Monday, 2014-11-10

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stephgit's FRId... oh no wait08:07
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coderusr0kk3rz_: wtf?08:17
coderus19:04 < r0kk3rz_> coderus should port mitakuuluu to libpurple08:17
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r0kk3rz_not whatsapp to purple. mitakuuluu client08:25
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tbrnow if jolla would open source the messaging client, then someone could add group chat to it08:28
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r0kk3rz_good morning beautiful sunny Helsinki08:37
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r0kk3rz_tbr that would be ideal, but until then we can extend mitakuuluu to be a swiss army knife of chat standards08:42
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* tbr does not believe in that approach08:42
tbrplatform integrated multi protocol messaging is the way forward08:42
tbrcf N900 and N9(50)08:43
stephgtbr +108:44
* tbr gently stabs Stskeeps to remind him about U9 and the messaging open sourcing (once he's back to a working condition after his travels)08:46
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r0kk3rz_yeah i agree that integrated is best, but that puts more work onto jolla08:48
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pp_would be so awesome if the n900 skype stuff could be shoehorned in :P08:49
pp_(tho I guess it won't work anymore, must have been protocol changes since)08:49
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r0kk3rz_yeah thats the problem with closed protocols08:50
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pp_they added support for NSA at some point08:51
tbrr0kk3rz_: it doesn't. libpurple, telepathy, etc. just the messaging frontend needs to open up08:51
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r0kk3rz_pp_: they did that when they centralized the skype servers and disabled p2p08:52
Armadillothis doesn#t need changes to the client API, this would be done on the server side ;)08:53
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r0kk3rz_presumably jolla hasnt opened the messaging client for a reason though08:58
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zGrrmoin :)09:09
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kapinterHi guys! I just released an app to harbour and it got accepted, but I can't install it and also some users complain too, it says some server timeout error. Any ideas who can I contact?09:40
Nicd-is it "7 minutes exercise"?09:40
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Nicd-looks like I'm unable to install it too09:43
Nicd-"Problem with store"09:43
r0kk3rz_Maybe the db is having issues again09:43
kapinterNicd-: yes it is, if you check the comments some of them are complaining, that they can't download it09:46
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fluxI had the same problem upgrading Paint09:47
fluxwell, not maybe the same09:47
fluxbut the upgrade won't stick :)09:47
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kapinterflux: r0kk3rz_: Nicd-: any ideas who can pinged about this problem?09:56
pketolaikapinter: should work now09:56
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kapinterpketolai: works! :-) Thanks! the app name under the icon is harbour-7min... What is wrong? What should I change?10:16
pketolaikapinter: Name value in the .desktop file10:19
kapinterok, I will update it10:19
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coderuswow wow,, thanks :)10:23
coderusahw rong channel again :D10:24
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flux99 is strong in russian as well I see :)10:33
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forgrimmIs there a harbourallowed way to create notifications?10:51
kontioforgrimm: see:
coderusforgrimm: mlite510:53
coderuskontio: no need for dbus10:54
coderusmlite5 is allowed in harbour10:54
kontiothere are many ways leading to rome, as they say :)10:54
nodevelHey! Is there any way to precache images in QtQuick? I know I could create 10 hidden Image {} elements, but that doesn't seem right :)10:56
forgrimmkk, will check out mlite5. I guessed thats whats used in mitaluuluu? then I will look there10:56
coderusforgrimm: yep. it just providing MNotification class10:58
coderusnodevel: what the matter?10:58
forgrimmbut the app needs to at least stay open in cover as a background service is not yet allowed?10:59
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coderusforgrimm: yep'11:01
nodevelcoderus: I'm improving my weather app - one can browse through weather maps (images), but it takes time to load them, so I would like to be able to preload next ~10 images (for the next 10 hours) initially, so the user can scroll through them without waiting.11:01
coderuskontio: when you'll need to add action, you will encode dbus arguments manually? :D11:02
nodevelcoderus: It can also be used to create an animation (first load 10 images, then run a slideshow)11:02
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coderusnodevel: if using listview you can increase cacheBuffer11:03
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nodevelcoderus: thanks, will try listview. my guess is it will still result in multiple Image elements in the end.11:06
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m4g0gSK_work: hi. Sorry, you told me the nick of the guy, who can help me with adding picasa suppport to google account. Can you repeat his nick?Sorry.11:43
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tortoisedoccoderus : really? Mittakuulu project dev death11:57
coderustortoisedoc: yep11:57
tortoisedoccoderus: I am surprised by this outcome, realluy11:58
coderusi realized it very poor coded and it's not flexible enough to fit whatsapp changes11:58
tortoisedoccoderus: mostly about Jolla's silence about this11:58
tortoisedocah so it was only protocol issue? :P11:58
coderustortoisedoc: should Jolla care about 3rd aprty apps? i dont think so.11:58
tortoisedoccoderus : well, third party devs are part of ecosystem, so yes?11:59
tortoisedocbut that's only my 2 c11:59
coderustortoisedoc: not protocol, just new features, i have noway to keep and track it with current codebase11:59
tortoisedoccoderus : no support from others?11:59
coderustortoisedoc: yep11:59
tortoisedoccoderus : well, that sucks bigtime11:59
coderusonly tons of issues:
tortoisedoccoderus : sorry for you :/12:00
Armadillobut 257 closed vs 31 open is not bad ;)12:00
tortoisedocyea 31 bugs is not the end of the world! :P12:01
Juubawhatsapp "banning" unofficial app users is.12:02
tortoisedoccoderus : is lack of resources / support really the only reason behind the clousure?12:02
tortoisedocJuuba : banning why? cause of protocol issue or just cause? This is VERY unclear to me12:02
coderus23 bugs in one month12:03
Juubaie. potentially unsafe12:03
Juubaor that's what they say12:03
coderusactually whatsapp can't detect unofficial clients if we wont do mistakes12:03
coderusit's all our fault12:04
coderusprotocol hackers, i mean12:04
Armadillocoderus maybe you can find some supporters if you alert the users with a popup at app start or something like that12:04
Armadillothere should be some people under your mass of users who could help12:04
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tortoisedoccoderus : more details?12:05
tortoisedocnot updated protocol -> leads to unofficial client discovery -> leads to lockout?12:05
Armadilloso all users should be affected, but this doesn#t happen as I understood12:06
coderustortoisedoc: well, yes12:06
phaeronbut not all android users update, they must keep backward compatibility12:06
tortoisedoc:D, hah cheap ass whatsapp inventors :P12:06
Armadillohm :-/12:06
coderusi recently enabled automatic version update on my server, to match latest android version tag12:06
coderusbut actually features in mitakuuluu not changing to match android :)12:07
tortoisedocphaeron : indeed they have to12:07
tortoisedocI mean, they can force people to upgrade, but not instantly12:07
tortoisedocso just following the protocol's evolution should be enough?12:08
coderusphaeron: android client updated automatically and just noticing you when it already downloaded updated version :)12:08
phaeroncoderus: unless you disable autoupdate in play store12:08
coderusphaeron: it comes from whatsapp servers directly in whatsapp application, it doesnt came from any store12:08
tortoisedoccoderus : but you could  implement similar mechanics?12:09
tortoisedoc(ie to autoupdate)=12:09
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coderusphaeron: application checking version itself and downloading update itself, and noticing people it have downloaded update and only need to click install button12:10
coderustortoisedoc: i already have it12:10
phaeroncoderus: not everyone clicks the install button :D12:10
tortoisedocaah ok but ofc, if your version does not match latest protocol, youre out of the run :/12:10
locusfI apparently have to download the entire u9 sdk package instead of using the update tool?12:10
Armadillou9 is not compatible with the former sdk, so yes12:11
coderustortoisedoc: there is set of supported versions, not just latest  one12:11
coderuslocusf: u9 have qtc 3.x12:11
locusfcoderus: oh yeah that too12:11
coderuslocusf: if you still want to develop using 2.x qtc you can update itself with zypper12:12
coderusbut qtc update tool should download new qtc too12:12
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coderustortoisedoc: but mitakuuluu actual issue isn't in whatsapp protocol or etc.12:13
coderusit's in mitakuuluu developer :D12:13
locusfbad design choises?12:14
locusfI've had that too12:14
tortoisedoccoderus : you live you learn, so what :P12:14
coderuscan't implement more features on current codebase12:14
coderustoo tight12:14
tortoisedoccoderus : refactor :P12:14
coderusand altering tables not saving12:15
tortoisedocaltering tables?12:15
coderusi need more columns12:15
locusfsqlite tables I guess12:15
locusfthose don't have any viable migration solution?12:15
* tortoisedoc shrugs12:15
tortoisedocso DB design is required too12:16
coderusfor new feature alter table again and again12:16
tortoisedocyeah :D12:16
tortoisedocsounds familiar to other DB projects ive worked on12:16
tortoisedoci wonder if somethign similar than sqlite exists for nosql db's?12:17
tortoisedocand I thought i  just had a good idea :D12:17
locusfhmm is SailfishOS Silica API now Beta too? Not just the SDK?12:20
coderuslocusf:  seems so12:20
phaeronI guess working on a telepathy plugin instead of a full UI could be easier ?12:20
phaeronprobably already suggested by someone12:21
phaeron seems to be based on telepathy-qt12:21
coderusphaeron: working on libqtwa is better than working on telepathy plugin or end-user application12:21
coderusbut nobody dont wan't to contribute here12:21
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phaeroncoderus: maybe it is not visible enough. still needs to plugin to something to be useable (-> telepathy qt -> native messages)12:22
locusfcoderus: maybe we (as in Nemo) could help you out in testing the libqtwa as our messaging api client interface is open?12:26
locusfalthough its quite ancient12:26
phaeronwhich api is close on sailfish ? nemo and sailfish share the telepathy middleleware12:27
forgrimmMaybe it's an idea to get a new client integrated in the messaging app from sailfish. Even if it means that pictures would not work in conversion at first. But you link them to open in gallery.12:27
coderusphaeron: there is libpurple and whatsapp-purple available12:28
coderusbut i really have no idea how to connect them together :D12:28
phaeronpurple is "heavy".12:29
phaeronand seems to have issues as well
coderusand i never worked for telepathy and so :)12:29
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Juubaexperienced an odd bug today12:33
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC12:33
Juubarunning update 9, apps wouldn't start12:33
Juuba"desktop folders" would open as "greyed out"12:33
*** chriadam has joined #sailfishos12:34
Juubalaunching anythign launched the app that is in the location in the main desktop, not the one in that spot in the folder I opened12:34
Juubafirst app I launched, that failed and seemed to initiate the fault was an android app12:34
Juubawouldn't recover, had to reboot12:35
giucamJuuba: the folder bug is known and will be fixed in u1012:35
*** Sailor11736_ has joined #sailfishos12:35
coderusgiucam: we reported about this bug when u9 wasn't launched yet, but nobody cares :D12:36
coderusgiucam: i happy to see you understood it's really a bug in update, and its not about using unofficial released updates :D12:36
Juubabut is it related, as no app would start12:37
Juubajust opened the covers, but they would try starting, then closed12:37
giucamoh, actually it may be another thing... no app at all?12:37
coderusJuuba: did you updated crrectly?12:38
Juubafull reset to phone12:38
Juubathe apply updates12:38
Juubadefine: correct way to update12:38
giucamyou said the app in the main launcher grid below the folder starts12:38
Juubagiucam: yes12:38
Juubabut at the same time12:38
Juubait failed to start12:38
Juubaas did any other12:39
giucamah, it starts and then dies?12:39
Juubalaunched from the "main desktop"12:39
Juubastart, opens cover icon, then dies12:39
Juubano "fullscreen"12:39
giucamok, that i don't know.. do you have developer mode?12:39
Juubaterminal and stuff, yes12:39
Juubano developer app updates12:39
giucamnothing useful in the stdout when launching from terminal?12:39
Juubaor whatever they are :D12:39
Juubai already rebooted12:40
Juubacouldn't start terminal12:40
Juubait is in folder :)12:40
Juuba+ start -> die12:40
giucamyou could ssh in from the pc12:40
Juubayeah, i was in the cit12:40
JuubaI will try to log if it happens again12:40
Juubalaunching from terminal12:41
Juubahow to?12:41
Juubai guess I need to find the app names/commands12:41
*** brunelli has joined #sailfishos12:42
coderusJuuba: devel-su and pkcon get-updates first12:43
coderusor better pkcon install zypper and do better things with zypper :)12:44
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC12:48
brunelliHello guys!12:48
brunelliIs there anybody in here who wants to be a beta tester on something I'm doing? :P12:49
Juubayeah i have zypper12:49
Juubawhat does that do, that "get updates" ?12:49
Juubano updates available12:51
Juubaonly wget, but that 15-3 is broken12:51
Juubaand no i never ran that... just used "settings" to update12:51
forgrimmbrunelli: What kind of thing/app/whatever is it? :P12:54
brunelliforgrimm: Is just a small python script to set the current playing music's albumart as ambience ^^12:56
brunelliI decided to play a little bit while I wait for my Jolla :P12:56
brunelliBut I can't play with ambiences on the emulator :/12:57
Armadilloso you're ending up with hundreds of ambieances? :D12:57
forgrimmIsn't coverart not in a 1x1 format? :D Ambiances have a different format12:58
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos12:58
brunelliArmadillo: No?12:58
brunelliforgrimm: Yes, but it will cut the picture (I think), as Android does with the lockscreen12:59
brunelliAnd as Sailfish does with any image you set as ambience, right?12:59
forgrimmIs it open source? Do you a source link?12:59
forgrimmhave a*13:00
brunelliIt's highly inspired by Android xD
brunelliforgrimm: Easy, man... I just started working on it :P13:00
brunelliBut yes, I'll put it on gist now, if you wanna try...13:01
forgrimmbrunelli: Sounded, like it is ready for testing :D Just leave me a message when you're ready13:01
brunelliforgrimm: Actually I have to know if what I got so far is working as it should xD13:02
brunelliWhat it doesn't do yet: revert to the default ambience when the music stops playing or the playing song has no cover13:03
brunelliWhat it should do already: set the cover (if any) of the current playing music as ambience13:04
*** r0kk3rz_ has joined #sailfishos13:04
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coderusJuuba: zypper lu13:17
*** Blizzzek has joined #sailfishos13:17
Juubacoderus: yes, only 1 update available, wget, but that is broken, i will not update it :D13:17
*** Blizzz has quit IRC13:18
*** krendil has quit IRC13:19
coderusJuuba: can you copy journalctl -a output to some pastebin and share here?13:19
coderusJuuba: ah, also check now btrfs fi show13:19
coderusthat can be a reason13:19
Juubarason for the folder not showing?13:20
Juubaor what13:20
Juubai already rebooted, it is working currently13:20
*** Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz13:21
coderusJuuba: yeah, you might be out of free space13:22
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos13:22
Juubabtrfs fi show:
Juubaseems 13,75 used of 13,7513:24
*** Finlod has joined #sailfishos13:24
Juuba"what do"?13:24
Juubaor.. not13:25
Juuba2,97 of 13,7513:25
coderus13.75GB used 13.75GB13:25
Juubayeah, I can't read linux :D13:25
coderusread everything here:
Juubak, thanks13:26
coderusand start btrfs balance start /13:26
Juubai guess i have this issue13:27
*** brunelli has quit IRC13:28
coderusJuuba: you created recovery snapshots?13:28
Juubanope ?13:29
coderusJuuba: i dont think so13:29
coderusyou can do it only via recovery mode13:29
Juubayeah, no rec* files there13:29
coderusand you'll remember if doing it :)13:29
Juubayeah, i just read this: and though *maybe* !     "If you have previously done a factory reset on your device, you may have old snapshots of the filesystem taking up lots of space. To get rid of these, follow instructions in this case:"13:29
Juubadid: "btrfs balance start -dusage=5 /"13:31
Juubanow I have13:31
Juuba        devid    1 size 13.75GB used 5.75GB path /dev/mmcblk0p2813:31
Juubatook 10 seconds13:31
*** NC__ has quit IRC13:31
Juuba"Done, had to relocate 7 out of 21 chunks13:32
coderusJuuba: nice :)13:32
Juubaso now I have 8 GB free?  or used13:33
Juubadamn that output is hard to read13:33
Juuba"5.75 used"13:33
Juuba5 out of 13 used?13:33
Nicd-5.75 used of 13.7513:33
Juubayeah, wlel, THANKS!13:34
Juubai guess this might help on my odd behaviour13:35
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos13:37
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos13:38
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*** f3an0r has quit IRC13:39
cos-nice issue.. i hope it'll be fixed in some update13:39
Nicd-not easy to fix it because of the old kernel version13:40
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** r0kk3rz_ has quit IRC13:40
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC13:41
cos-s/fixed/worked around/13:42
*** r0kk3rz- is now known as r0kk3rz_13:44
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Nokius1kaltsi: Hi are you around?14:26
*** Sailor11736 has joined #sailfishos14:29
kaltsiNokius1: ello, just idling but yea :)14:30
*** Sailor11736_ has quit IRC14:30
*** netvandal has joined #sailfishos14:31
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Nokius1kaltsi: :)14:34
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC14:34
*** r0kk3rz has joined #sailfishos14:35
*** Venemo_j has joined #sailfishos14:35
Nokius1kaltsi: you may remember that we talk about the TOH-Kit a few month back today I had some time and I give it again a try and I found out that the "effect" happens still iirc you wanted to ping some one about this14:36
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos14:38
kaltsiNokius1: hm sorry I've forgotten what the effect was.. but I'm also not working on the sdk anymore, perhaps Jare might be able to help/ping14:40
Nokius1Okay effect is that reboot of device is needed to see the ambiance and that the ambiance is not picking the correct ringtones14:42
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC14:42
Nokius1kaltsi: I know its a looong time since April :P just check the logs :)14:43
kaltsiok I remember wondering about that :)14:43
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos14:45
Nokius1kaltsi: the Jolla ones work correct | will give a try the All Black from markkyboy14:46
*** Venemo_j has quit IRC14:46
*** Venemo_j_ has joined #sailfishos14:46
Nokius1kaltsi: Oh14:49
Nokius1kaltsi: allblack works without reboot14:50
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos14:51
lainwir3dupdated approved14:53
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC14:53
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos14:54
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*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos15:00
Nokius1kaltsi:  will have a deeper look 3 other are added with out reboot :-/15:02
kaltsiok :P15:03
*** r0kk3rz has quit IRC15:05
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kimmoliambiences? reboot? iirc there was no such problem with toholed?15:37
kimmoliNokius1: kaltsi ^15:37
*** kunev1 has joined #sailfishos15:37
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locusfSailors, do you know how can I pan a SilicaWebview inside a SilicaFlickable?15:56
*** PtPht has quit IRC15:57
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Tuna_Anyone using sailfishos on galaxy nexus?16:43
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos16:44
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locusfhmm the new qtc is messing up my other projects16:49
coderuslocusf: qtc or sdk?16:52
locusfcoderus: qtc, Error while parsing file etc16:52
locusfcoderus: can't open the project file16:52
*** msava has quit IRC16:54
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sandsmarklocusf: what is the error message?17:03
locusfError while parsing file /home/locusf/qtquickcontrols-nemo/ Giving up.17:03
sandsmarknothing above?17:04
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:05
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* Morpog_PC waiting for Mitakuuluu3 :D17:22
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r0kk3rzMorpog_PC: might be waiting a while17:35
Morpog_PCa wait is a wait :D17:35
Morpog_PCI did wait for DukeNumkemForever :D I'm used to it.17:35
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* evk just disovered that QSettings::remove doesn't work with QSettings::beginGroup18:02
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Nokius1kimmoli:  What you use in your spec file ? added to my the %post line now the reboot is gone ( found it in the spec here ( cc kaltsi19:14
*** jua_ has quit IRC19:17
kimmolibut i think it goes differently when it gets installed from jolla store...19:18
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos19:18
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Nokius1may will give it a try19:19
*** Jef91 has joined #sailfishos19:31
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Nokius1kimmoli: Thanks didn't help19:32
*** kunev has quit IRC19:36
kimmolianyway, that was needed when installing by NFC id from store19:37
kimmoliotherwise the install process did keep going 4ever19:38
Nokius1kimmoli: may this is needed for the store19:38
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Nokius1kaltsi: so fixed it with the %post in the spec22:09
*** FlashAsparagus has quit IRC22:11
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sandsmarkhmm, is it possible to change the rotation of the saved image from the camera?23:19
sandsmarkwithout loading it back with a qimage and fiddling with it...23:19
*** Bernte_ has quit IRC23:19
sandsmarkhmm, CameraExtensions23:20
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sandsmarkwhere is the documentation for, for example?23:26
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M4rtinKsandsmark: could be missing23:51
sandsmarkseems like it23:52
M4rtinKsandsmark: I would advise checking the Jolla camera app QML code instead23:52
sandsmarkI've been reading the mitakuuluu2 source code23:52
sandsmarkbut thanks, I'll look at that as well23:52
M4rtinKquite often the application code is the only documentation at the moment :)23:53
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