Saturday, 2014-09-20

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coderuskimmoli: there is no public release of new update yet03:52
coderusstill need to fix some bugs before pushing it out for everybody :)03:52
coderusi dont want to force common users to upgrade to buggy version03:52
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kimmolicoderus: ok06:15
kimmoliis there any open flashlight apps out there?06:15
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kimmolijust need a comand-line version. --on --off06:17
kimmolioff can be done by killing the process too06:17
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coderuskimmoli: echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/flash_adp1650/mode06:39
coderusflashlight toggle script06:40
coderususing it with powermenu, double click when locked :)06:41
kimmolicoderus: thanks.06:41
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kimmoliit goes for diptoh...06:42
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coderuscool :)06:51
coderus#Mitakuuluu v0.8.8-5 bugfix released. Settings now really really really fixed, muting fixed to :D
coderuskimmoli: h, for diptoh it need state06:57
coderusi mean on/off state07:04
coderusyou can't check flash state with this way07:05
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kimmolii just echo 1 when dip turned on, and echo 0 when turned off. no need for storing state07:06
coderusthis way suitable for toggling with single click07:06
coderuswell, ok, you can click it twice if not worked from beginning :)07:07
coderusgood :)07:07
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kimmoliwhy not readback that mode from sysfs?07:07
kimmoliaa test, i see07:08
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kimmoliwhat else you could toggle from dips? good :)08:18
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kimmolibluetooh, filghtmode, silent, display-always-on, flashlight, aliendalvik ?08:21
Morpog_PCim presence?08:21
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kimmoliif you can do that from commandline, yes.08:22
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TemeVkimmoli: wlan, 3G, 4G etch08:33
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kimmolirunning out of switches soon, but on=wifi, off=mobile would be useful sometimes08:35
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TemeV4G switch might be useful. 4G increases battery consumption, so you could switch it on only when in need of fast internet08:36
tbrhave you verified that with measurements? I'd expect LTE to be actually more power efficient than 3G08:37
TemeVjust empirical tests08:37
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TemeVI'm not really sure about that though08:38
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TemeVAt first it felt like battery life shortened after I started using LTE, but now I'm not sure anymore08:39
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tbrunfortunately even proper measurements (replacing battery, etc) would be highly operator specific08:42
kimmoliand what would be justified measurement?08:42
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kimmolijust standby or batter%/transferred Bytes08:42
TemeVsome mixture of both I guess08:43
tbrrun identical network side scenarios on both, preferably something close to real life usage08:43
TemeVto simulate "normal usage"08:43
kimmoliyes. but does LTE benefit on faster data throughput? more time on idle than with 3G ?08:44
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kimmoliif the scenario is to download 7 cat-videos ?08:44
TemeVObviously, byt does it consume more in idle?08:44
tbrit will be mostly about network power management08:45
kimmoli(as close real-life as simulation could get)08:45
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TemeVyes, mW per cat video should be some official measurement of efficiency :)08:46
kimmolicv/h ?08:46
tbrthough LTE was designed with power efficiency and IP data in mind (as opposed to most 3G technologies)08:46
TemeVkimmoli: that would be unit for download speed, yes08:47
tbrthe race through all power states on 3G is insane and highly operator controlled08:47
TemeVWell, I installed system monitor few days ago and have been using only 4G. I'm planning to switch it to 3G for few days next week and see if there is difference in my "real life use"08:48
r0kk3rzi get pretty good life with 3g08:49
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TemeVIs there some good getting started guide for qt?09:06
r0kk3rzthe examples in the SDK are pretty good09:08
r0kk3rzand then start digging into the qt documentation09:08
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r0kk3rzthe saildev blog has some fairly good 'getting started' type posts09:10
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TemeVok, I'll start with those09:11
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coderusUploaded #Mitakuuluu v0.8.8-6 bugfix. Muting contacts should work now.09:40
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Morpog_PCreally really really? :D10:04
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r0kk3rzMorpog_PC: not really, coderus is just bumping his download stats10:04
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Morpog_PCr0kk3rz, i hinted to his commit messages ;)10:07
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YasigiWalterhow does one prevent the photo collection from having pictures from the web browser cache in it?11:52
tbrsounds like tracker hicup11:55
YasigiWalter(although it would be nice to have a bug tracker)11:57
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Nicd-tracker is the daemon which indexes all the images and videos11:59
Nicd-it's often too eager, I wish it was configurable11:59
YasigiWalterbut is it fixable for a user or is it a matter of waiting for another release of Sailfish?12:02
intetbr my smartwatch is release 1.5.212:02
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intethe jolla tools seems.somewhat buggy12:03
inteit appears to need a restart to rexonnect to the watch after connection was lost12:03
intesometimes notifications are just a blank screen12:04
inteand there is no notification for incomming calls12:04
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intei know its alpha state12:04
intejust want to know if you have the same issues12:05
inteor if i could get rid ofbsome12:05
intee.g. by flashing a newer firmware to the watch if there is any12:05
tbrinte: that sounds pretty accurate12:06
intecool thanks12:06
tbrinte: I think I have 1.5.3 which apparently had some fixes/changes12:06
inteoh i have 1.5.3 as well12:07
intejust checked12:07
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inteoh 1.5.3 seems recent12:09
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intejust saw that id need a windows pc to reflash it anyways12:11
intewhich i dont have at present12:11
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coderusMorpog_PC: lol :D12:39
coderusits trials and fails every time12:40
coderusi writed my own backend for dconf, but based on nemomobile ones of course :)12:40
coderusjust mine have more features :)12:40
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Guhl99can somebody point me to a documentation how sailfish os and it's apps handle access rights to sensor and other information like i.e. phonbook/calendar entries ?14:44
javispedroit's mostly non-existent14:44
Guhl99the documentation or an access right system in general14:45
javispedrothe later14:45
Guhl99well then i'll have a lot of work in front of me14:46
javispedroif you want to help design it, see
javispedroit you want to know what's currently "verbotten",
javispedroGuhl99: a lot of work?14:46
Guhl99well i spent the last 2 years or so developing a so calle permission spoofing framework on android14:47
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Guhl99where you could define on a per app basis if the app receives the real sensor info14:48
Guhl99or a spoofed/faked one14:48
Guhl99but i had to give up this development as google is moving a lot of the apis to sensor data14:49
Guhl99into their closed source play-services14:49
Guhl99but i think that it is very important (from a privacy point of view) to have something like this14:49
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Guhl99especially on an open source phone os14:50
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faenilGuhl99: indeed!14:51
faenilyour project looks very interesting14:51
Guhl99to give you an idea of my work this is one of the threads14:51
Guhl99where i described it and hosted a rom for the mako14:51
javispedroGuhl99: join the security API talks14:52
Guhl99javispedro, i definitely will14:53
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Guhl99i am using a jolla now for about 3 month as my primary phone and now i am starting to shift my developing priority to sailfish os14:54
Guhl99currently i am trying to port sailfish os to the HTC vision14:54
faenilgreat to hear that :)14:54
Guhl99(which gives me a good start to get used to the architecture and the dev environment)14:55
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Guhl99and i want to have my hardware keyboard back :-)14:56
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faenil(AD: feel free to join #nemomobile if you're also interested in an OS which is OSS from core to UI, with the same foundation as sailfish :) )14:56
Guhl99i am idling around there already :-)14:57
faenilGuhl99: right, I should have checked :P14:58
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javispedrofrom to time the UI gets into a "state" where fully swiping a window, side to side, trying to minimize it will actually cancel the action15:25
javispedroso the only way to minimize is to swipe it half-way only and then release the finger15:26
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.8.8-7 bugfix uploaded. Muting settings now really fixed. Update and search for new bugs.17:00
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.8.8-8 with really fixed gallery download option uploaded:
kimmolicoderus: trending, "fix" -> "really fix"18:23
kimmolii dont keep up with the updates :)18:23
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coderus-> really really fix :D18:25
coderusdconf is a bit surprising sometimes :)18:25
kimmoliswear on mother's grave -fixed18:26
coderusi still have some warnings i dont understand sources :)18:26
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kimmolidid i hear you imported sources and made your own?18:26
coderusit come from gobject (dconf), and doesnt point to some special mistake in code18:26
coderusbut everytime it seems like working for me :)18:27
coderuskimmoli: dconf?18:27
coderusyes i did dconfagent and dconfitem for myself with extended features18:27
coderuscheck sources18:27
kimmolii'm having battle with paint atm...18:28
coderusnemomobile gyus asking for some "unittests" to merge18:28
coderusi have no idea what is it :)18:28
kimmolisomething to eat i presume18:33
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r0kk3rzcoderus: why the switch from qsettings to dconf?19:18
coderusqsettings weak and loosing content if application crashed19:19
r0kk3rzyeah thats a bit shit19:21
coderusand it's nice to work in asynchronous mode :)19:22
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lpotter qsettings shouldn't loose content if used right, even with crashes19:49
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coderuslpotter: check this:
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lpotterlike I said, _shouldn't_ .. :)20:04
coderuslpotter: i digged in this bug for a long time20:05
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kimmoligrr... "Ok, last deploy - now it works" >> :-1: error: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. The remote host closed the connection20:53
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r0kk3rzyeah its an annoying bug21:19
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SaberAltriaHow can I convert a string type to id22:23
SaberAltriaFor example, if the user type "1234", then it will show the contents in the array named "1234"22:24
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r0kk3rztoint() function on a qstring22:27
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r0kk3rzor instead of an array you can use a qvariantmap which uses a string key22:29
SaberAltriar0kk3rz How it works with toint() ?22:31
SaberAltriaBecause I mean I want to use the user input to locate an array22:32
SaberAltriaif the user type "abc" then it should show the data in array named "abc"22:33
SaberAltriaWhy I want to do is trying to prevent using regexp and search for that keyword22:34
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r0kk3rztoinit wont work, i misunderstood22:41
r0kk3rztoint converts QString = "1234" to Int = 123422:42
r0kk3rzi suggest you use a qvariantmap, then you have no problem22:43
r0kk3rzpass the user input straight into the qvariantmap22:43
r0kk3rzpossibly with some validation first22:43
SaberAltriaOK, then I have to write C++ :(22:44
r0kk3rzcpp isnt so bad22:46
r0kk3rzyou're really limiting yourself by only sticking to QML22:46
r0kk3rzlooks like you can do it in JS if thats more your thing22:48
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SaberAltriaBTW, C++ speed and performance is really better22:52
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