Saturday, 2014-11-29

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Yanielsoo anyone around who could help me build stuff on the mer vm with the automake toolchain?09:57
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FloR707I need help again =( I would like to delete an item from a list view and from a DB how do I do that? remorseAction("Deleting", function() { view.model.remove(index) }) is only deleting the list view item. How do I add a function for deleting something in my DB?13:52
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marxistveganhey folks does anyone have instructions on using OpenVPN on sailfish?13:55
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erikn42Hey, I just got my Jolla yesterday and I'm really loving it! Now I want to learn more about SailfishOS programming, I don't have much experience in programming, but I am keen to learn. Can you point me to some good Jolla related tutorials?14:13 is a good start, some tutorials there at leat14:13
erikn42Why do I need a different SDK for U9 programming?14:14
Tegubecause update 9 is not released yet except for those who want to opt-in14:15
TeguI'd guess that is the reason14:15
r0kk3rzdifferent base libraries is the main reason14:16
coderusFloR707: what a problem?14:18
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Yanielerikn42: start by learning C++ and javascript14:18
marxistveganTegu: update9 is not realeased? i thought it was, but I was not staying up on the development14:18
Yanielmarxistvegan: it is an opt-in release14:18
FloR707I would like to trigger a function after the remorse event to delete a row in my DB?14:19
Yanielso technically it is released but nobody will get it unless they explicitly opt in14:19
erikn42I already know some javascript14:19
erikn42well and I had some c++ at school several years ago14:19
r0kk3rzerikn42: you can get pretty far with QML and JS14:19
coderusFloR707: what a problem to add some function before/after model remove to delete it from db?14:19
r0kk3rzerikn42: and get your head around qt signals and slots14:20
FloR707remorseAction("Deleting", function() { view.model.remove(index) }) how do I add my function to this?14:20
erikn42I have definitely now clue at all about qt14:20
coderusFloR707: remorseAction("Deleting", function() { view.model.remove(index) }) it's not some special magic line14:21
r0kk3rzerikn42: qt is fairly well documented14:21
FloR707It is the line that deletes the item from the list view if I do not cancel. This function is to place into the remove function right?14:21
r0kk3rzthe component gallery app in the sdk is a good place to look through14:21
r0kk3rzshows you what items you can use and how they work14:22
erikn42So I cant develop a Sailfish OS app with the U9 SDK that will run on my U8 phone?14:22
FloR707If I add my function to the remove function after the remorse action it is always executed also if I cancel remorse14:22
TemeVerikn42: I'd recommend opting in for U9 and developing with U9 SDK14:23
FloR707I have tried that.14:23
coderuserikn42: u8 based on qt5.1 u9 based on qt5.214:23
coderuserikn42: not everything is api-compatible14:23
coderusFloR707: so, what problems?14:23
r0kk3rzerikn42: it really depends on what you want to do, for basic QML silica stuff then it doesnt matter14:24
r0kk3rzbut if you want to start using qt APIs then, use u914:24
coderuserikn42: in most cases app build with u8 will work on both u8 and u914:24
FloR707TypeError: Property 'remove' of object [object Object] is not a function14:24
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marxistveganYaniel: is that like beta release?14:24
coderusFloR707: what is your model?14:24
FloR707An array of text.14:25
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FloR707If I take our my function it works14:26
FloR707But the entry is not deleted in the DB14:26
FloR707My function is Storage.deleteProfile(uid); and uid comes from the model.14:28
Yanielmarxistvegan: sort of14:28
FloR707coderus: If I take your first code suggestion, the error is in line 314:31
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marxistveganYaniel: alpha? ;)14:35
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r0kk3rzmarxistvegan: more beta than alpha14:36
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TemeVmarxistvegan: it is not named "beta" but it kind of is beta14:37
r0kk3rzbut more of a 'things are still broken but its dragged on for too long so here it is' release14:37
marxistveganahhh ok I get it14:37
r0kk3rzthen we found a whole bunch of other broken stuff on release, which they then hotfixed14:38
TemeVBut it is not beta in the sense of "this is not tested, but it might work" it's more like "it works, except for these couple of known issues"14:38
r0kk3rzmain issue remaining is the memory problems, which will be improved in u1014:39
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marxistvegani know this has probably been asked but what can we do besides tjc to push the UI to be released unders some free software license?14:42
TemeVmarxistvegan: you can buy the company and publish it :)14:43
Stskeepsor buy a cold beer and buy more jollas so we don't have to worry about protecting ourselves like that..14:43
marxistveganTemeV: hmmm that seems a bit challenging14:43
marxistveganStskeeps: buying a jolla is not an easy task in the US, but that is why i have a nexus4 running sailfish14:44
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r0kk3rzmarxistvegan: buy a tablet then14:45
marxistveganr0kk3rz: I did not know they had a tablet to buy14:46
r0kk3rzwell, not yet they dont, but they do have an indiegogo campaign to pledge to14:46
marxistveganahh i see14:46
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Stskeepsopen source is always easier when you have a lot of money from ads,  search engine referrals, or a rich founder..14:47
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marxistveganStskeeps: well depends on the tactic really, but there are permissive licenses too14:49
Stskeepsmarxistvegan: there's places in this world where GPL doesn't matter, or legal conditions..14:49
marxistveganoh i know14:49
Stskeepsnot to mention the 'you're all open source, this means we can take it all and put you out of business'..14:50
r0kk3rzmarxistvegan: it also adds further risk to Jolla as a business, and I think they're taking on enough risk as it is14:50
marxistveganjust having been a n900 user and loving the direction14:50
Stskeepsi mean, when not even tizen with hordes of people and big investment can pull it off, or other vendors, it's very easy to get run over14:50
Stskeepswhen there's a real desire for something non-android14:50
Stskeepscan't pull it off, that is14:50
marxistveganStskeeps: yeah though I doubt intel was as devoted14:50
Stskeepsand what's oss is the hard part, the middleware14:51
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Stskeepsqml any idiot can do :)14:52
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locusfI wonder about the lipstick-qt5-l10n14:54
locusfI assume those are translations for the lipstick library?14:55
Stskeepser.. good question14:55
Accehmm.. why are the non-oss package names longer on the average, I wonder? At least it looks so14:57
Stskeepsusually prefixed with jolla- or sailfishos-14:58
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Accewell that explains15:01
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r0kk3rzbecause they have descriptive names15:07
r0kk3rzrather than the usual quirky names like lipstick, or smack, or whatever15:07
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FloR707coderus: I got it. I had to switch line three and four. With deleting the model my DB rowid was gone as well.15:19
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coderusFloR707: good :)15:26
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TemeVCan I somehow set absolute path for qml file in view->setSource() ?15:53
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TemeVusing QUrl seems to do the trick. Asking here helps again :)15:57
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coderusTemeV: why absolute?16:03
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YanielStskeeps: out of curiosity, is there any OSS package that was completely created by jolla yet?16:35
Stskeepsa -lot- of the nemo* packages16:36
YanielI see16:36
tbrthe caldav package16:36
tbrspecifically buteo something something caldav16:36
Stskeepslibhybris originated from me as well16:36
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Yanielcould someone help me a bit building some stuff manually on the mer vm?16:49
Yanielmanually as in via cli16:49
Yanieland without qt16:49
Yaniel(mostly because I don't really want to invent qt project files for libsodium etc)16:49
tbrit's not that hard16:50
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YanielI just have no idea how to tell it to use the armv7hl build env16:51
tbrmb build -t SailfishOS-armv7hl ./something.spec16:52
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Yanielhmm I just have autoconf files16:53
Yanielso ./configure && make16:53
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randomActOfDeveloh man, I don't get the sdk working on my home computer. Laptop went fine, but on the desktop it fails to connect to the vm :(16:54
tbrYaniel: sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl16:54
tbrthat should get you a shell inside the SB216:54
AccerandomActOfDevel: any error messages?16:54
randomActOfDeveljust 'fails to connect to mer sdk'16:55
r0kk3rzrandomActOfDevel: what os?16:55
randomActOfDevelarch linux inside a vm16:55
randomActOfDevel(main os is windows, but I prefer linux for development)16:56
coderusrandomActOfDevel: need more virtualization!16:56
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r0kk3rzyeah throw in a couple of more layers16:57
coderusrandomActOfDevel: mer build engine is already inside linux virtual image16:58
r0kk3rzand qt creator is qt creator no matter what os you use16:58
randomActOfDevelcoderus: is that a problem?16:59
coderusrandomActOfDevel: no probels16:59
coderusdo what you want :)16:59
coderusjust a random people from channel :)16:59
randomActOfDevelr0kk3rz: Well, it's not only qt creator, but also other code related to this project17:00
randomActOfDeveland I don't use qtcreator for c17:00
r0kk3rzfair enough17:00
r0kk3rznever tried running the sdk on arch, no so idea im afraid17:00
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Yanielworks fine for me17:01
r0kk3rzthought it might be the path issue on windows817:01
tbrrandomActOfDevel: you'll most likely need to fix some things with virtualbox if you want to run it that way17:02
tbrrandomActOfDevel: a) see if you can enable nested virtualization b) enable the build VM to be visible c) start it manually from the vbox interface17:02
randomActOfDevelmy laptop's an arch system. haven't had any problems running it there, so I just kinda hoped that it could workout with both layers of virtualization17:02
coderusjust run win7/8 in virtualbox inside your arch17:02
coderusand install qtc in here17:03
coderusit will work that way 100%17:03
tbror that17:03
randomActOfDeveltbr: will try that, thank you!17:03
tbrthere are n+1 ways to handle this17:03
randomActOfDevellbt: tbr: or I'm gonna try that solution :p17:04
randomActOfDevelthanks a lot guys!17:04
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lbtimproving that solution would be cool17:04
coderuslbt: just do it :)17:05
lbtmaybe an xmas project17:05
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coderusbtw, where is sources?17:07
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juheGreetings. Did anybody managed to run latest sdk in qemu instead of virtual box? I've sort-of managed to do it in the past with some alpha sdk, but then cooperation with qt designer was not working (I'd probably need to modify some qt creator configuration files... And that was the point I gave up).17:10
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tbrjuhe: shouldn't be too hard. I'd probably not use plain qemu but libvirt + virt-manager. Open the vm config either in an text editor or in vbox UI and go through things one by one.17:15
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juhetbr: Thanks, will give it a go with newest opt-in sdk and report back my success/failure.17:20
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sandsmarkis it me, or has together.j.c gotten kind of flooded?21:45
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sandsmarkbeidl: I needed to add back DEFINES += QWEBDAVITEM_EXTENDED_PROPERTIES to get the stuff to build, btw22:18
*** nimmersatt has joined #sailfishos22:27
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nimmersattwell what do you think about the sdhc-microsoft debate?22:28
nimmersattthere is quite some discussion on reddit22:28
*** swift110_ has joined #sailfishos22:31
M4rtinKnimmersatt: it spilled over to reddit from Together ?22:33
M4rtinKnimmersatt: or na unrelated discussion ?22:33
nimmersattthere were quite many people talking about it on /r/linux22:34
M4rtinKthat sure escalated quickly22:34
nimmersattyea this22:35
sandsmarkI don't think it would've gotten any traction if it wasn't posted on reddit, tbh.22:37
*** rashm2k has quit IRC22:39
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ln-i wonder how many people think getting a patent license for exaft would be the only patent license needed in a product such as a tablet or phone.22:42
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Stskeepsyeah.. there's so much more22:43
Lipevakala_I have seen some comments 3.5g does nlt cot22:45
Stskeepsnlt cot?22:45
Lipevakala_*cost mote becuse its in that chip...22:46
Stskeepsthe soc certainly doesn't have 3.5g by standard22:47
Stskeepsit external if so22:47
*** lpotter has quit IRC22:49
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Lipevakala_yep, sorry typos this bus is  racing....some22:50
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Nicd-"SDXC cards are over 32 GB (up to 2TB I think, but those don't exist just yet) and MUST be formatted exFAT. Supporting any other format in a slot claimed as an SD slot violates the SD trademark licensing agreement"23:05
Nicd-doesn't that kind of make the whole discussion pointless?23:05
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC23:07
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos23:07
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sandsmarkNicd-: was is anything but pointless in the first place?23:09
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:11
M4rtinKNicd-: you you just don't call it that and save a bunch of $/€ ? :)23:13
Nicd-M4rtinK: but then you can't tell anyone it's an SD slot23:15
Nicd-so how will people know?23:15
Nicd-you can't just say "memory card slot"23:15
M4rtinK"*****SDXC***** cards are over 32 GB (up to 2TB I think, but those don't exist just yet) and MUST be formatted exFAT."23:15
M4rtinKemphasis added23:15
M4rtinKI think you can still call it SD23:16
M4rtinKjust not SDXC IMHO23:16
Nicd-no, it seems you cannot call it SD at all23:17
kimmolihmm, why it is upto 128GB? sandisk has released 512GB in september (for only $799.99)23:20
beidlsandsmark: nice PR :)23:20
Nicd-kimmoli: micro?23:21
sandsmarkI wanted to do more, but I'm pretty hungover :p23:21
kimmoliah no23:21
beidlsandsmark: don't worry, more work is on its way. implementing the downloadmanager right now,23:21
sandsmarkah, cool23:22
sandsmarkbeidl: for the automated uploader I'm thinking it needs to be a daemon23:22
beidlsandsmark: yup, either that or having to manually start the process (and not killing it)23:22
beidlbut that won't get us through harbour I'm sure23:23
sandsmarknot sure23:23
sandsmarkI'm not sure what the harbour policy is on persistant applications?23:23
*** fracting has quit IRC23:26
beidlsandsmark: also, do you have any idea on how to keep the password persistently saved, non-plaintext23:28
sandsmarkI don't think that's possible23:28
sandsmarkyou can obfuscate it, though23:28
beidlthat's what I figured23:28
* beidl wishes for a keychain in the future23:29
sandsmarksomething like ksecretservice, with synchronization and stuff23:29
sandsmarkbeidl: I'd just store it in plaintext now (or just base64 encode it), and then revisit it later23:34
beidlsandsmark: yeah, even if we can't do anything about it I'd rather have it base64 encoded23:35
beidljust came up with a simple, keychain-like solution to such problems.23:36
sandsmarkgetting qtkeychain into mer/nemo/sailfish would probably be the best, though23:36
*** leinir has quit IRC23:37
beidlperfect, that would be my next project then :)23:37
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos23:37
beidlwould still need an actual keychain backend though, AFAIK qtkeychain is just a binding lib23:38
sandsmarkbut it has a default backend iirc23:39
beidlreadme states that it first tries gnome keychain, then kwallet.23:39
sandsmarkhmm, maybe it doesn't have a default for people not using any of them23:39
beidland from what I've seen with the owncloud desktop client, it would store base64 encoded23:40
beidlif none available23:40
sandsmarkah, ok23:40
beidlas soon as there's some sandboxing available there shouldn't be any concerns23:40
sandsmarkthere's little you can do in an app to securely store the password before that anyways23:42
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC23:42
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swift110_can google play be put onto jolla tablet23:46
R-Zi somehow doupt that23:49
Yanielit can be put on the phone so why not23:49
R-Z might still help you23:49
R-Zahh awesome, i dont own a jolla device or anything, im just an android wizard and relatively interested in sailfish23:50

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