortoisedoci am trying to use the lipstick plugin from qml09:40
tortoisedocto deted locked screen conditions09:41
tortoisedocthe above ^ is an error that comes up if i include org.nemomobile.lipstick09:41
tortoisedocany suggestions?09:41
tortoisedocah and also09:42
tortoisedoc[W] unknown:228 - <Unknown File>: ReferenceError: lipstickSettings is not defined09:42
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tortoisedocbtw im working on emulator09:47
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locusftortoisedoc: ^09:53
tortoisedocnemo lipstick registers both types09:54
locusffor backwards compatibility09:54
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locusfit might also be that the emulator lipstick is still old, hence the capital LipstickSettings09:56
coderuskimmoli: you can listen harbour.mitakuuluu2.client / harbour.mitakuuluu2.client.activeJidChanged :
kimmolicoderus: ok, i will take a look on that. tnx09:58
coderuskimmoli: you need to store list of jids have unread messages yourself09:59
coderusand messageReceived with if activejid is equal to sender jid not produce unread message, obliviously09:59
coderusprobably i can expose totalUnread property to dbus and you can just listen it's changes10:01
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kimmolithat sounds something we made with communi-irc10:05
kimmoliand activehighlights10:06
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coderuskimmoli: that should work :)10:08
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tortoisedoclocusf : [W] unknown:228 - <Unknown File>: ReferenceError: LipstickSettings is not defined10:10
tortoisedocalso from device :10:10
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kimmolicoderus: i have to read totalUnread after getting totalUnreadChanged ? totalUnread is not argument of totalUnreadChanged ? (just checking910:12
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locusftortoisedoc: oh10:13
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locusfI guess its only available to homescreens then10:13
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coderuskimmoli: you can subscribe to org.Freedesktop.Properties PropertiesChanged10:16
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coderuskimmoli: but you can read it every time signal emitted of course10:17
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coderustortoisedoc: i tried it year ago :D10:18
coderusits exposed to lipstick process only :)10:18
coderussome private component10:18
coderusvery private10:18
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lukedirtwalkerElleo: ping11:14
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lukedirtwalkerHas anyone ever tried building cutespotify from sources?11:16
Elleolukedirtwalker: sorry, meant to respond to your email; but never got to it; been a bit busy recently11:17
Elleolukedirtwalker: I don't use qtcreator myself, I just ssh in to the build vm and build with sb211:17
lukedirtwalkerNo worries, so far building works but I only get: Remote application finished with exit code 1.11:18
lukedirtwalkerwhen trying to run it11:19
ElleoI don't know if running with qtcreator will setup all the correct paths11:19
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Elleooh actually that shouldn't be an issue, as I think the libspotify dir is added to the rpath11:19
Elleorather than done through LD_LIBRARY_PATH11:20
ElleoI don't use QtCreator for executing it either though, so couldn't say for sure what's going on there11:20
lukedirtwalkerhm alright11:20
Elleoalso make sure you've got the right version of libspotify11:20
Elleoit needs to be the hardfloat version for sailfish11:21
lukedirtwalkeroh well, I used eabi-armv7 :P11:22
Elleothat'll be it then11:22
Elleothat tripped me up at first too11:22
Elleoright, well I have to head out now; good luck :)11:23
lukedirtwalkerthanks for the help11:23
Elleono problem :)11:23
lukedirtwalkeryay now it works :)11:23
lukedirtwalkerthanks a lot11:24
Elleono worries, thanks for helping out on cutespotify :)11:24
ElleoI've had woefully little time for it recently11:24
Elleoanyway, got to go now; bye :)11:25
stephgsledges if you're kicking around, just had a curious thing on my n4 which had been on for a looong time11:26
stephgI had the greyed out 3G bar and notification I was only able to make emergency calls11:26
stephgI was wondering if the credit had run out but it's fine on a rebot11:26
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stephgand obvs now because of the reboot I have no logs :/11:27
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sledgesstephg: been on for a long time?12:06
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stephgyeah, I dunno, 5-6 days13:10
stephgmaybe more, I don't remember13:12
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tortoisedoclocusf: are there plans from jolla to switch to galcier at some point?13:18
tortoisedocor better, what are the plans regarding glacier ui? :)13:18
Nicd-why would they switch to glacier?13:21
Nicd-that would make no sense13:21
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sledgesstephg: so it just happens at some point of phone working normally, and lasts until reboot?13:29
stephgas far as I could tell everything was fine yeah13:31
stephgsorry I don't have more for you than that, I rebooted as I wasn't sure if the sim was out of credit or not13:32
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stephgwill leave it on for a long time now and watch what happens13:35
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locusftortoisedoc: see for more details about glacier, I don't know about Jollas plans on glacier, probably nonexistant14:18
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tortoisedocis the clock on sailfishos closed source?14:55
locusfwhich one of them?14:56
tortoisedocthe standard one14:56
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tortoisedocim wondering16:39
tortoisedocthe clock application from jolla16:39
tortoisedocwhen the phone is locked16:39
*** disharmonic has quit IRC16:39
tortoisedocand an alarm rings16:39
tortoisedocdoes the phone stay locked while the alarm rings?16:39
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stephglocked with a pincode you mean?16:41
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tortoisedocstephg : no just normal lockscreen16:43
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stephgtortoisedoc: well when it wakes me up in the morning the alarm comes up (I think) and you dismiss or snooze and I think it then goes back to the lockscreen16:45
stephgI'm not very observant in the mornings ;)16:45
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tortoisedocthere should an interface for the device's status right?17:14
tortoisedocthe device's SCREEN status17:14
tortoisedocthanks speical17:15
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tortoisedocspecial : anything more immediate than mce via dbus available?17:39
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coderusspecial: what is update for accounts?17:48
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coderustortoisedoc: mce is the right way :)17:49
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specialcoderus: I don't understand the question (and I'm cooking, so I might respond slowly)17:50
tortoisedoccoderus: yes, thats ok, but anything more reactive? :P17:51
coderusspecial: i mean i know there is something new in accounts for update8, i want to know any details available :)17:53
coderustortoisedoc: what you mean by reactive?..17:53
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tortoisedocdoes the mce handle calendar & clock events as well?20:42
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