Monday, 2015-06-15

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vakkov1504 sdk installation freezes on Generating keys (/home/vakko/SailfishOS/bin/merssh generatesshkeys '/home/vakko/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/root' '/home/vakko/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/')06:21
vakkovubuntu 14.04 64 bit... anyone who has an idea?06:22
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vakkovslight possibility that the broadcom wireless driver causes a problem when generating the keys06:29
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vakkovmm yes, rmmod wl.ko does the job06:32
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xkr47kimmoli, feel like reopening the "how to prevent charging from USB [not a question]" non-question because I have further improvement ideas that could benefit from a "separate discussion thread"06:50
xkr47kimmoli, what do you think?06:50
xkr47can discuss it here too06:50
kimmolixkr47: discussion here ok, results to TJC ?06:51
xkr47soo.. I have been playing around with your suggestion and the suggestion by LVPVS06:51
xkr47when applied separately, both have the effect of making the device not use usb power at all and use the phone battery for powering the phone06:52
xkr47however, this particular sequence causes the phone to not charge the battery, but still use usb power for powering the device:06:52
xkr47chmod u+w /sys/class/power_supply/usb/charger_disable06:52
xkr47echo 1 > /sys/module/pm8921_charger/parameters/disabled06:52
xkr47echo 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/usb/charger_disable06:52
xkr47echo 0 > /sys/class/power_supply/usb/charger_disable06:52
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xkr47charging is then resumed by doing:06:53
xkr47echo 0 > /sys/module/pm8921_charger/parameters/disabled06:53
xkr47I find this hilarious and wonder if what I'm doing is safe by any means :D :D06:53
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xkr47continuing, this was as reported by the "Hunger meter" software, which reported 0mW when using my procedure above06:55
xkr47I will now try to reproduce it with your "Charge monitor" app06:55
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xkr47ok your app reports around -1..-2 mA06:58
xkr47and I can see the hunger meter also reports -3mW now06:58
xkr47it fluctuates a bit06:58
xkr47but effectively it's not charging nor decharging, since normally when using battery only the usage is 200+mA and when charging it's normally below -200mA06:59
TemeVthat few milliamps easily leak through even if "charging switch" is off07:00
xkr47I also notice that when needed, it still uses battery power if the usb power is not sufficient (luckily! :)07:00
xkr47TemeV yeah and it might be even be a measurement accuracy issue07:01
TemeVBut that means it is possible to make battery other half which actually works as a battery07:01
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TemeVxkr47: yeah more likely it is measurement error07:02
tathhuIt's done already07:02
tathhuIIRC :D07:02
tathhuProto and stuff07:02
xkr47is there anybody here who would have a clue a) if this procedure is safe to use b) what causes this particular sequence to give different behaviour than when using the settings separately07:02
TemeVxkr47: what happens if you unplug usb at this point :)07:03
TemeVphone shuts down?07:03
xkr47the "Battery monitor" app also reports the same behaviour07:03
xkr47TemeV, it starts using battery07:04
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xkr47battery drain levels go up to normal unplugged state (in all three apps)07:04
TemeVxkr47: interesting, so there is some fail safe mechanism07:04
xkr47replugging-> ~0mA usage07:04
xkr47so the setting persists07:05
xkr47or behaviour rather07:05
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xkr47and finally after replugging clearing the pm8921 setting back to normal resumes charging07:06
TemeVis the second echo command actually needed?07:08
xkr47which one?07:08
xkr47the initial state is that the pm8921 and power_supply settings are 007:08
TemeVecho 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/usb/charger_disable07:08
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xkr47yes, because it's 0 from the beginning07:09
xkr47but well I didn't try writing a zero there when it was already 007:09
xkr47can try07:09
TemeVbut writing to pm8921 doesn't change it07:09
xkr47a sec07:09
xkr47you were right07:09
xkr47step 2 is not needed07:10
xkr47echoing a 0 to power_supply has some effect regardless of it's current value (if read)07:10
TemeVok, now it makes some sense :)07:10
xkr47let me verify it one more time07:10
TemeVthey are not regular files and value you read from them might not be the one you just wrote there07:11
xkr47yes I know, but if I had coded it I would have checked "ah, no change in value, I'll do nothing" :D07:11
xkr47but maybe it makes no sense to read the value first from the hardware07:11
xkr47and there is no cached value available07:12
xkr47fine, so let me summarize:07:12
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TemeVthe "is this safe" question is still valid though, but I can't really think of a reason why it weren't07:18
coderusxkr47: usb powering device? is that possible? afaik phone is ALWAYS powered from battery, even if it charging.07:19
xkr47coderus, it seems it just stops the battery current from going negative, still using battery power if more is needed than available over usb07:20
xkr47so it occasionally goes above 0mA, but when idling stays around 007:20
xkr47cloned my pastebin entry to gist:
xkr47will continue revisioning it there, if any07:21
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xkr47TemeV coderus kimmoli: my theory:
xkr47well just proved my theory wrong because swapping the settings doesn't work07:51
kimmoliassumption is mother of all f... ?07:51
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xkr47TemeV coderus kimmoli: my theory v2.0:
xkr47I have verified with a spreasheet (!) that this seems to match all observed behaviour so far08:08
kimmolixkr47: what is function of B ? if both values propagate to A ?08:09
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kimmolibased on that diagram, setting either to 1, will disconnect both ?08:10
xkr47if you set 1 to pm8921 and 0 to power_supply then usb-power is active08:10
xkr47while if you set 1 to power_supply and 0 to pm8921 then usb-power is inactive08:11
xkr47setting either to 1 will disconnect usb power yes08:11
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kimmoliyour switches are in series, and by text; pm8921 opens A+C -> all off, and power_supply opens A+B+D --> all off ?08:11
kimmoliand phone powered from battery only, when either is 108:12
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xkr47ok let me try08:13
xkr47initially, all switches are connected -> charging, using usb power08:13
kimmoliyes, pm = 0, power_supply = 008:14
xkr47if someone now writes 1 to pm8921, then switches A and C are disconnected08:14
xkr47so no charging, no usb power08:14
kimmoliyes, phone powered from battery only08:14
xkr47writing 0 to pm8921 -> A & C connected aggain -> charging, usb power08:14
kimmoliback to time 008:15
xkr47write 1 to pm8921 -> A & C disconnected -> no charge, no usb power08:15
xkr47write 0 to power_supply -> A & B & D connected -> no charge, usb power08:15
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kimmolipower_supply was 0 ? so writing 0 again there affects in sequence?08:16
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kimmoliso it is more like transition to state, than logical bit08:16
xkr47I will refine my theory text in the image to indicate this more clearly08:17
kimmoliso, there is only switches A and C. then transition table (not thruth table)08:17
xkr47or try to08:17
kimmoliso initial state is after reboot08:17
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* xkr47 eagerly waits for better/more elegant counter-theory08:18
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kimmolipower up --> charge, usb power (A closed, C closed), write pm=1, no charge, no usb-power (A open, C open)08:19
kimmoliwrite power-supply=0, no charge, usb power (A closed, C open)08:19
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kimmoliand so on.08:20
kimmoliB and D always closed, just move their control to A and C correspondingly08:20
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xkr47well, the state needs to be tracked somewhere, so I used hardware switches for that.. I thought it was less probable that the state of those two sysfs settings would be combined in kernel code08:23
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xkr47now it's documented in a more engineering-friendly way :D08:24
kimmoliurf, pseudo-code in schematics08:24
xkr47eagle nicely put an overline on those newValue assignments when I used ! in front :)08:24
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xkr47sorry.. :)08:25
kimmoliso, if just toggling pm value, it controls charging, usb-power at the same time.08:26
xkr47and also if just toggling power_supply value, same effect08:26
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kimmolibut if i write power_supply = 1, the pm has no effect ?08:27
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kimmolibut if pm=1, and i write power_supply=0 it will take usb-power but does not charge08:28
xkr47the reason why I experimented around with this because this is exactly what I wanted08:29
xkr47why consume the battery age when power is connected08:29
xkr47(if not for charging the battery)08:29
xkr47now I only hope that my setup is safe for the phone, environment and the universe as a whole08:30
kimmoli"galaksit räjähtää"08:32
xkr47in this usb-power-no-charge mode for the last 30 minutes, it seems the battery charge has droped 823µAh i.e. 0.04% of battery capacity08:32
kimmolisounds reasonable08:33
kimmolii did make some OFF-state measurements ages ago08:33
xkr47that means ~50 days until empty08:33
kimmoliself-discharge rate is little slower though, but there is some leaky stuff connected08:35
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xkr47will try a bit of power cycling testing now08:38
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xkr47set both settings to 1 (disable charging), disconnect usb, power off, start up, connect usb -> charging again08:42
xkr47it seems reading /sys/class/power_supply/usb/charger_disable always reports 008:44
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xkr47maybe not implemented08:44
xkr47set both settings to 1, disconnect usb, power off, connect usb seems to boot up the phone in charging mode. cannot confirm actual charging right now since the percentage isn't changing "very fast" and I need to have my phone on08:48
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vakkovguys, where can i get qt5-qtquick1 for the old qdeclarative09:17
vakkovi have that package (qt5-qtquick1) installed  on my platform sdk target and things run wonderfully but then again i cant find it in the app sdk vm09:18
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xkr47sounds like this feature won't work together with my usb-powered-no-charging mode :P09:21
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kimmolias expexted , it is not charging09:35
kimmoliuse mcetool to force display on?09:35
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spiiroinxkr47: just use "mcetool --set-inhibit-mode=stay-on" instead of "...=stay-on-with-charger"09:39
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xkr47spiiroin, is it always-on regardless of whether usb cable is connected?09:49
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spiiroinxkr47: it disables timer based blanking, so display stays on unless you turn it off using power key / top swipe etc10:29
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nibanyone here aware of this issue: touches not accepted in any app, except lipstick10:40
nibit happend yestarday - but is gone after reboot:)10:41
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nibseems that keyboard works too:)10:56
TemeVnib: sounds familiar, happened to me a couple of times10:58
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nibTemeV: are there something, to fix it?11:00
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TemeVI don't know11:00
TemeVI just rebooted, bacause I didn't have time to do the reasearch11:01
nibTemeV: ok, thank you anyway:)11:04
xkr47spiiroin, ok thansk11:10
xkr47nib, same has occured for me a lot of times, at least with the previous release11:11
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nibxkr47: ok, thank you too:)11:13
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xkr47if anyone locates a TJC question for this issue, let me know11:17
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xkr47nib, could it be this?
nibxkr47: exactly my issue:)11:25
nibxkr47: except there was no crashes noticed by me11:26
xkr47yeah and the fourth comment (by axaq jan 14) further convinces me it's the same issue I see too11:26
xkr47so upvote! :)11:27
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!~Sailor@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)11:28
nibxkr47: hm.. sounds similar, probably I even know how to reproduce it:) All times my phone was in pocket and active was app with textfield full of ducktyped text11:31
nibbut strange, that I can invoke keyboard via contacts -> search icon..:/11:32
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xkr47did you check this one also?
*** Behold <Behold!~behold@unaffiliated/beholdmyglory> has joined #sailfishos11:36
xkr47can't say if that applies for me11:39
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xkr47where's the jolla kernel sources?14:00
tbrI used to host things until they managed to put things in place14:01
tbrStskeeps: should I start sending SASE envelopes again? ;-)14:03
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)14:03
xkr47 ?14:05
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!> has joined #sailfishos14:05
tbrxkr47: that's a private person's upload14:09
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!~dirkvl@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)14:09
tbrxkr47: if your real question is "Is there a public git tree for the SbJ sources as used in releases" then the answer is 'no'.14:09
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taaeemWhen i want to make a project open source but in the code there are my apikeys and so on should I just set some stuff like "Your ApiKey" as Placeholder?14:34
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tbrtaaeem: I'd probably move those to one file, exclude that from checking in, but provide an foo.example file that shows how it should be set up14:43
taaeemtbr: good idea14:44
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taaeemhow can i get the location of my icon? I want to use it in my Cover or do I have to use qrc ?15:20
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kimmolitaaeem: look silica ref for standard paths16:44
kimmolior just hardcode /usr/share/applications/you.png16:44
kimmolior what was it16:44
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taaeemkimmoli: I just used it in a images folder and from there i can just reference it17:06
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coderustaaeem: "../images/file.png" ?17:29
*** Anz- <Anz-!~Anz_@> has joined #sailfishos17:31
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taaeemcoderus: jep like you did in mitak... looked at your source17:31
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kimmolithat needs a second copy of icon17:32
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius17:34
coderuskimmoli: what? why?17:35
coderusi don't think he need to display application launcher icon17:35
kimmolidepends what was referred with "my icon" ..17:37
kimmolii show app launcher icon on cover , in dummy covers17:37
*** twixx <twixx!> has left #sailfishos17:38
r0kk3rzi find it really helps to identify which cover is which17:41
r0kk3rzrather than multiple transparent covers with some kind of text17:42
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taaeemWhy is the run option greyed out when i select deploy by building an RPM package for arm?17:54
*** Sailor11736_ <Sailor11736_!> has joined #sailfishos17:55
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos17:56
r0kk3rzbecause it doesnt have a target to run on17:56
taaeembut how to make an RPM than?17:56
r0kk3rzneeds to be set to deploy as rpm17:56
r0kk3rzthe button just above the run button17:57
*** Sailor11736_ <Sailor11736_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)17:57
r0kk3rzthat will build rpm -> deploy to target -> run in debug window in 1 click17:58
taaeemYeah I don't have a device to run on but I want to build an RPM for sharing17:58
r0kk3rzok then, under build menu at the top, click deploy17:58
TemeVtaaeem: build->deploy to create the .rpm17:58
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taaeemahh thanks now its working18:00
haasnBreaking news: Locking your CPU clock at 384 MHz is not fun18:08
haasnPrograms take like 5-10 seconds to start up :p18:08
haasnI wonder what would actually be better for battery lifetime though: Having it clocked at 1 GHz and a program using 20% of the CPU, or having it clock at 500 MHz and that same program using 40% of the CPU18:11
haasn(If that comparison even makes sense. I would care in particular about music playback, where the overall amount of work that needs to be done per second stays relatively constant)18:11
r0kk3rzits generally considered that burst mode is better18:11
r0kk3rzfull clock rate to get the job done and spend more time in deep sleep18:11
haasnThough for music playback in particular I would think it would spend more time bursting between decoding and playing, if I set the cache settings high enough18:12
haasnI could play around with that, if you think it would be better18:12
haasnie. have it decode the entire file and store the decoded audio in memory18:12
r0kk3rznot the entire file, but a buffer18:12
haasnI think pulseaudio can use high-latency buffering to avoid having to wake the program up at all18:13
haasn(Except in like 2000ms intervals)18:13
r0kk3rzyeah thats what qtmultimedia is set to do18:13
haasnBut when I tried playing something back on the phone, pulseaudio was displaying a latency of like only 50ms18:13
r0kk3rzwhere as qsoundeffect is low latency higher cpu usage for stuff that has to happen instantly18:14
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haasnHmm. During playback my sink latency is always being reported as 96 ms though18:31
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haasnHeh, killing aliendalvik makes memory usage drop from like 557M to 328M19:08
haasnHow does Java manage to be so tremendously bloated19:10
*** AlmAck <AlmAck!> has joined #sailfishos19:12
Yaniellots of practice19:12
*** flywheel <flywheel!~flywheel@> has joined #sailfishos19:16
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locusfit doesn't have to even try19:24
chem|sthaasn: any mode locking the cpu rate will use more power than any sane 'flexible' solution - compare: you have your display on and your system active while on a low rate, or, you are quick and fast back to deep sleep... proper schedulers and cpu governors that do not lock a rate are usually more powereffecient19:27
chem|stlocusf: it does not even try not to be...19:28
haasnchem|st: That makes sense. I'm thinking in particular about the use case of having mpd (+pulseaudio) constantly running in the background while the screen is turned off (playing music)19:28
haasnThough I'm not sure what the power usage contribution of the programs themselves are19:28
haasn(As compared to the DAC/amplifier itself)19:29
chem|sthaasn: software not designed to run on a "always on the edge to sleep" devices will cost!19:29
haasnI have no idea if mpd or even pulseaudio are designed with mobile devices in mind :p19:30
chem|stmpd is coming from people with laptops having the need for a remote to their server running music services, pulseaudio is the same people but having the need for flexible on demand audio routing...19:32
chem|st*speaking in general19:33
*** jjanvier <jjanvier!> has joined #sailfishos19:33
chem|stI have actually no idea what "music daemon" is not powerhungry - all daemons I know are more or less "live" but I prefer mocp over mpd any time19:35
*** ortylp <ortylp!> has joined #sailfishos19:35
*** Nightmare__ <Nightmare__!> has quit IRC ()19:35
haasnI can't even find mocp in my repository19:36
chem|stno idea if you can get mpd to behave in any way like mplayer, where you can precache 10min of sd-movies into RAM witout much use of disk or cpu to playback...19:36
haasnchem|st: You can configure the mpd cache size19:36
chem|sthaasn: where are you coming from?19:37
haasnI just searched for “mocp” in Gentoo's repository19:37
*** tat <tat!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:37
chem|stmpd cache size is read ahead iirc not read ahead & decompress to raw19:37
haasnThat's wrong19:37
haasnIt will buffer the decoded raw audio19:38
haasnAnd you can configure both how large it is and how much it should fill before starting playback19:38
chem|sthaasn: ok.. well on a laptop I would not care that much... I have mine up to 5h SD playback and 30min battery left after that19:38
*** itbaron <itbaron!> has quit IRC (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
haasnIt's my phone I'm worrying about :)19:39
chem|styou want to use remote mpd but have the playback on your phone?19:40
haasnI'm just trying to see how many minutes of playback I could get on a full charge in theory19:40
haasnmpd is running locally on my phone19:41
chem|stwhat was the gentoo stuff then about?19:41
*** mrjoe <mrjoe!~Adium@2a02:22a0:aaaa:b:10::1e86> has joined #sailfishos19:41
haasnThat was me trying to figure out what “mocp” is, since I've never heard of it19:41
chem|sthow about you set the buffers to 50MB and see what happens to your battery?!19:42
haasn“zypper search mocp” on my phone also finds nothing. Same for
haasnchem|st: I've set it to 32 MiB for now19:42
chem|stMusicOnConsolePlayer moc or mocp19:43
chem|stis what I use at home as mpd is just crazy shit annoyning every time I try getting used to it...19:43
chem|stso mpd on your phone... do you *need* a music daemon or is it just that you *want* to have it that way?19:44
haasnchem|st: I want something that provides me with at least the same set of features that I use on mpd19:45
haasnAnd preferably something that has a nice GUI front-end (that doesn't always need to be open), a set of CLI tools, the ability to script it, something equivalent to's radio mode, MPRIS2 compatibility, etc.19:45
haasnmpd is just the only player that has this level of versatility, because there are so many different clients available19:46
chem|stthe frontend can be open or not for all I care, why should I care about it being open (running) on my home-screen and give my cover-actions...19:46
haasn(It also needs to be able to handle a large music library, but I guess that should be a given)19:46
chem|sthow many clients are available for SFOS?19:47
Yanielsailfish os19:47
Yanielwhat is "large" here?19:47
haasnYaniel: Anywhere from 10k to 50k I would consider “large”19:48
chem|sthaasn: you havent seen *large* yet19:48
Yanielas in songs?19:48
haasn(That's probably about the upper limit of how much you can even fit on a jolla, given a 128 GB microSDXC card and Opus 64 kbps or something)19:48
* Yaniel is around 850 and quasarmx is getting difficulties with it19:49
haasnchem|st: for MPD there is SMPC which works for me, haven't looked into any others as that seemed to be the most popular19:49
haasnBut you can also use any MPRIS2-compatible frontend, eg. there's a patch that provides controls for the music player on your lockscreen19:50
chem|sthaasn: have you had any battery issues yet?19:50
Yanieldoes the mpd daemon listen for mpris events directly?19:50
haasnSo you don't have to constantly enter the pin just to change a song or something. Oh, that reminds me - I would like to script something like “volume control gestures”, eg. if I press volume up followed by volume down in quick succession, it should run a command of my choosing (in this case eg. ‘mpc next’)19:50
haasnHas anybody attempted something like this?19:50
haasnYaniel: no, but there's a python script that you can use which provides an MPRIS2 <-> mpd script19:51
haasnchem|st: No19:51
chem|sthaasn: whay are you makeing such a fuzz about it then?19:51
Yanielhow is opus btw?19:52
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos19:52
haasnYaniel: In terms of what?19:52
Yanieland quality vs bitrate19:53
haasnIn terms of sound quality / filesize, it's the best audio codec currently available (free or otherwise); in terms of decoding speed, I don't know; in terms of encoding speed, I don't know19:53
haasnIn terms of latency, it's flexible (usable in both very low latency and high latency applications just as well)19:53
Yanielisn't it sort of a combination of different codecs19:54
haasn(One of Opus' main goals was to provide a codec that is just as good for low-latency voice as it is for high-latency music, so that every application can use it)19:54
haasnYaniel: It's basically a combination of two different concepts, SILK and CELT19:55
haasnYaniel: one of the peculiar things about it though is that it only supports one sampling rate - 48 kHz. This is one of the reasons I chose it for the jolla phone, I don't want to do any realtime resampling on the phone19:56
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #sailfishos19:56
haasnFortunately, the audio chip just so happens to run at 48 kHz natively19:56
haasn(This means that by limiting myself to Opus I can automatically ensure that I can never accidentally forget to resample a file when transcoding it, for example)19:56
*** Mikkosssss <Mikkosssss!> has joined #sailfishos19:57
Yanielthat seems like a rather arbitrary limitation19:57
Yanielnot a severe one though19:58
Yanielhm, I could give it a try at some point I suppose19:59
Yaniel...when I have fixed the mess I made of my library during the weekend19:59
haasnAlso it's amazing how some results are like this and some are like this
haasn(Keep in mind these are all produced via double blind testing)20:01
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haasnYaniel: I looked it up, apparently Opus switches sampling rates on a packet-by-packet basis, and supports 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 48 kHz - their packet switching only makes sense if all the involves rates are divisors of the base frequency (48)20:04
haasnThe cost of its high compression ratios, I guess. Well, I say “cost” but as you mentioned, it's not a severe restriction20:04
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Yanielsoo... tldr, as far as  lossy codecs go it is the best around currently?20:05
haasnYaniel: pretty much20:06
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haasn128 kbps for placebo, 96 kbps for virtually guaranteed to be transparent, 64 kbps if you're streaming and 96 kbps is too much20:07
haasn(or if you're very tight on space and don't mind a subtle loss)20:07
YanielI assume it uses vorbis tags?20:07
Yanielie. supports ReplayGain the same way ogg and flac do20:08
haasnYaniel: Ogg is the designated container, so presumably the same as Vorbis20:08
haasnAnd yes it supports the same RG tags20:08
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haasnAlthough I've actually gone a step further and normalized the audio levels before encoding, so I don't have to have ReplayGain logic running on my phone20:08
Yanielwhat do you use for transcoding?20:09
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haasnYaniel: ffmpeg -i "$file" -af aresampl=resampler=soxr -ar 48k -af volume="replaygain=album" -c:a opus -b:a 128k "${file%.*}.opus"20:13
haasnthe soxr is just there for placebo, could probably leave it away :p20:13
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Yanielwhen you get placebo at such bitrates anyway...20:14
haasnThe placebo is mostly irrelevant either way because the phone's DAC is so absurdly terrible that it destroys it either way20:14
tortoisedocwhere to look for settings plugins samples?20:16
chem|sttortoisedoc: patchmanager git?20:17
tortoisedocchem|st : thanks20:17
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chem|stisn't sfos-utilities open too?20:18
chem|stpick your poison^^20:18
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chem|stpatchmanager should give you an idea though20:27
chem|stno idea where the docu for that is...20:27
coderusbetter than reading some sources20:27
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