Saturday, 2014-08-16

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tortoisedocso when again is it update time? :P08:15
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tortoisedoci didnt know desktop files could come without an icon08:18
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tortoisedoc*a defined icon08:18
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HBP_tortoisedoc: Based on previous discussion (here?) it will be next month, August was intentionaly skipped08:27
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tortoisedocHBP_ : thanks :)08:29
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coderushow is your vacation veskuh ? :)08:40
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danielbeck_hello! I'm developing a webapp game for sailfishos/jolla.08:54
danielbeck_I noticed that the resolution is falsely set. I would like to set the device-per-pixel ratio correctly. How is that possible?08:55
Stskeepshmm, is that a browser game, or a qtwebkit using game?08:55
danielbeck_it's a browser game running in qtwebkit.08:56
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Stskeepsokay, what does it report of resolution?08:56
danielbeck_mhm? I didn't understand your question.08:57
Stskeepsrather - you say it's falsely set, what does it actually report?08:57
Stskeepsof size of screen08:58
danielbeck_ah. I know that its falsely set, because the game is much to small. I guess it will be a width of 960px. However, I can test it, if you wait a little bit.08:59
Stskeepsit should be qHD resolution best case, 96054009:00
Stskeepser, 960x54009:00
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danielbeck_yes that what I suspect too.09:03
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Stskeepsif it's not reporting that, that's a bit funky09:04
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tortoisedocwhen launching sailfish office app09:07
tortoisedoci get : string "No such object path '/org/sailfish/office/ui'" error09:07
tortoisedocbut qdbus is happy with the path?09:07
tortoisedocand the app starts just fine09:07
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tortoisedocand ofc reboot fixes the problem :D09:10
tortoisedocexcellent :P09:11
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danielbeck_Stskeeps: yes, its 960x540.09:14
Stskeepsokay, maybe dpi is reported badly then?09:15
danielbeck_No, this resolution is much to high. The game uses <meta id="Viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0" name="viewport">09:18
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danielbeck_So it should use a resolution like height=960/(device-ratio-pixel)09:18
Stskeepsi'll admit i'm a bit out of my depth here.. can you try on sailfish-devel mailing list as it'll be more likely for our qtwebkit guys to answer there09:19
danielbeck_ah,ok. Then I try it there. thanks :-).09:20
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Naranekum.. I can have several instances of my app open in the emulator. Is the same possible in the phone?10:34
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tortoisedocMorpog_PC :D10:35
Naranek I'm building a route planner app, and in some cases it would be useful to have several instances open at the same time10:35
Morpog_PCyes you can, you need to add it to the desktop file10:36
tortoisedocgrrr crappy qtdbus10:36
ln-it's even documented in some FAQ or somewhere10:36
tortoisedocmatching paths all the time even on virtual objects10:36
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tadzikNaranek: will you please consider making it a route planner for more than one provider? As in, have a clearly separate backend and a documented API, so other people can contribute different cities to it?10:38
tortoisedocNaranek : I believe it is, but you have to force it with a setting in desktop file10:38
tadzikIt makes me sick that we have 100 route plannes already, each for a different city10:38
tortoisedocSingleInstance=No or something10:38
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tortoisedoctadzik : more markets :P10:38
Morpog_PCNaranek, "X-Nemo-Single-Instance=no"10:38
tortoisedocmeme generator is down ;_;10:39
Naranektadzik: yeah.. it should be possible. Right now it's limited to Helsinki, but all the data handling is done in single file and data is fetched with XmlListModels10:39
tadziktortoisedoc: I don't think I understand10:39
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Naranektadzik: so pointing the Xml models to another source and rewriting xpaths would in princible be enough10:40
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tadzikNaranek: awesome. It's a little dream of mine, that in an opensource community we'll for once do things right, instead of the stupid mess that e.g. Google Play is, with an app for every goddamned service in the world10:40
tadzikNaranek: hmm, interesting. I would be insterested in seeing how that works10:41
Naranekright now I'm building the app just for Helsinki for the sake of clarity, but I'm refactoring it every once a while in a more generic direction..10:41
tadzikthat's great10:41
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Naranektadzik: you can have a look at I'm fetching the XML using javascript, then using a XmlListModel with Xpath to extract data, and finally editing the data and putting it to a regular ListModel. Hacky but works.10:48
Naranekalso I don't know C++ ;)10:48
tadzika happy person :P10:49
tadzikNaranek: so it relies on the transport provider to supply an appropriate xml?10:49
tadzikalso, this sourcecode will help me a lot, as it includes QML, JS and fetching stuff from the web10:50
tadzikand I just thought "I'll write an app today!"10:50
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Naranektadzik: well they need to supply somekind of XML. You just rewrite the XmlRoles so that for example RouteStartTime points to the first leg's start time. It might easy or hard depending on the XML structure.10:52
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muppethI was about to start writing an app for netherlands. Its really good idea to put it all in one app. fucking great!10:52
tadzikmuppeth: yes, let's please do this :)10:53
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tadziklet's see if I could do that for Warsaw10:53
Naranekoh boy... I guess I need to do the translations next :D10:53
tadziknah :P10:54
tortoisedoccoderus : ping10:54
tadzikonly tech-savvy people use Sailfish, and they know English :D10:54
Naranekwell... it's kind of in Finnish now ;)10:55
tadzikhah! okay10:57
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tortoisedochow do i configure the qdbus object adaptor to allow my qdbusvirtualobject to get any path?11:06
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tadzikwhere can I find some conventions for Sailfish development, as in what should my directory tree or whatnot? Are there any best practices, like "put js code in qml/js/"?11:13
tadzikeveryone seems to be doing it a little bit differently11:18
coderustortoisedoc: there is parameter when you registering virtual object?11:20
coderustadzik: just do wtf you want11:20
tadzikhaha. I'm merely looking for guidelines of any sort11:20
tadziklike, "if you're writing a thing in JS, put your code in /foo/bar"11:21
tadzikso it doesn't confuse any single person who ever reads it and is used to something common11:21
tortoisedoccoderus : yes, UsePath11:22
tortoisedoccoderus: but even with that parameter, message gets not delivered to my object :/11:22
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Naranektadzik: I don't think there's anything, but people are often used to some conventions. I'd separate JS-files to a separate directories and also separate different types of QML-files (Models, graphical elements, pages, Covers etc)11:28
tadzikalrighty, thanks11:28
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Naranekdo what ever you need to keep your codebase clean :)11:28
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Naranekso.. can I somehow change the language in the emulator, or how can I test my translations?12:07
smokuset LANG variable for your app12:08
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Naranekwhere do I set it?12:12
smokuin SDK there is project -> runtime -> runtime environment12:13
Naranekok, I'll have a look. thanks!12:13
smokuor directly on commandline: LANG=fr_FR /opt/sdk/yourapp/yourapp12:13
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smokutadzik: launch SDK and generate an SailfishOS app using template. it's the closest to "recommended layout" you can get ;-)12:19
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Naraneksmoku: that worked! Thanks :)12:20
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energycsdxwhy there is no menu item to clear call log?12:23
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smokuhow do I detect in compile time whether the build is for SailfishOS or not?12:31
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tadzikhmm. Is there a list of things I can/can't use in Sailfish JS runtime? I've found that, for instance, DOMParser is not there12:47
tadzikah, it seems like that's universal to QML12:53
M4rtinKyeah, the Sailfish JS stuff is pretty much the normal QML JS stuff12:56
M4rtinKBTW, I think it is still using V812:56
M4rtinKnot the new V4 developed by the Qt people which was added in 5.2 I think ?12:56
tadzikheh, I thought I'll write my thing in JS to take advantage of all the web stuff that JS does, and it turns out that it's not there anyway :P12:58
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tortoisedocdbusmessage not found13:04
tortoisedocinclude <dbus/dbus.h>13:04
tortoisedocbut still get it13:04
*** rusty88 has quit IRC13:04
tortoisedocseems #include <dbus/dbus-arch-deps.h> is not there?13:06
tortoisedocStskeeps : where is #include <dbus/dbus-arch-deps.h> ?13:06
tortoisedocit should be in /usr/lib/include/dbus-1 iirc13:08
tortoisedocbut its not? :|13:08
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*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos13:25
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Naranekis it possible to create manually a fade-to-transparent type of effect like in TruncationMode.Elide?13:32
NaranekI have some stuff inside a flickable, and I'd like some nice graphical way to show the users that there's more stuff for flicking13:33
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Naraneknever mind :)13:50
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tortoisedocgrumble grumble14:46
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tortoisedocStsKeeps : ping15:14
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos15:19
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tbrlbt: so Vinz is going to be an RFID/NFC/BLE door opener? ;-)15:23
lbtI would love some of those sensors15:23
lbtright now it's all wifi15:24
lbtI have an NFC reader from dx which I've not looked at yet15:24
tortoisedoclbt : do you have a sec?15:24
lbtcan't find BLE stuff anywhere15:25
lbttortoisedoc: go on :)15:25
tortoisedoclbt : thanks15:25
tortoisedocI am trying to compile against dbus-115:25
tortoisedocbut get DBusMessage undeclared15:25
tortoisedoc(note : from qtcreator AND sb2)15:25
lbtduring compile ?15:26
tortoisedocnot linking15:26
lbtsounds like a missing header15:26
lbtdo you do that += thing in the pro file ?15:26
* lbt is down with Qt terms - can't you tell :D15:27
tortoisedocPKCONFIG += dbus-115:27
lbtyep that one15:27
tortoisedocPKGCONFIG += dbus-1 yes :)15:27
tortoisedocI had to install dev libs of dbus ofc15:27
tortoisedocand noticed /usr/lib/dbus-1/include/dbus/* was missing from my target15:28
tortoisedocso i copied it over from the mer sdk15:28
tortoisedocbut same error15:28
tortoisedoc(which makes sense as compiling on the sb2 gives the same error too)15:28
lbtwell that's likely to be broken :)15:28
lbtcopying system files just means that you're papering over a problem and when it bites harder you'll be toasted15:29
lbtso it sounds like you nee to add the dbus stuff to your target15:29
tbrlbt: when it comes to BLE there is a good module, which is also inexpensive: HM-10/HM-1115:29
lbtlinky tbr ?15:29
tortoisedocthis is the .pc15:29
tortoisedochmm ok ill remove the dbus15:30
tbrlbt: all over aliexpress, seed studio, etc. It's a chinese module15:30
tortoisedocand try again15:30
lbttortoisedoc: the sdk control panel lets you add to the target15:30
tbruses a reasonably performing TI chipset15:30
*** gabriel_hneitir has joined #sailfishos15:30
lbttortoisedoc: or declare an explicit BR on dbus-115:30
lbttbr: fwiw I am very very noobie wrt electronics15:30
lbtI need to google pullup resistors :)15:31
kimmolithere was some difference between CC2540/2541 and iirc they deliver 2541 now (even they advertise 2540) or something fishy15:31
lbttortoisedoc: an explicit BR will cause mb2 to install it in the target fwiw15:31
tbrthe 2540 has a USB port15:31
tbrthe 2541 doesn't and is likely cheaper15:31
kimmoliyep. i have bunch of those somewhere...15:32
tbrI have a RedBear mini around. that's 254015:32
lbttbr: that linky doesn't have a paypal link ... :P15:32
tortoisedoclbt : removing dbus-devel removes mlite5 devel too :D15:32
kimmoliin queue to test15:32
lbttortoisedoc: yeah - add the BR15:32
tortoisedoclbt : in PkgBR right?15:34
tortoisedoclbt: nm, works :)15:35
*** TMavica has joined #sailfishos15:35
tortoisedoc"System management is locked by the application with pid 19968 (zypper)."15:35
lbttbr: I'm buying one .... section 7:  There are two ways to wake up module from sleep mode. Send “I am iron man, I am iron man, I am iron man I am iron .....” string.15:35
tortoisedoclbt : ^15:35
tortoisedoci have some zombie somewhere :P15:35
lbttortoisedoc: yeah15:35
lbtkimmoli: tbr: cool - buy links .. never seen those sites before15:36
tbrI also need to buy some HM-10 modules and also some 802.15.4 things15:37
tbrthe latter preferably with 6loWPAN support, but that will need some research, unless kimmoli has something already15:37
lbttbr: what I'm looking for is something passive that I can detect when it comes near15:38
tbrdefine 'near'15:38
lbtthe goal is presence in a room15:38
lbtso up to ~ 5m15:39
tbra BLE tag would probably work quite well then15:39
tbrlet me dig out one15:39
lbttriangulation would be kinda nice - so ability to know range15:40
tbreverything that has "bluetooth 4" should be BLE15:40
tbrI always cringe at that weird "anti lost" name15:41
lbtok - cool15:41
tbrbut that's the chinglish term for it15:41
tbrif you use several receivers, then you can do triangulation through ranging15:42
lbtyep - that's the idea15:42
tbror if you use one receiver and a bag full of those beacons15:42
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos15:43
lbtI read a good paper on presence vs identification recently15:43
lbtessentially to merge multiple sensors15:43
tbrhave a link or title at hand?15:43
lbtpir, BLE, door opening15:43
lbtlet me look15:43
lbtit's *really* interesting/good15:44
*** boom1992 has joined #sailfishos15:46
*** DarkSim has quit IRC15:47
*** ilmgb has quit IRC15:48
Naranekany pointers on how to improve the animation performance. I'm getting a slideshow instead of smooth transitions15:54
Naranekah.. apparently I'm switching the model at the same time15:55
*** bugzy has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:04
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos16:05
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:10
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos16:10
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*** lastebil has quit IRC16:29
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos16:43
*** ilmgb has quit IRC16:48
*** Sail0r has quit IRC16:49
tortoisedoclbt : reinstalled, same problem for dbus :|16:59
tortoisedoclbt : if i add mlite5 to pkgbr, i get "No provider of 'mlite5' found."17:01
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** meetingcpp has joined #sailfishos17:17
*** krendil has quit IRC17:18
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*** phaeron1 has joined #sailfishos18:27
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*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos18:30
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos18:31
coderussearched how to quickly get thumbnail for video, found following:
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos18:36
tortoisedoccoderus : have you used dbus c++ lib`?18:36
tortoisedocStskeeps : ping18:37
coderustortoisedoc: what you mean?18:37
tortoisedocI am trying to use low-level dbus api (below qt)18:38
tortoisedocbut get weird compilation errors18:38
tortoisedocnevermind if you have never used it18:38
*** amandalam has joined #sailfishos18:41
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos18:44
*** tat has joined #sailfishos18:48
*** amandalam has quit IRC18:49
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*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:49
*** jjarven has quit IRC18:50
*** amandalam has joined #sailfishos18:50
walokrahmm, if i have APP_VERSION defined in yaml & main.cpp and it shows in aboutpage then why doesn't it show in some other page?18:53
*** Sail0r has quit IRC18:54
walokraso the question seems to be when does value the inserted to the APP_VERSION19:02
coderustortoisedoc: yup, used only qt19:03
coderuswalokra: in main.cpp, you said so19:03
walokrathe value is empty until certain point19:04
coderuswalokra: no19:05
walokrawell, anyways it's empty for me until certain point of the app's lifecycle19:07
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:07
walokrahmm, works in my other app as usual...19:10
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:10
coderussure, you just doing something wrong19:11
coderusas usual...19:11
walokraaah, wrong order of setting values in main.cpp. setted props after setting source to main.qml19:12
walokrabut it still worked in aboutpage19:12
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos19:12
walokrashould get a rubber duck to talk to through these kind of things :)19:14
coderusprobably AboutPage loading through Qt.resolvedUrl mechanism19:17
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:19
coderusI need more restricted apis in my project!19:20
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:22
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** walokra has quit IRC19:26
*** zuh has quit IRC19:26
tortoisedoccoderus : thanks19:27
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos19:30
*** walokra has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** zuh has joined #sailfishos19:32
Umeaboysledges: You here?19:34
coderustortoisedoc: wut? lol :D19:36
tortoisedoc<coderus> tortoisedoc: yup, used only qt19:37
tortoisedocnow back to dbus libraru!19:37
tortoisedoc*library as well19:37
*** sdjayna has joined #sailfishos19:37
tortoisedocwhy is DBusMessage not defined?19:37
*** RoKenn has quit IRC19:37
tortoisedocany sdk knowledgeable around here?19:37
tortoisedoclbt is off19:37
tortoisedocStskeeps as well :(19:38
*** BearT1 has joined #sailfishos19:39
coderusQDBusMessage? :D19:40
tortoisedoccoderus : nopw19:40
tortoisedocDBusMessage > libdbus19:40
*** furikku has quit IRC19:41
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos19:44
coderusi'm just joking at you :D19:45
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos19:45
*** killSwam has joined #sailfishos19:45
*** Sail0r2 has joined #sailfishos19:46
tortoisedoccoderus : :P19:46
tortoisedocjokes apart19:46
tortoisedochow does a QDBusVirtualObject declare which paths it handles?19:46
*** ilmgb has quit IRC19:50
Aarda/win 5919:50
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC19:50
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tortoisedoci smell a reinstall coming up :[19:51
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos19:53
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tortoisedocLets see if killing the target and readding it works19:55
UmeaboySometimes I really dislike theese stupid net splits.19:58
*** kunev has quit IRC19:59
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Naraneknngh.. I'm reading Qt and QML Performance tips & tricks for Qt 4.7... and I feel like I need to rewrite most of my app :D20:12
*** smoku has joined #sailfishos20:13
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*** leinir has joined #sailfishos20:18
kimmoligrr [W] QPluginServiceProvider::requestService:383 - defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.audiodecode"20:21
tortoisedochow can it be so difficult :D20:31
*** Hijackal has quit IRC20:31
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kimmoliso QAudioDecoder not supported on Jolla/Sailfish ??20:36
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos20:46
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*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos20:51
*** Sailor11431 has joined #sailfishos20:53
Sailor11431has anyone here gotten kik working20:53
Sailor11431on the jolla phone20:53
*** rusty88 has quit IRC20:55
kimmolinot me, tried few times. "this seems to take too long"  (?)20:55
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC20:55
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:57
tortoisedoccan someone with a working sdk please try to compile this21:00
UmeaboySailor11431: Isn't that made for Android only?21:00
tortoisedocit gives a compilation error on DBusMessage?21:00
Sailor11431Umeaboy: android and ios21:00
UmeaboySailfish is NOT Android.21:00
Sailor11431i,keep getting the same error as kimmoli21:00
Sailor11431i am aware21:01
Sailor11431im asking if anyone has found a way to get it working21:01
UmeaboySailor11431: Ask the devs for the source-code and then build a package for Sailfish.21:01
Sailor11431Umeaboy: highly doubt they would hand it over21:01
tortoisedockimmoli : isnt there some policy around the audio handling+21:02
UmeaboySailor11431: Then there might be a problem.21:02
*** phaeron has quit IRC21:02
UmeaboyYou're welcome!21:03
Sailor11431Im aware of that site21:03
Sailor11431its only to expand the app itself21:04
Sailor11431doesnt give login apid21:04
Sailor11431or messaging21:04
Sailor11431ive took the time to convert the apk to java source code but its obfuscated.21:05
UmeaboySailor11431: I'd try running Kik from Terminal/Commandline and then fix what's broken (if possible).21:08
Sailor11431good idea21:08
Sailor11431what would be the command to run kik from terminal21:08
*** jua__ has quit IRC21:08
UmeaboyTry locating the binary to begin with.21:09
UmeaboyIf locate exists type locate kik.21:09
UmeaboyWithout the dot.21:09
UmeaboyI haven't used Sailfish yet.21:09
UmeaboyI'm just a translator.21:09
Sailor11431locate does not exist21:11
Sailor11431ill have to install it21:11
UmeaboyUse find.21:11
UmeaboyYou could also send an email to explaining your issue.21:11
lpotter tortoisedoc why not just use QDBus?21:12
tortoisedoclpotter : am facing some limits with QDBus21:13
lpottersuch as?21:14
Sailor11431Umeaboy: am i looking for a apk or executable21:14
tortoisedocsuch as QDBusVirtualObject not being triggered on messages with object paths21:15
tortoisedoceven tho I expose the node & interface in the introspect call21:16
tortoisedoc(which btw is never called)21:16
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos21:16
*** jua__ has joined #sailfishos21:21
UmeaboySailor11431: Executable.21:22
UmeaboyLike in /usr/bin21:22
Sailor11431well its a android app21:22
Sailor11431not native21:22
Sailor11431so i dont.think there one21:22
UmeaboySailor11431: Then I don't have a clue.21:23
Umeaboylbt: Hi! Are you here?21:23
lpottertortoisedoc: I've never used QDBusVirtualObject directly. dont really need to if you are just making an adaptor or interface21:24
tortoisedoclpotter : me neither, actually I just found out recently about it and it seemed just the right thing21:25
tortoisedocbut unfortunately it seems to be complex to get it to run21:25
tortoisedocwell, ill try to some more21:25
lpotter if you must use it, might look at
*** Sailor11431 has quit IRC21:27
tortoisedoclpotter : thanks21:28
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:30
*** Sailor11431 has joined #sailfishos21:32
tortoisedoclpotter : do you possibly know where this declarativedbus plugin is used from?21:33
tortoisedoci am interested in the usage of the setXml method especially21:33
*** Sailor11431 has quit IRC21:34
*** danielwf has joined #sailfishos21:41
*** BasilSemuonov has quit IRC21:41
*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos21:46
tortoisedoclpotter : solved! :D21:51
*** ilmgb has quit IRC21:51
tortoisedocthis sir just got you on my thank you list ;)21:51
*** mikelima has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:54
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*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos22:13
*** n9mx has joined #sailfishos22:13
coderuslol, tortoisedoc happyend :)22:15
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:16
tortoisedoccoderus : you betcha ;)22:17
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos22:19
coderuskimmoli: i found only following:
*** killSwam has quit IRC22:26
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*** ilmgb has joined #sailfishos22:47
lpottertortoisedoc: cool, glad I col dhelp22:48
lpottercould, even22:48
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:49
dr_gogeta86hi lpotter22:50
tortoisedocgot my tweet out22:50
dr_gogeta86for one time on some hour22:50
tortoisedocnow time to go to bed :)22:50
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC22:50
dr_gogeta86gmt ?22:51
*** ilmgb has quit IRC22:51
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