Thursday, 2014-12-04

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ArmadilloHow to place a ListView in a Column with other components?08:52
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SK_workArmadillo: what do you mean ?09:09
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daithefluArmadillo: are you still looking at making an horizontal scrolling label ?09:49
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King_DuckZso, is the support for paid apps in the jolla store going to be live anytime? I thought it was due for October this year10:25
coderusArmadillo: use Repeater instead of ListView10:26
coderusor set ListView interactive: false height: contentHeight10:26
Accein a comment by bijal: "Paid apps support is really high on our priority list for Jolla Store, we are currently blocked by some technicalities here. I have no schedule for you yet, but I hope to share a rough plan on SailfishOS improvements for the next few months during December."10:29
King_DuckZAcce: uhm... interesting10:32
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King_DuckZisn't harbour that unofficial store with software that didn't get approved for the jolla store?10:33
Nicd-harbour is the official store10:33
Nicd-openrepos is the unofficial one10:33
King_DuckZah got confused about names10:33
Armadillocoderus thanks, Repeater was a good hint :)10:35
Armadillodaitheflu I already got an answer yesterday, but if there are other solutions, sure I'm interested :)10:35
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ln-i don't think it's forbidden to implement payment for your apps some other way though.10:36
daithefluArmadillo: this one seems better to me (uses Animation and no timer) :
Armadillodaitheflu thanks, this NumberAnimation Element looks really interesting10:38
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daithefluArmadillo: I used it a few years ago and it's very convenient when you have to animate something :)10:40
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mekluopenrepos' app is called warehouse11:04
mekluthe technicalities are probably legal in naature, no?11:05
mekludoesn't seem like it would be overly complicated from a technological standpoint11:05
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dr_gogeta86coderus, did you compiled telegram daemon on SFOS or am I wrong ?11:10
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King_DuckZah warehouse, that's it... all those names are pretty confused11:15
King_DuckZthey could've just called them iono... jolla-stable and jolla-unstable, or jolla-main and jolla-extra11:16
King_DuckZbtw, I want to share an idea for an app I'm not sure exists anywhere yet, but I know I won't have the time to work on it11:17
Nicd-openrepos cannot call itself jolla-anything11:17
Nicd-because they are not jolla11:18
meklujolla's applications are prefixed with jolla-, other stuff is prefixed with harbour-11:18
King_DuckZNicd-: meh, it's still jolla-only software11:18
Nicd-yeah, but it's the community11:18
tbrto confuse things even more there's also chum11:18
Nicd-they cannot say that they are jolla or that it's made by jolla11:18
King_DuckZ /anyways/11:18
tbrbut because nobody gives a thing, there's nothing happening there11:18
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Yanieltbr I have a couple of packages I'd like to get there... if I can find instructions11:19
tbrYaniel: step one, build on OBS11:20
tbrwhich is super simple if you have a git repository with the source and a spec file11:21
Yanielstep zero, get a mer account?11:21
King_DuckZI commute to work everyday by train, and during the trip I horse around with my beautiful jolla phone, sometimes I get on a fast train that only makes 2-3 stops, sometimes I get the slow one stopping at variying places, depending on the time11:21
Yanielwell I have a git repo but no spec file11:21
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tbrah, then get it to build with the SDK, that should get you a spec file11:22
King_DuckZas it's getting very dark up here in the north, by 19 it's already pitch black, especially as you get to the country side, out of london, so sometimes I wonder at what stop I am, and when you're in the front coach for example it's very hard to spot the station's name11:22
Yanielso the sb2 build thingie I suppose?11:22
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King_DuckZso I thought it would be nice to have an app that uses the gps (not the map, as I have to open it everytime and use data connection) to tell me at which station I am11:23
Yanielor do I have to glue it in a qt project11:23
tbrYaniel: yeah, that's fine too11:23
anYcKing_DuckZ: do you get a GPS in a train?11:23
Yaniel(the package is libsodium)11:23
tbrYaniel: look at "mb"11:23
King_DuckZeven better, with some refining it could tell me what the next stop is and other informations scraped from the matching train company's website11:24
anYcI only tried it once and it didn't work11:24
anYc"GPS lock"11:24
King_DuckZanYc: yeah, the maps app works11:24
King_DuckZbut I have to actively open it, connect to the internet (I have a low allowance) and stop what I'm doing (studying japanese), which is very distracting11:25
King_DuckZit would be better to get a quick notification at the top, like those "connected" or "connection error" you get from the system11:25
King_DuckZor maybe just an alarm like vibrate/show alert when we're approaching my station11:26
King_DuckZI guess there's enough potential to make free+paid editions of the same app11:26
King_DuckZanYc: watching the maps app is what I currently do when I can't spot the station name before the train moves again, so I'm sure it works, /most/ of the times at least11:28
mekluthe GPS might sometimes wind up in a 'blind spot', causing it to not update the position while you just cruise along long after the station passes11:28
mekluI think I've had that happen in the Helsinki metro when looking at the maps app11:29
King_DuckZmeklu: I'm sure one could estimate the position for these cases, mixing the train's schedule and the average speed11:29
mekluit wouldn't update for a whole minute or something11:29
mekluwell, you could probably do that11:29
mekluseeing as it's a lot less erratic than the usual free-roam GPS usage :)11:29
King_DuckZit's sensibly more work, but that's what paid apps are fore :)11:29
King_DuckZbesides you don't have to tell the exact position, maybe just estimate a percentage between stops or start/destination, but in general you can approximate the trip to a point moving into a 1D space so you can make lots of assumptions11:31
King_DuckZalso, you know you only move forward11:31
King_DuckZhell, maybe the app could even train itself into remembering what wifi was available at each station if you do the same trip regularly (or download that list beforehand if other people share it), so even if you get to a station where gps won't work, there's still a chance you can tell at which station you are11:33
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King_DuckZor check the phone signal repetitor, I'm sure I played a game on my nokia 6600 long ago that did that, ie control your ingame position by having you move in the real world11:34
King_DuckZthose all sound like premium, paid-for features to enhance accuracy ;)11:36
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King_DuckZah it's called "repeater" (repeater cell?), not repetitor, sorry :p11:39
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King_DuckZno thoughts? comments? do you like the idea?11:56
alexxyhi all11:58
alexxyany ideas why i dont see any vibration on incoming call or sms?11:58
ToxipI believe there's a feature like that in the Finnish commuting app JollaOpas11:58
Toxipalexxy: no idea... you probably checked the settings?11:59
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ToxipKing_DuckZ: JollaOpas shows on what stop you're at based on GPS location.12:01
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King_DuckZI have no match for opas or jollaopas12:06
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coderusdr_gogeta86: yes12:11
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coderusit just compiling from sources with no problems12:11
dr_gogeta86i've fixed that clock thing12:11
dr_gogeta86last version is not clone and compile12:11
dr_gogeta86i'm watching how sigram works12:11
dr_gogeta86too qt desktop thing to convert12:12
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ulvusHi sailfish12:44
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TemeVdr_gogeta86: what do you mean by telegram daemon? The telegram cli app?13:29
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dr_gogeta86telegram cli14:24
dr_gogeta86but is now fixed14:24
dr_gogeta86just librt at link time14:24
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* stephg idly wonders about the tablet, virtualisation, docker and silly things like that14:31
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos14:31
dr_gogeta86stephg, your not alone14:32
stephgthere are lots of possibilities14:32
*** radekp_ has joined #sailfishos14:34
dr_gogeta86i dunno why redhat spit on my phone14:35
dr_gogeta86I said you know is running wayland and systemd ?14:35
dr_gogeta86Really ? I dont give a fuck14:36
*** zalan has quit IRC14:36
stephgdr_gogeta86: ?14:36
dr_gogeta86and was a big rh head in emea14:36
TemeVdr_gogeta86: are you working on telegram app for sailfish?14:39
dr_gogeta86i've tried to run sigram14:39
dr_gogeta86but was just a quick test14:39
dr_gogeta86who is known to fail14:39
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SK_workwhat's sigram ?14:47
*** msava has quit IRC14:48
*** msava has joined #sailfishos14:49
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anandrkrisSK_work: telegram desktop client for linux14:52
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, sledges and other gurus14:52
dr_gogeta86i need vpnc due changes in corporate policies14:52
dr_gogeta86is possible today14:52
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*** aboyer has joined #sailfishos14:53
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stephgthink there are packages for it14:54
dr_gogeta86i don't trust securefishnet14:54
chem|stdr_gogeta86: the guys behind it have no jolla14:54
dr_gogeta86is not my fault14:55
chem|stI can ask at the xmas dinner next week if one of them is willing to14:55
dr_gogeta86c'mon also windows phone have it now :-14:55
dr_gogeta86i've discovered this morning14:55
stephgchem|st: there are packages tho14:56
chem|stwell the initial developer has android, the one porting it to maemo too I guess14:56
chem|ststephg: I guess nieldk ported everything available, does not mean it does work14:56
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stephgchem|st: no, they're in the official repo15:04
*** mcuros_ has joined #sailfishos15:04
stephg(but as to whether they work, you're right)15:04
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*** mcuros has quit IRC15:07
chem|stah in the mer repo... might be that some folks at jolla ported that as part of the enterprise integration (which is yet to come huh)15:08
*** mcuros_ has joined #sailfishos15:08
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daitheflucan I bother someone with some dev issue I'm struggling with ?15:21
*** anandrkris has quit IRC15:23
giucamdon't ask to ask, just ask15:29
daitheflugiucam: sorry :/15:30
daithefluallright then15:30
daitheflulet's say I have a ListView filled with a ListModel (filled with data from LocalStorage)15:31
daitheflueach item has a title and an id15:31
daithefluwhen I click on an item, I push a page where I want to show details about the clicked item15:32
daithefluso I pass the id of the clicked item and load all the data from LocalStorage - this is working pretty well15:32
daitheflunow I'd like to have an entry in the a pulley menu that would change the value of one of the field15:33
daitheflumy problem is that I only have a JS object, and changing one of its properties (i.g. task.status = "completed") will not update the view15:34
daithefluit's not going to update the previous listview either15:34
daitheflu(I already asked on the mailing-list, where Lucien - SK_work - gave me some inputs, but I still don't know how to proceed)15:35
AcceI would say, make the JS object into a QtObject -type QML-object15:38
AcceI have done that a few times (I admit, I have not enough knowledge to tell whether it is a good practise or not, but it works very well at least)15:38
SK_workhi daitheflu15:40
SK_workdaitheflu: ok, I remember this and how to do this15:40
SK_workin your subpage, implement a signal like "signal statusChanged"15:41
*** Zian has joined #sailfishos15:41
SK_workwhen you change the status in subpage, emit this signal15:41
SK_workwhen pushing the page, do this:15:41
SK_workpage = pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl(...), {...})15:41
SK_workin your delegate, implement the function statusChangedCallback(newStatus) { myModel.set(model.index, {status: newStatus})15:42
SK_worksomething like this15:42
daithefluAcce: that was my first idea, but it doesn't solve the list update-issue :)15:42
SK_worknote that myModel is the id of the model, as in delegate, the context property model refer to some properties for the delegate (like index)15:43
SK_workdaitheflu: ^15:43
daithefluSK_work: oooh okay15:43
SK_worktry something like this15:43
SK_workthis should make your pushed page communicate via signals to the delegate that pushed it15:44
Accedaitheflu: hmm well I'll let SK_work handle you, since looks like he's got the situation in control :)15:44
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos15:44
daithefluSK_work: I'll definitely try this, thanks a lot15:45
SK_worksomething important with this design (even if it is more painful) is: separation15:45
SK_workyour page is standalone and don't need to know the model / view / previous page15:45
daithefluSK_work: this still won't update the "details view", will it ? Do I have to do this manually ?15:45
SK_workdaitheflu: it won't update your detailed view15:46
SK_workif you pass the model.status to the detailed view like something {status: model.status}, this won't work15:46
SK_workas status will be copied15:46
SK_workso if you update your status, you should send the signal and update in subpage15:46
daithefluSK_work: so to make it really really simple : I have a signal sent from the detailsview that ask the model to update, and when it's done, I have another signal sent from the model that tells the details view to update ?15:49
SK_workdaitheflu: no15:50
daithefludarn, I'm sorry :(15:50
SK_workyour detailed view update itself then send a message to parent view15:50
SK_workdaitheflu: don't be sorry15:50
SK_workit is ok, as this is design question and I'm not even sure that my way of doing is perfect15:50
SK_workyours would be the best way of doing, but it is complicated :(15:51
daithefluSK_work: seems clever than everything I tried at least :)15:51
daithefluthanks a lot, I4m giving it a try :)15:54
*** qtassistant has quit IRC15:54
*** qtassistant has joined #sailfishos15:54
*** qtassistant has quit IRC15:56
*** qtassistant has joined #sailfishos15:57
SK_workdaitheflu: what app are you developing btw ?16:00
*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** zGrr has quit IRC16:01
daithefluSK_work: a Tasks app, something a little bit more elaborated than Armadillo's (a task can have a due date, tags, annotations, priority, ...) - There would like to make "Smart folders" also and it should be syncable with TaskWarrior16:02
SK_workhum interesting16:02
SK_workmaybe I should take a look at some task services16:03
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos16:04
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*** flash1 has joined #sailfishos16:07
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*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:09
daithefluSK_work: Taskwarrior seems pretty nice : it's opensource, it has several clients and it's been well thought IMHO16:10
*** nezticle_ has joined #sailfishos16:14
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daithefluSK_work: thanks again, it works :)17:11
daithefluI still think I'm going to combine this with the QtObject technique to help me do others things (like updating the PulleyMenu entries depending on the task status)17:12
daitheflubut your help was reaaaaaaally precious :)17:12
*** oku_ has quit IRC17:12
*** ninjal_ has quit IRC17:12
*** b_lindeijer has quit IRC17:12
SK_workdaitheflu: note that I'm not a huge fan of QtObject thingie17:14
SK_workcreating a QObject in runtime is more costly than creating a QString / int etc.17:14
daithefluI see17:14
daithefluI'll need to find another solution then17:15
SK_workdaitheflu: show some code :)17:15
*** b_lindeijer has joined #sailfishos17:15
daithefluthat will be for tomorrow :)17:15
SK_workif you have some code I can help better17:15
daithefluSK_work: yep I'll try to install git and upload the stuff on Github, it'll make things easier17:16
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos17:16
daithefluthe code is a bit messy right now because I tried several things more or less at the same time17:16
daitheflubut I'll take care about this too17:17
daitheflugot to go ! bye !17:17
*** Nc_ has joined #sailfishos17:19
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Toxip"cannot use script for property value" this is giving me a headache :/17:51
*** EvilToxip has quit IRC17:52
Toxipdoes anyone know how to get around this?17:53
*** zalan has quit IRC17:55
*** zalan has joined #sailfishos17:55
SK_workToxip: show me the code17:56
*** tat has joined #sailfishos17:57
*** R-Z has joined #sailfishos17:58
*** twixx has left #sailfishos17:59
Armadillosounds like using variables for ListItems17:59
*** zalan_ has joined #sailfishos18:00
*** zalan has quit IRC18:01
ToxipArmadillo: yep, and I don't know how else I could do it :/18:01
*** wickwire_ has joined #sailfishos18:05
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SK_workuse model.set ?18:07
*** wickwire has quit IRC18:08
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos18:09
ToxipI gotta try that, thanks :)18:09
*** wickwire_ has quit IRC18:10
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coderusToxip: Component.onCompleted: { append({ ... }) ... }18:17
*** proyvind has quit IRC18:18
*** proyvind has joined #sailfishos18:18
ArmadilloI also used append to workaround this some days ago18:19
*** vakkov has quit IRC18:19
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos18:20
SK_workor use C++18:20
Toxipcoderus: thanks, really been scouring the internet for this... I read that this has been fixed in Qt 5.418:20
Armadilloyes, I also saw this18:21
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC18:22
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RavenholmDXI'm getting the following error when trying to deploy my app as RPM: RPM build errors:19:00
RavenholmDXerror: File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/%{Duder}19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
RavenholmDXgetting it on the .desktop and .png icon file too19:00
coderuswhat is Duder?19:03
coderuslooks like bad substitute in spec19:04
*** cloanta_ has joined #sailfishos19:04
RavenholmDXIt's my app19:08
RavenholmDXI'll post my spec19:08
*** igordcard has quit IRC19:12
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:17
*** arcean_ has quit IRC19:17
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:18
lukedirtwalker%{Duder} should rather be %{name} I think19:19
*** martyone_ has quit IRC19:19
lukedirtwalkerRavenholmDX: try replace %{Duder} with %{name} ?19:20
RavenholmDXI'll try it19:23
RavenholmDXI genuinely don't know how that happened19:23
*** SL89 is now known as SL89-AFK19:23
*** jua_ has joined #sailfishos19:24
RavenholmDXworked lukedirtwalker19:24
RavenholmDXthanks a bunch :)19:24
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos19:27
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Toxipis there anyone working on a native TextSecure or Tox client?19:29
Nicd-someone said they were looking at tox19:29
urjamansomeone said they wanted to do TextSecure too i think...19:29
ToxipI hope they will open the source for chat app19:31
urjaman DiosDelRayo19:31
Toxipyeah, I did read that19:31
Toxipbut DiosDelRayo said he'd also needs to learn C++/Qt/QML19:32
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Yanielyeah I've started investigating20:10
Yanielneed to get a couple of libs built on the sdk before I can start20:11
*** filippz has quit IRC20:12
*** Nc_ has quit IRC20:17
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anYctox is p2p?20:26
anYctoday I was looking for a new messenger and everyone was recommending textsecure20:27
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos20:28
anYclooks like tox isn't widely known20:28
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos20:31
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RavenholmDXFirst app tested on hardware, packaged and passing validation21:05
coderusthat means nothing :D21:06
RavenholmDXwhat else am I missing? :P21:07
coderusthey can reject your app because you creating files in wrong directory, using too many resources, not sleeping while app in abckground/phone locked :D21:07
cryoratanYc, and didnt expect to work :) I use now Telegram, not a bad stuff21:07
RavenholmDXcoderus: I'm okay on the first two counts21:08
RavenholmDXand the app isn't doing anything in the background21:08
RavenholmDX(unless you want it to)21:08
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:08
coderusthen upload it to harbour and pray :D21:09
coderusyou also check qml import names21:09
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos21:10
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:10
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*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos21:11
RavenholmDXdoesn't the validator check that?21:11
RavenholmDXI think I'm only using standard sailfish imports21:11
coderusgood :)21:12
lukedirtwalkerIf you pass the validator you have good chance to get accepted21:12
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos21:14
*** krendil has quit IRC21:15
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos21:16
RavenholmDXwe'll see21:16
RavenholmDXgotta go grab some screenshots21:16
*** beidl_ has quit IRC21:19
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kimmoliNumber of apps submitted yesterday 7 .. is this a random or real number?21:55
kimmolitypically it is stuck at 221:56
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erikn42hi, i just mounted a windows file share with cifs (file/dir_mode=0777) but i still cant access the files with file browser. what am i doing wrong?23:19
erikn42in the terminal i can access the files...23:20
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