Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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tortoisedocmodule qt3d is not installed..05:59
tortoisedocbut its available from qt5-qt3d ?05:59
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ArmadilloNicd-: Transifex looks really good for managing translations of open source projects :)06:20
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Juubahey, my Jolla has... well... frozen kinda06:45
JuubaHomescreen works, i can lock and unlock it and start apps06:45
Juubabut: in the apps, nothing works06:45
JuubaI cant type anything in the terminal06:45
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JuubaI can access SMS messages06:45
Juubathem apps just seem to be frooozen06:46
JuubaI cant switch to airplane mode, that is one of my "go-to fix-it -tricks"06:46
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sthalikhey, how much of time investment is moving to sailfish from oem/aosp/cm/debian system?07:13
Stskeepzerr.. rephrase?07:14
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Armadillosthalik: you should specify what you want to do. such generic questions are not really easy to answer07:20
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sthalikArmadillo: hybris for the bionic non-libc, linux-ecosystem-userland in hier, friend-of-a-friend said android abi emulation isn't necessary in 98% cases anyway since sailfish apparently has an app ecosystem (???)07:26
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sthalikArmadillo: i've installed debian in /vendor/armhf, then symlinks galore. already starting to hate it07:27
sthaliknow it boots GUI, at least, finally...07:29
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Armadillowell if you need the Android Apps or not depends on what apps you're mainly using, but it is always nice to have a fallback to Android, because yes there are many native SailfishOS app already, but for example I've bought some Android apps on the Play Store and can still use them on the Sailfish device, which is really nice07:32
sthalikArmadillo: note: lucky-packer-lvl-emulation07:34
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sthaliknice to know gms/play works07:34
Armadillowell it's abit tricky to get paid apps installed and also to install play store, but the apps work like a charm for me07:35
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Armadilloif your're interested, have a look here: https://together.jolla.com/question/30926/howto-install-google-play/07:37
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sthalikArmadillo: thanks! i'm using cm 4.1.2 google frameworks, due to crashing if otherwise :)07:38
pp_http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip is no longer available tho, you have to go to shady mirrors07:38
sthalikpp_: aha, need put it on dropbucks07:38
tadzikso someone can leak your password and replace the file? :P07:39
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sthaliki'd get email if breakage, likely07:39
sthalikdamn, dropbox password's the "~hard one"07:39
sthalikif crackage, need change at many places07:39
sthalikactually, not. no one's gonna break into my other accounts07:40
sthalikso just deal with immediate crackage-fallout, then go on as usual07:40
sthalik~uploaded. new construction options.07:42
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pp_for reference, sha256sum c4f20dc5e66073cc758f05fa9d31b2032efd1962eeb433703d6d241d9cc77555  gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip is from a shady mirror, but haven't noticed signs of being pwned07:42
pp_so it might be the real thing07:43
sthalikmatches, thanks07:44
Armadillothere are still official mirrors online: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Google_Apps07:46
ArmadilloCM10 ist the needed one07:46
pp_yup, matches md5sum07:47
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pp_there, link to cyanogenmod & md5sum added :-)07:50
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Armadillopp_: great :)07:55
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blaaaCan I use Python to create software for Sailfish OS?09:45
blaaaAnd I wonder if ActiveSync support with multiple&shared folders/calendars is available09:45
Nicd-to the first one, yes, but it won't be accepted to harbour yet09:46
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blaaaoh8gnz: thanks, I think the only other platform with support for Python apps is BlackBerry10:23
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blaaaI will look for more info on ActiveSync support already available10:23
coderusblaaa: also android, no?10:26
blaaacoderus:coderus: I think it's possible to add on a python setup, there is no python available by default t omy knowledge10:27
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blaaaSL4A it is called I think10:28
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coderusin android you can add whatever you want10:35
coderusas you need to bundle everything anyway10:35
coderusso no difference whick backend you using10:36
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sthalikcoderus: as a vendor?10:56
sthalikusers can do whatnot10:56
coderussthalik: vendor? what are you talking about?10:57
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phlixii guess e. g. someone who publishes in play store11:06
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coderusyes sure11:08
coderusyou bundle all libs in apk11:08
coderusif using more than android kit11:09
coderusqt, c#, python, whatever else11:09
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sthalikmount -o remount,rw /system ; mkdir /system/app/track # go from here11:14
sthaliks/track/trash/ :/11:14
sthalikdamn trash/ bigger than .. of it usually11:14
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blaaadoes anyone know if support to shrink XFS filesystem is in the orks for linux?11:40
blaaasorry wrong channel :X11:40
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*** sandsmark has joined #sailfishos14:28
sandsmarkis there any supported crypto API?14:28
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos14:29
stephgsandsmark: for ... ?14:29
sandsmarkaes, for example14:29
sandsmarkI see that NSS is installed, at least, but is it okay to use?14:34
sandsmarkqca would've been the best14:34
*** blaaa has joined #sailfishos14:34
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos14:36
*** developerXXX has quit IRC14:36
sandsmarkNSS is a mess :D14:40
*** rubdos has joined #sailfishos14:42
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*** beidl has joined #sailfishos15:07
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*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos15:08
tortoisedocthis qt3d thing is becoming more and more interesting15:09
SK_worktortoisedoc: well15:10
SK_workwhen it is ready15:10
SK_workI didn't had the opportunity to try it on Qt 4.815:10
SK_workso cannot tell how awesome it is15:10
tortoisedocSK_work : well15:10
*** beidl_ has quit IRC15:10
*** Sail0r has quit IRC15:10
tortoisedocSK_work : my issue is that I do not understand how it comes its available on c++ but no qml?15:10
tortoisedocI mean15:11
tortoisedocin mer15:11
tortoisedocit is available under qt4-sdk15:11
tortoisedocit is available under qt5-qt3d :P15:11
tortoisedocbut even after installing it in the targets, qml files complain of imports15:11
*** Aciid has quit IRC15:11
*** Aciid has joined #sailfishos15:11
SK_workha ?15:11
tortoisedocso I am doing something wrong15:11
Yanielqt5 is trying to be more modular AFAIK15:12
Yanielwhich means more separate packages15:12
tortoisedocYaniel: have you tried to use qt3d?15:13
Yanielhaven't had time to touch Qt5 at all15:13
tortoisedocits here15:14
tortoisedocbut i cant use it :|15:14
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos15:15
*** developerXXX has joined #sailfishos15:16
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*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos15:24
coderusthp: ping15:24
coderusthp: stupid question, but is there possibility to use python pip on Jolla?15:25
Nicd-why not?15:25
Nicd-if you have the required dependencies15:25
coderuswell, i want to gget python-pip from some repo on jolla :)15:26
Nicd-you could also get it from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pip#downloads15:27
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos15:27
*** kunev has quit IRC15:30
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos15:32
*** gexc has quit IRC15:36
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:36
coderusalso, installing cert to /etc/ssl/certs and starting milti_c_rehash still showing warning in browser15:38
*** flash1 has quit IRC15:38
skvarkcoderus: curl -L -o get-pip.py https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pypa/pip/master/contrib/get-pip.py and python get-pip.py15:41
*** wickwire_ has joined #sailfishos15:50
coderusno problems yet..15:51
*** wickwire has quit IRC15:51
coderushate this: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 33: ordinal not in range(128)15:52
*** ShadowJK_ is now known as ShadowJK15:53
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos15:57
*** zalan_ has quit IRC15:57
Nicd-that's life with python :)16:01
coderusi hate this :D16:01
coderusreally need some internal protection for python to avoid this error16:02
skvarkpython3 is the answer16:02
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos16:02
skvarkin python2 you have think by yourself all the encoding stuff16:02
*** filippz has quit IRC16:03
*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos16:03
coderuspython3 for  sailfish/nemo is in testing stage, isnt it?16:08
skvarkhmm.. I don't know16:09
*** Venemo_j_ has joined #sailfishos16:09
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC16:09
skvarkproblem with python3 is that all the packages aren't compatible with it16:10
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos16:10
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC16:10
skvarkthough the situation is much better now than last year16:10
coderuswell yeah, you 'd need to rebuild everything yourself16:12
*** Venemo_j_ has quit IRC16:13
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC16:13
coderuswtf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/855990016:15
skvarkmaybe it needs python-dev16:17
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos16:17
coderusi need to increase verbodity somehow :D16:18
coderusgcc on device takes ages :D16:20
*** Blizzz has quit IRC16:20
*** Sail0r has quit IRC16:22
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SK_workcoderus: why u no Mer SDK16:31
*** zalan_ has joined #sailfishos16:34
*** zalan___ has joined #sailfishos16:34
coderusSK_work: because of python-pip16:37
coderusi dont want to copy installed files back from mersdk to device after16:38
coderusand now i have woeking mitmproxy on device :D16:38
coderusbut still have problem with certificates16:38
SK_workcoderus: :D16:38
*** zalan_ has quit IRC16:39
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locusfhmm I have home-wifi.config in /var/lib/connman/ but connman won't connect to my configured wifi from there, what could be the problem? I'm running 1.0.2519:00
locusfmaybe too late to ask19:01
locusfalso version --dup won't upgrade anything19:02
locusfand checking new version from Jolla store doesn't show the new version at all19:02
Sceltlocusf: there seem to be problems with jolla store right now19:05
*** Sequenced has quit IRC19:05
Sceltsee #jollamobile19:05
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos19:06
locusfScelt: oh ok19:06
*** cloanta has joined #sailfishos19:08
kimmolihmm... SDK git-tools are missing tag (? or is it just me)19:09
*** tohtoris has quit IRC19:09
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Acceshould the TapSensor QML component work already?20:02
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** Blizzz has quit IRC20:04
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AcceI'm trying with this code: http://pastebin.com/JtaaTGFu20:05
*** TheLemonMan has quit IRC20:06
Accebut the timestamp for the reading stays the same20:06
*** rashm2k has quit IRC20:06
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gogetahi guys20:16
stephggogeta: demoted?20:17
gogetatime to ghost office pc20:17
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC20:17
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*** gogeta is now known as \go20:17
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*** \go has joined #sailfishos20:18
\goi giveyp20:18
\goi'm crying20:18
* stephg passes \go a beer20:19
thpcoderus: you should be able to use pip as root or with installing into nemo's home as normal user20:19
\goi got a fermenter with 10 liters wort in the basement20:19
\gohi thp20:19
thpcoderus: bootstrap with easy_install pip or something might work too20:19
thp\go: yo?20:21
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos20:22
kimmolidamn...  Warning: QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 9 and type 'Read', disabling... (kernel/qeventdispatcher_glib.cpp:89, gboolean socketNotifierSourceCheck(GSource*))20:23
mhall119\go: why does that make you cry?20:23
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos20:23
\goseem more polished then sfos20:25
thp\go: did you run ubuntu on a phone recently for day-to-day stuff?20:26
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:26
* mhall119 does20:27
\gogalaxy nexus and camera works20:28
\goi dunno how20:28
\gobut works20:28
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos20:29
\goin the meanwhile I drafted few apps for sailfish20:29
*** Nc_ has quit IRC20:31
*** piggz has quit IRC20:32
* \go need to write xmlrequest in c++ and not in QML20:32
*** Blizzz has quit IRC20:39
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r0kk3rzif works20:55
r0kk3rzand open source20:55
r0kk3rzthen STEEELZ IT20:55
r0kk3rzbut maybe canonical has buddyed up with samsung20:56
chem|str0kk3rz: there will be tizen, I doubt they will widely support ubuntu (maybe laptops)20:58
*** krendil has quit IRC21:10
*** Behold has quit IRC21:11
*** \go has quit IRC21:16
r0kk3rzmaybe, maybe not21:19
r0kk3rzsamsungs tizen strategy has yet to really reveal itself21:19
*** Eismann has quit IRC21:21
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kimmoliah. need to use context-kit statefs to get the Alarm.Present state. QSocketNotifier gets triggered all the time (pöh)21:23
kimmoliall examples are cmake, not qtcreator projects.. äh21:23
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