Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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Juubacoderus: you mean like the btrfs format? what's wrong with it? I don't have issues, that I know of :D05:43
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Juubacoderus: I have done this:
Juubai'm no linux-wizard, and still got it working :)05:50
Juubaafter the sailfish hotfix, I didn't need to do anything, it still was operational05:50
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Stskeepsmorn stephg07:25
dr_gogeta86hi guys07:30
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zGrrmoin :)10:11
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m4g0gIf I want to add some stuff to google accounting support - how I can do this? In what repository I should commit?10:39
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SK_workm4g0g: ping chriadam_ for accounts stuff11:48
SK_workbut please sync with him as he is in Australia11:48
*** chriadam has joined #sailfishos11:48
SK_workwhat do you want to add ?11:48
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m4g0gSK_work: picasa support for photos as facebook11:52
SK_workm4g0g: start here11:53
SK_worksync stuff are done here11:53
m4g0gI know this.11:53
SK_workyou will probably need some UI glue11:53
SK_workand you need chriadam to do this, as it is not OSS11:53
m4g0gok. Thx11:54
SK_workfirst, get the sync done, and ask him to review11:54
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coderusJuuba: aha thanks12:32
coderuschem|st: ping12:32
coderuschem|st: is following really better solution of systemd service?
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r0kk3rznexus 9 has double tap to wake, sounds like a prime candidate for a sailfish conversion12:57
tadzikwell, so does lumia 520...12:58
suosaaskiAnd LG G2/G3...12:59
r0kk3rzyeah but they arent tablets13:00
suosaaskiAlso, LG does not have physical home button etc (only power and volume up/down), which would be nice-ish for sailf-ish ("-" on purpose)13:00
suosaaskilg g pad 8.3 has double tap to wake. If I remember correctly.13:01
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r0kk3rzmight wait and see if anyone comes up with a decent port13:04
r0kk3rzsince the current nexus builds are still a work in progress13:04
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chem|stcoderus: I have no idea, from the looks of it you'd want a systemd mount unit as you are mounting something, as I never got it to do what I wanted I chose service over mount and never changed it14:05
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m4g0gThere is no qml layouts in sailfish?14:17
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coderusm4g0g: ???14:29
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos14:29
coderuschem|st: ok :)14:29
coderusm4g0g: use just Row, jsut Grid, just Column14:30
*** Ishmayeck has joined #sailfishos14:31
coderuschem|st: also14:33
coderuschem|st: can we easily mount same way whole /data to sdcard?14:33
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m4g0gHow I can get screen width in jolla in c++? QDesktopWidget is enough for this?14:54
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coderusUitukka opt-in release available:
*** nomeata has joined #sailfishos16:06
nomeataHi. Does Sailfish OS provide some standard way to for an application to store settings and state (like dconf on Desktops), or should I use plain files in whatever way I want?16:07
Nicd-nomeata: QSettings or QML localstorage16:08
Yanielcoderus: "this is scary as hell and most likely will blow up but you know you want to try it out anyway"?16:08
Nicd-also coderus's mitakuuluu is using dconf I think16:08
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos16:08
nomeataOh, QML localstorage sounds interesting, if it means I don’t have to leave the QML world16:08
Armadilloit's sqlite16:09
Nicd-nomeata: example:
nomeata...which I probably don’t have to worry about :-)16:09
nomeataah, I actually get to write SQL16:09
nomeataI just need a simple key-value store. I’m fine with using SQL for that, but should I or are there alternatives?16:11
coderusnomeata: there is many options: dconf, QSettings, sqlite16:13
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos16:15
nomeataThanks. From a quick search it seems that only QML localstorage is available to QML directly. So I guess there is nothing that hooks into QML’s properties system.16:16
*** daitheflu has quit IRC16:16
coderusnomeata: C++ is power16:19
*** Whippler has quit IRC16:19
nomeataI know, but QML is lazyness :-)16:19
nomeataalso, QML’s reactive model is great16:20
r0kk3rzqml is cool, but you really need a mix of both16:20
r0kk3rzc++ isnt difficult16:20
coderusnomeata: i mean you can extend QML with great features :)16:21
ArmadilloUitukka ist downloading... :x16:21
SK_workArmadillo: did you already received update notice ?16:21
SK_workserver DDOS started ?16:22
Armadillono, directly did it after the mail was there :D16:22
SK_workArmadillo: I mean16:22
Armadilloand just checked for updates a minute ago16:22
SK_workJolla customers DDOSing Jolla servers :D16:22
MerbotArmadillo: Error: "??!" is not a valid command.16:23
DevBotArmadillo: Error: "??!" is not a valid command.16:23
r0kk3rzi do wonder how many are opting in for the release16:23
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:23
ShinryuuI was ready to sign in for that thing.. but mhh, guess I'll just wait16:24
r0kk3rzArmadillo: you got a reply email when its available?16:25
Armadilloonly checked for updates manually16:25
coderusyou need to wait until server cache updated ;)16:26
coderusit is not reactive :)16:26
r0kk3rzyeah it'll happen at some point16:27
*** flash1 has quit IRC16:27
Armadilloand go update^^16:29
r0kk3rzin the meantime i can do a backup16:30
Armadillobackups are overestimated ;D16:31
Sceltdownloads a little slow :P16:32
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos16:32
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*** tohtoris has quit IRC16:37
*** piggz has quit IRC16:38
Armadillogood news, it booted successfully :)16:39
r0kk3rzArmadillo: thats a good start16:40
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC16:41
SK_workArmadillo: :D16:41
SK_workany changes ?16:41
Armadillothe list is very long16:42
Armadillomost eye-catching is the dialog navigation change16:42
skvarkmine crashed during install, installing again, seems to be progressing now normally16:42
SK_workneed to try at home16:43
SK_work2 jollas to be updated: mine + gf's16:43
Armadilloneed the one of my gf for testing my app with the old software the next days :D16:44
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*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos16:48
SK_workGF migrated from good old faithful N9 when her's just died16:48
*** jalomann has joined #sailfishos16:48
ArmadilloI'm wondering what this new detail item component is about16:51
SK_workArmadillo: detail item component ?16:54
ArmadilloNew detail item component available for detail and value label pair16:54
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos16:54
Armadilloyou should spent some minutes on the highlights:
Armadillooh hey, there's carddav support on accounts :)16:56
*** tat has quit IRC16:59
*** tat has joined #sailfishos16:59
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos17:00
tadzikrelease? :DT17:01
Yanielmore like open beta17:01
Armadilloskvark: did it work with the second run?17:01
skvarkArmadillo: yes17:02
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC17:02
r0kk3rzmust be lots of people signing up, their *may take 20min* is looking more like an hour at the moment17:03
skvarkthough one of my apps crashes now at startup, time to do some debugging17:03
skvarkotherwise seems to work fine17:03
*** zalan has quit IRC17:04
*** Lipevakala_ has joined #sailfishos17:04
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*** Blizzz has quit IRC17:08
ilpianistasooooo I just upgraded to 9 and wifi/3g doesn't work \o/17:09
Armadillomine does17:10
Stskeepsilpianista: did you in any way toy around with strange backup images?17:10
ilpianistaStskeeps: nope :-)17:10
Stskeepscustom kernels?17:10
Stskeepssacrificing goats?17:10
ilpianistajust openrepos apps17:10
Yanielother strange images?17:10
Yanielstrange enough17:11
ilpianistaI'm connected via SSH, where to start?17:11
ilpianista-bash: lsmod: command not found17:11
ilpianistafor a bit I laughed17:11
ilpianistadevel-su right?17:11
ilpianistawlan                 2592646  017:11
ilpianistacfg80211              144917  1 wlan17:11
lainwir3dwait... what ? update ? where ?17:12
Yaniela handful lines up the backlog17:12
Yanielalso twitter and tjc17:12
Stskeepsilpianista: okay, dmesg -> a pastebin17:13
lainwir3dArmadillo: thanks17:13
sandsmarkis there a public timeline for a new release of the SDK, with a bit more modern gcc?17:13
Stskeepsbit more modern will take logner17:14
r0kk3rzsandsmark: new sdk next week apparently17:14
sandsmarkone that doesn't crash with c++11 lambdas17:14
sandsmarkah, cool17:14
ilpianistaouch... next time I'll add the txt extension...17:14
ilpianista (txt)17:14
Stskeepsilpianista: at least wlan module is up and scanning17:15
Stskeepstry flight mode on and off?17:15
ilpianistaWLAN UI says "restart device"17:15
ilpianistaflight mode doesn't "start"17:15
ilpianistaI cannot enable it17:15
*** hedayat has left #sailfishos17:15
Stskeepsokay, how did you upgrade?17:15
ilpianistaas usual, using the UI17:15
ilpianista"Networking is not available. Please restart device." <- WLAN UI message17:16
Stskeepssystemctl status connman.service17:16
ilpianistafailed \o/17:16
ilpianistaOct 22 19:02:02 Jolla connmand[1111]: Failed to change property: /ril_0 org.ofono.Modem.Po17:16
ilpianistawered: org.ofono.Error.InProgress Operation already in progress17:16
ilpianistaOct 22 19:02:03 Jolla connmand[1111]: Failed to change property: /ril_0 org.ofono.Modem.On17:17
ilpianistaline: org.ofono.Error.InProgress Operation already in progress17:17
*** alexxy has quit IRC17:17
ilpianistaalso, Oct 22 19:02:17 Jolla connmand[1313]: Failed to set regulatory domain17:17
Stskeepsilpianista: interesting17:17
Stskeepsand ofono.service ?17:17
ilpianistais running17:18
ilpianistasystemctl connman restart works...mmm17:18
ilpianistaoh no, it died again17:19
Yaniel"oops, I died it again"17:19
ilpianistaOct 22 19:18:25 Jolla systemd[1]: connman.service start request repeated too quickly, refu17:19
ilpianistasing to start.17:19
*** Shinryuu has quit IRC17:19
ilpianistaOct 22 19:18:25 Jolla systemd[1]: connman.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.17:19
ilpianistaOct 22 19:18:24 Jolla systemd[1]: Unit connman.service entered failed state.17:19
ilpianistaOct 22 19:18:24 Jolla systemd[1]: connman.service: main process exited, code=killed, statu17:19
*** alexxy has joined #sailfishos17:19
ilpianistaand this message is there again: Oct 22 19:18:19 Jolla connmand[2580]: Failed to set regulatory domain17:19
Stskeepsilpianista: did you ever do any opt in to connman?17:20
ilpianistaI've a 802.1X wifi17:20
ilpianistaStskeeps: that was the culprit17:21
Stskeepstigeli: maybe an interesting specimen for you?17:21
Stskeepsespecially given the abrts17:22
sandsmarkgah, the gcc version in the SDK is so buggy17:22
ilpianistaStskeeps: the culprit was the old config file17:22
ilpianistathe profile still works17:22
tigelihmm it should not crash because of it..17:23
tigeliilpianista: can you send the crashing cfg to tigeli@jolla.com17:23
ilpianistaI'm trying again just in case17:23
ilpianistayup crashed again. it's the config17:24
*** N-Mi has quit IRC17:25
zoldyckcan I safely change /etc/hostname on Jolla?17:28
skvarkdoes js garbage collection behave differently in uitukka?17:28
Stskeepsskvark: mm?17:28
skvarkStskeeps: my app crashes at startup (there's an existing bug, object ownership is wrong) on uitukka, only reason I can think of is that js engine destroys the object immediately17:30
Stskeepsskvark: mail on sailfish-devel perhaps about it17:30
skvarkI'll fix my own bug in my app first :)17:31
Stskeepsit's a different js engine indeed17:31
skvarkyes, then it is the reason most likely17:31
*** martyone__ has joined #sailfishos17:32
*** schmittlauch has joined #sailfishos17:33
*** plfiorini has quit IRC17:34
*** lainwir3d has quit IRC17:36
*** pawky|2 has joined #sailfishos17:38
pawky|2WTF?... I just did a factory reset so now my phone is like 1.0 and when doing a check for update it tells me I've got the latest firmware.... duh?17:39
*** Sailor11736 has quit IRC17:39
Stskeeps1.0 is a bit moody at times, factory reset, log in with jolla account then immediately search for new updates17:40
pawky|2Stskeeps: but... this I have done..17:40
Stskeepstry again17:40
Morpog_PCreboot, try again :D17:40
pawky|2did that.. again17:40
Stskeepsour servers may be a bit slow atm17:40
pawky|2hmm... ok..17:40
Stskeepsdue to the opt in release17:40
Morpog_PCenable/disable wifi, try again17:40
pawky|2duh now it wanted to install the other half...white... haven't seen that.. lik ever..17:42
pawky|2Stskeeps: nope is the absolut newest and hottest Jolla version :-/17:43
* Stskeeps tries to forget
pawky|2Me to, except your servers doesn't let me...17:43
Morpog_PCpawky|2, delete jolla account, recreate and try again?17:43
pawky|2Morpog_PC: But.. i just created it17:44
Morpog_PCI remember there was some magic back then to get it find the updates17:44
Morpog_PCor wait, try via 3g, disable wifi17:44
Morpog_PCI can't remember what it was :D17:45
coderusthere is a bug? if headphones connected and incoming call there is ringtone come to headphones, but after accepting call i hear voice in phone, not headphones17:45
pawky|2Morpog_PC: ehh it doesnät let me check when not having wlan...17:45
* Morpog_PC seems to have bad memories17:46
pawky|2Morpog_PC: never mind17:46
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos17:47
skvarkwhen composing a tweet in the gallery the text box will be covered by the keyboard because of the new dialog, usability problem17:48
Morpog_PCskvark, I guess you should post that on tjc17:51
*** zoldyck has quit IRC17:52
pawky|2Nope 3G didn't do the trick :'(17:54
pawky|2It still doesn't want to upgrade beyond its
*** chris__ has joined #sailfishos17:55
skvarkMorpog_PC: posted17:55
pawky|2I am lost for words.... and upgrades....17:56
sandsmarkis there any crypto libraries available in the sailfish sdk?17:57
*** zalan_ has joined #sailfishos17:57
sandsmarkcan't find headers for nss nor openssl17:57
Morpog_PCpawky|2, did you check your date and clock settings?17:58
pawky|2Morpog_PC: oh..17:58
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos17:58
pawky|2Morpog_PC: 19:58 22 of october, pretty much... now17:58
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:58
*** wickwire has quit IRC17:58
Morpog_PCtry to set it even more exactly :)17:59
pawky|2I did chose automatic now...17:59
*** zalan has quit IRC18:00
Morpog_PCand try to install an app from store first18:00
pawky|2problem with store...18:03
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:03
*** bugzy has quit IRC18:03
*** tohtoris has quit IRC18:04
Morpog_PCcoderus, mitakuuluu is kinda slow now hen opening a converation18:05
*** Lipevakala_ has quit IRC18:06
pawky|2Morpog_PC: It just tells me "problem with store"18:06
Morpog_PCok, if that doesn't work it won't get the update18:07
Morpog_PCtry another wifi18:07
pawky|2Morpog_PC: great.. but how to fix it?18:07
pawky|2another??? its my own wifi..18:07
Morpog_PCwifi was really picky on
pawky|2but, I have the same stuff now as then18:07
Morpog_PCtry disabling wifi, enabling again, then immidiatly install an app18:07
*** cloanta_ has quit IRC18:07
pawky|2Morpog_PC: nope18:08
coderusMorpog_PC: i know ;)18:09
pawky|2Morpog_PC: I can surf at least...18:09
*** uvatbc has quit IRC18:10
Morpog_PChmm, try recreating jolla account again18:10
pawky|2Morpog_PC: did that.. nope18:10
Morpog_PCtry installing an app via 3g?18:11
pawky|2Morpog_PC: nope18:12
*** Bernte has quit IRC18:12
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:13
pawky|2Morpog_PC: cannot even install developer mode, thus no terminal...18:13
pawky|2any ideas anybody, how to get my super factory reset Jolla to upgrade and be able to install apps?18:16
*** Andy80 has quit IRC18:16
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos18:17
schmittlauchpawky|2: What about a factory reset? ;P18:19
pawky|2It just tells me "problem with store"18:19
pawky|2schmittlauch: really funny.... ha ha18:19
schmittlauchpawky|2: I'm sorry, couldn't resist18:19
pawky|2schmittlauch: :-/18:19
Armadillopawky|2: try to remove jolla account and readd it18:20
schmittlauchMaybe just wait and try again tomorrow? that somehow did the trick for me18:20
pawky|2Armadillo: I already did..18:20
Armadillothis solved the "problem with store" problem for me two times18:20
*** m4g0g has quit IRC18:20
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos18:21
pawky|2Armadillo: But the phone is just super factory reset, and I put the account there twice...18:25
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos18:26
Armadillopawky|2: can you activate the developer mode?18:28
pawky|2nope :-(18:28
pawky|2it needs the store for that...18:28
Armadillothat's bad18:28
pawky|2I am in rescue mode shell right now though :-)18:28
Sail0rpebbled: symbol lookup error: pebbled: undefined symbol: _ZN11QtBluetooth16QBluetoothSocket16staticMetaObje ctE what's the new method to be used with the new sailfishrelease?18:29
*** flash1 has quit IRC18:32
*** martyone__ has quit IRC18:32
*** nomeata has quit IRC18:34
*** zoldyck has quit IRC18:35
*** zoldyck has joined #sailfishos18:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos18:37
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:40
pawky|2so.. there is nobody in here who might know how to get my recently factory reset phone able to connect to the jolla stor and/or upgrade the firmware?18:41
*** dharman has joined #sailfishos18:41
Morpog_PCStskeeps, ?18:44
Morpog_PCany pointer to a sailor?18:44
Morpog_PCfor pawky|218:44
Morpog_PCtried rebooting?18:45
Stskeepsask me tomorrow18:45
pawky|2could it be some old ip somewewhere, or something embedded in the store config?18:45
pawky|2yes... I am now in rescue mode to have a little peek18:45
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos18:46
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos18:46
*** flash1 has quit IRC18:46
pawky|2Stskeeps: I will... :-)18:52
pawky|2until then, is there someone else who might have some hints on what to look for?18:52
skvarkhmm, quick scroll disappeared from listview in my app18:52
skvarkin another page it works inside same app o.o18:54
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos18:55
tortoisedocupdate! :D18:55
tadzikit's installing \o/18:57
pawky|2tortoisedoc: I wish.....18:58
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos19:00
tortoisedocpawky|2 : what is not working for you?19:00
*** NC__ has quit IRC19:02
pawky|2tortoisedoc: well... got some problems, did a super reset back to factory and now I can neither reach the jolla store nor upgrade...19:02
pawky|2i am super stuck so to speak..19:03
pawky|2not being able to reach the jolla store makes it impossible to even get into developer mode... so I am now in rescue mode to have a peek what it might be...19:03
*** yulimoto has quit IRC19:07
*** piggz has quit IRC19:08
*** yulimoto has joined #sailfishos19:09
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos19:10
*** louisdk has quit IRC19:14
tortoisedocpawky|2 : what was the cause of this?19:14
tortoisedocalso, isnt there factory-reset images for flashing nowadays available?19:15
tortoisedoc(at least I recall some mentioning about them in facebook group?)19:15
pawky|2tortoisedoc: well... i did that trick to move android data to be upon the external sd card, so far so good... it worked nicely.... until I rebooted. I believe the mounting needed some tweaking, but it was to late.. so I got a boot loop19:16
pawky|2thats the very short story of it :-)19:17
pawky|2fair enough, its all reset, but now I need to get it back up to par...19:17
pawky|2but it will not connect to neither the store, nor upgrade...19:18
pawky|2I can surf on it though... so I got internet..19:18
tortoisedocquickbar blackscreens ;_;19:18
*** melonipoika_ has quit IRC19:22
tortoisedocpawky|2 :
tortoisedocthis is the factory image thing I was talking about19:23
M4rtinKlooks like tracker or its database format has been updated19:27
kontiotortoisedoc: pawky|2 I would not recommend that... there were reports, that the device bricked...19:27
M4rtinKso it is busy reindexing everything19:27
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos19:27
kontioeven worse than where pawky|2 is at the moment...19:27
kontiopawky|2: can you try on if your user/pwd you try in the jolla account on the phone are working resp. correct19:28
kontioand that under devices (menu in the upper right corner) lists your device19:29
*** Bernte has quit IRC19:29
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos19:34
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos19:37
pawky|2kontio: ok will try :-)19:39
coderuskontio: check the link and enjoy your justice:
*** zalan_ has quit IRC19:40
pawky|2kontio: yes I could log in :-)19:40
kontiook so far the pw/user seems to work and is correct :)19:41
Morpog_PCphew, ggod that I downloaded while it lasted :D19:41
jalomannFYI. Made an update and everything look to ok.19:41
pawky|2Morpog_PC: well.. I didnt... :-(19:42
kontiopawky|2: after the factory reset, during the start up wizard did you create a new account or did you use that one which you just tested?19:42
Morpog_PCpawky|2, well I would recommened to wait for Stskeeps tomorrow19:42
pawky|2Morpog_PC: a new account..19:42
kontiopawky|2: and that is the one you tested now?19:42
pawky|2Morpog_PC: I know... but I do have all the time in the world now.. :-)19:42
Morpog_PCor try konio's suggestions19:42
pawky|2kontio: yes19:42
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos19:43
kontiopawky|2: I didn't follow all in back log :) you say otherwise internet connections works, as browser works?19:43
pawky|2Morpog_PC: :-)19:43
*** Bernte has quit IRC19:43
pawky|2kontio: yes19:43
pawky|2I logged into the with it :-)19:44
kontiopawky|2: and you also already tried to remove the account and add again?19:44
kontioon the phone?19:44
pawky|2kontio: well... yes, removed and then input the existing account again19:44
pawky|2like so: factory reset -> created new account ->tried stuff, nope -> removed account -> inserted existing account again.19:45
pawky|2(existing att that is)19:45
kontiopawky|2: hmm I remember that some of the first versions had problems at least with email accounts when just changed and added again, w/o a reboot in between... not sure if it helps in your case... but worth a try I'd say... remove the jolla account... reboot... reboot... and add it again...19:46
coderusIf someone need factory image to recover devicce you can contact me for the link and help.19:46
pawky|2kontio: yeah, i remember that to, in the old days... I never had that problem.. but I will do so :-)19:47
kontioalso not sure if store/jolla account is affected :)19:47
*** jalomann has quit IRC19:47
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos19:49
*** Bernte has quit IRC19:53
tortoisedocgiucam : was anything changed on how notification windows are rendered?19:54
*** Finlod has quit IRC19:57
tortoisedocgiucam: it appears that background of them is not transparent anymre19:58
tortoisedocgiucam: it appears that background of them is not transparent anymopre19:58
*** dharman has quit IRC19:58
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos19:58
*** dhbiker has quit IRC19:59
coderusMSameer: you noticed cameraplus not working in Uitukka?20:01
MSameerthe fix is in git but I did not have time to do a release20:02
MSameersince the update was out today20:02
coderusMSameer: should i compile it myself?|20:03
MSameerfeel free :)20:03
coderusMSameer: hm20:08
coderusMSameer: i need to have qt5.2 devel to build it now, right?20:08
MSameeroh crap20:09
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:09
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos20:09
MSameerand the sdk is not out20:09
MSameerand probably obs is still using old qt20:09
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos20:09
coderusMSameer: how did you do it then? :D20:09
MSameerlbt: and plan to add the newest sailfish release to obs targets?20:09
tortoisedocyep crap :/20:09
MSameercoderus: I work for jolla :p20:09
coderusMSameer: lol20:09
NokiusMSameer: yeah the SDK is missing20:09
coderusupload new version then please20:09
MSameercoderus: can it wait for tomorrow?20:10
coderusnooo... :(20:11
coderustoo many cameraplus users feeling pain when it crashing at startup20:11
MSameerproblem is I use obs to build releases20:12
MSameerdo you want to tell me that I have users ? :D20:12
coderusMSameer: sure!20:12
Nokiuscan some developer please conform that a Webpage is needed to submit application to the Jolla Harbor!? Cos some apps have stupid entry here :-/20:12
coderusit was not me who found cameraplus not working first20:12
Nokiusiirc there updated OBS or they ware talking about it20:13
giucamtortoisedoc: uhm.. where do you see that?20:13
Nokiusmay we have to ask lbt20:13
giucamnotifications like new mail?20:13
tortoisedocgiucam : quickbar20:13
MSameercoderus: I will wait for lbt to answer. If he does not then I will build it and try to push a release20:14
tortoisedochas something to do either with transparency20:14
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:14
tortoisedocor the hack we used to force the surface to become not visible (as context was kept active even after surface was hidden)20:14
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos20:14
kontioNokius: what do you mean? iirc the URL is not a mandatory field in Harbour20:14
giucami don't have quickbar.. what type of notification is it?20:15
coderusMSameer: can you build and send it to me? i'll share to my friends at least :\20:15
Nokiusjust saw that e.g. Qsipcale has in this field so I got this question20:16
Nokiuskontio: ^20:16
tortoisedocgiucam : it is not a type, just quickbar's window is of type notification20:16
MSameercoderus: I use obs for building. I don't even know how to build it on my laptop :(20:16
giucamtortoisedoc: like the one you get when receiving a new mail or message with the screen on?20:17
MSameercoderus: that's why I am stuck waiting for lbt but if he does not answer then I will use jolla obs for that20:17
Nokiuskontio: its in the Store just wanted to see if I can reported an Error to the dev without filling the comment section in Harbor20:17
kontioNokius: iirc that might be the 'example' text in the text field :)20:18
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos20:18
Nokiuskontio: oh20:18
giucamtortoisedoc: yeah, you're right20:18
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:19
coderusMSameer: mb2 build -t SailfishOS-armv7hl rpm/harbour-cameraplus.spec20:19
kontioiekku: nazanin: ^^ we need to check in future that there something reasonable is... seems some write just into the URL field...20:19
tortoisedocgiucam : as in?20:19
giucamtortoisedoc: as in the background is not transparent20:19
MSameercoderus: it's not that simple because I need to create a new sdk target and stuff20:19
coderusMSameer: ah :(20:20
MSameercoderus: I will do it but I will wait for lbt first20:20
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos20:20
coderusMSameer: sure20:20
giucami don't remember what it looked like in u8, i haven't been using it in too long time :)20:20
tortoisedocgiucam : of quickbar or all notifications?20:20
giucamtortoisedoc: i just sent me a mail20:20
coderusi thought you already have new target on board :)20:20
tortoisedocgiucam : you just sent you a mail? :P20:20
MSameercoderus: I do have it but the RPM copies some stuff from the sysroot so I need to make sure I am using the exact release20:20
giucamyeah :)20:21
Nokiuskontio:  exept Jolla all other devs use this filed (after a quick check) may adding a not that its  not needed may helps preventing from "unusable" entrees :-/ but not sure20:21
pketolaikontio: Nokius: looks like website is a required field for some reason, or then there is a bug in the validation logic :)20:22
coderusMSameer: hmm-m-m!20:22
giucamtortoisedoc: anyway, nothing changed that i know of. i'll look at it20:22
Nokiuspketolai: thanks :)20:22
coderusMSameer: maybe you can share updated headers and library? :)20:22
kontiopketolai: ok, I though it's not mandatory :)20:22
chem|stcoderus: sure but with limitations + the whole 'space-eating' data is on /data/media20:23
chem|stcoderus: what are you trying to do?20:23
tortoisedocgiucam : it is weird, recompiling the app seems to get transparency back somehow20:23
MSameercoderus: it means a full sdk release because some dependencies have changed20:23
tortoisedocbut the surface does not disappear anymore20:23
*** Ronni has joined #sailfishos20:23
MSameercoderus: I can get you the github tag and the git url for qt if you want but I really don't recommend that20:23
Nokiuskontio  pketolai may I will added it to tjc cos it makes no sense to me to have useless stuff here20:24
giucamtortoisedoc: you can remove the hack to hide it20:24
pketolaiNokius: no need to put it on tjc, noted, thanks :)20:24
Nokiuspketolai: welcome :)20:25
kontioNokius: yes, we will check with iekku20:25
Ronnihi folks20:25
Nokiuskontio: ^20:25
*** piggz has quit IRC20:26
coderusMSameer: i wanna try20:29
coderusMSameer: header and lib should be enough to get it working again :)20:29
MSameercoderus: I can get you the github tag and the git url for qt if you want but I really don't recommend that20:30
MSameerwhat's the version of update 9 ?20:30
MSameer1.x.x.x <- ?20:30
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos20:30
* MSameer too lazy to look it up20:30
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:31
NokiusMSameer: coderus just had a quick look on the obs it looks like its in qt5.2 the sailfish-utilities is build with it an its for
coderusyeah it's very silly to look how sailors trying to remember last public sailfish version :)20:32
MSameerNokius: do you have a link?20:32
NokiusMSameer:  sure —>
MSameercoderus: it's not silly. they are a lot and I am already working on the next update20:33
NokiusMSameer: hope its the same as the on in the store :)20:33
coderusMSameer: for us its silly :)20:33
MSameerNokius: I can move to latest20:33
Nokiuskimmoli:  Hi is this the same  as the one in the store :)20:33
*** Bernte has quit IRC20:33
MSameerthe issue with building cameraplus is that the whole project has to be copied to the internal obs and built20:34
Nokiusif yes obs is may on qt5.2 :)20:34
kimmolidunno, i dont see it in store, so tried to build, but translations missing when installing20:34
MSameerno it's not20:35
MSameer[   58s] [139/146] installing qt5-qtcore-5.1.0+git37-1.15.220:35
sandsmark«/home/sandsmark/src/bluefish/src/snapchat.cpp:594: internal compiler error: in mark_dies, at dwarf2out.c:10832» :V20:35
Nokiuskimmoli:  it is its a bit hiden20:36
kimmoliunderstood that...20:36
*** Ronni has quit IRC20:36
sandsmarkis there any way to install a more modern compiler in wherever the SDK tries to build stuff?20:37
Nokiuskimmoli: see here
kimmoliNokius: yes yes.. noforme :)20:38
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos20:38
Nokiusokay will drop out here cu tomorrow :) have a good one20:39
*** spider-mario has quit IRC20:43
M4rtinKany idea why tracker is trying to index the content of zip files ? :)20:47
M4rtinKit is logging a bunch of errors to the Journal trying to index my epubs20:48
M4rtinK(which are technically zip files)20:48
*** R-Z has quit IRC20:50
MSameercoderus: building20:51
*** chris__ is now known as _cvp_20:52
r0kk3rzM4rtinK: because its tracker, it does silly things like that20:57
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M4rtinKr0kk3rz: yeah, that makes sense :)21:02
M4rtinKI wonder what one of those zip bombs would do to it :)21:02
*** misprint has joined #sailfishos21:02
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos21:04
r0kk3rzcould be an attack vector, get malware file onto jolla, and get tracker to try and open it21:04
*** Shinryuu has joined #sailfishos21:04
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M4rtinKr0kk3rz: thats actually a really good point21:07
M4rtinKwe are basically one buffer overrun in any of the file format parsing functions away from an exploit21:08
M4rtinK*one buffer overrun away21:09
*** joonahoi has joined #sailfishos21:10
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M4rtinKinteresting, looks like Python 3 was also recompiled21:17
M4rtinKno version changes though21:17
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos21:17
M4rtinKand it was most probably just due to OBS21:18
*** krendil has quit IRC21:20
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stephgyey update (if anyone's still up)22:09
* stephg now busy's himself disabling things left, right and centre for a clean transition22:09
*** grzywacz has joined #sailfishos22:09
r0kk3rzdisable ALL of the things22:12
stephgr0kk3rz: I will :) I've got to now from December without a recovery22:14
stephgI lookforward to keeping it that way!22:14
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC22:16
r0kk3rzim sure it will be fine22:17
r0kk3rzdepends on what youve done to yours though22:17
*** jjarven has quit IRC22:17
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stephgsorry was frying eggs22:25
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos22:25
stephgr0kk3rz: compared to some here, I've been quite conservative: I need it to work as a phone22:25
*** Bernte has quit IRC22:26
r0kk3rzyou should be fine then, i tend to not put in community patches for this reason22:26
stephgditto, have a handful of openrepos things I'm now disabling22:27
stephgbut truth be told the only one I worry about is zram22:27
r0kk3rzyeah that might break things22:27
*** NC__ has joined #sailfishos22:30
*** Bernte has joined #sailfishos22:30
stephgsirensong is staying where it it tho' ;)22:31
*** zoldyck has quit IRC22:31
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos22:32
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r0kk3rzalready tested that, works fine22:37
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos22:40
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*** Penthotal has joined #sailfishos22:46
r0kk3rzgot half a new library menu sorted out today22:46
r0kk3rzneeds another layer, and some playlist functions, but i think it will work well22:47
*** rusty88 has quit IRC22:48
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stephgwell so far so good. I've had a lipstick crash on first boot and a new (tangentially related) android dialogue asking me about play services and geolocation23:09
stephgbut now bed23:09
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC23:14
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos23:17
_miqu_Good evening23:17
_miqu_I am trying to recover a Jolla that had problem with installing the last update out today.23:19
_miqu_The problem is that the screen doesnt turn on when starting the phone after the jolla logo is shown.23:20
*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos23:21
_miqu_Found the problem on
_miqu_The solution suggest I finish the install on recovery mode. I am trying to do that but the problem is that I didnt have Zypper installed and pkcon doesnt work on recovery mode.23:23
*** qqK has quit IRC23:23
_miqu_So what I need is a link to download zypper to my computer that I can then move to Jolla via the USB networking23:24
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:24
*** inte_awa` has quit IRC23:24
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos23:24
_miqu_Can I get a link to zypper package from Sailfish repository or mer repository to install it on my recovery mode Jolla.23:25
*** NC__ has quit IRC23:25
*** inte_away has quit IRC23:27
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