Saturday, 2014-12-06

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ulvus Morning06:54
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ulvusHi K4-t07:40
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K4-tHow are you07:50
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gogetahi guys09:34
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r0kk3rzhas anyone packaged ncurses and screen for sailfish?10:47
tbrchecked mer-tools yet?10:48
tbras I run screen on mine10:48
tbrssu er mer-tools && pkcon refresh10:49
r0kk3rzcool thanks10:49
r0kk3rzi figured screen must be available somewhere, its a pretty useful thing10:49
r0kk3rztbr whats the best way to get things added into mer-tools?10:51
tbrr0kk3rz: ask lbt or Stskeeps, probably on #mer10:51
tbrnote that this is for #essentialtools10:51
r0kk3rzoh ok, perhaps rtorrent doesnt really come under 'essential' tools10:52
r0kk3rzlibtorrent maybe10:52
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ulvusHi how goes11:02
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tbrr0kk3rz: for that I'd suggest OBS and submission to FOO11:04
tbrerr, s/FOO/Chum11:04
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r0kk3rzmust find out how to set chum repository up on my phone11:08
Yanielnothing special, basic saturday here11:09
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r0kk3rzalso find out what work is expected to get stuff added to it11:09
Yanielr0kk3rz: the former is easy, ssu ar chum
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tbrr0kk3rz: a clean packaging, built on OBS11:10
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M4rtinK^^ oops! :P11:53
M4rtinKwell, still better than how some early android build piped everything written on the keyboard to a root terminal by mistake :)11:53
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cos-hmm... i'm getting error for sending MMS and ordering settings via SMS does nothing12:15
cos-should it work?12:16
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Stskeepsu8? u9?12:17
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cos-u9 (the opt-in)12:17
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cos-telefinland subscription12:18
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anandrkrisHi folks - Regarding n/w pop-up issue (reported as annoying by many) where system keeps prompting for network connection12:20
anandrkrisHave one suggestion to handle it neatly, IMO12:21
anandrkrisMake it a non-intrusive one12:22
Stskeepscos-: hmm, contact mms-debug eprhaps12:22
anandrkrisfor your consideration :-)12:23
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Toxipis it possible to make flickable to "snap one item" like on a list view?12:24
cos-i'll try again on monday and contact them if it's still broken12:25
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anYcis carddav working for anyone with owncloud?14:05
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anYcdoes anyone know where I can find the config for buteo or specifically buteo-sync-plugin-carddav15:22
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* anYc hopes [gd]conf is not the answer15:23
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anYcgot it15:29
chem|stanYc: be aware that every account has its own sync config15:30
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anYcok thanks16:19
anYcthe settings ui (especially the account settings) is closed I guess?16:19
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locusf <- there is something like this though16:29
tbrI thought there were a few (obviously not in harbour though)16:30
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AcceToxip: how about a gridview?16:33
anYclocusf: thanks, saw that but didn't find something usefull16:34
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anYcI think I found something fishy in buteo-sync-plugin-carddav. Now I only have to setup the SDK...16:35
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coderusToxip: flickable have no idea about your items, use ListView if you need snap16:57
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stephg /me sits down after DIY, pizza dough rising, cracks open b33r18:34
stephgoh ffs18:34
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* Stskeeps eats salad with feta..18:35
stephgvery healthy of you ;)18:35
Stskeepsconsidering how much time i'll spend at meritahti and sodexo next week, it seems like a good choice18:36
* stephg googles sodexo18:37
Stskeepstld;r the local cafeteria at the jolla hq18:37
stephgnyaha I see18:37
stephglast trip before xmas?18:37
Stskeepsi dearly hope so18:37
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xavibux_hi people18:38
stephghey xavibux_, are you xavinux evil alter-ego?18:40
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M4rtinKI only know the Sodexo meal tickets :)18:44
zuttothe bebop at jolla hq used to be quite horrible back when nokia was at that building :l18:45
* zutto works at next building to jollas helsinki offices18:45
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* lbt likes having his home-automation stuff in the partner space19:17
lbtneeds auto-launch on reboot though :/19:18
stephglbt do you have a min for me to bother you again about the merproj gitlab api again?19:21
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos19:22
stephg(dunno if here or #mer is better but lets stay here as maybe more people will see)19:22
stephgso I've got my token, and I'm able to query the api, but I'm getting empty json back19:22
lbtsure ... just multitasking a bit19:22
stephgaccording to TFM should return 'everything'19:23
lbtbut not 404 ?19:23
stephgyes, not a 404, literally '[]'19:23
stephghm maybe I need to be following mer-core, for example19:24
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lbtI have a feeling it returns 'your' projects19:25
lbtno: "Get a list of projects accessible by the authenticated user"19:26
stephgthe auth is working as if I change a character in my token I get 401 unauth19:27
stephgI probably should read the manual closer19:27
stephg... or not19:28
stephg returns 403 forbidden19:28
stephgah that's admin only19:28
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stephggot it19:33
stephglbt: dunno if it's a perms thing or a bug but by the looks of it should return the groups. for me it's empty19:34
lbtwhat curl command are you using (less the token)19:35
stephghowever, for example returns that object with a group id of 2819:35
stephgand querying returns everything I think19:35
*** kunev has joined #sailfishos19:35
stephgcurl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: s33kr1t" for example19:35
lbtfwiw I only get 'my' projects19:37
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gogetastephg, did you ever tried no-knead methods ?19:56
gogetafor dough of cours19:56
gogetafor dough of course19:56
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stephggogeta: never, first batch are in the oven now and my kitchen looks like a bunch of teenagers have been having a flour fight in there ;)20:05
*** cloanta has quit IRC20:06
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:07
gogetais good thing20:07
gogetarouded pizzas or on a plate ?20:08
stephgsort of italian style (i.e. thin) onto round pizza trays into the oven20:10
*** maxorator has quit IRC20:10
* stephg appreciates that a napolitan pizza is different to more northern pizzas, these are more northern I guess)20:11
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skeithcAre there x86 SailFish OS builds similar to yet? It's also based on the linux-kernel right?20:16
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos20:17
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stephgskeithc: sfos runs upon the linux kernel yes20:18
stephgx86 builds of sfos is a more complex matter, but there an x86 target of the OS distributed with the sailfish sdk20:19
stephgit's a VM20:20
*** martyone_ has joined #sailfishos20:20
stephgpizza, bbl20:20
skeithcI see. Thanks. Lol. Enjoy your pizza.20:21
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gogetastephg, to create a napolitan is an art ... btw there are some tricks to do the same at home ...20:22
*** FlashAsparagus has joined #sailfishos20:23
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javispedrohm, the geoclue positioning provider will always generate a timeout event on jolla, and THEN maybe send the position :)20:51
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*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos20:54
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tbrthat sounds like a bug20:55
javispedroit seems intentional though (TM)20:55
javispedroie it happens because geoclue changes providers and thus the provider would need to resubmit the request to geoclue20:56
javispedroso it doesn't do this and calls a timeout, which the maps application and other positioning consumers just interpret as "meh. launch the request again."20:56
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stephglbt: if you're still here (not watching strictly ;) )21:11
stephgcloning qt from the mer git, prompted for a user/pass21:11
stephgnothing else has as yet21:11
stephg(pulling the lot down)21:11
lbtgit command ?21:13
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos21:13
stephgjust a git clone in a for loop21:13
* lbt shudders at the stuff in there21:14
stephgcould well be me iterating through the loop21:14
stephgjust curious, not a problem21:14
lbtI'd try again - yep, it could be a load thing21:15
stephgah ok (and apologies for cloning everything, tell me to stop if it's a problem, I am only doing them one-at-a-time)21:15
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC21:16
lbtit's fine - good time to do it too21:16
lbtty for not doing concurrent ones :)21:16
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:16
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos21:17
*** beidl has quit IRC21:19
*** carepack_ has quit IRC21:22
*** netvandal has joined #sailfishos21:27
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:32
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:36
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:38
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:42
*** Lehning has quit IRC21:44
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos21:46
*** gogeta has quit IRC21:51
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC21:52
*** WalterN has joined #sailfishos22:06
WalterNooo shiny22:06
Stskeepsmuch shiny22:06
WalterNbeen passively following jolla and sailfish OS for a while now... saw the kickstarter and decided to go for it... because shiny22:07
WalterNdonno why I didnt think of it before now to look for an IRC channel that I knew would exist22:08
Stskeepswe even have #jollamobile for more community chat22:08
Stskeepswell, jolla employees or jolla sailors as we call ourselves are quite well represented here on irc..22:09
WalterNits the first time I've seen an employee just announce that to somebody new in the channel22:10
Stskeepswe're different22:10
WalterNbonus points in my book22:10
Stskeeps applies though22:10
Stskeepsthis is more official place while jollamobile is more community ish.. difference is that i speak more about beer over in #jollamobile22:11
WalterNgotcha :322:11
*** netvandal has quit IRC22:11
WalterNone thing I'm not quite clear on... microsoft buying nokia and firing half of everyone in nokia was kind of key in the upstart of jolla?22:13
Stskeepsnah, your order is a bit wrong22:13
WalterNcorrect it then, I'm just saying what I could best gather from the surface of the internet22:14
Stskeepsit started on february 11 2011 where nokia announced a strategy change away from meego to windows phone; leading to a huge amount of employees and subcontractors getting fired from MeeGo project22:15
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:15
WalterNwhat happened to maemo?22:15
Stskeepsmaemo turned into meego, sorta22:15
Stskeepsa bit further back22:15
WalterNcause I have the N90022:15
Stskeepsso some of us gathered together to make something, believing in our work, gathered investors, started company, then hired a lot of very cool people that were suddenly available on the market22:15
WalterNthats how a lot of businesses start... heh22:16
Stskeepsthe startup culture post that in finland has been amazing22:17
WalterNnot that dissimilar to how mine started too22:17
Stskeepsit's been a crazy story so far :)22:18
WalterNStskeeps: are you hardware, software, or some other support part in the company?22:18
*** VDVsx has quit IRC22:18
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos22:19
Stskeepsi'm chief research engineer; i've done all sorts of things over time, ranging from assisting HR to reflashing devices in cold warehouses.. :P22:19
Stskeepsso many CVs i've read through..22:19
*** hoodlum has joined #sailfishos22:19
zuttowait, jolla does things in poland too? O.o22:20
Stskeepszutto: no, i just work from home. distributed company22:20
zuttoi see22:20
WalterNso you are keeping an eye on thread(s) about licensing exFAT?22:20
Stskeepsi do read those22:21
Stskeepszutto: i hope one day to have other people and get a proper jolla poland but not just yet..22:21
zuttowell there are alot of intresting hackers there22:21
zuttowouldnt be too bad idea to have office there22:21
Stskeepsthere is, a lot of talents22:21
StskeepsWalterN: so what's your hopes for the tablet and for the months leading up to it?22:23
*** iskatu has joined #sailfishos22:23
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos22:27
WalterNStskeeps: *shrug*, for the tablet specifically I did a bunch of research on existing tablets just a bit before the kickstarter thing and didnt like any of them, for various different reasons22:28
WalterNStskeeps: mostly because of the software22:29
*** krendil has joined #sailfishos22:32
WalterNthere is a chance I'd have a cellphone already if I could get one here in USA22:33
WalterNI saw mention of a J2 phone, I'll probably find a way to get that, if it uses GSM and sim card22:34
Stskeepsyeah, nothing new on phone yet22:34
WalterNis sailfish OS workable on the nokia N900?22:36
Stskeepsnot really22:36
Stskeepsi tried once, not a happy experience22:36
WalterNbecause resistive touch screen? some hardware bottleneck?22:37
gogetaStskeeps, how to debug failed notification from android ?22:37
Stskeepsgogeta: no idea22:39
StskeepsWalterN: 256mb ram.22:39
WalterNand sailfishOS likes more ram?22:39
WalterNI wonder if I could solder in more ram22:40
urjamanshort answer: not really22:42
M4rtinKof course, it is possible - it might just be cheaper to build a new one instead :)22:42
urjamanthat was why that was a short answer...22:43
WalterNprobably easier to work a little harder for a week and just use that money to buy a jollaphone22:43
M4rtinKpretty much :)22:43
WalterNyay for consumerism22:43
*** piggz has quit IRC22:44
WalterNStskeeps: I was looking at the licensing necessary for the exFAT file system... is it $300k for everything? or is there some other licensing cost per device?22:49
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos22:55
*** inta has quit IRC22:55
*** gogeta has quit IRC23:00
salyavinMight be price related to volume for them.  Not sure he is allowed to tell you how much.23:02
*** Pat_o has quit IRC23:03
*** tat has quit IRC23:05
*** TMavica has quit IRC23:06
*** xth has joined #sailfishos23:07
M4rtinKI'm kinda wondering how is that even valid in the EU23:08
M4rtinKprovided that you use that GPL licensed implementation by samsung or some other free software one (or write one yourself)23:09
*** zen|merge has quit IRC23:09
WalterNthere is a FUST exFAT reverse engineered port for it23:10
M4rtinKdoes the specification say "you need to license X from Y"23:10
M4rtinKor "needs to be able to read/write X" ?23:10
WalterNI think its "if you want to call it SDXC, you need exFAT license from microsoft"... as far as I can tell there is nothing else.. like you could put the hardware for the slot in it and call it 'memory support up to 256gigs' (or whatever)23:12
M4rtinKthat would be actually supper funny23:12
*** Andy80 has quit IRC23:12
M4rtinKlike a nexus with SDXC support :)23:13
M4rtinKwithout an SD slot :)23:13
WalterNbut, like a lot of things I read about, I'm not quite clear on that23:14
*** Makinit has quit IRC23:14
*** Makinit has joined #sailfishos23:14
WalterNwhy not use a SATA SSD instead?23:17
WalterNtoo big maybe?23:17
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:17
Turskiplrobaby waaay too big23:21
M4rtinKDASD FTW! :)23:21
WalterNsome SSDs are rather small, like this
TurskiWalterN: that's not SATA23:22
TurskimSATA != SATA23:22
*** ionstorm has joined #sailfishos23:25
M4rtinKI've also recently suggested adding iSCSI support to Sailfish OS, you can vote for me suggestion here:
*** jua__ has quit IRC23:27
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC23:29
*** SpeedEvil has joined #sailfishos23:30
WalterNand mSATA port on a tablet would be pretty interesting23:31
M4rtinKWalterN: actually, that's a really good idea!23:33
M4rtinKWalterN: you could either use it for storage or for a 3G modem23:33
M4rtinKlike on Thinkpads for example23:33
WalterNyou can get an mSATA modem?23:33
WalterNI guess that would make sense...23:34
M4rtinKIIRC the same interface can be used for both23:34
M4rtinKthere are even prepared antenna leads to connect to the card IIRC23:34
Turskithat would probably bring some more thickness23:34
WalterNI was more thinking along the lines of getting rid of possible licensing issues23:34
WalterNprobably use a little more power too23:36
lbtM4rtinK: I'm thinking pypy isn't looking so good23:36
lbt[43793s] [rtyper:WARNING] prebuilt instance <Loop -1, gen=0> has no attribute '_ll_loop_code'23:36
M4rtinKlbt: oops23:36
lbt12 hrs...23:36
M4rtinKlbt: it seemed to be taking a bit long23:37
M4rtinKlbt: feel free to kill it :)23:37
lbtno need - just fyi23:37
WalterNM4rtinK: a quick search on did not show any results on msata23:37
M4rtinKwell it actually could be it takes so long :)23:37
*** Nightmare__ has quit IRC23:37
lbtdoes it need arm optimisation maybe?23:38
lbtnot sure - pypy is JIT isn't it ?23:38
M4rtinKlbt: AFAIK they support arm23:38
lbtI'd suggest that a 12h+ build probably needs to be reviewed to make sure it's not doing needless things23:39
lbtit may be worth moving the test phase out of the build for example23:39
M4rtinKlbt: and the same package builds for armv7hl on Fedora:
lbtand documenting how to do it on device23:40
*** xth has quit IRC23:40
WalterNdo you need a license to use the sata license?23:41
WalterNto use the sata name23:41
*** RoKenn has quit IRC23:41
M4rtinKlbt: actually I think i turned of the tests:23:41
M4rtinK# Easy way to turn off the selftests:23:41
M4rtinK%global run_selftests 023:41
M4rtinK*turned off23:41
*** igordcard has quit IRC23:42
lbtfedora build doesn't mention a total time23:42
M4rtinKStartedWed, 24 Sep 2014 07:37:02 UTC23:42
M4rtinKCompletedWed, 24 Sep 2014 17:33:18 UTC23:42
*** mihlit_ has quit IRC23:42
M4rtinKso it might actually be about right :)23:43
lbthaha - I was looking in the build log23:43
lbtnb the build log for that 10h run does include tests23:43
M4rtinKon the other hand, it is still to long23:43
M4rtinKour arm builders are notoriously slow23:43
M4rtinK*too long23:43
lbtfedora build :   real529m25.460s23:43
lbtthat's just the build phase23:44
M4rtinKsome calxeda or something real hardware thingies23:44
lbtso maybe it's a long build and actually not-too-long tests23:44
M4rtinKI think the Mer OBS is using QEMU ?23:44
lbtso there is qemu happening23:44
lbtif pypy needs pypy to build pypy then ... ooops23:45
lbtor any minipy23:45
lbtqt has a similar issue with qmake - it builds it as part of the arch specific build23:45
lbtso what we do is build qmake discretely for arm/x8623:46
lbtthen the arm build uses the x86 version of qmake (via sb2) instead of qemu23:46
lbtthis make a masive difference to the speed - and it's the same code for qmake23:46
M4rtinKinteresting :)23:47
M4rtinKthere are some rules in Fedora23:47
M4rtinKthat say that builds for a given architecture need to happen on the architecture23:48
M4rtinKso we have real hardware for armv7 and it is pretty slow :D23:48
lbtah, OK23:48
lbtFWIW all of Mer (and Tizen afaik) is built using sb2 hybrid cross-build/native injection23:49
M4rtinKso there are even plans to use aarch64 machines running in the 32-bit compatibility mode23:49
M4rtinKfor amv7 builds in the future to make them faster :)23:49
lbtand those are targeted at production arm devices23:49
lbtjust noting that it may be worth reviewing that policy at some point23:50
M4rtinKsure, I think there should really be no real difference these days23:51
lbt*nod* .. just fyi and as possible case studies in case people want to look at them23:51
M4rtinKbut on the other hand we have much more packages than Mer/Sailfish OS23:52
lbtgood reason to optimise build times then ;)23:52
M4rtinKthere are actually no automatic rebuilds23:52
lbtfwiw the OBS is building some packages in <1min now23:52
M4rtinKthat's probably the only reason why it is workable like this :)23:53
*** xth has joined #sailfishos23:53
lbttmpfs builds and very fast rootfs construction23:53
M4rtinKyeah, I've seen it, especiall noarch stuff is very fast as far as I can tell :)23:54
M4rtinKsnapshots ?23:54
lbtno - I've not investigated fully - it's on my TODO23:54
*** nomeata has quit IRC23:57
M4rtinKthere have been some quite significant improvements for the Mock tool used to construct the Fedora build roots:23:57
M4rtinKI guess nosync would not help much in tmpfs23:58
*** arcean has quit IRC23:58
*** Nc_ has quit IRC23:58
M4rtinKbut I guess LVM snapshots over LVM with PVs on a ramdisk might be ridiculously fast :)23:58
*** xth has quit IRC23:59
M4rtinKand for ultra crazyness use zram for the ramdisk :)23:59

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