Monday, 2014-09-22

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zGrrmoin :)07:55
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dr_gogeta86guys good morning08:05
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dr_gogeta86this morning are we ready or still sleep08:26
SK_workmorning dr_gogeta8608:27
dr_gogeta86hi SK_work08:27
dr_gogeta86how do you do ?08:28
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SK_workbit tired these days though08:34
dr_gogeta86don't say any08:36
dr_gogeta86I've spent last 2h of my life advocating timestamping is not cheap talk08:36
dr_gogeta86i hate programmer doens't follow/know conventions08:36
dr_gogeta86especially RFC08:36
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tortoisedocwhat is the counterpart of jolla-settings?09:42
tortoisedocin nemomobile I mean?09:42
SK_worktortoisedoc: nothing09:42
tortoisedoc(if there is such thing, that is)09:42
tortoisedocaah :/09:43
tortoisedoca pity09:43
faeniltortoisedoc: the settings app is qmlsettings09:44
tortoisedocfaenil, SK_work : ok, not specifically the qml settings plugin, but the actuall "Settings" app (with sys settings etc)09:44
tortoisedoc(just doublechecking)09:44
SK_worktortoisedoc: IIRC, nothing09:45
SK_workno GUI exists09:45
faenilSK_work: qmlsettings??09:45
SK_workfaenil: ha, missed this09:45
tortoisedocfaenil :thanks, found that, but was not completely sure if it was the relateive nemomobile counterpart, hence the need to ask09:46
tortoisedocfaenil: to you knowledge, does qmlsettings provide the "favorites" functionality too?09:46
faeniltortoisedoc: well, it's the qtcomponents app...there are no Glacier apps so far, as glacier components are not ready yet09:46
faeniltortoisedoc: I don't think so09:46
tortoisedocfaenil : thanks09:47
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tortoisedocfaenil_ : can you share more info on how the jolla-settings handles favourite events?09:50
tortoisedoc(I assume you know about it, sorry)09:51
SK_worktortoisedoc: this is not nemo related IIRC09:51
tortoisedocSK_work : so?09:51
tortoisedocasking is not a crime :P09:51
SK_workit is jolla settings related09:51
SK_worknemo-settings I meant09:51
SK_worktortoisedoc: I think you need to either dig dconf, or dig .config to find your answer :)09:51
faenil_tortoisedoc: my internship at jollas was almost a year ago :P sorry I don't know09:52
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tortoisedocSK_work : I have done that already :P, and am interested to understand how jolla-settings uses that info :)09:52
tortoisedocfaenil_ : aaah ok :)09:52
tortoisedocfaenil : aaah ok :)09:52
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SK_workfaenil: did you hacked jolla-settings at Jolla ?09:56
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faenilSK_work: nope09:58
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* tortoisedoc surprised how quiet it is around here....09:59
* tortoisedoc update coming up? :P09:59
kimmolisounds like invitation to say something stupid - again09:59
tortoisedockimmoli : no need to, I just did09:59
tortoisedocso that's taken care of09:59
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dr_gogeta86tortoisedoc, you can answer this10:14
dr_gogeta86how to keepalive after windows destroy how quickbar do10:14
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faenilat this right moment, my opinion is Update9 has been skipped as well10:18
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faeniltortoisedoc: ^10:18
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faenilit's going to be update10, half october, or somethign10:19
* dr_gogeta86 faenil, like a lightening10:19
dr_gogeta86in clear sky10:19
dr_gogeta86are you in pause ?10:20
faenilpause from what10:20
faenilI'm supposed to always work on it, but I waste my time here from time to time :p10:20
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dr_gogeta86back to work10:21
dr_gogeta86i'm slacking here while i'm finish a RedHat 7.3 p2v10:21
dr_gogeta86using cpio10:21
dr_gogeta86old tools for old things :-D10:21
tbr7.3 was one of the first distros I used10:22
dr_gogeta86this distro come out on 22 october 200110:22
dr_gogeta86mine was 6.010:22
dr_gogeta86but i begin with slackware 3.010:23
dr_gogeta86at 1110:23
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dr_gogeta86i remeber that day I went to computer shop asking a linux compilation and I pop out with 2 boxes for free10:24
dr_gogeta86one with and old slackware (3.0 ) and one with deluxe edition of OS/210:24
dr_gogeta86the last before warp10:24
tbrlol, Warp wasn't even that bad. especially if you installed it over a windows, so that it enabled the win16 compat layer10:25
dr_gogeta86and my mother you buyed all this things10:25
dr_gogeta86i don't beleve those are free10:25
dr_gogeta86at computer shop10:25
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dr_gogeta86they said to my mother, I give out this things for free, his son deserves it ... because even to those who sell these things?10:27
dr_gogeta86was mid 199810:27
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dr_gogeta86guys have laugh10:30
dr_gogeta86bash version 2.05a 2001 :-D10:30
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coderusin jolla google password stored in plain text now, right?12:28
coderusi just forgot my password and want to remember it :D12:28
BysmyyrI think no because there is that permission page12:29
coderusah, oauth?12:30
coderuswill reset it then12:30
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kimmoliluck for it..13:08
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tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : sorry13:15
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : <dr_gogeta86> how to keepalive after windows destroy how quickbar do13:15
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : you mean application should not quit after window is hidden?13:15
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King_DuckZhello, anybody knows when the next update will be released? They told me there is one every month, but I haven't seen any in the past 2+ months13:34
Nicd-King_DuckZ: there was the summer vacation13:35
Nicd-the september update has also been delayed "for a few weeks" so they can get Qt 5.2 stable13:35
Nicd-take a look at
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : use a c++ hide command13:38
dr_gogeta86some public examples13:39
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : iirc you should be able to use it from qml13:39
tortoisedoc-> google  :)13:39
King_DuckZ"Now that the Finnish summer heat has cooled down" <-- this can't be serious, is it?13:40
Nicd-King_DuckZ: what? we had some hot days :)13:40
King_DuckZNicd-: come on, I've been in the UK for the past 2 years and haven't seen anything above 30 degrees at all... and finland is way up north from here... -_-13:42
Nicd-we had 30+ this summer too13:42
tortoisedocNicd- : SOME hot days? this has been the best finnish summer i've experienced since moving to this country13:42
King_DuckZso Finland is warmer than uk during summer?13:43
tortoisedocKing_DuckZ : for like, 5 days?13:43
tortoisedoc(mostly not even in a row)13:43
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tortoisedocand compared to "normal" european summers, summer feels like a real summer starting beg july - mid/end august13:44
tortoisedocnothing like the may / oct of italy for instance13:44
King_DuckZNicd-: btw thanks, that's exactly the info I was looking for, I was hoping to get the update before my holidays on october, and apparently there is still hope - not that it would be a problem to wait until I come back13:44
* King_DuckZ is used to italian summer - may to early october usually13:45
Nicd-King_DuckZ: on average the UK is warmer but maybe you have had crappy summers13:45
dr_gogeta86King_DuckZ, this year summer sucks a lot here13:45
intenorth of germany: summer was great :))13:46
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : here is where?13:46
dr_gogeta86italy anyone know where i come from13:46
King_DuckZNicd-: iono, they say it was the worst of the past century or something, but then the one before this they claimed it was scorching hot, and I still think it was too cold to go out of my flat without moving or heating up somehow13:46
tortoisedocdr_gogeta86 : not me:P13:46
King_DuckZneither me13:47
dr_gogeta86know you know that13:50
dr_gogeta86tortoisedoc, thnx for info13:50
King_DuckZomg on vopium they don't even mention jolla in the list13:52
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dr_gogeta86another n9 epitaph13:53
King_DuckZso what's the jolla phone's name? the other half? or is that the back cover only?13:53
*** michiell_ has joined #sailfishos13:54
SK_workJolla's phone is Jolla13:55
SK_workdr_gogeta86: yep, yet another13:55
King_DuckZsame name as the brand? 'cause I'm reporting it on vopium's website13:55
dr_gogeta86so i was right13:55
dr_gogeta86and some one sucks alot13:55
King_DuckZif anybody with an account on vopium can do the same please, so maybe I will get the app at same point, thanks :)13:57
zGrrDoes the Jolla have SIP integrated in the system like N900 and N9?14:03
SK_workzGrr: no14:04
SK_worknot yet ?14:04
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faeniljusa_: ^14:04
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos14:04
zGrrThat's strange.14:04
faenilor tbr ^14:04
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC14:04
faenilzGrr: I think some parts of it work14:05
tbrthere is a TJC item on it, please read it14:05
faenilI remember somebody trying14:05
faenilah ok, there you go zGrr ^ :)14:05
tbrit basically works, but lacks integration, joll task14:05
tbryou can make calls but they come out upside down bottom speaker, top microphone and you can't reroute audio to headphones or bluetooth14:06
tbralso dialer goes crazy under certain conditions14:06
zGrrI see. Voip-in probably doesn't work too?14:07
*** beidl has quit IRC14:07
tbrzGrr: what's voip-in?14:08
zGrrDamn! I'll be stuck to my old good N900 forever.14:08
zGrrtbr: so you can receive Voip call onto your handset.14:09
tbrzGrr: that's the only thing that works. outbound would probably work somehow but you'd need to start it from terminal, as the dialer doesn't support it14:09
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*** Zian has joined #sailfishos14:14
jusa_iirc getting routing to work is either really simple or horror14:14
tbrthe latter probably prolog induced14:14
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zGrrPhone without SIP is not very useful for me :(14:17
jusa_zGrr: how come?14:18
chem|stjusa_: cause people use SIP instead of GSM nowadays14:19
dr_gogeta86people use skype and that frak of facetime ... due works better than skype14:20
chem|stever since n900 my mobilephone was my 3rd handset at home or my virtual landline otg - so for now I have my N9 otg for navigation and SIP14:22
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*** beidl_ is now known as beidl14:30
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zGrrI use SIP alongside two (2) SIP lines.14:38
zGrrI use cellullar alongside two (2) SIP lines.14:38
zGrrN900 is still my primary mobile phone.14:39
zGrrIt has much better transceiver than N9.14:40
zGrrAnd FM transmitter useful in car.14:42
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King_DuckZI never heard about this facetime, but on wikipedia I see there is no linux version15:21
King_DuckZit doesn't sound very useful if it's locked to only one platform15:22
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*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away15:26
SK_workKing_DuckZ: well15:26
SK_workApple style15:26
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe15:26
SK_workthere is no win version, just a mac and iphone version15:27
King_DuckZspeaking of that, I never tried but does sailfish support voice chat on xmpp?15:28
King_DuckZI remember the quality being very good last time I tried with pidgin, almost 1 year ago15:29
SK_workdon't think so15:29
SK_workas google killed their jabber with voice15:29
chem|stKing_DuckZ: jabber support is limited to "you can text"15:29
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chem|stKing_DuckZ: facetime was advertised as "the first video call on cell phones", I pulled my n900 and videocalled a friend to tell the obviously mis-advertisement15:31
King_DuckZchem|st: it looks very well integrated to me, not something put there just because some dev was bored and hacked a few things together15:31
chem|stKing_DuckZ: well integrated does not mean that it has more functionality than that atm15:31
King_DuckZchem|st: apple is all about lies - they also claim a pc running macos is not a pc o.O15:32
King_DuckZchem|st: sure15:32
King_DuckZdo you think they will add voice? or file transfer? I get it you can't send/receive files either15:32
sjtoikthe wave addition was awesome though.15:33
chem|stI don't think there is anyone at jolla available for such a minor thing as xmpp15:33
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chem|stKing_DuckZ: well... just because it wont run on other PCs...15:36
chem|stI am thinking about buying a ~new N9 as primary phone again, I was forced to using my Jolla by a failing modem though...15:39
chem|stKing_DuckZ: that is what they think15:40
chem|stKing_DuckZ: jolla needs to make a difference but first of all they need to get SFOS out of beta stage15:40
King_DuckZidk why ppl keep on saying xmpp is not important, nobody uses it... I get this a lot, and almost everybody's got a gtalk account, or jabber, or I hear even facebook chat is based on xmpp15:41
chem|stKing_DuckZ: gtalk will be turned off, facebook will be turned off...15:42
chem|stto be honest I have only a handfull of people with "real" jabber accounts15:42
chem|st$user does not want to care about such things as accounts, see whatsapp15:43
King_DuckZchem|st: will they? I never heard of such thing15:43
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos15:43
faenilVDVsx: ping15:44
King_DuckZmy co-worker tells me that google *might* be shutting down gtalk, as they are investing in hangouts, which is also xmpp-based he says15:45
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC15:46
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos15:46
chem|stKing_DuckZ: gtalk or now called hangouts does support thirdparty IM still...15:47
chem|stit is more like the outside world is now very limited...15:49
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos15:50
King_DuckZomg, everybody is trying to lock users in a network that is incompatible with every other netwrk... wth...15:50
chem|stKing_DuckZ: google actually tried to NOT do that but all others did not follow the idea15:51
*** s1gk1ll_ has quit IRC15:51
chem|stso they cut it as this is something you need to maintain properly (needs manpower to stay alive when evolving other parts)15:52
VDVsxfaenil, pong15:53
chem|stso now we have another 5 popular IM services, all incompatible15:53
faenilVDVsx: just a quick question, is the email client still useless when the connection indicator *thinks* (and it's wrong, because browser works) that there is no connection?15:54
faenil(I mean in the coming update)15:54
Tofechem|st: yeah, welcome to 2004...15:54
VDVsxfaenil, dunno, don't have such problems, nothing to fix in email side, that's network issue15:55
VDVsxbut network stack is quite improved15:56
faenilVDVsx: let me rephrase, the connection tester is bugged, it shows an "!" to say that you're connected but there's no internet, but that's false15:56
faenilbrowser works, it doesn't ask to connect15:56
King_DuckZchem|st: this sucks so much... if I want to chat to my jap friends I need to have LINE, but mac users will probably have this facelike thing, but not the americans, which will prefer skype, and then many seem to still enjoy whatsapp, viber, vopium, but if you're a gamer you will likely be on steam instead15:56
faenilwould it be possible for the email client to behave the same?15:56
King_DuckZchem|st: this is so fuc**d up15:57
chem|stTofe: feels more like 1992 all over again15:57
faenilVDVsx: there's just an extra "if" in the email client that checks the "!" (not only if you're connected)15:57
VDVsxfaenil, browser does some low level call afair for some other reason, doing the same is just going around actual bug15:57
Tofechem|st: ah, for me 92 was irc, so I didn't know icq and such, yet15:58
King_DuckZchem|st: I might just come up with my own personal protocol, anyways if I want to chat with a new person I'm very likely missing the app he/she uses15:58
faenilVDVsx: yes, it's a workaround to avoid making everyone's client useless until the network indicator works properly :P15:58
VDVsxnop is something else15:58
VDVsxall other apps use the qt apis15:58
VDVsxso all will work same way15:59
chem|stTofe: starting-all-over-again there was IRC but what-server-are-you-on?15:59
faenilVDVsx:, alternative solution: write "No internet" on top of the client? (where you write "sync failed")15:59
chem|stTofe: I am connected to like 5 networks as every user-theme has its desired network16:00
faenilVDVsx: the current behaviour is, I tap on update, and the app just *ignores* it completely16:00
Morpog_PCfaenil, I never had the problem you describe with email client16:00
faenilVDVsx: so, whatever you can do to improve this situation is appreciated :p16:00
King_DuckZah right, I forgot IRC16:00
Tofechem|st: and how many clients ? one.16:00
faenilMorpog_PC: it's very easy to reproduce, but you need a captive portal which makes the connection tester thing you're not online when you actually are (because you logged in and everything is working)16:01
chem|stTofe: yes one, now - I did not have a multi-network client in the 90s16:01
Tofeah, well, I don't remember if mine did :)16:01
faenilVDVsx: or maybe you added an error message already? I don't know, I'm asking ;)16:02
VDVsxfaenil, humm, so you mean, the dialog does not pop up again ?16:02
chem|stI stopped using IM for quiet a long time (5 years) and started all over again in 200316:02
faenilVDVsx: which dialog?16:02
Morpog_PCinternet connection dialof16:02
VDVsxfaenil, to connect to network ?16:03
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos16:03
*** ArtVandalae has quit IRC16:03
faenilVDVsx: it seems I wasn't clear :D16:03
faenilVDVsx: I *am* connected to a wifi network16:03
Tofechem|st: I wasn't very active in my early years either16:04
faenilit's just that the network indicator shows "!" because even if I'm connected, it thinks it cannot surf the internet (wrong)16:04
VDVsxfaenil, but probably connman says something else16:04
VDVsxfaenil, can you get journal of that, connect to network make sure email client not open, open app, do the sync16:04
chem|stTofe: nevertheless stupid people want stupid IM - something everybody is at and something you do not need to setup16:05
faenilVDVsx: ok sure16:05
faenilVDVsx: at the moment I'm not even logged in to the uni wifi16:05
faenilso I can do it16:05
faenilthat's an connect to wifi, but you need to login first, so the "!" appears16:05
chem|stTofe: easiest way, have sms/mms worldwide free of charge and add browserclients to phones so you can use it from everywhere else too...16:06
chem|stthat this is the worst I do not need to tell right?16:06
Tofeah, iMessage, what a dream16:07
VDVsxfaenil, ok, when you get it please send me by mail16:07
faenilVDVsx: it's very short16:08
faenilSep 22 18:07:51 dhcppc7 creen[20263]: [D] EmailAgent::executeCurrent:1018 - Current action not executed, waiting for newtwork16:08
chem|stI'd like to have email like services for IM - so combine ricochet with xmpp and I am all yours16:08
faenilthat's what happens the "first" time I try to sync16:08
faenilthe other times it just enqueues the action16:08
VDVsxfaenil, see, network stack says that is offline, can't do anything there16:10
faenilVDVsx: what about displaying "No Network" !?!?! :D16:10
Tofechem|st: well yes sure... but you'll be quite alone on that network :/16:11
faenildoing nothing when the user presses a button is never the answer, imho :D16:11
VDVsxit just queues the actions, strange that dialog is not shown that's the bug16:11
VDVsxin those cases you should be boobed with the dialog16:12
faenilVDVsx: why should the dialog be shown? I'm already connected to a wifi network16:12
faenilVDVsx: ah, ok...well, it doesn't :D16:12
VDVsxwell, network manager does think so16:12
VDVsxdoes not16:12
faenilVDVsx: are you sure it should pop up the dialog if it's already connected to a wifi network (which requires a login though) ?16:12
javispedrothere's a connman "issue" where it will fail to recheck for internet connectivity after it has decided the current network doesn't offer it16:13
VDVsxeither show a dialog or report the correct state(connected)16:13
javispedrothis was on a t.j.c post16:13
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC16:13
faenilVDVsx: the thing is, I'm connected but there's no internet16:13
faeniljavispedro: yeah that's the main issue16:13
faenilbut now we're only discussing about email client UX16:14
VDVsxif everything was working properly that dialog would show, so no need for extra errors16:14
Tofethe possibility to force a network re-check would be quite fine, if the rest is problematic16:15
*** Finlod has quit IRC16:15
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos16:15
javispedroassume the following scenario16:16
faenilVDVsx: are you 100% that if you're *CONNECTED* to a wifi network, which though requires a login so you don't have internet access BUT YOU'RE CONNECTED, the system is supposed to show the connection popup?16:16
javispedroyou connect to an adhoc wifi network16:16
faenilI think the popup is only for when you're *not* connected to any network16:16
javispedroyou're "connected" to a network but connman will never get the "online" status16:16
*** ArtVandalae has joined #sailfishos16:16
*** fracting has quit IRC16:16
javispedroif you ask Qt bearer for internet connectivity it will say "NOT online"16:16
javispedrobut if you ask for the connection popup it'll fail to show up because you're already connected16:17
faenilVDVsx: ^16:18
Tofeso, a network status mismatch, somehow16:19
faenilwell, you cannot assume that you're on the internet only because you are connected to a wifi network16:20
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:20
Tofefaenil: the check does...16:20
VDVsxprobably a valid case, I don't remember how that connection ui works, but was mostly scrapped already, have to check16:20
Tofefaenil: ah sorry misunderstood your sentence16:21
faenilVDVsx: who can I ask?16:21
faenilTofe: no problem :)16:21
VDVsxfaenil, this guy :P
VDVsxif the rest is working properly, a error can be easily added, just need to test it does not return some false positives again16:25
faenilVDVsx: that code is correct though16:25
VDVsxyes, but probably will just fail after in such case, and dialog never shown since is connected16:26
faenilVDVsx: I do agree that the dialog should NOT be shown...the dialog is only for when you're not connected to any network,imho16:26
faenilso, it's okay that there is no dialog16:27
faenilthe problem is just the email client should show "No network"16:28
VDVsxyup, just error should be there, when it fails to get valid route16:28
faeniljust like the store app does, for instance16:28
faenilconnman told you're not connected? good, tell the user :D16:28
VDVsxtook note, will fix that when I've some time to work in email16:29
* VDVsx goes make dinner16:29
faenilVDVsx: great, thanks!16:29
* faenil disappears into the void16:29
*** faenil has quit IRC16:29
chem|stTofe: and that is a $user problem, so what I do is "no I won't join your IM network - write me an email!"16:30
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC16:30
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*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away16:41
*** Tofe|Away is now known as Tofe16:43
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ryukafalzchem|st: I am perhaps lucky... the few people I talk to most are using pure XMPP18:30
ryukafalzand for a few others stuck in the past I have a gateway running to AIM18:30
ryukafalzthat takes care of everyone I care about talking to on a regular basis18:31
*** alin has quit IRC18:31
ryukafalzfor others... everyone seems to like SMS a lot, which is... blech18:31
*** filippz has quit IRC18:32
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Acceanyone here able to tell why the systemd timers won't wake up the system? kinda makes the systemd user timers useless18:37
*** faenil has quit IRC18:38
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kimmoliif iconButton is highlighted, it doesn't follow changing icon.source. grr..20:13
*** vals_ has joined #sailfishos20:14
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chem|stryukafalz: lucky that is, indeed - aks them if they want to be my friends too^^20:25
*** a_meteorite has quit IRC20:26
ryukafalzchem|st: Hah, well, it's only because I've managed to poke them into it :P20:26
ryukafalzWe really need a really good chat system that takes very little effort to use20:26
chem|stAcce: read about it on tjc, seems a missing flag to be part of the alarmd sequence?!20:27
chem|stryukafalz: xmpp is that system, teh problem is the clients for android are so immature that it doesn't help the cause20:28
ryukafalzchem|st: I would argue that yaxim is very mature20:28
ryukafalzand wish many of its features were available on sailfis20:28
chem|stmost people need _text_ and _files_20:28
*** piggz has quit IRC20:28
ryukafalzhm, fair enough, but sailfish's messaging doesn't do that either afaik20:29
ryukafalzit's based on telepathy though so implementing it shouldn't be too bad20:29
ryukafalzin any case, the state of xmpp clients on iOS is even worse20:29
chem|stI tried clients on my tablet for my GF to find not a single one that is able to send files or if it can only send if encryption is on (chatsecure)20:29
Accechem|st: I'm not very familiar with systemd's components.. but I think there wouldn't be harm allowing timers to wake up the system20:30
chem|stAcce: it actually does20:30
ryukafalzchem|st: I would argue that XMPP, while nice, isn't secure enough in current implementations20:30
ryukafalzand that we really need something serverless like Ricochet20:30
Accehmm? what harm does it cause? other than making it possible for 3rd party apps to install their own timers?20:30
ryukafalz(preferably with limited relays for offline messaging)20:31
chem|stAcce: there is one daemon checking for waiting tasks and that got triggered just a little to often in update5 (iirc) that made the phone wake up so often that you recognized the powerdrain20:31
chem|stAcce: so what is actually happening is that you need some RTCalarm service (hardware) and that is very limited (for now) - please be aware I am a noob on this too, but afaiu it is pretty impossible to have a cronjob like behaviour on our jollas20:33
Accehmm I see.. too bad if it can't be done in some good way.. the systemd timers are just much easier than making some code with libiphb everytime I want to do something regularly20:33
Acceand if that is the case, why is the libiphb any better, anyways?20:34
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos20:35
Accebecause it only checks for the one spesific interval, not all possible intervals?20:35
chem|stryukafalz: xmpp -> the real one <- is undertaking a full SSL sweep-up server<>server AND client<>server encryption, what else do you need (apart from actual msg encryption and total metadata oblivion)?20:35
ryukafalzchem|st: Ideally? The server shouldn't be able to read the content of messages passing through it. There's a level of implicit trust in your server (and your friends' servers) that I don't like.20:37
ryukafalzBut at the same time I want conversation syncing between devices, which is hard to do without server-side storage. It's a tricky balacne.20:38
chem|stAcce: I don't know what the interval is but it was too short once and recognized in powerconsumption, the only sane way would be to have access to when it wakes, I honestly do not get why you should have any wakeupinterval, plain rtcalarmtimer set when going to sleep20:38
*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos20:40
chem|stryukafalz: so put pgp on top, I have that setup... and I am very sorry but most otr solutions just fail20:40
Accehmm.. could the systemd be rigged in a way that it checks for registered timers before sleeping, and setting rtcalarmtimer if it finds some?20:40
chem|stAcce: out of my league20:40
Acceout of my league too, just throwing ideas out of my head, heh20:41
chem|stAcce: that would be the sane thing in my eyes, system checks least value to wake up and sets rtcalarm - done20:41
chem|stwhen it goes to sleep again it repeats20:42
*** uvatvmw has quit IRC20:43
M4rtinKchem|st, Acce: it my opinion just properly supporting the systemd timers is the best thing20:43
M4rtinKrather than using hacks like a separate library20:43
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away20:43
M4rtinKyou have it all in one place, you can check which of them are scheduled at the moment, etc.20:44
Acceyes, I don't see what is the meaning of including the timer functionality at all, if the wakeups aren't working.. it's not that often that I happen to look at my phone when it's 15/30/45/0020:44
AcceI guess the guys are just too busy with other stuff to think about it20:44
M4rtinKalso I think the store does not support (?) custom units anyway, so the crippled Harbor compatible apps should be fine20:45
Acceand the lib just happened to be there and is working so they pushed it away for the time being20:45
M4rtinKsure looks like it20:45
M4rtinKit is funny how there are horrendous hacks being used for one thing20:46
chem|stM4rtinK: support them how? it is broken one layer below that... timers do work like they should, the powersaving-stanby is not working as you expect it to so you think the timer is bogus but its not20:46
M4rtinKbut other much less problematic things are not allowed, at least in the store20:46
*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos20:47
M4rtinKchem|st: sure, I think systemd indeed does not expect the system to just suspend at random20:47
M4rtinKor to be more precise, if I for example suspend my laptop, I don't expect a systemd timer to wake it up (that would be actually a major problem)20:47
M4rtinKbut Sailfish is the one having control over the it's suspend machinery20:48
M4rtinKand it shouldn't be that hard to check for pending timers before suspending and schedule a wakeup accordingly20:48
M4rtinKthat would be actually rather elegant20:48
chem|stM4rtinK: I would expect a laptop to wake up from suspend by systemd-timer, why should it not? if that is your arguement then what you are asking from sailfish is void20:49
*** jjanvier has quit IRC20:50
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off20:50
M4rtinKwell, if it wakes up in my bag, it will probably overheat & shorten the service life of the battery quite a bit20:51
M4rtinKand of course it will be out of energy when I might need it20:51
M4rtinK(if it was something other than a Thinkpad, the results might be quite a lot worse)20:51
M4rtinKon the other hand, the suspend used on Sailfish is quite a bit different20:52
chem|stM4rtinK: my system goes down to suspend2ram with a wakeup call after 24h to suspend2disk, the first attempts had me hibernate every time I woke it up...20:52
M4rtinKchem|st: oh, that's a rather nice idea20:53
M4rtinKI use my latopt quite a lot, so there is not much chance of the battery going flat during suspend before I plug it in again20:53
M4rtinKbut your solution seems is pretty robust :)20:54
chem|stI have ~3days suspend2ram on battery, I had it set to hybrid before but closing the lid made it suspend so when I woke it up it went down again instantly as I suspended it in the middle of writing to the disk^^20:54
Acceon a completely another matter (sorry), is it possible to change the system language on the emulator to test translations?20:54
M4rtinKrace conditions FTW :)20:55
M4rtinKwell, not really a race, but still funny :)20:55
M4rtinKexport LANG=pt_BR or something ? :)20:56
chem|stM4rtinK: my windows XP did that when I activated hibernation the first time, as suspend is set to 15min and hibernation to 1h, it all for a sudden wakes up and hibernates... so I said to myself - good idea how does that work with my debian...20:56
M4rtinKcould be a life-saver with a bad battery20:58
M4rtinKeven better if it could trigger on battery level :)20:58
chem|stit is an rtc alarm+ timer, timer gets checked, if run out the system hibernates if not run out the timer gets reset21:00
chem|stand stopepd of course21:00
chem|stit is or at least wasn't as easy as it sounds, that rtcalarm needed to be stopped as well or funny stuff happens21:01
*** xerpi has quit IRC21:02
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC21:02
chem|stso, question is, do we need rtcalarm or is there a way to tune the wakeup-service so that it sets a variable timer on each sleep cycle?!21:03
AcceM4rtinK: hmm.. I guess I should start lipstick with that environment?21:03
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos21:05
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:06
*** RoKenn has quit IRC21:08
M4rtinKM4rtinK: that might do it21:09
M4rtinKAcce: ^^^21:09
M4rtinKalso try to point xmlich02 once he shows up21:10
Accedoesn't seem to work.. I tried with localectl set-locale LANG="fi_FI.utf8" and killall lipstick21:10
Accebut nope21:10
Accestill english21:10
M4rtinKhe is running the Czech translation project21:10
Accemaybe it needs a reboot? I guess localectl makes it permanent21:10
Acceok, thanks21:10
M4rtinKno idea :)21:10
*** inte is now known as inte_away21:13
*** inte_away is now known as inte21:13
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