Wednesday, 2017-08-16

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King_DuckZrinigus: oh hi10:46
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rinigusKing_DuckZ: hi11:03
rinigusKing_DuckZ, just saw the message in a store. Yes, let's try to resolve it via IRC, it would be faster.11:06
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King_DuckZrinigus: ok :)11:08
rinigusKing_DuckZ: Poor Maps is available in the source form as well. You can get it from github and make RPM for installation on the phone11:09
King_DuckZI rebooted my phone earlier, now I can start the app11:09
King_DuckZrinigus: yes, but that would require me to enable the third party app option, which I never wanted to do11:10
King_DuckZas I always said, I spend enough time tinkering with my computer, and so I want my phone to be as plain and simple as possible11:10
rinigusKing_DuckZ: good! try to get some smaller country and unsubscribe from UK and Japan. that would keep the maps on the card (unless you start cleanup) and we can reenable them later11:10
rinigusKing_DuckZ: OK, let's discuss Poor Maps a bit later and get it working with modRana first11:11
King_DuckZI can't download anything right now, I don't have wifi :(11:11
King_DuckZshould we do this later tonight then maybe?11:11
rinigusKing_DuckZ: yes, sure. easiest (for me) would be if do it via github issue or TMO thread. then I get notification by email and can respond in time11:12
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King_DuckZrinigus: what's your github account?11:13
rinigusKing_DuckZ: additional note - when the screen is off, the phone is most probably sleeping. so, the maps are not rendered at this time since we don't use keepalive11:13
rinigusKing_DuckZ: open an issue at
rinigusKing_DuckZ: to avoid device going to sleep, you can plug it on charger (for testing).11:14
King_DuckZrinigus: new info: I just started osm and modrana, it started back from the all zoomed out position as I left it, with the two tiles over russia missing, then osm said Jobs: 4 and after a few seconds everything rendered fine, except that 2 other tiles are still missing on the far right of the map11:16
King_DuckZnow for the funny bit11:16
rinigusKing_DuckZ: it should all work, just may take a bit of time on slower SDs and/or phones11:17
King_DuckZosm says jobs: 10, it's stuck again like this morning, and the missing tiles seem to be outside the world o.O11:17
King_DuckZis it not checking for out of bounds tile requests??11:17
rinigusKing_DuckZ: OK, maybe modRana requests the tiles that are outside. that could be a bug on the both sides. I'll have to see what mapnik would do in such case11:18
rinigusKing_DuckZ: no, the server is passing requests to the components and not checking it by itself with the expectation that the corresponding component would deal with it. Try to zoom into the region that is on a planet11:19
King_DuckZthe first screeshot looks definitely wrong to me, also compare the scale, it changed between the two screenshots even though I just panned, not zoomed in/out11:20
King_DuckZok, let me try11:20
rinigusKing_DuckZ: I'll open an issue for it and will take look into it.11:20
rinigusKing_DuckZ: the scale is wrong anyway due to the projection on such large overviews11:21
King_DuckZI zoomed in over the malaysia area I think11:21
King_DuckZjobs 10, still all grey11:22
rinigusKing_DuckZ: it may get stuck after you reached the "wrong tiles". try to restart the server and modrana.11:23
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King_DuckZbtw I doubt this phone can handle 10 threads, if that's what jobs means :)11:30
King_DuckZyes, still all grey11:30
King_DuckZI closed osm, but in the Mem! app I still see it eating up my cpu11:31
King_DuckZI'm killing it11:32
King_DuckZstarted both apps again, 10 jobs, all grey, tiles are slowly appearing now11:33
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rinigusKing_DuckZ: number of threads should be the same as number of cpus. for opx and n4 - 4; for j1 should be 2. this is determined by checking corresponding sys files11:34
King_DuckZok, I have a j1 btw11:34
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rinigusKing_DuckZ: number of jobs is number submitted by the client app - modRana in this case. they are queued and assigned to free job threads (=ncpus)11:35
King_DuckZand it's stuck again :( the thing is as I approach to japan, it's very hard to make sure I don't get past the edge of the map, on the right11:35
rinigusKing_DuckZ: I opened an issue regarding rendering tiles at "wrong" coordinates.11:36
King_DuckZok, just the queue size then :)11:36
rinigusKing_DuckZ: yes, I understand. I'll have to fix it then and see what does modRana request in these conditions.11:37
rinigusKing_DuckZ: kill it again. you can approach japan by searching for something there. in that case, your scale would be preserved. so, before it, zoom in to ensure that you don't fall over the edge and search for something in tokyo11:38
rinigusKing_DuckZ: looks like Poor Maps is filtering this condition and I didn't see it before while using it.11:39
King_DuckZrinigus: ok, thank you very much :)11:40
rinigusKing_DuckZ: you're welcome.11:41
King_DuckZrinigus: btw in case it's useful, I have some tiling code here which should be easy enough to adapt to other use cases11:41
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King_DuckZrinigus: or a full library right over here :D though I don't think it's in good shape, it still has some useful snippets11:42
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King_DuckZor even better (pause to add dramatic effect and to pastebin snippet):11:43
rinigusKing_DuckZ: I can reproduce your issue with modrana as well. I'll look into it11:44
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King_DuckZrinigus: ;)11:47
King_DuckZI've done quite a bit with tiles as you can see, idk if that would be more useful in modrana or in the server, but I'm happy to help with that :)11:48
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rinigusKing_DuckZ: yes, looks like it. have a feeling that its either me calling mapnik with the wrong parameters (due to floating point error) or mapnik having a bug. not sure I would need to look into tiles though :). but good to know11:50
King_DuckZI'm always around on IRC :)11:51
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locusfKing_DuckZ: terran battleship commander as avatar?13:05
King_DuckZlocusf: battlecruiser operational!13:09
locusfhaha knew it :)13:10
locusfcan't believe its been 20 years since game came out13:10
King_DuckZyeah, good ol' days! :)13:11
r0kk3rzlocusf: its called getting old :)13:11
locusfage truly is power overwhelming13:12
r0kk3rzlocusf: remember, you'll never be this young ever again :)13:17
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* LarstiQ is still holding out for Accelerando13:22
Mister_Magisterrinigus: ping13:26
rinigusMister_Magister: pong13:26
Mister_Magisterrinigus: o/ how is tts thing going?13:26
rinigusMister_Magister: if you want to test, its available as PR under poor maps. would take some time for review/polish/publishing.13:27
rinigusMister_Magister: for me - works quite well13:28
Mister_Magisterrinigus: but which one r u using?13:28
rinigusMister_Magister: mimic + ap voice for english.13:28
r0kk3rzLarstiQ: not you too13:29
Mister_Magisterand it is with rerouting ir u have to get second pr13:29
r0kk3rzi blame stskeeps13:29
LarstiQr0kk3rz: who else? :)13:29
LarstiQr0kk3rz: ah, in my case it was a book review13:29
Mister_Magisteror i have*13:29
rinigusMister_Magister: its with rerouting as well, true.13:29
LarstiQr0kk3rz: only after I read it did I understand some of stskeeps's utterings in retrospect ;)13:30
Mister_Magisterah i'll just change it to slt13:30
rinigusMister_Magister: you can change it in settings13:30
Mister_Magisterooohhhh nicceeee13:30
Mister_Magisterdo you have it built on obs?13:30
rinigusMister_Magister: nope. you can get it from the PR branch and run "make rpm" on regular linux pc.13:31
Mister_Magisteroh because it's python based?13:32
rinigusMister_Magister: you can even download it via git to the phone and run qmlscene qml/poor-maps.qml13:32
rinigusMister_Magister: yes, and well packaged13:32
Mister_Magisterbut where is poormaps repo13:32
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nh1402what about middleclassmaps repo?13:34
rinigusMister_Magister: , pr is based on voice branch from
Mister_Magisteroh found it13:34
Mister_Magistercan i just get your branch?13:35
rinigusMister_Magister: yes, that's were we will probably polish it before merging, as was done with the reroute13:36
rinigusMister_Magister: have to go, enjoy13:37
Mister_Magisterrinigus: okay thanks13:37
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FloR707Hi, I have another question regarding my keep alive issue. From QA I got the answer to look at application lifecycle but I do not believe that the provided link is related to my issue, or is it?18:18
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frozengeekhey all, I am seeing some weird behaviour on my phone wrt carddav. "buteo-plugins-qt5//oopp/carddav-client" is launched multiple times a minute, every time pulling in the full carddav data over the internet, causing me to exceed my data limit. Anybody else seen something like this?18:26
frozengeekI tried lowering my sync schedule to twice/day but that doesn't help (it wasn't doing this every 15 minutes either like the original sync schedule was, but multiple times a minute)18:27
frozengeekalso, yes this is on a port but doesn't seem port related to me.18:28
frozengeekoh, I think I'm seeing the problem now that I'm opening the journal: the carddav plugin tries to write back to the address book, but isn't allowed to do so by the server and just crashes. (which causes the system to think it didn't sync completely, restarting the circle)18:36
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Mister_Magisterrinigus: i couldn't find any tts settings in poor maps20:05
tortoisedoccan anyone confirm if the behaviour of the locking screen has changed ?20:11
tortoisedocin particular the dbus method req_tklock_mode_change ?20:11
rinigusMister_Magister: get to Preferences and you should see "Voice gender" under "Units". assuming that you use voice branch. for female, you'll get slt voice in mimic20:16
Mister_Magisterrinigus: but there is nothing like that20:17
Mister_Magisteroh wait20:17
Mister_Magisteri forgot to change branch20:17
Mister_Magisterlemme kill myself20:17
spiirointortoisedoc: that dbus method should not have changed in ages20:19
rinigusMister_Magister: gn20:20
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Mister_Magisteroh when i just got a problem :(20:20
tortoisedocspiiroin : perhaps the permission level of the caller is being checked nowadays?20:20
spiirointortoisedoc: nope, only radio state changes - what kind of problems you are facing with it?20:21
tortoisedocthere seems to have been a big commit in that sense in mce20:21
tortoisedocspiiroin : im triggering lock screen on/off via that method, and it appears no to be working (from lockscreen)20:21
tortoisedocspiiroin : as in, lockscreen "off"20:22
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tortoisedocgrepping mce for it only gives entry in xml file..20:23
spiirointortoisedoc: should not have changed and for me "mcetool --set-tklock-mode=unlocked" still works20:24
tortoisedocspiiroin : yes, I am about to try dbus-launch20:25
spiiroinas does: qdbus --system /com/nokia/mce/request unlocked20:25
tortoisedocwell bummer20:26
tortoisedoctone@rygar:~/checkouts/git/mer/mce$ qdbus --system /com/nokia/mce/request unlocked Cannot find '' in object /com/nokia/mce/request at
tortoisedoc(sorry for crappy fmt)20:26
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tortoisedoc(on jolla c)20:27
spiirointortoisedoc: you have git checkout on target device ?20:27
tortoisedocsorry my bad :D20:28
tortoisedocspiiroin : still no help20:30
tortoisedoceven if executed from the right place :)20:30
tortoisedoc(no error this time tho)20:30
spiiroinyou do have display on while doing that?20:30
spiiroinlipstick has the final say whether it gets accepted or not20:31
tortoisedoci guess there'd be a log entry if it doesnt?20:31
spiiroinall such requests lead to tklock signal getting emitted (to make sure everybody stays in sync even if request is denied)20:32
spiiroinif you run mce in a bit more verbose mode tklock stuff should get logged too20:32
tortoisedochow can i run mce in more verbose mode?20:33
tortoisedocbtw :  [W] unknown:1098 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/compositor.qml:1098: TypeError: Cannot call method 'hasOwnProperty' of undefined20:33
tortoisedocthats not good20:33
spiiroinin root shell: systemctl stop mce; mce -Tv20:34
spiiroinor "mce -Tv -l tklock.c:*" for a lot of potentially related noise20:35
tortoisedocspiiroin : thats the result ->
tortoisedocthing is that I have quickbar running in the foreground, when i call the signal via command line, it hides, but the screen does not unlock20:38
tortoisedoci wonder if this somehow hinders the unlocking20:38
spiiroinquickbar on top of the lockscreen?20:40
tortoisedocokay no20:41
tortoisedocit happens even without quickbar20:41
tortoisedoctrying as root...20:41
spiiroinfrom mce pov your tklock removal log goes as expected20:41
tortoisedocgrrrr still no luck20:42
tortoisedocspiiroin : which version are you on?20:42
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spiirointortoisedoc: mce 1.89.020:43
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tortoisedocspiiroin : mce 1.87.0 here :[20:44
spiiroindo you use device lock code?20:46
tortoisedocmight be a transitory thing20:46
tortoisedocspiiroin : yes20:46
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spiiroin1.87.1 has some bug fixes for that - but I doubt even that plays any role in this20:48
tortoisedocspiiroin : do you have lock code on?20:48
spiiroinI mean tklock can't be removed while device lock is active and locked20:49
tortoisedocso actually lock code might be the one preventing it20:49
spiiroinit should, but now that I did lock it before trying - something is wrong20:51
spiiroinmce is left thinking tklock was removed - that is not right20:51
tortoisedocso with no lock code20:51
tortoisedocit works20:51
tortoisedocwell there you go :)20:51
spiiroinlipstick is supposed to revert that tklock removal. and now it does not20:52
spiiroinregression somewhere20:52
tortoisedocid file a bug if i had a place to :)20:53
spiiroinwell, I can file this one unless you want to ;-)20:54
tortoisedocspiiroin : if you give me a place where to I can :)20:56
spiiroinfile to "mce" component20:57
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tortoisedocspiiroin :
merbotMer bug 1802 in mce "MCE is left in an inconsistent state if device lock mode is on and req_tklock_mode_change unlocked is triggered" [Task,New]21:00
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tortoisedocthere, an unwasted day :)21:01
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spiirointortoisedoc: can you check what "mcetool | grep ^Devicelock" says?21:13
spiiroin"Devicelock is in lockscreen" should be "enabled" for sfos 2.x21:15
spiiroini.e. mce config installed by lipstick is broken21:17
tortoisedocspiiroin : mcetool not found21:24
spiiroinpkcon install mce-tools21:25
spiiroindoing "mcetool --set-devicelock-in-lockscreen=enabled" gets you to how it should be21:26
tortoisedocFatal error: mce-tools-1.84.2-1.4.1.armv7hl requires mce = 1.84.2-1.4.1, but this requirement cannot be provided21:28
spiiroinpkcon refresh21:28
spiirointhen try again21:28
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tortoisedocspiroiin : devicelock in lockscreen disabled21:32
spiiroinmust be enabled; disabled is for home1 style ui (i.e. sfos < 2.0 or so)21:33
tortoisedocok so this is the bug21:35
spiiroinyeah, seems to be related to quick camera launch from lockscreen21:35
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r0kk3rzspiiroin: how is camera init so quick now, used to take forever21:37
spiiroinr0kk3rz: true21:40
tortoisedocanyways the access from lockscreen is kind of cool21:43
tortoisedoccause theres no gallery access21:43
tortoisedoconly camera21:43
tortoisedocThink of it half the fun21:50
tortoisedocand im ou21:50
tortoisedocthanks spiiroin once again !21:50
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Teguhmm, I wonder how the CellInfo D-Bus API is used.. this changelog suggests that there is one
Teguit also lists "Use neighbour cell info in triangulation.". what I'm interested in is the "neighbour cell info" part23:41
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TeguI even found this  which looks like the place where the interface is implemented. however, I tried requesting it with dbus-send but it didn't seem to work23:44
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Tegufor example: "dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_0 org.nemomobile.ofono.Cell.GetCells" just says "Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetCells" with signature "" on interface "org.nemomobile.ofono.Cell" doesn't exist"23:46
TeguI wonder if I'm calling it correcly or if I should do something before trying to call that..23:46
Teguoh, a commit message had a bit more info:
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:50
Tegubut no, calling org.nemomobile.ofono.CellInfo.GetCells did not work (otherwise the same command as above)23:51
TeguI'm using Jolla 1 with, btw, if that matters23:54

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