Monday, 2016-10-31

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mohitkumHello everyone!05:29
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FloR707Hi, I am currently trying to learn about JSON. Is there a harbour app on github that uses JSON, so that I can a look how that works? I have seen JS solutions but these are five years old and I am wondering if there is something in QML that I can use.09:48
coderusJSON object in QML accessible09:49
coderusJSON.parse(json_string) return JS object.09:49
coderusJSON.stringify(js_object) return json string09:50
coderusthats all you need09:50
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FloR707And how do I get the JSON object? I do have a URL and a couple of GET parameters.09:54
FloR707Okay this is  then all JS like
FloR707JSONListModel is not working, yet?09:59
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tortoisedocwas there supposed to be a community meeting today?10:33
tortoisedoc10 CET or something?10:33
mal-there was10:33
mal-it was at 9:00 UTC10:34
tortoisedocmal- : any news about new devices?10:35
r0kk3rztortoisedoc: nope10:38
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tortoisedocbtw the log only has discussion about caldav10:41
r0kk3rztry the log before :P10:43
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tortoisedocwell, let the future suprise us :)10:45
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tortoisedocr0kk3rz : thanks!10:47
YasigiWalterInteresting, got mail from Jolla saying that the latest Sailfish OS is available for everyone, but when I check for OS updates on my Intex Aqua Fish, it says it's up to date with (Aurajoki)10:49
mal-it's not yet available for aqua fish, it was mentioned here
r0kk3rzYasigiWalter: updates have to go through Intex first it seems10:50
YasigiWalterah, thanks10:50
YasigiWalterThey do additional testing?10:51
r0kk3rzsomething like that, which makes sense as its their product10:51
r0kk3rznot jollas10:51
r0kk3rzthey're the one left holding the bag if it all goes tits up10:51
YasigiWalterAlso, I found a bug in the People app, where should I file it?10:53
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kimmoliand check is there a report already...11:34
tortoisedoc+1 kimmoli11:36
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LinnakHi. Can someone answer to this question? Android has a virtual machine was called dalvik . It needs more resources than a native os. Like ios. Ios needs half or less cpu to run smooth than android. The question is: if sailfish os is a native os why it isn't as smooth as ios?15:03
tilli don't know about ios, but on my Jolla Phone Sailfish OS is running very smoothly15:04
BysmyyrLinnak: which jolla phone you have?15:05
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LinnakNot mine. Intex aqua fish15:06
tillhowever, running android support and some heavy android apps slows the whole phone down15:07
BysmyyrLinnak: then no idea, mine is smooth if I do not use heavy/many android15:07
Snilly'smooth' referring to scrolling and transitions?15:07
Bysmyyr(jolla1 was missing some ram)15:07
Linnakon intex it takes seconds to open a clock app15:08
r0kk3rzLinnak: the equation is more complicated than you suggest15:08
tilland jolla1 tends to have issues due to btrfs if not balanced from time to time15:08
r0kk3rzios is smooth because AAPL has hundreds of engineers profiling it to make it so15:09
LinnakAt 2 minutes he says it takes 2 seconds to open an app15:10
Bysmyyrmine took about 2seconds and(instant after once started)15:11
tilljust checked, opening the clock app on my jolla1 takes about 2.5 seconds. but I wouldn't call that "not smooth" :)15:12
r0kk3rztill: its fair though, those of us who arent regular android/ios users forget how responsive they can be15:12
LinnakOn my android device it opens immediately15:12
Snillyabout 2.5sec for n900/maemo also15:13
tillmy android tablet feels not as smooth as my jolla15:13
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LinnakWhich cross platform video chat do you use?15:13
nh1402Linnak: which Android tablet?15:14
tillespecially concerning web browsing, sailfish is a lot smoother than android for me15:14
Bysmyyrand in android, how much is in the ram whole time15:14
tillLinnak: skype and for eample15:14
LinnakI use a Honor 815:14
nh1402my bad, Android device, well that's the reason, It has a much more up to date ARM 64 bit SoC15:15
nh1402the Intex has a dated 32bit ARM CPU15:15
LinnakWill it be soon a good device?15:16
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tillLinnak: you mean if a more powerful sailfish os device will be released?15:17
Linnaktill which one has notification when someone wants to contact with you?15:17
LinnakTill yes15:17
tillLinnak: in this case I would suggest skype15:17
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tillafaik there is the touring phone, there will/might be the puzzle phone, and there are speculations about fairphone 2 shipping with sailfish15:18
LinnakI saw turin phone 4 years ago and now has again a good advert15:19
tillyou might want to have a look here:
LinnakDo you know how much is a turing phone cost?15:24
Linnaktill they say skype not working
tillyou would need android skype on sailfish os15:26
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tillabout the price of the touring phone, I remember something above 500 euros15:27
r0kk3rzcloser to 800€15:28
tillor so :)15:28
Snillyanybody using a droid xt894?15:28
BysmyyrLinnak: stuff in openrepos can be not working or working great but you have to check waht to install. Android skype works well15:28
r0kk3rzandroid notifications are better than they used to be, thats for sure15:29
LinnakNot cheap15:29
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tillthe skype-account plugin only supports text messages and caused my skype account to be banned some time ago, thus I removed it from my phone15:29
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tilland since whatsapp seems to be essential today, I need to have android support running anyway15:30
LinnakI came from windows phone 2 months ago. So far i love android 615:30
LinnakI use whatsapp, viber and today tried telegram15:31
LinnakI just want to try other systems like sailfish os or ubuntu touch15:32
Snillyhobbyist OS15:33
tilltelegram works fine on sailfish15:33
tilli'm using sailorgram as client15:34
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deryahthe one plus x in its vanilla android form, does not support ExFAT cards right?16:45
deryahbut will it face the same problem when i install sailfish?16:45
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deryahi just inserted a 64 GB sd card and it didn't detect it, but it does detect a 16 GB card16:52
r0kk3rznot sure about exfat support, i think not16:53
r0kk3rzbut you can format it to something else if that suits16:53
tillI'm using a 64GB card with one swap and one ext4 partition16:55
r0kk3rzlooks like some people have installed exfat fuse drivers, so maybe you can make it work16:55
deryahi can? please help me16:55
deryahmine won't even read the 64 GB one16:56
deryahwon't even *detect16:56
r0kk3rzah, drivers on openrepos16:56
tillin sailfish or android?16:56
deryahright now my onyx is still vanilla16:57
deryahhaven't installed anything16:57
deryahtill: also, what is swap and what is ext4?16:57
tillI only know about formatting on sailfish, sorry16:57
urjamanoh my, you'll need some linux knowledge ...16:58
tillswap is used to extend ram, and ext4 is different file system used mainly on unix systems16:58
deryahurjaman: please tell me where to start, i'm happy to learn16:58
deryahurjaman: i would greatly appreciate if you can give me some pointers16:59
r0kk3rzderyah: for most purposes you dont need to worry about such things17:00
deryahtill: ok but this also means, even on sailfish, unless you format it first, a 64 GB card still won't be detectable by default?17:00
r0kk3rzfor now, they're just file systems like exfat17:00
urjamantill already basically dealt with those terms, but yeah i was just shocked.17:00
tilldepends on your definition of detectable. the "drive" itself should be visible, but the partition not readable17:00
deryahurjaman: we all had to start at some point didn't we17:00
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tillI like wikipedia for getting basic information17:01
deryahtill: so either way i would have to reformat it? i wouldn't necessarily need to use linux for that right17:01
tillusually you can find in-depth details at the bottom of each wikpedia page17:01
tillderyah you will need a file system that your phone is able to read OR you need corresponding drivers for your phone17:02
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deryahurjaman: but yeah no one was born with knowledge lol17:02
tillsince sailfish is a linux, and ext2/3/4 is a standard linux file system, that's a simple way17:03
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camerisHi, I want to wirte a plugin for QML. How could I include the plugin in an harbour accpeted app?17:03
urjamanyeah you can... somehow to me switching the operating system of a phone and then learning there seemed like jumping off the boat in the middle of the ocean :P17:03
deryahtill: sailfish doesn't provide the drivers?17:03
r0kk3rzderyah: if you do not care to use the card in anything else, sailfish has a 'format' option in setttings for sdcards17:03
tillderyah for ext it does, for exfat it doesn't by default17:03
urjamanderyah: sailfish will have normal fat32 and ext* drivers by default (ext* being ext2,3,4)17:04
urjamanthose are the relevant ones, there are more file systems but :P17:04
deryahr0kk3rz: i have not installed anything on the 64 gb card17:04
deryahr0kk3rz: so i can even format it with my PC right?17:05
urjamanso you can just format the card to something supported and done. that is if you only want the card on the phone17:05
urjamanderyah: you can, but you'd need non-MS tools or linux17:05
tillas long as you chose a file system supported by your phone AND your pc, yes17:05
deryahi see17:05
deryahso linux supports different drivers17:06
urjamanmicrosoft doesnt format fat32 for >32GB ...17:06
deryahNTFS? can linux read NTFS drives17:06
urjaman(mkdosfs will happily do that, though i'm unsure if its very sane to use fat32 anyways on such big cards)17:06
tillderyah ntfs is not really a good choice in my opinion17:07
urjaman_read_, yes, but the phone likely cant write that17:07
tillI would stick to one of the ext systems17:07
urjamanand i'd guess it doesnt even have the read drivers ...17:07
urjamanyeah ext4 would likely be best17:07
deryahthe phone can't write on NTFS? why not?17:08
urjamanas long as you dont need to use the card on a windows computer17:08
deryahok so what this means is17:08
tillbtrfs might by an option, but it has problems on the jolla phone17:08
deryahto format the card i would have to use a linux computer17:08
urjamanderyah: you could use the phone17:08
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tillderyah or a sailfish device (which basically is a linux computer :))17:08
deryahi could use the phone, yeah17:08
deryahbut i have linux bootable on my usb17:08
deryahi can use that to format the card right?17:08
tillgparted live is an easy to use linux distribution for dealing with paritions17:09
tilland file systems17:09
camerisCould someone help/explain me how to include shared libraries in an sailfish app? Or how to build a statically linked library into an sailfish app?17:10
tillcameris I guess you have to pack it into the rpm file17:13
urjamani think the FAQ had an entry on the shared libs ...17:18
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urjamanstatic linking shouldnt need anything really special (if you know the build systems involved etc)17:20
deryahthe cyanogenmod that i install prior to installing sailfish doesn't have to be the latest version right?17:23
deryahcan i install CM9?17:23
cameristill, urjaman: thx. But the FAQ, doesn't help me do it. I got not much expirience with the qt build system.17:25
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cameris is marked as TODO. So no help there either.17:37
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deryahthe CM i need to install sailfish doesn't need to be the latest version right?19:46
grikrai don't know - the guide for my port say to install CM1119:47
r0kk3rzderyah: you need to install a specific image for your port19:47
r0kk3rzthe instructions will say19:48
deryahfor the onyx19:48
kimmoliyes it is mentioned there in wiki19:49
kimmolideryah: there is link "Base Android zip:"19:50
deryahthis wiki?
kimmoliread it through, and start from  "Requirements for installation"19:51
raa700why home key is N/A on that chart?19:52
deryahwhat is adb and fastboot?19:53
r0kk3rzirc has magic google bots right? they google things for you ive seen it19:54
deryahthey do19:55
deryahwhen it says "flash recovery" what does "flash" mean? run?19:57
* grikra is also newbie19:59
r0kk3rzderyah: have you installed custom roms before?20:00
deryahnot even owned an android before lol20:01
deryahanyway, i'm on a linux20:01
deryah*i'm on a linux now20:01
deryahand i can't install adb and fastboot20:02
* grikra hasn't figured how to do it either20:02
*** Mister_Magister_ <Mister_Magister_!> has joined #sailfishos20:02
r0kk3rzyou just download the android sdk tools20:02
r0kk3rzfastboot and adb are in the platform tools20:02
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deryahi found this20:05
deryahsudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools && sudo apt-get update20:05
deryahwhich is the required repository to use this20:05
deryahsudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot20:05
r0kk3rzor you can use the packaged ones i guess20:06
r0kk3rzwhatever works20:06
deryahi have a question and i know it's noobish and i'm really sorry20:07
deryahbut pl;ease tell me20:07
deryahwhen i enter this20:07
deryahsudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot20:07
deryahwhere do the packages come from?20:07
grikraSection: universe/devel20:08
grikrafor ubuntu20:08
grikradon't need a ppa20:08
r0kk3rznobody knows, its a great mystery20:08
r0kk3rzthey just appeared one day20:08
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grikraanyone got sailfish on a N950?21:18
*** Sail0r <Sail0r!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:30
tbrzillions of years ago21:34
tbrsome ancient version21:34
grikrahow was it?21:34
grikrathere's one for sale21:34
*** dirkvl__ <dirkvl__!> has joined #sailfishos21:35
grikrabut maybe it's not a good idea to actually use a collectors item21:35
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tbryeah, it's a collectors item21:38
tbrI haven't booted mine in ages21:38
tbrthe keyboard was really cool21:38
tbrthough I have a jolla with tohkbd, that's close21:39
grikrai'm hoping to get it running on the xt89421:40
tbrOMAP4430, blast from the past :)21:47
grikrayeah i hope that's fast enough21:49
grikra1GB ram, 1.2ghz dualcore21:49
tbrlooks like there is cyanogenmod for that, so you should be able to get /something/ with HADK21:49
tbr#sailfishos-porters is where you should turn21:50
grikrayeah i spent a couple months21:50
grikraand got first stage boot21:50
* tbr did quite a few things with OMAP4, all 3 spins or so. 4430, 4460 and 447021:50
grikrafor job?21:51
tbrwater under the bridge, long gone, sadly21:51
tbrsome of it, yes21:51
grikraxt894 and xt897 seem to be the best candidates with hw keyboard21:52
grikrasomeone did a libybris adaptation for xt89721:52
*** vals_ is now known as tango_21:54
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tbrtbh, if I'd want a small form factor with hw-kbd again, I'd give this one a very close look:
tbrfor smartphones it seems for the moment the hwkbd ship has sailed21:55
grikrayes.  do you think the omap4 is too slow for sailfish?21:56
grikranot gonna buy an intel22:00
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@2a02:a448:c25a:0:decf:5ea9:e960:80dc> has joined #sailfishos22:05
tbrit's not going to be a performance wonder, that's for sure22:05
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grikradragonbox pyra looks neat22:16
tbrI still don't understand what made them choose a dead-on-arrival SoC as the OMAP522:21
grikrabecause the rest were worse22:22
grikraincluding, not available in small qty, no answer from supplier, other problems22:23
tbrthere is virtually no support from TI as pretty much all engineers got fired even before launch22:24
tbralso it comes with SGX GPU, it's hard to imagine a worse gpu22:24
r0kk3rzhopefully they got it cheap then22:25
grikra  the SoC hunt22:29
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r0kk3rzyeah i guess it makes it hard when you're a foot shorter than the 'you must be this tall to ride' sign22:43
r0kk3rzplus their requirements like linux support22:43
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