Sunday, 2014-10-12

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Paperplease point me to the right direction07:54
Papertrying to find guide to fix ubuntu usb interface07:55
Paperto use ssh via usb cable. didnt get any hits on Google07:55
Yanielfix how?08:01
Yanielfor me it works by plugging the cable in, setting myself an ip on the usbnet interface and taking the interface up08:03
Paperusbnet interface?08:03
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PaperYaniel: thanks I googled usbnet. I had made an error configuring /etc/network/interface08:10
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arvutdoes sailfishos install on old nokia hardware such as n900?08:21
arvutcall/text functions is optional08:21
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coderusi have tar with /home content09:31
coderushow to properly unpack it in recovery mode?09:31
coderusi need commands to mount btrfs home09:32
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coderusok nailed it with mount -t btrfs -o subvol=@home /dev/mmcblk0p26 /home_mount09:47
Jonnimost likely you mean p28, as p26 is totally different partition?09:48
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coderusyeah p28, just a typo in irc, not copypaste09:49
Jonnibut yes otherwise a right command09:50
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coderusmessages was restored09:54
coderuscontacts was not09:54
coderusi really need my contacts back09:55
Morpog_PC__benefits of a google account09:56
coderusMorpog_PC__: no thanks, i'll never put my contacts to clouds ;)09:56
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Morpog_PC__well, you are using whatsup, don't you? :D09:57
coderusno i'm not using it :D09:57
coderusjust hacking and testing its api09:57
Morpog_PC__sure :D09:58
coderusi'm not syncing my phonebook with whatsapp :D09:58
coderuswhere is contacts database stored?09:58
Morpog_PC__i think there: /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db10:01
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coderusseems /home/nemo/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite10:01
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coderusbut it should be in system/privileged/Contacts10:05
coderusmoved and my contacts are back :)10:05
coderusand wahy swipe down is not closing apps?10:07
coderusthere is some option for that?10:07
Morpog_PC__yes tehre is an option in shortcuts10:07
coderusah sure10:07
coderusdidnt touched settings for a long time10:07
Morpog_PC__it's off by default a few versions ago10:07
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coderusthis is was my first factory reset :D10:13
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Morpog_PC__haven't done one yet10:17
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coderuswell, it was very strange (connman?) error10:22
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coderusand nobody had an idea how to fix it without factory reset10:24
coderusrecovery is very useful thing10:24
coderuskaltsi: ping10:27
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coderuskaltsi: i unpacked sdk from vdi to m y server and want to use it here10:40
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coderuskaltsi: but it have problems with pty, can you help?10:40
coderusopenpty: No such file or directory10:40
coderussession_pty_req: session 0 alloc failed10:40
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coderuscan i install special gateway and nameserver for aliendalvik without changing sailfish settings?11:10
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krnlynghi, i was wondering where everywhere the jolla phone uses proprietary binary blobs, (except graphics, i know that :))? what about wifi?11:37
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Juubacoderus: yeah, got it done.. now how do i make it run as 'root' or 'devel-su' ?12:07
Juubathis script
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coderusJuuba: install sudo and configure sudoers for example12:24
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Juubameh, too hard, i'll just run it by hand when needed14:28
Tazyany word of /home encryption within sailfish?14:30
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Tazycoderus, yeah but the UI/lipstick gotta  unlock that at boot via keypad of some sort. i'll have to open terminal and manually unlock the sdcard where i linked 90% of /home to.14:53
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r0kk3rzhmm, who knows about the pulseaudio implementation in nemo15:37
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coderusr0kk3rz: #nemomobile knows15:38
r0kk3rzyeah probably15:39
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r0kk3rzi might do some more reading first, make sure i understand what pulseaudio actually does15:39
r0kk3rzbut I think its what I want, per stream volume control appears to be one of its features15:40
r0kk3rzthat and equaliser15:43
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r0kk3rzhmm looks like qt does the volume for you, which i missed before16:12
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DiosDelRayoHello everybody. I tried to install the SDK 1407 on a new installation of kubuntu 14.10 on a macbook. So there are a lot of variables why I failed to install. The point is that the installation fails everytime with "gererating keys..." or better, I don't think this will take 1 hour :S So at the moment I have no glue where the problem is. Have somebody an idea where I can find the older alpha sdk to try?19:58
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DiosDelRayoNobody knows where to get the old SDK?20:08
coderusDiosDelRayo: nothing wrong with new sdk20:12
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coderusi have kubuntu 14.10 and new sdk20:12
coderusDiosDelRayo: show exactly error you have20:12
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jake9xxDiosDelRayo: not sure you wanna go on that route but all SDKs that are made available are here:
DiosDelRayoI got no error, only it stucks at 76% by "generating keys..." now I try it with the --verbose again20:17
DiosDelRayothe first installation it even freezed my system.20:18
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DiosDelRayothank you jake9xx20:22
DiosDelRayonow,  another time cpu cooking, network down and at then system freezing :S20:23
DiosDelRayobut now i looks like it have to do with the emulater...20:24
DiosDelRayomaybe i'm changing to fast to much things at once :S20:24
DiosDelRayoI have a Jolla, so I don't need an emulator, or?20:24
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pawky|2I need to dec0de a MJPEG stream, will this be possible in sailfish?20:29
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coderuspawky|2: sure, its linux20:32
coderusbuild library to do so and bundle it with your app20:32
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DiosDelRayoso it's not really funny. better i will change my macbook against a thinkpad :S20:41
DiosDelRayoanyways thanks to everyone who tried to help me, have a nice time.20:42
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pawky|2coderus: what do you mean by building a library?21:09
coderuspawky|2: i mean compiling it from sources21:10
pawky|2Does QML have this?21:10
coderusQML have nothing except UI :)21:10
pawky|2my question was wether any MJPEG codec exist already21:10
pawky|2coderus: Then your suggestion is quite complex I would say...21:11
coderusffmpeg have:
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC21:14
pawky|2fair enough, with ffmpeg i can convert the stream if need be.. but do you have any ideas how to also view the stream, like mplayer?21:17
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC21:18
pawky|2this is what I do on an ordinary linux:21:18
pawky|2mkfifo a.mjpeg;wget -q -O a.mjpeg & mplayer -cache 32 -demuxer 35 a.mjpeg21:18
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pawky|2coderus: I am trying to do my first trembling steps coding a QML app... and this is my challenge at the moment...21:22
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coderuspawky|2: there are no MJpegStream.setSource() and MJpegSOurce.startViewing(), sorry21:26
coderusyou need to do your own21:26
pawky|2huh.. there my whole project went out the window.. :-(21:27
pawky|2I was thinking I could just call a player with the URL and, if the codec existed, all would work splendidly21:28
coderusi dont know, probably you can, but you need to do some magic with gstreamer anyway21:29
coderusyou can ask MSameer21:29
coderushe can point you to right direction21:30
pawky|2MSameer: ^^21:31
* kimmoli adds bookmark here: mjpeg (for later reading if you get somehwere)21:32
MSameerask a question I can answer ;)21:32
pawky|2well, I am trying to workout something like this on the sailfish os:21:32
Jareperhaps you could try stuff out by using the gst-launch tool on the device, but for a real app you should use the gst api21:32
pawky|2mkfifo a.mjpeg;wget -q -O a.mjpeg & mplayer -cache 32 -demuxer 35 a.mjpeg21:32
pawky|2Jare: sounds interesting :-)21:33
MSameerare you trying to demux an mjpeg stream?21:33
MSameeror play it?21:33
pawky|2MSameer: I have a camera I would like to create an app for, which delievers live stream view in MJPEG21:33
MSameerso the camera gives you mjpeg and you want to render it?21:34
pawky|2I need to play it, the camera has no screen of its own... so to take pictures one needs to be able to view the MJPEG stream21:34
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MSameerOK, capture a file of those and do as Jare suggested:21:34
*** MMori has quit IRC21:34
MSameergst-launch-0.10 playbin2 uri=file:///path/to/stream21:34
pawky|2MSameer: like using a fifo?21:34
*** Nirkus has quit IRC21:35
pawky|2MSameer: sounds interesting.. ill try21:35
MSameerpawky|2: if it works then we can tale it to the next step. If it does not then we need to see what can be fixed21:35
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*** Nirkus has joined #sailfishos21:35
MSameerpawky|2: I can enable almost any patent-free codec for sailfish without issues21:36
pawky|2MSameer: no clue if MJPEG is patent free...21:36
MSameerI don't really think it is but I need to check21:37
MSameerpawky|2: no need for a fifo too because gstreamer can "read" from http21:38
pawky|2Will try right away21:38
*** xerpi has quit IRC21:39
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MSameeryou will not get video output but let's see if you will get an error21:41
pawky|2well... this is a no can do: gst-launch-0.10 playbin2 uri=
pawky|2MSameer: oh.. well it tells pipeline doesn't want to preroll21:42
MSameertry passing -v to gst-launch21:43
MSameerjust please capture a dump of the stream and try with it21:45
MSameerfor the sake of siplicity21:45
pawky|2MSameer: like using wget?21:45
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:45
MSameermaybe that will do. I am not sure21:46
pawky|2it works on ordinary linux... mjpeging at best :-)21:46
MSameerI think we are not enabling the mjpeg decoder21:46
*** tohtoris has quit IRC21:47
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:48
pawky|2well.. got a file.. now figuring out the syntax21:48
pawky|2would this do as an uri?  uri=file://./out.mjpeg ?21:49
pawky|2or just uri=./out.mjpeg ?21:49
pawky|2ok full path21:49
MSameernot sure it will accept uri=file://out.mjpeg or not21:49
MSameertoo tired to remember :/21:50
pawky|2MSameer: I understand, sorry to bother you at this hour. It would on the other hand mean great steps forward if I could get the stream to just play somehow. Then I will know I could probably be able to make some simple app for it..21:52
MSameerit doesn't know what the stream is. Could be because mjpeg dec is not enabled?21:52
pawky|2MSameer: you got me there... do I have to enable it?21:53
MSameerwell, the thing is: gstreamer is not allowed in harbour21:53
MSameerso if you use it directly, => no harbour21:53
MSameerif you decide to bundle it then you can bundle whatever codecs you want21:54
pawky|2MSameer: ok...21:54
MSameerI can also try to enable mjpeg and hand you an RPM for testing21:54
MSameerif it works then I can see if I can enable it for sailfish21:54
pawky|2that would be a great step forward for me21:54
MSameerI am also planning to push gst 1.0 bits to sailfish and push hard so it gets whitelisted in harbour21:55
pawky|2all I know is I get it to work on ordinary linux using mplayer21:55
MSameercould you please ping me tomorrow? I know I will forget21:55
pawky|2absolutely :-)21:55
MSameerand I spent a whole day breaking ice in order to clean our freezer21:56
MSameerso just ... tired21:56
pawky|2I am glad if you can help, I understand if you cannot :-)21:56
MSameerI will do my best to help you21:56
pawky|2MSameer: ok, thank you  whit time do you have?21:56
MSameerwe will get it working as long as you have enough persistence :)21:56
pawky|2just to get an idea whisat tomorrow actually21:56
pawky|2(what tomorrow actually is)21:57
MSameerpawky|2: 00:5721:57
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:57
pawky|2pawky|2: I can asure you I do have persistence :-)21:57
MSameergmt+2 (or 3?)21:57
pawky|2ahh.. finland I presume?21:57
pawky|2Sweden over here21:57
MSameerpawky|2: ideally, you should pass a url to QtMultimedia VideoPlayer and it just works21:57
MSameerpawky|2: so almost the same time zone :)21:58
pawky|2MSameer: Then I would be the happiest man on earth..21:58
pawky|2I bought this cool Sony Cybershot  DSC-QX-1021:58
pawky|2but the android app, which seems to want to do the initial communication using Multicast, doesn't find the unit...21:58
pawky|2as multicast stuff doesn't get sent to the android network21:59
MSameerpawky|2: we will get it to work. Even if some fixes are needed, we can push them to sailfish21:59
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos21:59
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC21:59
MSameerpawky|2: congrats for the new camera BTW!21:59
pawky|2MSameer: Ok, Ill ping you tomorrow... and you tell me if you have the time, or when you do... any help is apreciated... you know how it is21:59
MSameerwe will manage. no worries22:00
pawky|2MSameer: LOL.... well i have had it for a while, I just cannot use it with Jolla...22:00
pawky|2and jolla is the phone I use daily.. i can of course also connect it to my tablet.. but then... well you get it the whole idea gets lost22:00
MSameerit would also help if you can share the dump somewhere if you don't mind22:01
pawky|2It is a cool product, and my thoughts was to actually put the camera back plate onto the jolla back plate... and who knows future wise one could 3d print such a thing..22:01
pawky|2will not be much of a view though... part of a printer i presume..22:02
MSameerI wonder what demuxer 35 is22:02
pawky|2i just ripped that line from the net.. i thought its just caching variables22:02
pawky|2i just threw it in, and it worked... so i never gave it any thought..22:02
MSameer      lavf  35   libavformat demuxer (supports many formats, requires libavformat)22:03
pawky|2I was happy enough to figure out its MJPEG22:03
MSameerat least here22:03
pawky|2hmm.. where to put 15mb ?22:03
MSameergood question22:04
pawky|2the stream works.. its a..... printer :-)22:04
MSameeryou can email me if you don't mind22:05
pawky|2was just going to open a private chat for that...22:05
MSameeri can hand you the jolla email if it makes you more comfortable22:05
pawky|2but give me a sec22:05
MSameerthe mail is all over the internet :p22:05
pawky|2no.. I have no problems sending parts of printers...22:05
*** Morpog_PC__ has quit IRC22:06
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos22:06
pawky|2on its way22:07
pawky|2got it?22:07
MSameergot it22:07
* MSameer downloading22:08
pawky|2well.. thats a  wget'ed stream... so the last frame might be half or something.. but it runs ok using mplayer22:08
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:09
pawky|2Its a cool camera, you communicate with it using json and http22:09
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos22:10
pawky|2i am amazed no one has written any client for it for Jolla22:10
MSameermplayer plays it but gstreamer cannot determine its type22:10
pawky|2I normally do perl.. so its quite a challenge do figure out thie QML...22:10
pawky|2there is no header info i presume22:10
pawky|2its just jpegs22:10
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:11
pawky|2... i think22:11
MSameeryeah but there has to be something to tell it22:11
pawky|2The Sony reference API pdf shows how the format is22:11
MSameercould you try on the desktop?22:14
pawky|2like.. how?22:14
MSameergst-launch-0.10 playbin2 uri=http:// <-- whatever the uri is22:14
pawky|2wow.. didn't know I had it on the desktop22:15
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC22:15
pawky|2give me a sec22:15
MSameerthe camera looks nice but it's like $20022:15
MSameerI wonder how often it needs to be charged22:15
pawky|2nope... but it works with mplayer..22:16
*** killSwam has quit IRC22:16
pawky|2yeah.. isn't that cheap?22:16
pawky|2i just bought it for fun... was interested to see if it worked even on a jolla...22:17
pawky|2in a sence it does.. I can take pictures using perl22:17
pawky|2but i cannot see what I am aiming at, as i need the livestream for it22:17
pawky|2anoyone who knows how to get the alien dalvik to understand multicast are very welcome to tell me all about it.. then I can try to get Sony's app to work..22:18
*** Sequenced has quit IRC22:20
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos22:20
*** igordcard has quit IRC22:21
pawky|2MSameer: It doesnt need to be recharged that often..  but it depends, if you shoot video or just take pictures..22:22
pawky|2I would say its like an ordinary camera - a screen22:22
pawky|2so you can do cool things like take pictures whilst holding it above  others, or around corners.. or what have you as the screen is separated from the unit..  I believe it could be  a great alternative to GoPro.. it has better picture stability functions and a great zoom22:24
*** master_of_master has quit IRC22:24
pawky|2a real optical zoom22:24
pawky|2so... if 3d printing the backplate on the other half back plate of jolla, I believe we might have a winner :-D22:24
pawky|2The thing is.. whomever would write an app that follows the API will be compatible with lots of Sony products :-)22:26
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:26
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos22:26
*** qqK has quit IRC22:27
MSameerpawky|2: if it doesn't work with gstreamer then it won't work with jolla :/22:27
MSameerit's the multimedia framework used by the phone22:28
pawky|2will have to look into that..22:28
MSameerso the best bet would be to check with gstreamer developers and see what can be done22:29
pawky|2well doing a search tells me MJPEG encoding could be done in gstreamer22:29
pawky|2this seems to work : gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! ffmpegcolorspace ! jpegenc ! avimux ! filesink location=out.mjpeg22:30
pawky|2though, no picture...22:31
MSameergst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! ffmpegcolorspace !  xvimagesink22:31
MSameertry that22:32
MSameerbut how come v4l2src works with it on the desktop??22:32
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:32
pawky|2duh... some other camera suddenly started..22:33
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos22:33
pawky|2that turned on my computer camera22:34
MSameerthat's expected22:34
pawky|2ok... and how to redirect the file to it?22:34
pawky|2(a bit weird to use ! as separaturs i must say..)22:35
MSameerwhat file?22:35
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:36
pawky|2well... wasn't I to be able to decote teh out.mjpeg file?22:36
pawky|2usgin gstreamer, as a test?22:36
pawky|2(damn keyboard...)22:36
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos22:36
MSameerthe exact same we used for jolla22:37
*** wickwire has quit IRC22:41
pawky|2ok... i believe i will have to read in a bit myself on that link i pasted22:41
pawky|2MSameer: one gets the feeling it should work:
MSameeryes but it does not22:44
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:46
*** DrIDK has quit IRC22:49
MSameercan't the format be changed?22:49
pawky|2MSameer: nope :-(22:51
pawky|2As far as I understand, one needs to wrap some kind of container around the stream..22:51
pawky|2to get gstreamer to understand it...22:51
pawky|2I wonder what mplayer uses..22:52
MSameermplayer can play everything :D22:52
*** arvut has quit IRC22:54
pawky|2a shame no one has ported it to Jolla :-/22:55
*** jstaniek has quit IRC22:58
pawky|2MSameer: I will try to see if I could figure out gstreamer a bit more tomorrow. Thank you for your help so far :-)23:04
MSameersorry I could not help more23:05
MSameerthere is also #gstreamer if you want to talk to people23:06
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos23:06
pawky|2MSameer: well, i'll think I first have to get gstreamer to work with the stream on an ordinary linux, then I'll ping you :-)23:16
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:20
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC23:20
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:20
*** inte_away has quit IRC23:23
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*** goroboro has quit IRC23:34
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*** Tazy has joined #sailfishos23:46
*** Zucca has quit IRC23:49
*** Zucca has joined #sailfishos23:53

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