Saturday, 2014-11-01

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kimmolicoderus: that charging works (at least with cheap chinese car-chargers) if there is undervoltage shutdown, that doesnt work. But who is carrying car-charger without a car?08:29
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coderuskimmoli: car charger can be disassembled and parts used, also with battery connectors instead of key + tape :D09:53
kimmoliyes, but if you need toadhoc-survive..09:54
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coderuswell, thats about carrying cheapest parts in backpack09:55
kimmoliif you get lost in forest and battery is dead, do you have car-charger and 9V battery with you? maybe 9V battery and some steelwool to make fire09:56
coderusand load of batteries :D09:56
kimmolior solar-toh, and wish it is sunny day09:56
coderusthats sad i'm not in europe/finland09:56
kimmolimaybe those biolite stoves could be usefull09:57
coderusi'll buy all your tohs then and solder some of mine own :)09:57
kimmoliall 180 ?09:57
coderusi mean useful electronic ones :)09:58
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kimmoliok, then i'm out of stock09:58
coderusvery like idea of breadboard10:00
coderusbut i didnt any soldering except simple headphones repair for a couple of years...10:01
coderusin past did some atmel stuff and assembler firmwares :D10:01
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kimmoli but with breadboard, no need to solder anything...10:16
kimmoliatleast to get started10:16
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tbrsimple enough to take a mytoh and a few jumper wires :)10:27
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cos-feature req: option to disable internet connection request dialogs12:07
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cos-if i have all conections disabled, for example googele map opens the dialog every 10 secs12:09
cos-and hill climb racing opens it during gameplay12:09
cos-i dont know how it works on real android devices, but on jolla its annoying12:10
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kimmolicos-: ^12:47
kimmoliand i agree, it is PITA. I could live with one popup, and selection "no, i don't want to" (or smaller notification saying that "you're not connected")12:48
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the_raven24hi, quick question: where do I find the finished RPM file when I compile an app with the SDK?14:33
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Yanielis it still in the RPMBUILD folder?14:39
Yanielor was that changed recently14:39
the_raven24Yaniel: in the mersdk vm?14:40
Yanielno, in your home directory14:41
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Yanielif not there then it is in the project folder14:41
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the_raven24I have the release build dir for the arm target, but no rpm inside...14:43
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Yanieldid you choose deploy by building rpm14:45
Yanieland hit deploy14:46
the_raven24ok, I was only trying "build" not "deploy".14:46
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coderuskimmoli: i'm not complainig :)15:52
kimmolicoderus: about what?15:52
coderuskimmoli: soldering15:53
kimmolicoderus: should i?15:53
coderus15:16 < kimmoli>  but with breadboard, no need to solder anything...15:54
coderus15:16 < kimmoli> atleast to get started15:54
coderusi'm not complainig it requiring soldering, i'm happy to solder something useful really :)15:55
kimmoliwhatever.. i prefer soldering over using a breadboard anyway...15:56
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john24hello guys :) Would anyone be able to help me out with xmllistmodel ?17:12
cos-kimmoli: yep.. but i think just a checkbox option for this would be the best way to do it17:13
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john24does anyonw know how to the real the name of xml category?17:23
cos-john24: perhaps you should ask on a qml channel17:24
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john24there is a qml channel?17:25
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john24thank you :)17:27
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coderusjohn24: it depends on xml17:31
john24I am trying to read a category name of the element17:31
coderusshow xml first17:31
john24I am treying to stread "stream 0"17:32
john24to actually get the string stream 0 back17:32
john24because I need to associate types with stream names17:32
john24so I would know that stream 0 is video and stream 6 is a subtitle17:33
john24and so on17:33
john24to get the element I use:17:34
john24XmlRole{ name: "type"; query: "information/category[@name='Stream 0']/info[@name='Type']/string()"}17:34
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john24and it works fine but then I am hardcoding the streams name and I don't actually back any information about what stream it is17:34
coderusit what mean hardcoding?17:39
coderususing variable?17:40
john24XmlRole{ name: "type"; query: "information/category[@name='Stream 0']/info[@name='Type']/string()"}17:41
john24I used  @name='Stream 0' to test if I get data17:41
john24but depending on the movie there could be 3 streams 2 or even 1017:42
john24I am trying to get back the name of the stream and it's type17:42
john24so steam 0 is video, steam 1 is audio stream 6 a subtitle17:43
john24working on the new update for the VLC app to add ability for users to change audio and subititle tracks17:43
john24and for that I need to know what stream is of what type17:43
john24Sorry coderus if I am confusing you17:44
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coderusi mean if there linited nnumber of streams you can check ann?17:50
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john24I am not sure17:52
john24at this point I am wondering if it#s posible at all to read a category name17:53
coderusьфниу шеы уфышук ещ зфкыу цшер купучз,юю17:54
coderusmaybe it's easier to parse with regexp?17:54
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* coderus have high ping, chars showing in window after some seconds :D17:55
john24that's what I am wondering as well, just get it back as text and look for words stream count them and check their type17:55
john24I am using XMLHttpRequest() so I do get it all back as text before it's put into xmlmodel17:56
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* lbt wonders what the 'best' way is to react to a wlan connected state ... ie I want to listen to dbus and react when a wlan is connected; if the wlan ssid matches one I'm interested in I'll do something18:12
lbtlpotter maybe??? ^18:12
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coderusor its QNetworkConfigurationManager18:31
coderusdont remember it now18:31
*** igordcard has joined #sailfishos18:32
coderusit should be configuration manaager18:33
coderusit have configurationChanged signal18:33
coderusand configuration contains type and name (ssid) properties18:33
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lpotterlbt: I would suggest using libconnman-qt, as QNAM is currently broken
*** Wasp has quit IRC18:38
lpotterQtBearer stuff might work18:39
lpotterif you are just watching for a specific configuration18:39
coderuslpotter:  we dont need qnam herjust configuration manager18:41
lpotterI'd still suggest connman-qt :)18:44
* lbt gets back18:44
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lbtcoderus: lpotter: ty .. I'll look at them18:45
coderussure, just i never used connman18:45
coderuswill check it asap ;)18:45
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lpotterconnman-qt just has more detail18:49
lbtI'm kinda toying with the idea of systemd dbus integration too18:50
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sandsmarkhmm, does the qtquick stuff disconnect or block signals in setters?18:58
sandsmarkI tried connecting my usernameChanged() to a storeConfiguration(), but when the setter gets called the storeConfiguration doesn't18:58
sandsmarkmore of a qt question I guess18:59
sandsmarkand I keep getting this after a couple of launches of my app: [W] CameraBinSession::processBusMessage:919 - CameraBin error: "failed to open camera device 0: -1"19:01
sandsmarkhmm, I guess I could busyloop in Component.onDestruction until the camera is unloaded19:04
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nomeataI’m trying to use sailfish-qml for my QML-only app. What changes do I have to make to my .pro and .yaml file in qtcreater so that things still work?20:14
nomeataJust deleting the main source file and canging the Exec= line in the .desktop file was not enough, the project now fails building.20:14
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*** Funkeh` has joined #sailfishos20:29
coderusnomeata: you dont need pro file20:31
coderusonly yaml/spec20:31
coderussandsmark: you need to unload camera before killing/exiting process20:31
coderussandsmark: now you only need to reboot your devicce20:31
coderussadly there is no "safe" api20:31
coderusMSameer: ^20:32
sandsmarkhow can I make sure it is unloaded before my application exits?20:32
coderussandsmark: onDestruction: camera.state = Camera.Unloaded20:32
sandsmarkI thought about busylooping in Component.onDestruction, but it sounds ugly20:32
sandsmarkcoderus: I already do that20:32
sandsmarkI don't think it happens in time20:32
coderussandsmark: busy looping in destructor? wtf?20:33
MSameerkeep killing mm-qcamera-daemon as root until it reports no such process20:33
sandsmarkheh, ok20:33
MSameerthat should prevent you from rebooting20:33
coderusMSameer: good! thanks20:33
sandsmarkcoderus: yeah, while camera.state !== Camera.Unloaded20:33
coderusMSameer: yeah, good workaround indeed20:33
MSameerbut if it does not work then you will have to reboot20:33
sandsmarkso the destructor doesn't return until it is unloaded20:33
Accehmm.. for some reason, my property bindings are broken somehow.. it works first, then I push another page and when coming back to the original page, the bindings are broken20:33
Acceany ideas why this might happen?20:34
coderussandsmark: it shouldnt block app20:34
coderussandsmark: works well for me20:34
MSameercoderus: I think unloading camera should be the safe API20:34
coderusAcce: no unless you say more information :)20:34
sandsmarkcoderus: it doesn't block now, now I just do  Component.onDestruction: camera.state = Camera.Unloaded20:34
sandsmarkbut the camera still gets stuck20:34
coderusMSameer:  i mean intially need to unload camera20:34
coderusno same api lock to unload camera automatically at the end of mainloop20:34
coderussandsmark: use swipe down20:35
coderusnot Ctrl+C ;)20:35
sandsmarkyeah, I swipe :p20:35
coderussandsmark: works for me with no issues:
sandsmarkoh well, at least killing that process takes less time than rebooting20:35
Accehere's the code in question:
AcceI'm using mitakuuluu's capture page scheme for reloading the camera at times, with the _complete and _unload properties20:37
coderusAcce: so what bindings?20:37
nomeatacoderus: but without a qtcreate .pro file, wouldn’t I lose the nice integration for deploying my app on the emulator and such?20:37
coderusnomeata: well, sure for qtc20:37
coderusshow your pro20:37
Accebut after recording stops and going to VideoPreviewPage, coming back, the cameraState doesn't change, although _complete and _unload change20:37
coderusnomeata: i have no template for binaryless project20:38
Acceand the reload timer is triggered too20:38
coderusnomeata: but can try to remember it after seeing your pro20:38
Acceso it looks like the binding done on line 22 somehow breaks20:38
coderusAcce: what behaviour you expect?20:39
sandsmarknomeata: what error do you get?20:39
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos20:39
AcceI expect the cameraState to become Camera.ActiveState, after the reloadTimer is triggered (ie. _complete == true && _unload == false)20:40
Acceif I put camera.cameraState = Camera.ActiveState to the reloadTimer onTriggered, the camera changes state properly20:40
Accebut calling reload, (ie. setting _unload = true), the camera doesn't go to Camera.UnloadedState20:41
Accealthough it works before pushing & popping the preview page20:41
nomeatacoderus: it currently looks like this:
*** NC__ has quit IRC20:42
nomeatacoderus: (but maybe I shouldn’t bother too much, I don’t think there is much benefit from dropping the binary from the project)20:43
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:44
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coderusnomeata: remove TARGET20:48
*** fracting has quit IRC20:48
coderusremove CONFIG20:48
coderusadd qml.files = qml20:48
coderusqml.path = /usr/share/yourproject20:48
coderusand INSTALLS = qml20:48
coderusadd desktop and icon same way20:48
coderusremove TRANSLATIONS also20:49
coderusshould work this way :)20:49
coderusAcce: try to change this:
coderusto cameraState == Camera.UnloadedState20:50
coderusi'm not sure in using status property20:50
nomeatacoderus: thanks!20:50
Accecoderus: hmm.. no change :/ after popping the page, I get the "Reloaded" message in console, but onCameraStateChanged is not executed20:55
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coderusAcce: not executed?21:01
coderusAcce: remove _complete = true from page stateChanged21:02
Accehmm, no change in behavior21:07
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos21:08
Accecoderus: yesh I found it! on L49 I did camera.cameraState = Camera.UnloadedState, which obviously broke the binding ^^'21:12
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