Saturday, 2015-03-28

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* kroovy says hello to everybody.08:11
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mal-does anyone have experience with huge ListModels? append seems to become increasingly slow the more items it has09:12
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coderusmal-: you doing somthing wrong then09:39
coderuslistmodel and listview are asynchronous and dynamic09:39
coderusor you using huge listmodel in column - repeater?09:39
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mal-most likely I'm doing something wrong, I'm trying to add my data to the model from javascript and the appending just get increasingly slow09:40
mal-and huge amounts of memory is being consumed09:41
coderusshow your code where you appending data09:44
alteregoAre you sure it's append that's slowing down or that whole jsonParse function?09:46
alteregoAnd how many records are we talking about? What is "Huge" to you?09:46
mal-well maybe 200009:46
alteregoThat is tiny :P09:46
alteregoAre you having issues with UI locking ?09:47
mal-running that function takes several minutes and consumes more than 60% of phones memory09:48
mal-someting is really wrong09:48
mal-alterego: and I added debug output there and append seems to take most of the time09:49
alteregoOkay, well maybe you should use a WorkerScript09:49
mal-I doubt that it should be so slow, I'll try the jsonlistmodel on github to see that behaves09:50
alteregoI've found that model to be slower than rolling your own tbh09:50
alteregoIt is basically a more feature rich version of what you're doing. It's all done in QML and isn't really going to give you any extra performance.09:51
alteregoYou should use a WorkerScript09:52
mal-I'll try that09:52
alteregoAlso, why are you pushing data to "subfolders" then iterating through again at the end?09:52
mal-but do you see anything really bad in my code?09:52
alteregoWhy not just push to folderModel there as well?09:52
mal-that is still a work in progress so the folders are not handled very well09:53
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mal-and usually there are just a few folders so doesn't affect, but I'll fix that09:54
alteregoIt looks very inefficient, you're traversing that array recs.length times as it grows in that first loop. Then at the end you're going through all of it again.09:54
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mal-alterego: where is it looped again?09:56
alteregomal-: it's looped through everytime ou call arraySearch on it.09:57
alteregoThen right at the end you iterate through it adding items the the model.09:57
mal-arraySearch only goes through the subfolders09:58
alteregoI know, but you're doing that recs.length times.09:58
alteregoWell, potentially.09:58
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alteregoWhat is "subfolders" anyway?09:59
alteregoPresumably an array, but I don't see it defined anywhere.09:59
mal-it's just property var subfolders: []09:59
mal-should the appendin to model be fast or slow?10:00
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alteregoIt shouldn't be slow :)10:01
alteregoCan you paste your code where you've put your debug output in as well?10:01
alteregoSo I can get an idea of what you're seeing?10:01
alteregoWhere did you put these console.log messages?10:02
mal-I run it from SDK10:02
mal-on my phone so the logs appear there10:02
alteregoOkay, and it slows down where? "new subfolder" or "append new recording"?10:03
alteregocan you move the console.log call from line 18 to before if( !== 0) conditional?10:04
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mal-added some timestamps10:11
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coderusmal-: can you show your source json?10:19
mal-do you want all of it or just and example?10:20
mal-well, that would be the content of my whole digital tv recording list, I'm not sure if I want paste the whole thing10:21
alteregoOne item would be fine.10:22
alteregoYou can always copy paste it 2k times :P10:22
alteregomal-: what does this output look like with your timestamps then?10:24
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mal-alterego: ?10:25
mal-actually for testing you should remove the Testing~ so it actually does something useful, otherwise it just skips everything because those would be in a subfolder10:26
mal-from name10:26
alteregomal-: so you're saying it takes a couple of minutes to get from "jsonParse: append new" to "jsonParse: recordingsList.model.append done" ?10:27
mal-no, for the whole script10:28
mal-actually I haven't waited for the whole script because gets so slow10:29
alteregoSo how do you know which bit is being slow?10:29
mal-alterego: look the pastebin i gave a while ago10:30
alteregomal-: also, can you show me your UI code ;)10:30
coderusmal-: about json: you just want to categorize it by subfolders?10:30
mal-that it the timestamps10:30
alteregoOh, that's what they were, lol.10:31
alteregoYou could have at least formatted them so I can actually read them properly :P10:31
mal-coderus: I want to list recordings in folder and if there are any subfolders in that level show those in the beginning10:31
mal-alterego: sorry10:31
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alteregomal-: anyway, UI QML code please? :)10:32
mal-alterego: there is the whole files
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mal-if you want to test you might want to remove some parts that are missing, since the helpers.js is not there10:35
alteregoI'm guessing currently you don't have folders being displayed10:36
mal-no, removed those10:36
mal-it's not relevant for this testing10:36
alteregoAh, comment out calcColumnWidths10:37
alteregoIt might be.10:37
mal-yes, and stuff related to those10:37
mal-alterego: why would it be?10:37
alteregoNo, I'm telling you to do it and test performance then10:37
alteregoBecause that happens everytime the model changes.10:37
mal-if the parser takes so much time that I cannot even wait for anything to be displayed, then it's not relevant at this point10:38
alteregoJust do it please :)10:38
alteregoBecause you're parsing in the UI thread, everytime you push an item into the model, the view updates10:38
alteregoSo anything that happens in the UI is also adding to your performance issues.10:38
alteregoIf you really want to test performance of just the parsing code. Then disassociate the model with any view.10:39
mal-there is nothing shown on display when I run that10:39
mal-it only appears after parser function has finished10:40
alteregoHave you tried it yet?10:42
alteregoPush to a model that isn't attached to the listview.10:42
alteregoJust give it a go ;)10:42
mal-hmm, that did help10:44
coderusmy opinion: you should do it in c++ side, as qml have no beginResetModel/endResetModel which is useful in initial model population10:45
alteregoHow much did it help? :P10:45
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alteregocoderus: not true, this is why I'm saying use WorkerScript, he can append to the model then call sync()10:45
mal-alterego: run the whole thing in a second of so10:45
alteregomal-: okay, I'm pretty sure your problem is in calcColumnWidths10:45
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coderusworkerscipt sucks imho10:45
alteregocoderus: works for me :P10:45
coderusdont ask me why, just i know how it working :)10:46
mal-alterego: that could actually be10:46
alteregomal-: I'm guessing it works by creating items to get widths, for every row.10:46
alteregoEverytime you add a new ite,.10:46
alterego~item ..10:46
mal-I though it would do it only after everything is there10:46
alteregomal-: nope, only if you call that after you've populated the model.10:47
coderusqml is for ui thinks. doing very big parsing here is awful, imho :)10:47
alteregomal-: or, you use a WorkerScript and at the end of populating call sync()10:47
mal-I'll have to rethink how to calculate column widths10:47
alteregocoderus: the point is, this isn't big parsing, 2k records isn't that many.10:47
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mal-alterego: a little less than 0.5 seconds was the time I got for the parser10:48
alteregomal-: that algorithm, if it is how I described is probably the best way. It's used by me and other people. But you should only call it after you've populated the model, so after parsing is complete, run it and assign to those list properties.10:48
coderusalterego: sure, with some included loops inside. one loop for adding something to array, next loop for adding from array to model10:48
alteregocoderus: well, he fixed that.10:49
mal-alterego: thanks for figuring out what causes the problem10:49
alteregomal-: Or, use WorkerScript and then you wont have to change your UI code ;)10:49
coderusalterego: when? last link i checked still have same10:49
alteregomal-: np :)10:49
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mal-I just copied to idea for the width calculation from some forums10:50
alteregocoderus: and to be fair, with 2k records that still wont be that slow.10:50
coderusso, for(var i = 0; i < recs.length; i++) then for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) and for(var k = 0; k < subfolders.length; k++)10:50
alteregomal-: yeah, it's not the algorithm that's the problem, there really is no other way to do it in QML. It's the fact it is run everytime you append a new row. Which exponentially increases the calculation time.10:51
coderusmal-: can you write to global int property please10:51
coderusin every loop property += 110:51
coderusand show result of iterations done10:51
mal-coderus: what do you want to know?10:52
coderusreal iterations count10:52
mal-which loops?10:52
coderusyou can launch same script in desktop build to speedup process and not wait for minutes10:53
alteregomal-: you could even put a property in the model, something like: "property bool finishedLoading" then at the end of jsonParse(), set that to true. Then in Listview do: columnWidths: finishedLoading ? Helpers.calcColumnWidths()10:53
coderusmal-: just after each for (...) line add iterationCounter += 110:53
alteregocoderus: that wont help.10:54
alteregocoderus: we have ascertained what the issue is already.10:54
coderusokay then, i'm off from this issue10:54
coderusjust let me know if you really solve it, and when :)10:54
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alteregoWell, I've already given him three solutions. :)10:55
coderusi have eyes10:55
mal-alterego: that last sounds reasonable, or just in parser check the current item versus the current maximums10:56
mal-or in the calcColumnWidths10:57
alteregomal-: the last one is just an easy hack.10:57
alteregoYou really want to use WorkerScript10:57
alteregoWorkerScript will allow you to populate your models. Then when you've finished, call sync() on each model and that will force UI to refresh.10:57
alteregoThe last solution I told you will still cause UI to recalculate, it will just only check that boolean, rather than run through the entire column width calculation logic everytime.10:58
mal-I'll try the WorkerScript10:58
alteregoLet me know if you have any questions, I can help you with that if you have any issues.10:59
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mal-alterego: just out of curiosity do you think it would be a bad idea to do the comparisons in the parser loop and not have any function in the folderColumnWidths11:00
alteregoThat would be bad, yes.11:00
mal-and only compare the current to the maximums11:01
mal-then it would need to go though the whole model11:01
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alteregoWorkerScripts don't allow any UI logic, they run in a very limited environment, so you can't dynamically create visual items to work out the maximum width.11:01
M4rtinKtaixzo: I've just fixed log messages polluting the modRana stdout when handling CLI queries11:02
alteregoAnd it's really ugly having UI code in data parsing code :P11:02
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mal-ok :)11:02
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M4rtinKtaixzo: should be just the search results now - unless you also pass --debug-startup :)11:03
alteregomal-: The issue here is not your parsing, I'm not saying what you've done is perfect, there are a few little issues. But probably not worth optimizing. Your issue here is the constant thrashing of the UI calculations. That is the problem you need to solve.11:03
alteregomal-: so there are two types of solution, the first one is. You tell the UI when you've finished working on the model, this can be done in the 3 ways I've described before.11:04
alteregomal-: the second type of solution would be to move your column calculation into the list delegates, which means they'd only then ever get run when they're shown in the listview.11:04
mal-that second one does not sound very practical compared to the first one11:05
alteregoThe second type of solution is more of a question of taste, as it will effect your UI, how it is seen by the user, as you scroll through the list the columns will dynamically resize. Where as calculating the maximum column widths once means those widths stay constant.11:05
alteregomal-: it has it's own merits. It means that if you have a row count of 100k or more, it wont cause performance issues.11:06
alteregoBecause at no point do you need to iterate through the /entire/ model.11:06
alteregoYou only worry about the items being displayed at that specific point in time, so it's actually more efficient.11:06
mal-i doubt anyone has that many recordings in a single folder :)11:07
alteregoI know, just something to remember if you ever have a similar problem with a much larger record set ;)11:07
mal-does the worker function have to be in different file11:08
mal-looks like it11:10
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alteregomal-: yes, it's in a separate js file.11:17
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coderuslatest news about mitakuuluu, libwa and whatsapp itself:
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Nicd-:( :| :D12:14
Stskeepsif they're shooting at you, you know you're doing something right..12:16
M4rtinKthen you win, right ? :)12:17
M4rtinKon a more serious note, I have for long considered Whatsapp to be a thoroughly lost cause12:18
coderusother protocols are okay, i just need to finish this whatsapp stuff once :D12:19
M4rtinKleaking private information all over the place and generally being evil12:19
M4rtinKbut this adds a whole another level :D12:19
coderusyeah, basically whatsapp doing this because facebook have a lot of private information gathering in official application and sending it to facebook servers, but 3rd party developers not doing it obviously :)12:20
M4rtinKI understand why they are doing that12:21
M4rtinKstill does not change that it is really evil :)12:21
coderusit was detected long time ago for all facebook services applications on iphone and android12:21
coderuscollecting a lot of private data and then sending it12:22
M4rtinKthat's their whole associal business :)12:22
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!> has joined #sailfishos12:22
M4rtinKI'have recently started using tox12:24
M4rtinKand can't really take any centralized & unecrypted by default IM network seriously anymore12:24
*** arcean <arcean!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)12:25
M4rtinKI have been even able to drop Skype thanks to the seamless video calling support it has12:25
M4rtinKand there is even a Sailfish OS client (called Cyanide) for it - text only for now though :)12:26
M4rtinKall in all a pleasant experience with some minor kinks :)12:26
Sail0rcan the ID be shared between different computers and sailfishos?12:27
krobelusSail0r: currently you can copy the tox save file manually, but multi-device support is planned12:29
M4rtinKthat's one of the kinks12:29
Sail0rmaybe I give it a try12:29
M4rtinKtechnically you can, but it messages might arrive at random if both identities are online at the same time12:29
M4rtinKI just have two identities for now - not ideal but does the job12:31
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mal-alterego: WorkerScript seems to work nicely, the calcColumnWidths I have appears to leak quite a lot of memory13:33
*** Behold <Behold!~behold@unaffiliated/beholdmyglory> has joined #sailfishos13:34
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*** nickg_ <nickg_!nickg@gateway/vpn/mullvad/x-xddvwpxhuvrxwswe> has joined #sailfishos13:48
nickg_hey all, can anyone advise me what to do about my Jolla phone? It constantly crashes and turns itself off, sometimes multiple times a day, and often during phone calls. I had this problem before, and it seemed to get better, which makes me think it got fixed by an update.13:50
jaacoppinickg_: contact customer care13:51
Diceecan anyone recorment something like whasapp but it works 100% on sailfish or has alternative client witch i can use with out geting banned :D13:51
Diceescottc: -.-13:52
coderusDicee: not using android?13:53
Diceecode using jolla13:53
scottcdoes it need to connect to whatsapp?13:53
Diceescottc: nope. jsut something that works in android and jolla :)13:54
scottcthere's an okay Telegram app in openrepos, but it doesn't support images/sound/video/etc13:54
scottcTelegram is nice, open spec and libre clients but closed-source servers13:54
coderuscyanide and jollagram are native13:54
scottcjollagram, that's the one13:54
coderusandroid - whatever, you didn't get banned13:54
*** Shinryuu <Shinryuu!> has quit IRC (Quit: outworld)13:55
Nicd-I heard bad things about telegram's security13:55
Nicd-closed servers is not nice13:55
scottcoh really? source?13:55
scottcclosed servers are bad, true13:55
Nicd-well pretty much just IRC banter13:55
Nicd-tox attracts me more because of the distributed nature13:56
M4rtinKtox is fully open & distributed13:56
scottcthe problem with tox for me right now is not "really" being able to connect multiple devices to the same account13:57
coderustox is for id per device13:57
coderusjust check latest conversation in #jollamobile channel13:57
scottcI know13:58
M4rtinKnickg_: try the paper trick as described here or here
Nicd-there's no way to use the same account on different devices?13:58
*** SolarAquarion <SolarAquarion!~solaraqua@unaffiliated/solaraquarion> has joined #sailfishos13:58
M4rtinKnickg_: helped to completely cure the reboots and shutdowns in my case13:58
coderusNicd-: you can, butnobody cares which device received message next time13:58
M4rtinK"grouped" identities are planed IIRC13:59
*** jua_ <jua_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)13:59
coderusyes that will help a little :)13:59
coderusit will  help if you can link and unlink id on the fly13:59
*** jua_ <jua_!> has joined #sailfishos14:01
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alteregomal-: are you sure you're destroying the dynamic components after they've been created? Can you paste that Helpers.js file?14:05
*** plfiorini <plfiorini!> has quit IRC (Quit: Sto andando via)14:06
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nickg_if this is a hardware issue how was it that my phone went through a period where it didn't crash all the time?14:21
jaacoppiby chance14:23
alteregomal-: move the var textElement = Qt.createQmlObject to outside the for loop.14:24
alteregomal-: you only need one copy of that ;)14:24
alteregomal-: basically, create textElement in the root of the function definition scope.14:26
mal-alterego: so I should create the Qt.createQmlObject object there already?14:30
alteregoHang on, this is slightly different to how I've done it I think.14:30
mal-I just need to figure ouut how to modify this14:30
alteregomal-: basically, create your Text component at the beginning of the function, destroy it before you return. Inside the loop, just assign to the 'text' property for each column.14:35
nickg_ok - I've put a thin wedge of folded paper at the bottom of the battery - hope it fixes this14:35
nickg_thanks all14:35
*** nickg_ <nickg_!nickg@gateway/vpn/mullvad/x-xddvwpxhuvrxwswe> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)14:35
alteregomal-: I've actually done it a little different. But my purposes were both a bit more flexible and advanced for your requirements. Probably a bit overkill. I developed an entire TableView component that used a similar method.14:36
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mal-alterego: can you explain why this happens when I move the QML textElement outside of the loop: SilicaListView: Binding loop detected for property "columnWidths"15:07
mal-the only difference is that the object is created with an empty string15:08
*** ortylp <ortylp!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)15:10
alteregomal-: that's probably because you're binding to the ListView as a parent, might be a bug in the SilicaListView, I'd parent it to the root object of your application, to avoid any processing you don't want to happen with other elements you can't control.15:10
alteregoSorry if I'm not as responsive as earlier, playing some 'puter games whilst my baby sleeps ;)15:13
mal-ok, thanks, I'll try that15:14
mal-but interesting that before there was no problems15:14
alteregoYeah, something must depend on their being text.15:14
*** TomasM <TomasM!~Tomas@> has joined #sailfishos15:15
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!~liar@> has joined #sailfishos15:16
mal-now I gave it parent as a parameter when calling from listview and still the same problem15:16
*** kunev <kunev!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.1.1)15:21
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jaacoppiis it okay to publish the same rpm in harbour and openrepos ot should they have different install paths and so on?15:56
r0kk3rzjaacoppi: should be fine15:56
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M4rtinKjaacoppi: yeah - unless they differ in functionality and you want them to be con-installable, just submitting the RPM to both should be fine16:50
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TomasMWas there a release of Sailfish OS with a locked bootloader, and telnet over USB networking disabled?17:35
TomasM(Please point me to the right place if this is off-topic)17:36
StskeepsTomasM: there was a version that had a more or less locked bootloader but the one after that introduced the recovery over telnet too17:36
Stskeepsi'm trying to remember which at the moment, but i think it was sometime <
*** valdur55 <valdur55!> has joined #sailfishos17:42
TomasMStskeeps: Thanks, think I may be stuck with that one17:47
Stskeepsthe background is
TomasMI have physical hardware (Jolla phone) with a locked bootloader, but seemingly no telnet recovery option.17:48
TomasMJust booted 3rd-party hardware and a Jolla handset with up-to-date software and recovery mode works, so likely not my PC setup.17:49
TomasMStskeeps: was the background link for me?17:50
*** corecomic <corecomic!> has joined #sailfishos17:50
TomasM(Rationale for locking the bootloader?)17:51
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StskeepsTomasM: hmm17:58
Stskeepsyeah, that was the rationale, the recovery menu allows you to unlock as long as you know the lock code you set yourself17:59
StskeepsTomasM: factory reset the device, upgrade to latest17:59
TomasMStskeeps: factory reset failed every other time I tried, but now magically works...18:00
TomasMThanks. Looks like the filesystem was corrupted, possibly interfering with unlocks earlier18:05
Stskeepsthe way we handled it back then wasn't perfect, but at least people shouldn't hit that in normal upgrade paths..18:05
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tortoisedoc_giucam : can I run same setup of sfos emulator on archlinux?20:40
giucamtortoisedoc_: what do you mean with setup?20:40
tortoisedoc_giucam : target is to get a running environment as similar as possible to sfos in order to properly debug issues20:41
tortoisedoc_(yes this is related to the qt bug ive been after lately btw)20:42
giucamtortoisedoc_: that depends a lot on what you want to debug... i don't exactly remember what that bug was anymore20:42
tortoisedoc_giucam :
tortoisedoc_giucam : ideally it could be such that anything could be run as it is run on device20:43
tortoisedoc_(except for hw  for obvious reasons)20:44
tortoisedoc_giucam : perhaps the lipstick on nemomobile + qt 5.2 could be enough for this20:45
giucami don't know if you could run lipstick20:45
giucamyou can easily test qtwayland issues usually, other stuff i don't know20:45
tortoisedoc_lipstick is kind of necessary to be able to run quickbar20:46
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giucamwell, you could try, commenting out a lot of stuff20:49
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tortoisedoc_hmm probably20:54
tortoisedoc_even if i would get nemomobile lipstick up and running, id still would be missing jolla lipstick20:54
tortoisedoc_this might be pretty useless in the end :|20:55
tortoisedoc_maybe best im off is to cross-compile the qt module20:55
tortoisedoc_and test it on-device20:55
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