Saturday, 2014-10-04

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menoetiusgiucam: you are absolutely right of course; now I have access. the phone shows up as Recovery in my network under the other addrees (.67), hence the confusion. thanks for the help!05:51
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ArtVandalae^^ marxistvegan @ 00:50 (GMT+10) talked about "apk support [existing] on the nexus 4". I wasn't aware of any solutions being in place? i.e. from what I remember, you can't purchase AlienDalvik software as a consumer, and AFAIK, there's no FOSS solutions out there. What was he/she referring to? Or was it purely speculative? Sorry for the loaded question.06:27
Stskeepsthere's not currently any android runtime on the sfos for nexus 4 images, no06:28
Stskeepsand no foss solutions there currently06:28
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krnlynghi filippz :) how's the n9 kernel progressing?08:10
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filippzhi krnlyng - kernel is in state described in the wiki (
filippzit's packaged ( and boots Sailfish, and latest nemomobile08:30
filippzof course it steel needs inux-firmware-ti-connectivity from
filippzbtw - should this be in sailfishos-porters?08:31
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coderusneed to find my N909:41
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filippzcoderus: you are the person who probably can figure out this one:
filippzlipstick creates it's screen vertically and with reversed x and y size09:45
coderusfilippz: you need to patch framebuffer to have initial portrait orientation09:46
coderussailfish expecting to have portrait-oriented display09:46
coderusbut harmattan have landscape09:46
filippzfbset then?09:46
coderusi tried it before, but it doesnt actually changing anything09:46
filippzhm, nemo lipstick works OK, maybe I'll try glacier for Sailfish just to check...09:47
filippzanyway - I have to go for now09:48
coderussailfish lipstick qml doesnt respect framebuffer orientation09:48
coderusit expecting portrait orientation only09:48
coderustry if you can patch framebuffer09:48
coderusif not i'll try to patch lipstick qmls to rotate clipping09:49
coderusbut framebuffer rotation would be better :)09:49
filippzbbl, ty coderus!09:49
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Morpog_PC___sounds like real progress10:11
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coderusMitakuuluu v0.8.13 released with fixed android account import and localization updates. Check for updates!14:38
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krnlyngi've just tried to install a more recent version of wayland (current git and branch 1.2) but it crashes as soon as i try to start an application, is it known why that happens?15:10
filippzkrnlyng: use my build from merprojects15:11
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filippz to be exact15:12
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krnlyngfilippz: thanks! so how did you fix the crash? :)15:13
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filippzit was all sletta :)15:15
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krnlyngfilippz: i am confused, i can't find QWaylandSurfaceItem anywhere in wayland?15:25
filippzcrash was not in wayland itself but in qtwayland. Maybe you have another problem?15:26
krnlyngfilippz: i tried updating wayland itself15:27
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filippzStill, you can try my build to see if it makes any difference15:28
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krnlyngokay i will try :)15:31
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giucamkrnlyng: isn't there any error on the output?15:34
krnlynggiucam: which output?15:34
giucamkrnlyng: start a client from the terminal, look at the stdout15:35
giucamoh, but what crashes? the client or lipstick?15:35
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krnlynggiucam: lipstick15:40
giucamkrnlyng: hmm. well, you could ssh in, start lipstick manually and then see what happens when you start a client15:41
krnlyngthanks, yeah i will try that later, got to go for now15:42
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Guest74554Why do you think Jolla makes too much attention to the android applications and almost no attention to his family?15:44
Yanielbecause 1) sailfish is not very widespread yet and 2) 3rd party devs almost always take the easiest way out of porting15:45
Yanielit is difficult to convince devs to make a native app15:45
Yanielat least until sailfish gets more traction15:45
Guest74554Constantly hear about the android compatibility instead promote native. application15:47
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Yanielwell it is easier to attract devs too if you can say "look, your app will probably run already15:48
Yanielversus having them practically rewrite the entire thing15:48
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Morpog_PC___plus to convince them you need $$$ cash15:59
Morpog_PC___just ask Microsoft or Blackberry15:59
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pp_MS learned the hard way with wp7, angry birds didn't work on directx out of the box :P16:43
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r0kk3rz_reboot. as I was saying17:46
r0kk3rz_unless the contacts are under engineered17:46
r0kk3rz_oxidation shouldnt be a problem17:46
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r0kk3rz_oops wrong channel17:49
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krnlynghm it crashes even if i use the wayland 1.1 branch :( are there any custom patches used on the jolla?17:56
w00tkrnlyng: custom patches for what17:58
krnlyngw00t: wayland17:58
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w00tkrnlyng: a few. see (before the 1.3 upgrade)17:59
locusfkrnlyng: on n9?17:59
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krnlynglocusf: no jolla17:59
w00tkrnlyng: what problem are you hitting18:00
krnlyngw00t: lipstick crashes when i try to start something (and it also crashes after a while even if i do nothing)18:01
w00tdo you have a backtrace?18:01
krnlyngnot yet, whats the best way to obtain a backtrace?18:01
w00tgdb - you may need to fiddle a bit since it's got slightly funky permissions (memory is a little vague)18:02
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javispedroyep, possibly "devel-su --privileged" helps18:03
w00tright, the privileged group18:04
w00tthanks javispedro18:04
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krnlyngjavispedro: hmm i get:
javispedrokrnlyng: iirc that is not a problem18:08
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krnlyngand how do i stop lipstick from starting up itself? it always restarts if i kill it18:09
javispedrosystemctl --user stop lipstick.service18:09
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javispedroOR attach gdb to lipstick instead of trying to run it18:10
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krnlyngnow i get: "unknown:0 - Failed to create display (Connection refused)" when starting lipstick in gdb18:13
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javispedromy suggestion is to let systemctl start it and attach gdb to it18:14
javispedroI don't know what env was required to launch it from memory18:15
javispedroand attaching it is trivial, in gdb shell "attach $(pidof lipstick)"18:15
javispedrohm.. no pidof :)18:18
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javispedroso just pgrep lipstick, get the pid and "attach PID".18:18
locusfalso lipstick should be run as normal user I guess18:19
locusfand -platform hwcomposer18:19
javispedroand all the plugins and env vars and so on18:20
krnlyngaha! /usr/bin/lipstick: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: wl_buffer_is_shm18:20
* javispedro looks up logs18:21
javispedrodid you rebuild all of wayland but did not rebuild qtwayland? :P18:23
krnlyngyep :S18:24
javispedroout of curiosity, what do you want from more recent wayland? the stack is currently so "custom" I don't see much benefit from it18:25
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javispedrowayland doesn't offer API guarantees for "server side" (sigh)18:26
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krnlyngjavispedro: i am trying to install the freedreno graphics drivers because the proprietary one has bugs which prevent mupen64plus from working properly18:27
locusfso you're pretty much on your own on that then :)18:28
javispedroit may be easier to try to workaround whatever bugs there are than to change the graphics stack18:29
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javispedroalbeit freedreno is an interesting goal on its own..18:30
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krnlynghmm qtwayland gives me: [nemo@Jolla qtwayland]$ qmake18:39
krnlyngProject ERROR: QtWayland requires Wayland 1.1.0 or higher18:39
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giucamkrnlyng: source /var/lib/environment/compositor/60-boston-ui.conf and lipstick $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS18:58
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piggzAnyone want to play a game?
Yaniel"I want to play a game" :D19:38
Yanielsure anyone is going to trust a random rpm on someones owncloud19:38
krnlynghm i screwed something up... even after restoring contents of / to a known working state, i have that tracker-store eats up 90% cpu usage and the gui is extremely slow :(19:38
piggzYaniel: your loss ;)19:39
piggz(honest tho, its fine)19:39
YanielI actually am curious19:39
piggzits just a port of my old maemo/harmattan/android game to sailfish19:40
piggzwith some better gfx19:40
piggzno sound tho atm19:40
louisdkpiggz, are you going to put it up on Openrepos? :)19:40
piggzim intrigued to see what its like on a jolla device ... my sailfish dev device is an old android phone, with different resolutions19:41
piggzlouisdk: likely19:41
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coderuspiggz: i want to play a game
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YanielI was more after
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M4rtinKthe only way to win is not to play20:09
Nicd-the only winning move*20:10
piggzi with M4rtinK ad Nicd- ... wargames was in my head when i typed that :)20:15
Nicd-dude, spoilers20:17
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M4rtinKwhat about a nice game of Flappy Bird ?20:30
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