Friday, 2017-08-25

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svipHow do I remove voicemail notifications?05:39
svipWhen I click it, I can't seem to remove unlike other notifications.05:40
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coderussvip: call your operator and ask for remove your voicemails ?07:04
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svipcoderus: But the voicemail notice is in Sailfish OS!07:36
svipI can't remove it.07:36
svipAnd I don't have that operator anymore.07:36
coderussvip: oh well, then you should report bug to tjc :(07:38
svipSo it just stays there?07:38
svipI tried rebooting.07:38
svipFirst thing, it comes up and tells me there is a voicemail, but I cannot remove it.07:39
svipBut I can remove all other notifications.07:39
svipSeems like a weird ommission.07:39
r0kk3rzsvip: its supposed to reflect the ofono status...07:39
svipWhat if I still had the operator, but just wanted to ignore it?07:39
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leszekanyone ideas for solving this issue:
leszeknot sure what I did wrong08:08
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svipr0kk3rz: I solved the issue!  I removed the SIM card.08:18
r0kk3rzand its still gone when the sim is re-inserted?08:18
svipBut I don't need the SIM.08:18
r0kk3rzok, perhaps it was still getting a voicemail signal from carrier08:19
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Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: ping08:48
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dcalisteHello chriadam_09:07
dcalisteI was wrong last time about the issue of disappearing calendar depending on network.09:08
dcalisteI was confused by the fact that it was my first sync and calendar was deleted on failure in that case.09:08
dcalisteI'm using the setup of a Radicale server at home since some days and didn't have any issue since…09:09
dcalisteI've added a message with details in TJC ( to ask Felllfrosch if he can provide additional debug info.09:10
dcalisteLet see when he will answer if we can decipher which scenario is creating the disappearance issue.09:11
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chriadam_dcaliste: thanks for following up on that.  It wouldn't surprise me if there was some network related case still causing problems (e.g., I know that captive portal wifi gateways can cause issues - which might be reported as SSL errors - in some cases)09:20
chriadam_but in any case, I hope Fellfrosch can provide more info to help with your investigation :-)09:20
* chriadam_ -> home for the night09:20
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dcalisteMaybe, but reading the code again and again, I only can figure out deletion on ContentNotReadyError, which is hard to achieve if server is not responding…09:21
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saidinesh5hey Mister_Magister ssup11:19
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nh1402wsaidinesh5: why can't Sony skip the unveiling and pre-order stage, and let me order the XZ1 right now?11:32
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: hi i need design advice11:32
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: keeping every buddy/chat from every account on one list is too big mess11:33
LarstiQnh1402w: because they can't ship yet?11:35
nh1402wLarstiQ: nonsense11:35
nh1402wI'm sure they have one lying around that I can buy11:36
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nh1402wMister_Magister: split it into tabs?11:44
Mister_Magisternh1402w: tabs?11:44
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Mister_Magisteri tohught about making mail list with accounts and then list for specific account11:46
nh1402wis there no concept of tabs in Sailfish?11:46
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Mister_Magistercan i compile sfos app for android in some easy way?11:58
r0kk3rznot really11:59
r0kk3rzyou dont get silica on android after all11:59
Mister_Magisterbut without gui using normal qml11:59
r0kk3rzit'll still want a bit of butchering, but it is possible12:00
Mister_Magisterif i have desktop version with normal qml then it just needs gui righT?12:00
r0kk3rz+ packaging12:01
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saidinesh5Mister_Magister: push the code to github12:12
saidinesh5will look into it tomorrow12:12
saidinesh5today cleaning up a lot of spagetti meatball code12:12
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: i need only design advice not code fixing12:12
Mister_Magisterbut okay12:12
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: what do you think abou that. Main list with account ->  click account -> list with online/offline users12:13
Mister_Magistercan i do that using single delegate?12:13
saidinesh5Also if you wont use Silica components, you can compile it for android trivially12:13
Mister_Magisternah i don't need silica12:14
saidinesh5as for every buddy / chat from every account.. i think you can manage the complexity by being clever12:14
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saidinesh5like sorting the chats using the most recent chat at top for eg.12:15
saidinesh5otherwise more nesting = a lot of user effort will be wasted just to switch between accounts12:15
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: searching through 400 entries will be messy i need to split it12:15
saidinesh5nope.. use a search bar + sort by last activity12:15
LarstiQMister_Magister: allow the user to type and narrow display to matching entries?12:16
Mister_Magisteryeah to switc account it will take 2 swipes from chat window12:16
saidinesh5that should make sure the user is almost always 1-2 taps away from any chat12:16
Mister_MagisterLarstiQ: that is good too but...12:16
Mister_Magisterjust having it on one list is a bit too much i think12:16
saidinesh5nope.. it is not as if the user will manually scroll throughout the list12:16
saidinesh5and ListView already takes care of rendering only the visible items12:17
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: sure but scrolling through list12:17
Mister_Magisteris useless12:17
saidinesh5So all you need is really a search bar.. and proper sorting12:17
Mister_Magisterlike unread and latest chats on top12:17
Mister_Magisterand open chats*12:17
saidinesh5like think about it from the user's perspective.. as a user do you thnk about the person you want to chat with? or the account/userid ?12:17
saidinesh5sure that's what i meant by proper sorting12:17
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Mister_Magisteryeah then if you have active talks you can switch with ease12:18
Mister_Magisterand if you want to start somethign new then search12:18
saidinesh5you wont even have to bother about unread... sorting by latest chats will take care of it12:18
Mister_Magisteryeah that will be good12:18
Mister_Magisterthanks you guys12:18
saidinesh5once again , SortFilterProxyModel to the rescue .. lol12:18
Mister_Magisteryeah it's only add new sorting parameter12:19
LarstiQMister_Magister: irssi's chanact and emacs's helm are also inspirations for this kind of ui12:19
Mister_Magisterand it's all done12:19
Mister_MagisterLarstiQ: same with facebook messenger latest chats on top and if you need somebody just use search12:19
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saidinesh5Mister_Magister: as for the components, if you are not using Silica, try QtQuickComponents 2.12:21
Mister_Magisterhaving only discord and facebok is messy add to that skype irc slack and telegram it wil be over 1k entries :D12:21
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: i'm using it on desktop12:21
saidinesh5*QtQuick controls 2 works on desktop too iirc12:21
Mister_Magisteri have whole desktop ui done (i'm talking about other simple app)12:21
saidinesh5I see12:21
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: i'm using qtquick controls12:21
saidinesh51 or 2?12:22
saidinesh5Ah good12:22
Mister_Magisterso just add android target to qt creator12:22
saidinesh5then it shouldnt be much of a pain to get it onto android12:22
LarstiQMister_Magister: another option: limit the amount of friends a user is allowed to have to 512:22
saidinesh5more or less12:22
Mister_MagisterLarstiQ: what do you mean?12:22
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* LarstiQ means to jest12:22
r0kk3rzto make it more complicated, maybe allow for options in settings :)12:23
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: in droplets you need one delegate so every delegate entry will be another bubble right?12:23
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: what do you mean? what options?12:24
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: i have one delegate with active chats :)12:24
Mister_Magisteri'm keeping it for droplets12:24
saidinesh5will give you the base item for your delegate.. so things should be easy for you if you base your delegate on top of it12:24
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: ok so, if you have several different account types, some with massive group chats and other more personal 1-to-1 type chats, it would make sense to remove the massive group chats from the list altogether12:25
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: hide groups?12:25
r0kk3rzsomething like that anyway12:26
Mister_Magisterand hide inactive users12:27
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saidinesh5nah.. just let the sorting take care of it12:28
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olsaidinesh5: I've installed anbox-sailfishos and all necessary dependencies from on my Jolla C and tried to start anbox. Got error: "[EE 2017-08-25 13:15:16] [daemon.cpp:58@Run] Could not create renderer" . What am I doing wrong?13:22
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nh1402ol: kernel requires patching13:29
olnh1402: What kind of patching? Are there any instructions?13:30
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nh1402ol: not that i'm aware of, but krnlyng got it booting on the Jolla C13:35
r0kk3rzi dont see anything on his jolla c kernel repo13:36
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maheart> Availability: EU, Norway, Switzerland; US & CA to be confirmed <--- I wonder how this will work :( As an Australian who has already purchased the Sony Xperia X in anticipation, this is unwelcome news14:21
LarstiQmaheart: that's usually been because of consumer law14:22
LarstiQmaheart: well, and some logistics, but that doesn't matter awfully much here14:22
LarstiQJaymzz: ^^14:23
r0kk3rz50€, seems reasonable14:24
r0kk3rzOctober 11, oddly specific :P14:25
maheartI'm happy with the price. I'd be happy to pay the price every year if it means helping Jolla hire more people to work on SailfishOS, and e.g. update the browser engine, implement better sandboxing, and FOSS more components14:27
Tegu+ newer Android14:29
r0kk3rzis there any quantity limit? whyfor offer sales before its ready?14:29
Tegu4.4 is getting rather old14:30
r0kk3rzblame canada14:30
r0kk3rzerm i mean myriad :)14:30
LarstiQmore generally resources14:31
LarstiQif you offer a boatload of cash I'm sure Jolla can take care of getting that upgraded14:31
LarstiQr0kk3rz: no quantity limit afaik14:32
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r0kk3rzLarstiQ: then it seems to be odd that you would take payment before the download button is ready, even if you're only talking about a couple of weeks.14:33
maheartI'd guess it's PR. It's stop people constantly asking "where's the Xperia X port?!" :) and it generates a little bit of buzz14:34
r0kk3rzbut it opens you up to "wah i paid my money where is image, its another scam" if you're a little late delivering14:35
LarstiQam I allowed to joke about this?14:36
r0kk3rzLarstiQ: that is between you and your employer :)14:37
Jaymzzmaheart: I will get back to you on that, I understand your frustration, we re doing our best to make it available worldwide. Give me a moment while I dig more about AU market14:38
maheartsure thing14:38
Jaymzzmaheart: So technically there should not be anything blocking us but we won't announce it until we are 100% sure. Please stay tuned a while longer until we come back about that officially. Cheers man, and thanks for asking, it makes me go after it properly ;)14:40
r0kk3rzJaymzz: yes don't forget about us auswegians :)14:42
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Jef91So, I think this is the right one, but anyone able to confirm for me that this is the model sony that the official jolla port is going to support:
jakibaki>Model F5121; compatible with Nano SIM Cards15:45
jakibakiyep that's the right one15:45
saidinesh5ol: if it is Jolla C, youhave to ask krnlyng. .he got it running on Jolla C, but it was an older anbox-image..15:45
saidinesh5the current anbox-image is broken on Jolla C too15:46
nh1402just build the latest one obs15:47
nh1402saidinesh5: ^15:47
Jef91Thanks jakibaki15:47
Jef91Unsure if I want to buy one right away, they didn't list the US on their supported countries in the release post :-/15:47
LarstiQJef91: probably sameish answer as Jaymzz gave for .au15:48
Jef91what answer is that LarstiQ15:49
r0kk3rzJef91: await further notice15:52
Jef91I might buy one anyways and hope for the best. Device is pretty cheap for an out of contract device15:53
Jef91and there are only a few on amazon15:53
r0kk3rzyeah it seems to be on fire sale15:55
JaymzzJef91: Well, that is actually in the works, we are doing our best to make it happen ASAP.15:57
Jaymzzthanks LarstiQ for tagging, I'm on all the channels and I miss things here and there so I'm really thankful if you continue tagging me if you see something :)15:58
Jef91Jaymzz, making it happen in the US?15:58
JaymzzJef91: Yes, US and Canada :)15:58
Jef91Awesome. I've spent a lot of hours trying to make community ports work on Nexus and OnePlus devices15:58
Jef91eventually just gave up because they weren't mature enough. Would love a true Linux phone again. RIP Nokia N90015:58
JaymzzThis one won't disappoint you!15:59
saidinesh5nh1402: the latest one is work in progress from krnlyng afaik16:01
nh1402it is?16:01
Jef91Awesome to hear. I basically just need data and GPS16:01
malsaidinesh5: still hoping we can somehow solve the kernel 3.4 problem with anbox16:02
saidinesh5mal: okay trying that this weekend but i have to tell you, 3.10 kernel is out for my device .. just waiting for the sourcces on it16:03
saidinesh5nh1402: yup. the latest sources of anbox are actually broken in the sense it tries to directly talk to wayland and directly take input using uinput16:04
saidinesh5so work in progress it is16:04
nh1402saidinesh5: that's the modified version of anbox isn't it?16:05
nh1402I don't think he's doing that anymore16:05
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos16:06
saidinesh5nh1402: that's the twice modified version of anbox.. the first modification was to push data to anbox's sdl thing .. but after that we realized that's exactly what the job of wayland is16:06
saidinesh5so decided to ditch the additional rendering complexity for that16:06
saidinesh5nh1402: currently no one is working on anbox sailfishos that i know of..but if we were to, this is definitely the path to go..16:07
saidinesh5i think16:07
nh1402what create a new platform as wayland, and route input through that rather than via sdl?16:07
saidinesh5create a new platform called headless and let surfaceflinger directly talk to wayland on sailfish os16:08
saidinesh5the last semi working bit was create a new platform as wayland and render ui via. sdl16:09
malsaidinesh5: at least after you get it running with the new kernel you can start fixing other things16:10
saidinesh5mal: yup, right now couldn't even get it booting.. so havent touched any other bit of anbox as of now16:11
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Jef91I've ordered a Sony Jaymzz looking forward to having a real Linux OS again in October :)16:28
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@> has joined #sailfishos16:36
jwalckso I see the cat's out of the bag! I'll have to decide if I'm getting a xperia x with this offer, a fairphone 2, or both.:)16:36
jwalckI like this approach though, fair and simple enough to understand!16:37
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:46
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nh1402saidinesh5: the only thing is android Oreo just came out, and that would require the work all over again17:20
saidinesh5sadly yep17:21
saidinesh5on the bright side, my device is getting the 3.10 kernel with it..17:21
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos17:25
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nh1402saidinesh5: the thing with Oreo is, the backend stuff should be pretty similar moving forwards from Oreo17:53
nh1402so it should require less work17:53
nh1402for P and Q17:54
saidinesh5hmm.. not sure about that17:54
nh1402saidinesh5: look into Project Treble17:54
saidinesh5project treble should be more about making our porting lives easier imho17:54
saidinesh5but no promises about the changes they do to surfaceflinger etc..17:54
saidinesh5but sure, these base level apis seem to be a lot more stable than say 4.4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 jumps17:55
saidinesh5so that's good17:55
nh1402project treble looks like it's a higher level than hybris17:55
nh1402so I don't think it's going to make much difference17:56
nh1402but because it's a higher level than hybris, it puts it right in line for anbox17:56
saidinesh5i think it has to do with libhardware and the likes.. basically what silicon vendors provide.. (qualcomm etc.. ) vs. what the OEMs abuse.. (the android apis)17:57
nh1402saidinesh5: do you think we should help morphis get anbox working on Oreo, and work straight on that?17:57
saidinesh5so for eg. if we beat some qualcomm 625 chipset into submission, i think it should make it easier for porting other qualcomm 625 devices17:57
nh1402they have a new layer between the Android libraries and the HAL via HIDL17:58
saidinesh5i think i will still give my 3.10 kernel a shot17:58
nh1402saidinesh5: what do you think the next name is going to be? Patisa or Paan?17:58
saidinesh5Paan isn't a desert .. i think17:59
saidinesh5pastry maybe?17:59
nh1402I would say Pie18:00
nh1402but I would rather it be Patisa18:00
nh1402they should have gone with Ladoo before18:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos18:02
* saidinesh5 is cleaning up some super spagetti qml code using js callbacks.. atm18:02
*** leszek <leszek!> has joined #sailfishos18:03
saidinesh5leszek: btw. could you use sources from github to compile your qtwebkit as opposed to uploading the tarballs?18:05
saidinesh5hello btw. :p18:05
*** frozengeek <frozengeek!> has joined #sailfishos18:06
saidinesh5here's a sample _service file for that btw.:
leszeksaidinesh5: I am using the git stuff btw. just packaging into tarballs. Github provides the full sources stuff which is several GB big. qtwebkit devs discourage to use these to build stuff18:10
saidinesh5Ahh interesting..18:11
saidinesh5maybe depth=1 or some such param?18:11
leszeksaidinesh5: any idea on the error and how to solve it?18:11
saidinesh5couldn't clone the sources yesterday.. will clone the sources today and let you know..18:11
* saidinesh5 is on a super slow 1Mbps plan till the end of this month18:12
leszekoh yeah. Its a pain then to download stuff18:12
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nh1402saidinesh5: looks like someone just got Oreo booting on the Nexus 5, nothing works yet, but at least it's something18:32
saidinesh5someone released Oreo for my device today morning i think18:32
saidinesh5waiting for him to release sources for that18:32
saidinesh5along with the kernel ..18:32
nh1402by the time the XZ1 comes out I'm sure it'll be functioning so that I can help with hybris-ifying it.18:33
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saidinesh5i maaaaaaaaaay buy the next Xiaomi Redmi elcheapo just to port it18:37
*** Kabouik- <Kabouik-!> has joined #sailfishos18:39
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nh1402saidinesh5: Xiaomi Redmi elcheapo?18:43
saidinesh5the cheapest upcoming Xiaomi Redmi phone basically18:43
saidinesh5probably Redmi 5A or some such...18:43
*** nh1402_ <nh1402_!~nh1402@> has joined #sailfishos18:48
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FloR707Hi! I do have a stupid error again:19:10
FloR707error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:19:10
FloR707   /usr/share/icons/hicolor/108x108/ …19:10
FloR707The error occurred after I edited the spec and yamil files. But I only added the URL, License and Description section19:14
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pketoFloR707: the spec is generated from the yaml, so editing both should not be necessary... but I don't know how the sdk handles that, or the files section, exactly, so can't help much here :/19:35
leszekso I understand that correctly. We have to wait until october to get the image for the Xperia X if we decide to pay for it and then we only get a beta release of SailfishOS? One word: Dissappointing19:36
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FloR707pketo: There was so much back and forth in my files that on old line slipped into the yamil where only the 86x86 icon was selected.19:54
r0kk3rzleszek: only a beta?19:57
FloR707I want to use a shared lib. I put it in the right direction /lib and added the macro in the spec file as described in the FAQ but I still get an error that I cannot link against that lib.19:57
FloR707I've been looking at different project with shared libs and I cannot find any difference…19:58
leszekr0kk3rz: "Some of these features are already included in the software, but you can expect issues and beta level experience. The features that are not supported in the first release are: Bluetooth, new sensors (e.g. barometer, step counter), fingerprint, and FM-radio."19:58
leszekbeta level experience is basically a beta version as I understand this19:59
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r0kk3rzbt will probably get fixed before too long20:02
r0kk3rzsame with fm. its the same chip20:03
leszekthat might be. But I see the bad press feedback already on this20:03
leszekreaction from most people not related to jolla. "Which stupid guys pay 50€ for a beta version that does not even offer bt and it is not sure if it even will offer bt"20:04
r0kk3rzyeah... im not sure what jolla gains from announcing things like this20:04
leszeksometimes I am asking myself if they do this on purpose and are masochists or something like this20:05
r0kk3rzheh perhaps20:05
r0kk3rzbut we made some headway with bt recently20:06
leszekyeah fine. I am also pretty sure just like I know Jolla that they will provide bt and fingerprint support with the updates. But they don't guarantee it as it seems and don't mention it in the announcement.20:07
FloR707Can you buy a Sony with out OS? Probably not, right?20:08
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:08
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leszekFloR707: nope you can't20:09
FloR707I would like to test it out but I do not have an Experia and I don't want to pay Google for an OS I will never use.20:14
r0kk3rzgood thing teh goog gives android away for free20:28
nh1402_r0kk3rz: some of the money of the phone goes towards Google's license fee...20:42
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