Monday, 2014-10-20

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Juubahmmm, is refusing connections06:28
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* tbr idly ponders why things would die with "Bus error" on the device07:11
tbralso why crash collection wouldn't pick up a crashing pkcon07:12
Stskeepstbr: O_o07:12
* tbr pokes Stskeeps and offers him some caffeine of choice07:12
Stskeepsthat sounds unhealthy07:12
Stskeepsi've been up since 4am, fresh as an eagle07:12
Stskeepsdamned jetlag07:12
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kimmolitbr has found smiley that actually looks like tbr07:36
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tbrkimmoli: does it?07:46
kimmoliatleast it did really remind me about this
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cos-has anyone contacted care about the scratched lens issue?
cos-i noticed my phone is taking blurry images and it seems to be a common problem08:43
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cos-this is taken with good lighting conditions
Sceltcos-: have you tried to take an image of a moving target? for me it seems that it's harder to take pictures of people moving than it used to be08:50
cos-Scelt: yes, everything is blurry. especially in dark environments.08:51
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cos-i wish i'd known about the issue earlier.. i could have made some kind of lens cover TOH08:51
Scelttho, this maybe more of an jolla issue than operating system matter (we are on #sailfishos )08:52
Sceltcos-: join #jollamobile and the conversation may continue there08:53
cos-oh, ok08:53
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Sceltcos-: there is also #jollasuomi where you can talk about jolla in Finnish09:42
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zGrrmoin :)10:17
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sandsmarkuhm, what version of gcc is in the SDK?10:32
sandsmarkapparently older than 4.3, it doesn't recognize -std=c++1x10:32
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Nicd-c++11 works fine for me10:33
Nicd-by using 'CONFIG += sailfishapp c++11' in the PRO file10:33
sandsmarkI tried to just add QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=c++1110:34
Nicd-and I think the gcc version is 4.610:34
sandsmarkNicd-: are you sure that works? what c++11 features do you use?10:35
sandsmarkI don't see std=c++11 being passed in the g++ compile call10:35
sandsmarkit barfs on my initializer list here10:37
Nicd-sandsmark: I've used lambdas at least10:38
sandsmarkhmm, ok10:38
Nicd- line 18810:38
sandsmarkyeah, I have a lot of similar code, and it doesn't seem to fail on that10:39
sandsmarkah, might be because the qt version is so old10:39
sandsmark(I used QList<QFoo> = {})10:40
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sandsmark«internal compiler error: in mark_dies, at dwarf2out.c:10832» :D10:44
sandsmarkthis is going to be a pain to minimize a test case for10:47
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sandsmarkok, it was one of my lambdas10:51
sandsmarkcalling another function from inside a lambda kills it10:54
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sandsmarkactually, it is when you capture and copy a QString, it seems...11:09
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lainwir3dis there any special tricks for displaying rich text inside a TextArea ?17:04
lainwir3dthis => "<a href=''>product page</a>" doesn't display as a link17:04
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zuhlainwir3d: Try forcing it with
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zuhAlso there it doesn't say, but in Text element docs it's noted that "This determination is made using Qt::mightBeRichText() which uses a fast and therefore simple heuristic. It mainly checks whether there is something that looks like a tag before the first line break."17:10
zuhwhich seems a bit odd...17:11
lainwir3dwell that's odd: Cannot assign to non-existent property "textFormat"17:11
lainwir3dprobably because I'm using sailfish silica TextArea instead of qtquick.controls17:12
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zuhoh, right. It's not a derived from qtquick TextArea...17:16
lainwir3dtrying something found on the mailing list17:16
lainwir3dpartial solution found here :
lainwir3dbut I had to adapt it like this : Component.onCompleted: { _editor.textFormat = TextEdit.RichText; }17:18
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lainwir3dseems quite weird to resort to this though. And the link doesn't seems to follow the ambiance color scheme17:18
lainwir3dthis will have to do for the moment17:19
lainwir3dthanks zuh anyway, you managed to make me look in the right direction17:19
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zuhNo problem :917:21
lainwir3doops, clicking on it doesn't do anything. Well I'm giving up for today.17:21
coderuslainwir3d: lol17:24
coderusit using default css link coloring17:24
coderusand you need to handle url yourself17:24
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coderusits not a browser17:24
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coderus<style type="text/css">a:link {color: Theme.highlightColor}</style>17:26
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coderusConnections { target: _editor; onLinkActivated: { Qt.openUrlExternally(link) } }17:28
lainwir3dcoderus: alright, I was sure It would open the web browser automatically :)17:28
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lainwir3dI'm going crazy17:49
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lainwir3dBuilding my Sailfish app in release mode doesn't disable qDebug() output17:49
lainwir3dand I can't manage to disable it17:49
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entilcoderus: why can't I send videos with mitakuuluu? :S18:21
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entiland gallery crashes :/18:28
r0kk3rzentil: out of memory?18:30
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos18:31
entilnot sure, dmesg doesn't say anything about oom18:31
r0kk3rzthen theres the btrfs low space issue that causes weird things to happen18:32
entilhow can I check these things?18:32
coderusentil: i'm not Vanga, sorry18:32
*** max87 has quit IRC18:32
coderussend logfile18:32
*** NC__ has quit IRC18:32
entilcoderus: oh yeah, see, it doesn't allow me to select videos, it's not a crash18:33
entilon mitakuuluu's part it's just that it doesn't allow me to select videos18:33
entilwhen I do it via the gallery, the gallery app crashes18:33
*** NC__ has joined #sailfishos18:33
entilsame for photos18:33
entilmy memory is pretty used, maybe there's something about that18:34
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r0kk3rz << this issue maybe18:35
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:35
entil9.5G available in home, I think it's more likely the memory18:35
entil136M free18:35
entilafter a reboot only 63 or so, and it crashes tho no swap is used18:37
entilkilled android, 265M free, still crashes18:37
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entilcoderus: spasibo, upon restart, mitakuuluu suggested I upgrade and it works now <318:40
entilthe mitakuuluu app doesn't allow to select videos but gallery integration works18:40
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coderussend logs18:45
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entilcoderus: I'm probably not explaining properly.. everything works with the latest version I just upgraded... but it appears you never implemented sending videos in the mitakuuluu app because sending from the gallery only allows me to send images :P18:54
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coderusentil: you didnt explained properly again :D19:13
coderusentil: video didnt sent and show red dot?19:13
coderusor what?19:13
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entilcoderus: when I pull the lower input up, to select what media I want to send, I choose the first one for gallery but it goes to gallery->images19:19
entilgallery also has videos19:19
entilI have to send them through the gallery app and everything works19:20
*** flash1 has quit IRC19:20
entilbut it's not possible to send them through mitakuuluu19:20
coderusentil: there is a button in header, isnt it?19:20
entilwhich header? the pull-up?19:20
coderusin media selector page19:21
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos19:21
entilcoderus: oh crap I'm sorry, it's there, I just didn't understand it was a button for choosing media type :S19:22
entilthis clears it up, thanks19:22
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coderusits not a gallery, its recursive filesystem thing :)19:28
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entilI don't understand the jolla gallery, it recognizes videos and pictures from wherever, but maybe it recurses and builds its own meta-index19:50
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entila topic for another time, good nozhy ->19:50
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Accehas someone got calling org.nemomobile.qmlmessages working using org.nemomobile.dbus 1.0?21:38
Accefor some reason the method startSMS is not recognized.. I'm suspecting that the parameter types are interpreted wrong, since dbus-monitor shows variant string "9393" where it should be just string..21:39
Accejust can't find out how to give the params so that they're correctly interpreted.. [[targetNumber],content] is not working21:40
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coderusAcce: /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus org.nemomobile.qmlmessages / org.nemomobile.qmlmessages.startSMS "+123456789" "test" works for me22:12
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