Friday, 2014-08-01

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coderusentil: because of sailfish components03:52
coderusoops sorry entil03:52
coderusenedil is quit, autocompletion choosed your03:53
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entilcoderus: it's ok ;) I actually don't even use highlights, so it would've passed me by if I hadn't happened to check in :D05:06
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spliffyis there something like for sailfish?07:34
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spliffyi mean besides there isn't much discussion about development going on.07:36
tbryou might want to consider joining the developer mailing list07:37
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spliffytbr: ok, thank you.07:39
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spliffythe last days is google for a phone api like on my n900, but couldn't find anything. How would i access the contacts, sms, call history and hardware settings in my application? for sms and call history there is libcommhistory. are there other phone apis?07:45
SK_workspliffy: I think that you have a lot of APIs in nemo repo07:46
SK_workfor sms, it's not easy since it's telepathy07:46
SK_workcontacts = Qt5Contacts07:46
SK_workbut don't forget, you will need privileged to have access to this07:46
SK_workcf coderus 's work on mitakuluu07:47
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spliffySK_work: i will check out the repo and take a look then07:51
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nazanintortoisedoc: ping09:08
tortoisedocanyone having a spare plane ticket to hk to hand over? :P09:08
tortoisedocnazanin : pong09:08
nazanintortoisedoc: the swiping option in Settings of Quickbar does not work properly09:09
nazanintortoisedoc: the enabling and disabling takes effect after a long time and not immediately09:09
tortoisedocnazanin : yes I noticed :P09:09
tortoisedocthanks for reminding, am fixing as we speak :D09:09
nazanintortoisedoc: also when I uninstall the app from launcher, the quickbar menu stays in the lock screen until I reboot09:10
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tortoisedocthat is a harbour limitation im afraid09:10
tortoisedocI think i can probably hook some dbus interface to detect uninstallation...09:10
tortoisedocquickbar n9 had it09:10
nazanintortoisedoc: that would be nice :)09:11
tortoisedocbut for some reason it did not work out of the box on sailfish09:11
tortoisedoci think that's why i disabled it09:11
nazanintortoisedoc: is it possible to have it back? cause it may be kinda irritating for user to notice that after uninstallation, the bar is still there09:12
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tortoisedocthanks, good feedback :)09:13
nazanintortoisedoc: great :) so I'll reject the app for now due to the swiping option and uninstallation problem, and then you submit an update again :)09:13
nazanintortoisedoc: sounds okay?09:13
tortoisedocnazanin : it was approved yesterday ? ;_;09:14
nazanintortoisedoc: yesterday?09:15
nazanintortoisedoc: I just took it for testing today morning from the queue09:15
nazanintortoisedoc: ah yes, you're right09:15
tortoisedocin the latest submission i just changed the description text :D09:16
lainwir3dnice, live feedback from harbour validation !09:16
tortoisedocnazanin is right09:16
tortoisedocyes, please reject it09:16
tortoisedoci will make a new build and resubmit09:16
tortoisedocas soon as the bugs are down09:16
nazanintortoisedoc: cool, thanks :)09:16
tortoisedoc(hopefully today=09:16
* tortoisedoc digs out harmattan debota09:16
nazaninlainwir3d: if we can find developers on IRC, we definately contact them if issues come up with their apps :)09:17
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tortoisedochmm was it so that is no more on saifishos?09:17
nazaninlainwir3d: if not on IRC, then via email, but it won't be as *live* as this :P09:17
tortoisedocnazanin, lainwir3d : i think this is a pretty awesome feature09:18
tortoisedoc(to get directly in touch with qa)09:18
tortoisedocold nokia way via email was messy enough09:18
tortoisedocbut ofc this is probably not manageable once and if jolla scales up exponentially09:18
lainwir3dyeah, this is nice.09:18
tortoisedocunless they hire testers exponentially :P09:18
lainwir3dIf I knew that I would have come early when my app got rejected ;)09:19
tortoisedoclainwir3d : lol09:19
lainwir3dwell, might need this soon enough actually.09:19
tortoisedoclainwir3d : which app?09:19
lainwir3dWell my app might be untestable actually.09:19
lainwir3dtortoisedoc: RPNCalc09:20
lainwir3dand I'm writing an app for the Parrot Zik headphone, though I don't know how qa will test it since you actually need a Parrot Zik to use the app.09:20
lainwir3dand I don't know if Parrot will let me send one to Jolla :P09:21
tortoisedocParrot Zik? :D09:22
kimmolihmm... Jul 31 23:19:05 Jolla tohd[2947]: NFC stack possibly leaked 5 memory blocks09:22
tortoisedocsh1b4llz 400 € headphones O_O09:22
lainwir3da bit less actually. 300€09:22
tortoisedocyou working for them?09:22
lainwir3dYou can find them at 250 if you're lucky.09:23
tortoisedocsend a pair with insider-price kthxbye? ;)09:23
lainwir3dI might get 30% off.09:23
lainwir3dI'll let you know ;-)09:23
tortoisedoc30% off of 250 € is a very decent nr09:23
tortoisedocare they bluetooth?09:24
lainwir3dI got mine free when I joined 3months ago :P09:24
lainwir3dBluetooth + line-in09:24
tortoisedocinbuild radio? :)09:24
lainwir3dIntegrated spatializer and equalizer09:24
lainwir3dnope sorry ;)09:24
tortoisedocboooo :P09:24
tortoisedocjokes apart sounds like some serious headphones09:25
tortoisedocjust headphones or mic as well?09:25
lainwir3dand the application lets you change the equalizer, and change the spatializer (virtual angle of speakers and virtual room size)09:25
lainwir3dtortoisedoc: mic as well for calls.09:25
lainwir3dand Active Noise Cancelling09:25
* tortoisedoc is starting to like it09:25
tortoisedochow about 10% of this 30% off for you ;)09:26
smoku_lainwir3d: I also had this pleasant experience with Jolla QA:
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tortoisedocnazanin : hmm sailors09:31
tortoisedocdoes PackageKit expose a Dbus interface?09:31
tortoisedoclike MeeGo Did?09:31
tortoisedocnazanin : see ^09:33
tortoisedocfor this reason i disabled dbus interfaces09:33
tortoisedoc(or actually for this reason I would not be able to use them *if* i got them working=09:33
tortoisedocnazanin : note  in the app description it is mentioned quickbar needs to be stopped before being uninstalled09:35
tortoisedocand also pre-/post-uninstall scripts are prohibited :(09:35
tortoisedocsmoku_ : thanks09:37
smoku_IMO PackageKit API should be disabled only when user did not authorize sideloading09:39
smoku_once enabled in settings, it should not matter who and how sideload things... if user approves - go for it09:39
tortoisedocalso, why not allow for status updates via PackageKit API?09:40
tortoisedocthat is basically sys-> user and does not allow for installing anything09:40
tortoisedocnow I need to make a file watcher on the program's executable :P09:40
tortoisedocsuch a pity ;)09:40
smoku_tortoisedoc: rpm install scripts are run bu root - I can understand these are not allowed, as one could sneak all kind of stuff there09:40
tortoisedocsmoku_ : ok yes that makes sense09:41
smoku_as an old adage says: security is on the opposite scale to convinience09:42
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lainwir3d_smokex: nice QA feedback indeed !10:28
*** lainwir3d_ is now known as lainwir3d10:31
nazanintortoisedoc: ok, back from lunch now... did you get the answer to your question?10:31
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nazaninseems he's gone10:36
nazaninsmoku_: thank you for the google+ QA feedback. It was good to read all those positive words :)10:37
nazaninsmoku_: and also thanks for helping tortoisedoc :)10:38
tortoisedocnazanin : im about to upload a new build10:38
tortoisedocwith fixes for settings + uninstall10:39
nazanintortoisedoc: oh,you're back, ok cool :)10:39
tortoisedocw000t cook10:39
*** xerpi has quit IRC10:40
tortoisedocdownload counters work on store! :D10:40
tortoisedocnazanin : i closed the wrong channel unintentionally10:40
tortoisedocclicking syndrome :P10:40
tortoisedocanything important?10:40
nazanintortoisedoc: nothing special, I was just at lunch and when I came back, I saw your comments, wanned to know if you have any further questions :)10:41
*** plundstr has quit IRC10:42
tortoisedocmy app is locked in qa atm :|10:43
tortoisedoccan you reject it so I can upload the new package? :)10:43
tortoisedocnazanin: ^10:45
* tortoisedoc waffles time10:45
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* nazanin is writing the message10:46
*** Sailor8654 has joined #sailfishos10:46
tortoisedoc:D thanks, sorry did not mean to rush!10:46
nazanintortoisedoc: I'm on it now :D10:46
nazanintortoisedoc: done :)10:49
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tortoisedocnazanin : ok thanks, as soon as it unlocks I will fwd to qa :)10:51
nazanintortoisedoc: okay :)10:51
*** Sailor8654 has quit IRC10:52
tortoisedocbtw is there a solution for the missing bluetooth icon in the settings main menu?10:58
nazanintortoisedoc: what do you mean?10:58
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*** Sailor8654 has joined #sailfishos11:02
*** Sailor8654 has joined #sailfishos11:02
tortoisedocnazanin :
tortoisedocthis i mean11:02
nazanintortoisedoc: oh :/11:03
nazanintortoisedoc: you may have unfavorited it?11:03
nazanintortoisedoc: go to System > bluetooth > long tap on bluetooth icon and 'add to favorites'11:04
tortoisedocthere is a favourite feature???? :D:D:D:D11:05
nazanintortoisedoc: y-y-y-yes? :D11:05
tortoisedocjolla is full of surprises every day ;)11:05
tortoisedocnazanin : btw status of my app is still locked in qa :(11:07
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos11:07
nazanintortoisedoc: yeah, I know... there is some Harbour issue on our side which we are getting fix right away :)11:08
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tortoisedocok submitted! :)11:22
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos11:22
*** Sailor8654 has quit IRC11:26
tortoisedocjust wow11:29
tortoisedocguys, i love linux  :D11:29
* tortoisedoc happy11:29
tortoisedocand qt :P11:29
matrixxhappy and qt :P11:30
*** msava has joined #sailfishos11:30
*** jmlich has quit IRC11:34
lainwir3dtortoisedoc: you love linux, happy, and qt ?11:35
tortoisedoci love linix11:36
tortoisedocand qt11:36
tortoisedocand am happy :D11:36
smoku_I would like to add "Send application log to developer" button to my app. Any suggestions how to implement the sending?11:45
tortoisedocsmoku_ : email?11:47
BasilSemuonovsmoku, mail attached log11:47
lainwir3dLaunch pre-written email ?11:47
tortoisedocmake an api on LAMP which collects log and stores in DB :P11:47
BasilSemuonovor if you have own server - post data to your server ;)11:47
smoku_yes yes... I mean "how to launch mail app with prewritten email and log attached" ;-)11:47
BasilSemuonovtortoisedoc, you are reading my mind11:47
smoku_BasilSemuonov: I prefer e-mail option, as it gives user a feeling of more control over the process :)11:50
BasilSemuonovbothered about harbour compatibility?11:51
tortoisedocsmoku : qt::opendesktopsomething with mainlto: mime?11:51
tortoisedocsmoku_ : see above11:51
tortoisedocsmoku_ : QDesktopServices::openUrl11:52
tortoisedocotherwise you will need to provide some email client11:52
BasilSemuonovsmoku_, use nemo-qml-plugin-email :) or directly cpp code11:52
*** spacefrogg has quit IRC11:53
smoku_tortoisedoc: thx.  :)
tortoisedocsmoku_ : actually BasilSemuonov's suggestion sounds better :)11:53
tortoisedocis Math.abs supported in qml?11:54
*** Froberg has joined #sailfishos11:55
*** spacefrogg has joined #sailfishos11:57
giucami think so11:57
giucamMath exists, so i don't see why it shouldn't have abs :)11:57
tortoisedocignorant me forgot to prepend Math :P11:58
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos12:00
HBP_any idea why ssh client is constantly hanging for  seconds?12:00
HBP_it usually survives but sometimes I just hqve to open a new terminal12:01
HBP_this doesn't happen on my android phone12:01
alinHBP_: bad network?12:02
HBP_and it really happens usually after about 10 to 20 seconds if I don't write anything12:02
HBP_alin: cant be bad network all the time everywhere12:02
HBP_as my android phone with connectbot is working ok12:02
giucamdoes it happen over the cable too?12:02
HBP_I'm not quite sure, st keast when on wifi it happens less often12:03
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl12:05
*** phdeswer has quit IRC12:10
nazaninhey guys, has any of you worked with MPD (music player daemon)?12:12
lainwir3da little12:13
*** gexc has joined #sailfishos12:13
nazaninlainwir3d: do you know how it works actually?12:15
nazaninI've got it installed, but didnt understand that much from the config tutorial12:15
lainwir3dthere isn't that much to config if i remember correctly12:16
lainwir3dJust add some directory to index in the config file12:16
lainwir3dconfig some minor things12:17
lainwir3dand it should work out of the box12:17
lainwir3das long as you have a client12:17
lainwir3dmost of the config should have valid default i guess12:19
lainwir3dcan you post the config file ?12:19
nazaninlainwir3d: the mpd.conf you mean?12:19
*** kunev has quit IRC12:23
lainwir3dyou have to change the "music_directory" variable12:25
lainwir3dmaybe the playlists one12:25
lainwir3dmake sure the "user" variable is a valid user on your system. If it is not, create the user or change it to another valid value.12:26
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has joined #sailfishos12:26
nazaninlainwir3d: okay :)12:28
lainwir3dthe rest should be ok by leaving it default12:28
nazaninlainwir3d: and does it need any special client?12:28
lainwir3dyou can use any mpd client12:29
lainwir3dthere is a lot12:29
*** M4rtinK_jolla_ has quit IRC12:29
*** sletta has quit IRC12:30
nazaninlainwir3d: okay, cool12:30
nazaninthanks :)12:30
lainwir3dno problem12:30
lainwir3dthat should be enough to have sound working12:32
lainwir3dyou might have to config some other things later. But it should be only optimizations12:32
lainwir3d(note that I haven't used it for years :P)12:33
nazaninlainwir3d: one stupid question, why do I need to change the music and playlist directories? and to what?12:33
lainwir3dwell this is not mandatory12:33
lainwir3dif you want, you can put all your music inside this directory12:34
*** f3an0r has joined #sailfishos12:34
nazaninyeah, this is the path to the music directory12:34
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos12:35
*** jjarven has quit IRC12:36
lainwir3dI prefer to put it inside my /home12:36
lainwir3dthat's why i said that12:36
nazaninhhm, I see12:37
lainwir3dbut that's only valid if you use it with only one user12:37
lainwir3dyou can put the variable "follow_inside_symlinks" to yes12:37
lainwir3dand do symbolic links between the /var/lib/mpd/music directory and you /home/spongebob/Music directory12:38
*** radekp_ has quit IRC12:38
lainwir3dthis may be the cleaner way12:38
lainwir3d(if you've got selinux running, there is a chance he won't like that.)12:38
lainwir3dnazanin: you're trying to run it on your jolla ? ;-)12:39
*** zhxt has quit IRC12:39
nazaninlainwir3d: yeah, on jolla12:40
nazaninlainwir3d: actually,using a client12:40
lainwir3dthe user might be a problem then12:40
lainwir3dyou mean mpd on computer, and jolla as a client ?12:41
lainwir3dor both on jolla ?12:41
nazaninlainwir3d: yeah, and there is also an 'add server' option which I don't exactly know what to add for it12:41
nazaninboth on jolla12:41
lainwir3dthen keep /var/lib/mpd/music directory, put "follow_inside_symlinks" to yes12:42
nazaninlainwir3d: okay12:42
lainwir3dand inside /var/lib/mpd/music, do symbolic links to the /home/nemo12:42
lainwir3dand to the sd card12:42
lainwir3dso that both are taken into account12:42
*** Froberg^ has joined #sailfishos12:43
nazaninlainwir3d: btw, is it possible to have mpd on computer and the client on phone?12:43
lainwir3dbut the sound will be on computer12:43
lainwir3djolla will serve as a remote control12:44
*** Froberg has quit IRC12:44
lainwir3dit is possible to have sound on jolla, but the config is going to be _a lot_ harder12:44
nazanindo you know what I need to add for the server option side?12:44
lainwir3dbecause you'll have to setup streaming from PC to jolla12:44
nazaninhhhm, I see12:44
lainwir3dserver option ?12:45
nazaninlainwir3d: yeah, there is an 'add server' option :/12:45
lainwir3dwhere ?12:45
nazaninin the client12:45
nazaninI might need to contact the developer for instructions to how to make this work12:45
nazaninreally? :P12:46
lainwir3dmpd act as a server12:46
lainwir3dlook at the mpd.conf12:46
lainwir3dyou've got "bind_to_address" and port12:46
* nazanin is looking12:46
lainwir3dif mpd server is running on jolla12:46
lainwir3dthen server is localhost12:46
lainwir3dif it's on the computer, then it'll be the IP address of the computer12:47
lainwir3dport is 6000 by default12:47
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos12:47
lainwir3dthat means your client can control multiple MPD server, that's all. You just have to add the correct server address.12:47
nazaninI see, let me try it12:49
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC12:49
nazaninlainwir3d: is it the computer wlan address?12:50
lainwir3dif mpd is running on the computer12:51
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos12:51
nazaninlainwir3d: Ok, I think I've added the server, now the playlist should be shown?12:52
nazaninhhm, it doesnt connect :(12:53
lainwir3dfirewall on PC ?12:54
lainwir3dyou've got to open port 660012:54
lainwir3dalso, verify that it's actually listening on the right port with "netstat -tunap"12:55
nazaninlainwir3d: ah, you mean I need to open it via csf on computer?12:56
lainwir3d..what ?12:56
lainwir3dcsf ?12:56
lainwir3dwell you need to launch mpd.12:57
lainwir3dI don't really understand your setup. Where is the mpd server ? And where is the client ?12:57
tbrlainwir3d: what's so hard about installing icecast and pointing the jolla at the mpd stream on it?12:57
nazaninah,nevermind me12:57
lainwir3dtbr: he already has trouble making it play normally :P12:58
tbrmm, point taken, but it's not _that_ hard.12:58
nazaninlainwir3d: if I say I am a 'she', would you underestimate me? :P12:58
lainwir3dbut yeah, icecast. I was thinking about pulseaudio streaming i don't know why.12:58
* tbr is the Icecast maintainer, for proper disclosure12:59
lainwir3dtbr: haha fair enough.12:59
lainwir3dNever tried icecast to be honest so I don't know how hard it is to setup12:59
lainwir3dnazanin: not at all ! This is not a gender problem ;-)12:59
lainwir3dbut a woman on Jolla channel ? I don't buy it, too good to be true !13:00
nazaninlainwir3d: how come? :P13:00
Turskiwhat, do we have a mpd build for jolla somewhere?13:00
lainwir3danyway, you need to point the client to the IP address of the mpd server13:00
lainwir3dnazanin: I was joking ;-)13:02
nazaninlainwir3d: :-)13:02
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** f3an0r has quit IRC13:11
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos13:14
*** f3an0r has joined #sailfishos13:14
lainwir3dwow, stats on !!13:18
lainwir3dThat's nice !13:19
nazaninlainwir3d: yup13:19
artemmaHey that is cool!13:19
artemmaThanks for mentioning lainwir3d!13:19
lainwir3dyou're welcome13:19
artemmaHmm, it reports active installs - so Jolla does spy about which apps are actually installed right now? :)13:19
coderusi cannot build library with sec file not in rpm folder13:19
artemmaor does "Active" mean that they know which apps were started recently13:20
coderus-s ./project.spec does nothing13:20
lainwir3dartemma: good question13:20
coderusstill same error "cannot find spec and can't make it from yaml blah blah"13:20
artemmalainwir3d: I don't actually mind, it is important info for devs (when anonymized), but it's a bit contrary to what seems to be claimed, so maybe I am getting something wrong13:21
* artemma somehow feels happy about 20K active installs out of 25K downloads of his app. Not a bad percentage, is it? :)13:21
lainwir3dI don't mind either. I'm not really into the "spying is bad" thing ;-)13:21
coderusbut mb (not mb2) works fine if i set spec path manually13:23
*** jjanvier has quit IRC13:24
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos13:24
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos13:25
* artemma is sad to guesstimate total number of active Jolla devices looking at his apps download coutners :/13:33
tadzikwhat app is that?13:34
pp_quite a good percentage if 25k downloads, similar to android support :-)13:34
*** f3an0r has quit IRC13:35
artemmaI just remember that flashlight download stats were only a little behind Android download stats when both were public. And even if you assume that only 10% of Jolla owners care to download Android support, total number of devices sold is very sad then13:36
artemmathere is, however, possibility that they started actually counting downloads lately only13:36
artemmaso I won't state number for the guesstimate, hopefully @JollaHQ will tell something publicly now that's device count is guesstimatable by any popular app developer that was there early13:37
* artemma noticed app submission form now has a special field for private instructions to QA - good! 13:38
SK_workartemma: don't think that there are many jollas out there13:41
SK_workhow many dl you have for flashlight ?13:41
* Aard wonders how many dating requests our testers will get :p13:41
SK_worknot total, but the "nique thing"13:41
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** f3an0r has joined #sailfishos13:41
artemmaI think download counters are actually unique13:42
artemmaIf upgrades counted, there's no way I would get 20K actives for 25K downloads - I had many-many updates over time13:42
artemmathat is, again, unless downloads started counting lately only13:42
artemmaDoes anybody know if downloads are counted from the very beginning? Aard maybe?13:43
Aardnot really13:43
artemmathat gives Jolla sales a bit of a hope - otherwise number of sales guesstimated would be way too low :)13:44
*** cameris has joined #sailfishos13:44
*** jjanvier has quit IRC13:48
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos13:48
SK_workartemma: I don't think there is more than let's say 50K phones out then13:48
artemma"Around 50" was a guesstimate of the original Jolla batch size (based on somebody's (Marc's?) words of "usual btach size" and 50Ks being, well, usual minimal batch size13:49
*** martyone has quit IRC13:49
* artemma hoped second batch was published13:49
artemmaoh well, it would explain so much effort on porting to Android though. If devices can't make much money (soon at least), then maybe alternative biz model works13:50
lainwir3dartemma: what apps have you published ?13:54
artemmalainwir3d: Flashlight, QuickLauncher. NightSilence for start :)13:55
lainwir3dI know who you are on twitter then ;-)13:55
artemmaand more experimental Daily Ambience, Wikipedia13:55
lainwir3dand you're not a girl13:55
artemmaAnd developer oriented ones HelloWorldPro and Log4Qt demo13:56
lainwir3dthat's indeed some nice stats13:56
artemmayeah, last time I checked I was not a girl indeed :)13:56
*** gogeta has quit IRC13:56
lainwir3dI only have 810 downloads and 625 active. But I'm quite happy about it.13:56
lainwir3dMy app isn't really "public" oriented :P13:56
artemmalainwir3d: sounds good if it's a niche app13:57
* artemma thinks ultimate developer success rate is sales (for paid apps) or number of users starting your app week after week for the free ones. 13:58
artemmaThat is certainly except for apps that are supposed to be used once in a lifetime or very rarely or in a niche context13:58
lainwir3dWell my app is a RPN calculator13:59
lainwir3dI think it should be used by everyone, and that "standard" calculator be thrown away.13:59
lainwir3dDeath to non rpn calculators.13:59
lainwir3dI have another app that I should publish.14:01
lainwir3dI just have to make it conform to the harbour rules.14:01
coderuslibqrencode for sailfish (including qrencode cli tool):
lainwir3dA D&D 3.5 helpers ;)14:02
SK_workcoderus: built yayay14:03
*** RobJanc has quit IRC14:03
coderusSK_work: yes, just used proper specfile :D14:04
* artemma wants mitakuuluu in harbour. Long time due14:04
coderusartemma: i can't push it to harbour while dbus daemons are not allowed14:05
artemmacoderus: I know, but if you remember I am all for overriding default rules for a few special apps14:06
SK_workcoderus: :D14:06
* artemma still seriously thinks that lack of good apps is that big problem, that standard rules are way less important. 14:07
coderussure, as i pushed it to chum i'm hoping someone from jolla can review it14:07
artemmathough I understand it's a devs/user point of view. From a point of Jolla's biz success it's nothing compared to operators' acceptance or rejection of the device14:07
*** lukedirtwalker has quit IRC14:08
artemmaand sure to demo devices shown to operators Jolla ppl can install warehouse-originated stuff14:08
coderusalso mitakuuluu passed alpha stage where users can report "i updated mitakuuluu and lost everything" :D14:08
SK_workcoderus: :D14:09
coderusi'll try to make mitakuuluu-installer or mitakuuluu-lite for harbour14:09
artemmauntil last sailfishos update I periodically had situations with mitakuuluu daemon freezing the whole system14:09
artemmaas detected in lighthouse by cpu usage and by the fact that "full quit" was canceling cpu overload14:09
artemmadidn't notice that after last update anymore14:10
coderusartemma: daemon can't freeze system, it can eat all your resources with asynchronous wakeup :D14:10
artemmathough now I can see phone freezes with 0% cpu.. maybe freezes moved to kernel side or something unmonitored by lighthouse14:10
coderusi have all actions in daemon in async mode and in different threads14:10
coderusnothing synchronous except main() :D14:11
lainwir3dok, that is awesome :
artemmacoderus: well, I did see mitakuuluu daemon eating 40%+ CPU after network connection/disconnection event. And even when I sign out off mitakuuluu. Only full quit was helping14:11
lainwir3dyeah I saw that too. Even 90%.14:11
artemmathat's not exactly about freezing, more about slowness14:12
lainwir3ddidn't see it first. I noticed it when my phone was becoming quite hot and went from 90% battery to 50 in a "few" minutes14:12
artemmaI would blame connmann stack that is just started by mitakuuluu or somehow owned by mitakuuluu daemon process14:12
artemmabut then I didn't do a proper research14:13
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos14:13
artemmaand anyway I don't see it after last OS update anymore. Not that much at least14:13
lainwir3dSaw that yesterday.14:13
*** alboe has quit IRC14:14
spliffySven Putze, are you here?14:18
spliffydoes someone know him? how is his irc name?  he wrote a nice pdf guide on development on sailfish os in january14:19
*** krendil has quit IRC14:20
spliffyi'm still looking for developer resources apart from source code :-/14:20
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:23
spliffycan you point me to any?14:23
*** alboe has joined #sailfishos14:23
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:27
coderusartemma: this is actually keepalive bug14:27
coderusi dont fully understand how it working14:28
artemmacoderus: you mean mitakuulu's?14:28
coderusartemma: yes14:28
artemmahmm, mayeb I upgraded mitakuuluu at the same time when upgraded device14:28
coderusin mitakuuluu after 0.7.7 i added keepalive for keeping conenction up14:29
coderusand after frequent reconnection my keepalive going mad14:29
artemmaso maybe just got better mitakuuluu14:29
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos14:29
artemmagoing in-out of elevator was generating problems quite reliably14:29
coderusit still have bug, but less reproduceable14:29
coderusi'm trying to fix that for future release14:30
coderusbtw, obs build contains some fixies for that14:30
coderusyou can install it14:30
coderusand tell me results14:30
*** Nightmare__ has joined #sailfishos14:30
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:31
MFaro-TusinoCan anyone provide me the best way for building QtSystemInfo into my SF app?14:37
coderusMFaro-Tusino: what data you need?14:39
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC14:43
coderustrying to build qtsystems14:45
coderusbut it requires qt5-qtqml-devel and qt5-qtqml-qtquick-devel14:46
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos14:46
MFaro-Tusinocoderus: BatteryInfo, StorageInfo, DeviceInfo, DisplayInfo, NetworkInfo14:48
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos14:51
*** kunev has quit IRC14:52
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos14:52
*** jjanvier__ has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC14:56
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos14:58
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC15:17
*** xerpi has quit IRC15:17
*** xruxa is now known as xruxa_away15:24
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*** Armadillo has joined #sailfishos15:25
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*** kido has joined #sailfishos15:33
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*** Sailor8654 has quit IRC15:41
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*** snotr has quit IRC15:43
*** TriztAway has joined #sailfishos15:44
*** nidelius_ has joined #sailfishos15:44
*** Trizt has quit IRC15:45
*** Armadillo has quit IRC15:46
*** Armadillo has joined #sailfishos15:46
nidelius_Is there any way to debug why an android app is not starting correctly?15:46
*** merlin1991 has quit IRC15:46
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC15:46
*** merlin1991 has joined #sailfishos15:46
smoku_coderus: is there a lot of work involved to adapt qt-creator generated app, to be buildable also on OBS?15:47
nidelius_I currently get the following when trying to start "Asana Mobile" Unfortunately (any app) has stopped15:47
*** Hijackal has joined #sailfishos15:47
*** snotr has joined #sailfishos15:50
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos15:51
*** kunev has quit IRC15:54
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off15:54
tortoisedocsmoku_ : out of the deepness of my ignorance - qmake via command line should be ok?15:57
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos15:58
*** Sailor8654_ has quit IRC16:02
*** Sailor8654_ has joined #sailfishos16:05
coderussmoku_: you should add every build requires. check last commits:
*** Sailor8654 has joined #sailfishos16:10
coderusthats enough16:10
*** Sailor8654_ has quit IRC16:12
*** rcg has quit IRC16:15
*** alin has quit IRC16:16
*** alin has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos16:20
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*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos16:29
*** Sailor8654 has quit IRC16:29
*** jua_ has quit IRC16:30
*** ParkerR has quit IRC16:31
tortoisedoccoderus : what's the benefit of having it on OBS?16:32
*** ParkerR has joined #sailfishos16:35
*** xcv_ has joined #sailfishos16:38
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt16:39
coderustortoisedoc: automatic build after pushing new tag in git :)16:40
*** beidl has quit IRC16:40
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos16:41
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos16:41
*** phaeron has left #sailfishos16:42
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*** Turski has joined #sailfishos16:43
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*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos16:46
*** Turski_ has joined #sailfishos16:47
*** snotr has quit IRC16:47
smoku_coderus: and I will need to keep in-source and OBS .spec in sync, or is there a way to tell OBS to pick .spec from source?16:48
tortoisedoccoderus : kewl :)16:48
*** Turski_ has quit IRC16:52
*** xcv_ has quit IRC16:52
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos16:52
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:54
*** alin has quit IRC16:54
*** RoKenn has quit IRC16:57
coderussmoku_: afaik no16:59
coderuseverything should work automatically16:59
SK_worksmoku_: yuo put your spec inside a rpm subfolder in git tree16:59
SK_workand you tell webhook which one to build aand magic17:00
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:07
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:12
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smoku_any docs for this webhook?17:38
tortoisedoccoderus : can I use a SmoothedAnimation in a transition?17:39
*** Kabouik has quit IRC17:39
*** smoku_ has quit IRC17:39
*** Sailor8654_ has joined #sailfishos17:43
*** gexc has quit IRC17:46
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coderustortoisedoc: why not ?18:11
*** a3Dman has quit IRC18:14
*** a3Dman has joined #sailfishos18:14
*** a3Dman has joined #sailfishos18:15
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*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:15
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*** kido has joined #sailfishos19:22
*** smoku has joined #sailfishos19:23
alinhi is there any way in silica to force the keyboard when i type in a textfield to start in the numeric mode?19:30
ln-there is19:30
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:30
alingood.... causied this...                 inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhPreferNumberse i tr19:30
alincause I tried this19:31
*** Hijackal has quit IRC19:31
*** Hijackal has joined #sailfishos19:31
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos19:32
alinln-: let me try I need both numbers and letters... i want only the keyboard to start in the number mode....19:34
*** lainwir3d has joined #sailfishos19:35
ln-oh, i'm not sure about that19:35
alinln-: maybe i can use the onclick to set the keyboard on the desired mode...19:36
*** xerpi has joined #sailfishos19:37
*** olafh__ has joined #sailfishos19:39
*** olafh_ has quit IRC19:41
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*** SfietKonstantin is now known as fietKonstantin19:48
*** fietKonstantin is now known as SfietKonstantin19:48
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin19:48
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC__: ping ?19:48
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm searching for yet another icon, this time for phonebot19:49
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm thinking of HAL 3000's eye :D19:49
Sfiet_Konstantinoh dear19:50
*** mps has joined #sailfishos19:50
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M4rtinKany idea what applicationClass for org.nemomobile.policy is supposed to have ? :)21:29
M4rtinKis it just a "feel good" free form string or does it have a deeper meaning ?21:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos21:34
*** igordcard has quit IRC21:36
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:36
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M4rtinKok, looks like it just needs to be set to "camera"22:18
M4rtinKso modRana is mow also a camera :)22:18
alinM4rtinK: cool... you are the modrana Martin...22:23
M4rtinKalin: yeah :)22:23
alinM4rtinK: did you think about writing a script for modRana22:24
*** hoodlum has joined #sailfishos22:24
alinM4rtinK: will make your packaging easier
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC22:27
M4rtinKalin: I actually already have it :)22:28
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:29
M4rtinKthe modRana packaging scripts are in a separate repository, which might be a bit confusing22:29
M4rtinKI guess I should add a note about this to the README in the main modRana repo22:29
alinM4rtinK: yap they were22:29
alinM4rtinK: but why you put them separatly?22:30
M4rtinKless mess in the main repo :)22:30
nidelius_Is there a way to debug the dalvik / androidapps?22:31
artemmanidelius_: I remember seeing logcat22:31
artemmalogcat logs22:31
M4rtinKalin: there is quite a lot of stuff in the packaging repo due to how modRana supports packaging for many platforms22:31
M4rtinKalin: so a separate repo helps to keep the main repo cleaner22:31
artemmaM4rtinK: git subtree maybe?22:32
artemmaor submodule if you fancy it22:32
alinM4rtinK: but you can add only the in the proper repo22:32
artemmaI use it in wikipedia to keep production keys separate from demo keys22:32
alinM4rtinK: specs and the rest matter little22:32
M4rtinKwell, the current packaging workflow clones modRana from Git :)22:32
alinM4rtinK: i see your script packages too22:33
M4rtinKwell, you might not need to expand the submodules, but still :)22:33
nidelius_artemma: ok, thanks for the hint will look into that.22:33
M4rtinKalso I want to keep the possibility of just cloning the modRana repo & running it without the need for a build22:35
M4rtinKso the less unrelated stuff is there, the better :)22:35
M4rtinK(there is a whole suit of custom distutils modules based on Khertans packaging work used for generating specs, debian packaging metadata, etc.)22:37
*** cameris has joined #sailfishos22:37
M4rtinKso that's how it is & why :)22:38
M4rtinKon a related note I really should start to use git tags in the main repo when doing modRana builds :)22:40
*** jua_ has quit IRC22:43
camerisdoes anyone know if/when sqlite will be updated to >3.8.3 in jolla?22:46
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos22:47
M4rtinKBTW, I just got volume key zoom working in modRana@Jolla :)22:48
M4rtinKcoderus: thanks a lot for the pointers ! :)22:48
specialcameris: probably the next update.22:49
camerisyay! precious cte :)22:50
*** disharmonic has quit IRC22:51
specialfor reference, you can find this out by finding a package on github (nemomobile, nemomobile-packages, mer-packages), in this case
specialand then checking the branches and tags22:51
specialwhich shows master is tagged as 3.8.522:51
cameristhx special.22:53
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