Friday, 2014-10-10

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Mempkoanyone here get MMS to work on a nexus 5 with 3g on AT&T in US?02:04
Mempkomy mms access point is mmswap.centennialwireless.com02:05
Mempkoproxy address is
Mempkoport 808002:06
Mempkomessage center is
Mempkoi have sms, data and voice. but no mms02:07
Mempkoimages just never load. with spinnet forever02:07
ryukafalzI've been unable to get it working with T-Mobile US02:09
ryukafalzsame issue02:09
ryukafalzAPN settings appear to be correct...02:09
Mempkoit took me forever to get 3g on AT&T.02:11
Mempkoi used, but that didbt work02:11
Mempkofinally figured out to use 'pta' instead.02:11
Mempkoby the way, this IRC client for sailfish is pretty sweet02:13
Mempkostarted playing with the SDK, super easy to deploy to the phone02:14
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specialryukafalz: t-mobile US works if you use their alternate IP instead of the hostname. I think the sailfish rules were updated with that02:37
specialnever tried at&t02:37
UmeaboyI have made a pull request on the github, but how long am I supposed to wait until it gets merged?02:40
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UmeaboyAPN: wap.cingular02:42
UmeaboyProxy: <Leave in Blank>02:42
UmeaboyPort: <Leave in Blank>02:42
UmeaboyUsername: wap@cingulargprs.com02:42
UmeaboyPassword: cingular102:42
UmeaboyServer: <Leave in Blank>02:42
UmeaboyMMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com02:42
UmeaboyMMS proxy: wireless.cingular.com02:42
UmeaboyMMS port: 8002:42
UmeaboyMCC: 31002:42
UmeaboyMNC: 41002:42
UmeaboyAuthentication type: <Leave in Blank>02:42
UmeaboyAPN type: default,supl,mms02:42
UmeaboyAPN Protocol: Leave it to the Default one02:42
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Umeaboyrysiek|pl: Seems like you're using the wrong credentials according to the website for apn-settings.02:44
UmeaboyThat should worl.02:44
ryukafalzspecial: Sailfish rules?02:45
specialthose rules are used to automatically configure APNs02:46
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ryukafalzHmm, when was that updated?02:48
Umeaboyryukafalz:  My post was meant for you.02:48
ryukafalzI'm running Tahkalampi02:48
UmeaboyI hate the Tab-button sometimes.02:49
ryukafalzUmeaboy: Oh... that looks old-ish though?02:49
UmeaboyTry it.02:50
ryukafalzwill do02:50
UmeaboyDoes it work?02:53
ryukafalzSailfish doesn't have fields for half of those settings, but I added the relevant ones. Currently attempting to download an MMS02:53
ryukafalzIt takes a few minutes to time out when it fails though02:53
Umeaboyryukafalz: Hmmmmmm. Do they have 24/7 support?02:54
ryukafalzUmeaboy: Err... I'm t-mobile :P02:55
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ryukafalzspecial: :O aha, thanks!03:10
ryukafalzI'll give it a try03:10
ryukafalzspecial: Hmm, that doesn't seem to include the access point name?03:21
specialthat's the <apn value=""> I believe03:21
ryukafalzAll APNs I've seen have had a DNS-looking value there (e.g.
special<apn value="">03:22
ryukafalzI was looking at a different part of the source file, whoops03:24
ryukafalznow the settings screen won't save my changes :<03:27
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ryukafalzSettings saved, now it seems to get stuck on "Waiting..."03:36
ryukafalzaw, "no journal files were found" when trying to journalctl03:38
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Umeaboyspecial: Do you know if it's OK for me to remove <project path="device/samsung/smdk4412-common" name="mer-hybris/android_device_samsung_smdk4412-common" revision="hybris-10.1" /> from the repo manifest before doing breakfast i9305? I get this error otherwize:
specialI don't know anything at all about that.04:43
UmeaboyAnyone else that can answer?04:43
UmeaboyIt about time that someone updates the Mer SDK tarball.04:44
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coderusfilippz: my N9 ready for testing :)06:26
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filippzcoderus: nice - I'm just trying to assemble some ks that works06:28
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filippzdo you have a working Sailfish install by any chance?06:29
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filippzhmm, my ks from other day works - I'll diff them and see what's missing in new one06:33
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Armadillois there a way to manipulate the font attributes of the TextSwitch element?06:54
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ArmadilloI want it to be striked through, but it seems, this is currently not possible?06:55
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dr_gogeta86filippz, mine n9 is ready too07:30
filippzdr_gogeta86: I'll have a working ks in 10 minutes or so - I'm looking for an alternate route about these settings07:31
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filippzdr_gogeta86, coderus: I have to write new user service to be added in ks, but I have to go for now07:40
filippzI'm unable to issue dbus-launch command coderus suggested, and it seems that we can't do without dconf write /desktop/jolla/components/screen_rotation_angle 007:42
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coderusArmadillo: you need to make your own TextSwitch for this08:37
dr_gogeta86no one here used proxy in xmlhttprequest qml08:38
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Armadillocoderus: that's not the answer I wanted to have :D08:40
coderuswe're smart and coding low-lwevel stuff in c++ side[6~[6~08:40
coderusdr_gogeta86: ^08:41
coderusArmadillo: why?08:41
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Armadillobecause I got a tiny feature request to strike through the text and I don't want to write my own TextSwitch just for this^^08:43
Armadillobut thanks for the link, maybe I need this at a later point08:44
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coderuswhy not?09:06
coderuswhy you making custom pages then?09:07
coderusif you dont want to create other components09:08
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daithefluhey guys, I need your thoughts again with a UI/UX issue09:27
daitheflulet's say I have a ValueButton that allows the user to pick a date09:27
daithefluso, the initial value is "", then the user picks a date, and then he changes his mind and want to reset the value back to "" (not set)09:28
daitheflufor now I use onPressAndHold, does it sound OK to you ?09:28
Armadilloand you're clearing the value with the onpressandhold event?09:34
Armadilloa better solution would be a contextmenu with a "Clear" Item or someting like that09:34
* stephg hates sloppy focus sometimes09:38
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daithefluArmadillo: yes it does clear the value onPressAndHold. The description explains it when the value is set.09:44
daithefluArmadillo: so the user would press the ValueButton and either chose "Edit" or "Clear" from the ContextMenu ?09:45
daithefluArmadillo: and when no value is set, the user would directly see the picker (ContextMenu doesn't show) ?09:46
daithefluwouldn't that make the ValueButton a bit useless ?09:48
Armadilloyou're right, a contextmenu for a button makes no sense09:49
Armadillowhich elements do other applications use to pick a date?09:50
ArmadilloI think they use labels or something similar09:51
daithefluArmadillo: they use a ValueButton too (everywhere I've looked) but they never offer the ability to not set it09:51
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Armadilloa second button to clear the value would be the most apprent way for normal users I think09:52
Armadilloor maybe you can add a switch element to choose if the date is active or not09:53
daithefluArmadillo: OR, they use a Switch to enable/disable it (disabled = no value) but adding a Switch for every option I have would be dumb09:53
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daitheflu(I have 2 DatePicker, a Project Picker, a Priority Picker, ...)09:54
Armadillowell it depends on your whole layout09:54
Armadillothe disable/enable thing is what I meant with the Switch element09:55
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daithefluwould be great if someone at Jolla could help people with that kind of issues. What's the Sailfish way to do this or that ?09:56
ArmadilloI think there can't be a sailfish way for every use case of all the available elements ;)09:56
Armadillohas the enable property a visual feedback for the valuebutton?09:58
daitheflulet me test :)10:00
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daithefluthe opacity changes, making the item barely visible10:02
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Nicd-is there any builtin stuff in QML for sorting a ListModel?10:31
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SK_workNicd-: don't think so10:33
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Nicd-just thinking how I should implement a list which can have new items added and old items updated or deleted at any time10:36
Nicd-and it needs to be kept sorted10:37
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Nicd-meh, I'll just replace the entire model each time10:38
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ArmadilloI'm reloading the whole model for an update and inserting them manually for adding and deleting10:41
daithefluNicd-: I've built something similar yesterday10:41
daitheflua FilterableListModel10:41
daithefluit updates the list instead of clearing it and then appending items10:42
Armadillodaitheflu: I think the changing opacity is enough feedback for the user to see what happens if the switch is used10:44
Nicd-daitheflu: is it generic enough to use? can I see?10:45
ArmadilloI'm also interested10:45
daithefluthere you go :)10:47
daithefluI think you can probably reuse it, just let me know if you need some help to make it fit your needs10:48
Armadillocoderus: what did you mean with custom pages?10:53
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dr_gogeta86coderus also c++ approach not works11:17
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daithefluArmadillo: the official Contacts app may have the right answer for my issue : if you add a date for example, you can chose a type by long pressing the "+ Date" item and then a ValueButton appears. And you can delete this ValueButton with a ContextMenu (just as you suggested)14:19
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Morpog_PC__bisschen müde14:24
Nightmare__go to bed :-p14:24
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Armadillodaitheflu: sounds good :)15:12
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daithefluArmadillo: yep :)15:13
daithefluI now have some visual glitches to resolve with this solution (my components are in a Column, but both ContextMenu and RemorseItem don't like it)15:14
daithefluArmadillo: thanks a lot for your help :)15:17
daitheflusee you later guyz !15:17
Armadillobye :)15:17
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filippzdr_gogeta86, coderus: ugliest ks ever (SailfishOS on N9  with fixed display ratio) :
dr_gogeta86how works now ?15:21
dr_gogeta86gfx glitch fixed15:21
filippzyes - orientation is fixed (there are basically 3 steps decribed in ks file)15:22
dr_gogeta86see dconf15:22
filippzI had to put dconf in service file - I couldn't make it work from ks directly15:23
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filippzI didn't change kernel at this stage - I'll wait for nemomobile/sailfish to stabilize (move to Qt5.2) and see if kernel changes work in both SF and NM15:25
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locusffilippz: mer + nemo armv7hl repo has almost been built15:49
filippzlocusf: great - will someone build an new image of nemomobile?15:50
locusffilippz: I'll try tomorrow, will use your .ks as basis15:51
filippzlocusf: oh, please don't - basically everything added is just a workaround for misbehaving silica ApplicationWindow - "plain" Qt ApplicationWindow should work without this15:54
locusffilippz: oh ok :)15:55
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filippzlocusf: should his go into nemomobile? Anyways apart from kernel we need linux-firmware-ti-connectivity package from nemo:testing:hw:ti:omap3:n950-n916:00
filippzI also used patched qtwayland  home:filippz:devel which prevented lipstick crashing when starting apps , but that's "old" Qt16:01
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locusffilippz: hmm ok16:01
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tigelilocusf: as a sidenote to get tumbler build fixed the mer pygobject2 needs to be upgraded.. :)16:06
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locusftigeli: oh yeah16:17
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Morpog_PC__locusf, count me in for a guided flash adventure :D17:33
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locusfMorpog_PC__: lol ok :)17:45
*** Nc_ has quit IRC17:46
Morpog_PC__my N9 is bored with harmattan17:47
Morpog_PC__sailfish + glacier will give it a new life17:47
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valdur55Morpog_PC__: sailfish isn't updated in N9. use nemomobile18:06
Morpog_PC__valdur55, it is "soon"18:10
Morpog_PC__see #sailfishos18:10
Morpog_PC__err wait, lol18:10
Morpog_PC__we are here18:10
Morpog_PC__read above18:10
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valdur55lol :D18:11
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valdur55interesting :D18:16
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