Saturday, 2016-08-13

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coderussb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -m sdk-build05:41
coderusand in target shell you cam qmake && make05:41
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tortoisedochey ho17:22
tortoisedocive experiencing difficulties with mb2 and qmake's CONFIG setting via command line17:22
tortoisedocso what im doing is17:22
tortoisedocmb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl qmake -v "CONFIG += private_tests"17:22
tortoisedocand I have a message(CONFIG IS $$CONFIG) in the main .pro file17:23
tortoisedocbut still my define is not appearing in the list17:23
tortoisedocwhat am I doing wrong?17:23
tortoisedocive banged my head on this for an hour now and cant really see anything wrong?17:24
tortoisedocactually the line in question is :17:24
tortoisedoc$ mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl qmake "CONFIG += private_tests"17:24
tortoisedocadding in -d does not seem to increase qmake's debug level at all17:27
tortoisedoc$ mb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl qmake -d "CONFIG += private_tests"17:27
tortoisedoclbt , Stskeeps ^17:30
tortoisedockimmoli ^17:30
tortoisedocanyone? :D17:30
urjaman you sure that gets passed to qmake? and not parsed by mb2 as an option... okay i've never used it so i dunno :P17:31
tortoisedocurjaman yes im suspecting that too17:31
urjamanbut if it has the standard parameter parser, you could add "--" before the qmake part ...17:31
locusfyou need to use sb2 in order to run qmake17:31
tortoisedoci have been starting at mb2 code now for a while, still searching for the correct place17:31
locusfmb2 is justa wrapper17:31
tortoisedoclocusf : w0t;17:31
tortoisedocmb2 does not run qmake for me (as the help states)???17:31
locusfwell it does17:32
locusfits just a target command inside the script17:32
tortoisedochmhm ok ill try with sb217:32
locusfwhich in turn does something completely different and doesn't take parameters afaiu17:32
tortoisedocive lost two days now for this :D17:33
* tortoisedoc triple facepalm17:33
urjamanyou could've like read the source ...17:33
locusfcaveat is like caviar17:33
tortoisedocmy faith was too big ;_;17:33
urjamanif you had two days to figure it out :P17:33
tortoisedocand now luckily locusf has opened my 3y3s17:33
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tortoisedocbut no wonder jolla isnt going anywhere17:34
tortoisedocthings do not work as they are supposed to17:34
urjamanas you imagine them to be supposed to work17:34
tortoisedocurjaman : plus, as a developer i am not supposed to *have* to look at the code17:35
tortoisedocif the help states a, but then the code does b, it's not my faut17:35
tortoisedocis it :P17:35
tortoisedocurjaman : as in?17:35
tortoisedocim trying to use them the way the tool tells me to use it17:36
tortoisedocthe results are found to be tremendoulsy lacking tho17:36
tortoisedocsorry urjaman, had to let off some steam17:36
tortoisedockudos for the help17:39
urjamanI'd need to do too much work to get the --help output to actually know what all the parameters are, but nowhere on the net does anyone try using mb2 with "qmake" as the command (build or deploy or whatever yeah) :P17:39
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tortoisedocso its just my bad luck kicking in that I am forced to use CONFIG+=private_tests on the command line :P17:40
mal-has anyone been doing development using SDL in Sailfish? especially audio side, I have a problem that SDL_CloseAudio() always hangs, gdb shows pthread_join just before that17:40
urjamanso yeah it uses qmake for you, but isnt meant to allow you to parametrize qmake :P17:40
tortoisedoc(that happens alot(17:40
tortoisedocbut the help states so :P:P17:40
urjamangeeze i'd need to rebuild virtualbox ... -.-17:41
tortoisedocto make mb2 work with qmake? :D17:41
tortoisedocwhy rebuild vb?17:41
urjamanarch has updated around the virtualbox i've installed from aur ...17:41
tortoisedocootb not working?17:41
urjamanto install the SDK17:42
urjamanso i could test this out ...17:42
urjaman--> nope :P17:42
tortoisedocdownload latest vb bins?17:42
tortoisedocwhere's the issue ?17:42
urjamani shouldnt have said anything17:43
tortoisedocfrom mb217:43
tortoisedoc sb2 -t $OPT_TARGET qmake "$@"17:43
tortoisedocsorry urjaman again :P17:44
tortoisedocim sure there are big reasons for it17:44
tortoisedocill respect them17:44
tortoisedocmal- : thread_join of the audio thread?17:45
mal-tortoisedoc: SDL_WaitThread_REAL17:46
mal-which is called from close_audio_device17:47
tortoisedocid' wonder if it's resting waiting for a SDL handle to be signaled?17:47
tortoisedoc(a thread handle created by SDL that is)17:47
tortoisedoc(just a shot in the dark btw)17:47
mal-there were several reports of similar hang happening on the web and some of them patched sdl to fix it17:48
mal-btw, the code I get that is scummvm17:49
tortoisedoclets fix this, I want to play DotT :P17:49
tortoisedocurjaman : can you believe it, mb2 does detect the spec file silently and runs the rpmbuild17:50
mal-tortoisedoc: that problem only happens when closing the app, it just hangs in the background17:51
mal-running the app has different issues, mostly graphics issues currently17:52
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tortoisedocmb2 is not on mer?18:02
tortoisedocrpm -qi gives sdk-utils-1.0.3-10.9.1.jolla.noarch18:06
tortoisedocsmels like closed source to me18:06
tortoisedocim wondering how is jolla hoping to advance development of apps on the os18:07
tortoisedocif the tools necessary for developers are behind walled gardens?18:07
Stskeepsit's in mer-tools and no18:07
tortoisedoconly one project for me there?18:08
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tortoisedocthat no does sound more like a yes to me18:09
tortoisedocplease proove me wrong18:10
coderus ?18:11
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tortoisedoccoderus : nothing there either :/18:12
tortoisedocplease also note the .jolla. part in the pkg18:12
kimmoliobs did/used to place it there18:13
coderus.jolla part always added when package builds on OBS18:13
tortoisedockimmoli : you mean it built from there?18:14
tortoisedocor placed it on github=18:14
coderuspackages STARTED with jolla-* are closed18:14
tortoisedoccant find it :/18:17
tortoisedocpkg is correctly installed on my sdk18:17
tortoisedocbut source is MIA18:18
tortoisedoc(as in gitlab / hub repo where I could make mr)18:18
kimmolithere is one, in that repository. so look pkgs built there?18:19
tortoisedocok seems to be lbt's fork18:19
tortoisedocno can do then18:20
kimmoliif it is a fork, isnt it forked from somewhere?18:22
tortoisedocit might not be afork thats trye18:22
tortoisedocas in it might be the only repo for it18:22
tortoisedoclbt : can you help?18:22
tortoisedocthanks mal- !18:24
tortoisedocthats a pretty old repo tho18:24
tortoisedoc(as in last mod was from 2015)18:24
mal-maybe there has been no need to update18:24
tortoisedoc(which still might be legit tho)18:25
tortoisedocwell at least I was proved wrong on the walled garden :)18:25
tortoisedocI can sleep happy tonight again18:25
tortoisedocthere's the lbt one18:26
tortoisedocmal- its different18:27
tortoisedocid'say its newer18:27
tortoisedocbut who knows18:27
mal-tortoisedoc: older18:27
tortoisedocso there must be some other repo somewhere18:28 perhaps18:28
mal-tortoisedoc: all of the branches are a lot older, you can also see that the mer-tools one is forked from that18:28
mal-tortoisedoc: maybe not18:28
tortoisedocwhere else? github?18:28
tortoisedocjolla? :S18:28
tortoisedocid say this is a good point for the next community event18:29
mal-tortoisedoc: why do you think there would be another repo somewhere?18:29
mal-tortoisedoc: what's wrong with that mer-tools one?18:29
tortoisedocnothing wrong with it18:30
mal-then why do you think that is not the correct repo?18:30
tortoisedocis very close to the mb2 on my sdk18:30
tortoisedocso i guess that's where it's from18:31
tortoisedoci was looking at the lbt/sdk-setup18:31
tortoisedocok great to know there's a place for mr :)18:31
mal-probably that just hasn't been moved to merproject yet for some reason18:32
tortoisedocthanks again guys!18:33
mal-almost all of that mer-tools is still not moved, probably not a very high priority18:33
tortoisedocseems so18:35
tortoisedoci guess moving them is not easy18:36
tortoisedocand priorities are definitely elsewhere within jolla atm18:36
tortoisedocbut f*** it's difficult to trace things down18:36
coderusyou making own obs?18:36
tortoisedoccoderus :?18:37
tortoisedochell no, im "just" trying to build qtdeclarative for the past two days18:37
tortoisedocalthough it would have been easier to make my own obs, probably ;)18:39
mal-tortoisedoc: locally or on obs?18:39
tortoisedoclater on ob18:39
tortoisedocif needed18:39
mal-what's the problem with that?18:40
tortoisedocmal- ^18:40
tortoisedocmb2 :)18:40
mal-how are you trying to build it?18:40
tortoisedocmb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl qmake "CONFIG+=private_tests" does not run qmake (as it would be supposed to )18:41
mal-the exact command18:41
tortoisedocthe wrong one, I have it now18:41
mal-why do you use mb2 and not sb2?18:41
tortoisedocI thought mb2 is supposed to supercede sb2?18:41
tortoisedocand mb2 calls sb2 internally?18:41
mal-I always use sb2 is I try to build something manually18:41
mal-like not an rpm18:42
tortoisedoci need rpm's18:42
tortoisedocso I want mb218:42
mal-why don't you build the rpm directly?18:42
tortoisedocI build the rpm directly , what do you mean now=18:42
mal-if you run qmake then you are not building it directly18:42
mal-i.e. mb2 build18:43
tortoisedocproblem is I need to enable certain qmake configs18:43
tortoisedocwhich I cant do via rpm build alone18:43
mal-add those to .spec18:43
tortoisedocin .spec i mean18:43
mal-maybe I'll grab a beer18:46
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tortoisedocfrom the fridge?18:50
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