Thursday, 2014-08-07

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coderusMorpog: it's working. If it's not work for you - you installed old version.07:17
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stemidis there no way to just reflash/reinstall my jolla phone after it has been permanently locked? I don't care about the data on it, I just want to avoid sending it to finland.08:23
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ln-"permanently locked" would be kind of pointless if it could be easily unlocked.08:25
stemidI don't see the point of this level of protection. if someone steals my phone and is unable to reflash or unlock it then I won't get it back, they'll just throw it away anyways. so I don't see the point.08:26
stemidif I could at least reflash it, erase the daa08:26
SK_workstemid: goal is that a thief don't steal your phone, reflash and resell it08:27
stemidso it's better to just have it in the trash08:27
stemidthe data protection is good, but the inability to erase the phone and reinstall is pointless.08:27
SK_workstemid: at least, for the thief, it has no value, so it do not encourage phone stealing08:27
SK_workstemid: in a hacker point of view08:28
SK_workso did you lost your lock code ?08:28
SK_worksomething like that ?08:28
SK_workyou can't boot to recovery and reflash from here ?08:28
stemidyes, it required more digits than I was used to and it was my 2nd phone just trying it out so of course I forgot the code. :(08:28
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ln-usually the lost lock code is one's brother's or friend's birthday.08:29
stemidand frankly I don't think any thief will recognize a jolla and know it is theftproof like that.08:29
SK_workstemid: security08:29
SK_workwhat's the point of security when it's not secure basically ?08:29
SK_worktry to remmeber or your Jolla will win a nice trip to Finland08:29
stemidI do think the data security is great, because I wanted to use it for work, but to not be able to reinstall it is pointless imo.08:29
stemideven if I steal a linux laptop with LUKS I can still reinstall it. to have the thief just throw it away is a waste.08:30
stemidbah I guess I'll have to send it to finland.08:30
stemidmy iphone is being more and more problematic08:30
stemidand I want to try the new releases08:30
SK_workstemid: if you steal a linux laptop with LUKS + encrypted hdd + locked bios, good luck reinstalling it08:31
ln-if you forget the lock code of an iPhone, can you simply reflash/reinstall that then?08:31
stemidthere are pins to flash the bios with08:31
tbrstemid: if the boot loader is locked on your laptop it becomes a costly exercies to 'reinstall'08:31
SK_workln-: don't think so08:31
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SK_workthat's why I'm wondering08:31
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Nicd-stemid: anyway, the only way to reflash your phone is to send it to jolla08:34
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coderusmy github webhooks to obs still not working and i need help08:37
SK_workcoderus: I'm here and I don't know what to do08:38
SK_workone sec08:38
SK_workwill trigger it manyally08:38
SK_workand then ... try to retag etc.08:38
SK_workI think that tagging on github makes it act weired08:38
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coderusSK_work: i'm tagging from cli, not from github08:42
coderusobs/0/8/2 tagged and pushed from  cli08:42
smoku_what stops a thief from sending Jolla to finland to reflash?08:42
SK_workcoderus: you did a release on github08:42
SK_worksmoku_: that's the interesting question :D08:42
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tbrsmoku_: you, if you let jolla know the IMEI of your device and that it has been stolen?08:42
coderusSK_work: it's a different tags08:43
coderusnot for obs :)08:43
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smoku_tbr: am I able to find my IMEI once the phone is out of my hands?08:43
Nicd-smoku_: you can see it from the jolla website08:43
tbrsmoku_: check your jolla account08:43
Nicd-I think08:43
smoku_what stops me from reporting your IMEI as stolen?08:43
SK_workcoderus: it seems that whenever you create a tag on github, obs got crazy :(08:43
tbrand the waybill of your phone and the box it came in...08:44
Nicd-smoku_: presumably they will check your identity in some way08:44
tbrsmoku_: jolla's due diligence08:44
coderusSK_work: but it worked before :)08:45
smoku_so, it's the protein factor, as usual ;-)08:45
SK_workcoderus: you never tagged on github before, did you08:47
SK_workI really wonder08:47
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SK_workI never tried tagging on github etc.08:47
SK_worknow that I force triggering a build, can you tag and build on obs ?08:47
coderusSK_work: explain08:50
SK_workcoderus: when it started not working ?08:51
SK_workis it after you did 0.8.2 release on github, or before ?08:51
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coderusSK_work: i first tried to build with tagging in cli10:31
coderusnot on github10:31
coderusand after it failed i created release on github10:31
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Armadillo_oh great, somebody already started to port Sailfish to my Photon Q :D10:51
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SK_workcoderus: :/11:17
SK_workI really wonder what's wrong11:18
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SK_workcoderus: you might call lbt to the rescue12:42
* coderus calling lbt...12:42
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sledgescoderus: are you tagging with "git -a TAG" ?13:00
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coderussledges: git tag obs/0.8.2 && git push origin obs/0.8.213:30
coderusIf you have not enough votes for your wishes in Mitakuuluu, you can donate to author and send link to issue at github.13:31
lbtSK_work: coderus - missed this highlight - wassup ?13:34
*** SaberAltria has joined #sailfishos13:34
coderuslbt: this one:
SaberAltriaWhy import Qt.labs.folderlistmodel 2.1 is not installed ?13:35
SaberAltriaI found that it has been installed13:35
lbtcoderus: and what's it supposed to trigger13:39
sledgeslbt: this:
coderussledges: afaik its 2.0, not 2.113:39
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coderusoops wrong highlight13:41
coderusSaberAltria: its Qt.labs.folderlistmodel 2.0, not 2.113:41
lbtLast Seen Revision: 6dfaf2fff31d7112b2907fa8d3ee7cd046895e2913:41
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SaberAltriaOps !13:46
SaberAltriaTHz Coderus !13:46
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coderuslbt: anything i should check?13:50
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rubdosAny chance that the Jolla mailclient will be opensourced? :/17:16
rubdosReally waiting for GPG and IMAP idle/notify17:16
w00trubdos: QMF (the middleware it uses) already is17:17
tbrand IIRC you can mess with the QMF settings directly, don't remember if you can get IDLE working though17:17
rubdosw00t, and is that the place to implement GPG? Because you'll need GUI elements too17:17
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:19
tbrrubdos: unsupported, might eat your dog, etc. -
tbrdoesn't seem to have IDLE though, only short sync interval17:21
rubdoswell, that's exactly what I don't want. IDLE is just one open TCP connection, so you're always op to date. Short sync intervals should drain batteries ;P17:22
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* tbr goes back working on his push messaging service architecture17:29
rubdostbr, is that what I hope it is? :O17:33
tbrrubdos: it's "one open TCP connection" and messages delivered over that to the phone, which even works in low power modes aka sleep17:34
tbrif that's what you mean17:34
rubdossounds like imap idle :s17:35
tbrI have a very well working proof of concept for the transport layer17:35
tbrwell, yeah, you could work around the lack of imap idle with that, would be a bit convoluted though...17:36
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*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos17:37
tbrbut the result in the grand scheme hopefully will be a generic push messaging service that can be used by all sailfish apps17:37
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos17:38
rubdostbr, well, sounds interesting :)17:39
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javispedrotbr: are there any real savings vs libheartbeat or similar to group tcp keepalives?18:33
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javispedroit's funny how in google conferences they repeat the "open TCP connections waste battery" mantra without providing real reasons or data...18:34
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javispedroand the only one I can think of is keepalives, which may need to be sent relatively frequently on NATted-to-hell 3G networks...18:34
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smokujavispedro: AFAIK tbr's implementation is using libiphb already18:43
javispedroyeah, but I ponder if there's any difference between "one open TCP connection" and "gazillions of TCP connections"18:44
smokujavispedro: the killer feature IMO is that mqtt server is enqueueing messages when you looe connection, and retransmits messages if they get MIA18:44
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smokujavispedro: there isn't much, thus "one open TCP connection" in [air]quotes ;-)18:46
manqeloquejavispedro, the fact is that tcp connections have timeouts, so you have to keep the alive18:46
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manqeloqueand the original heartbeat mechanism in Maemo was invented because the system has many net-polling-apps, and it ate a lot of battery if the device had to open the mobile internet frequently18:48
javispedrosmoku: I see the "enqueing while offline" mechanism interesting indeed, at least from a privacy PoV, because you limit the number of machines that need to know your device's "presence"18:49
javispedromanqeloque: which is why ponder if there's any benefit now that there's hearbeat to "having one open connection only"18:50
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coderuslbt: ping?18:56
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manqeloquejavispedro, well unless the heartbeat system also takes care of the keepalives, i'd guess open tcp connections cause unnecessary mobile connections18:59
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lbtcoderus: sorry - off out - I'll read later if you type though19:02
coderuslbt: i just want to have my webhook working19:03
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ShadowJKjavispedro; iirc at a google conference in the days before iOS and Android, Nokia claimed real world networks have NAT timeouts of around 30 seconds.22:06
javispedroI would believe that indeed22:06
javispedromine's around 2min22:07
ShadowJKand then there are networks where, say, 100 byte ping every 5 secs is equivalent in power consumption as a constant full speed data transfer22:08
javispedrothat's what I think, which is the reason sending 100 TCP keepalives every 30 seconds is mostly equivalent in power usage as 1 keepalive22:08
ShadowJKAlso you'd want your facebook,email and twitter clients to all poll simultaneously and not run on their own cycles22:09
javispedrothis is a personal gripe of mine, that they always use the "TCP sockets use energy!" argument when defending the need for "centralized push services" aka sending the credentials to your imap, xmpp, etc. accounts to Google22:10
javispedro(or Apple)22:10
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javispedro(or Microsoft >:P)22:12
ShadowJKThis day and age I'd probably trust microsoft most out of those22:13
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:13
javispedroI'd say so, but I was surprised that they now do this "logging into your imap for you" trickery even on ""desktop"" win8 mail client.22:15
javispedromostly because they also enforce the "one TCP socket only" rule during suspend22:15
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