Wednesday, 2017-09-27

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entilchriadam_: re yesterday and the calendar, is there a builtin or something on the phone, to make the events visible? simply resetting the DateDeleted field didn't cut it04:48
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chriadam_entil: if you run jolla-calendar manually from the ssh terminal via: $ KCAL_DEBUG=1 devel-su -p jolla-calendar04:49
chriadam_do you see any errors printed?  if not, I'm not aware of anything else which would prevent those events from being visible, but maybe pvuorela would know more than I04:50
entilno errors04:51
entilmy theory is that because they got deleted from owncloud, and there are remote urls in the events, they don't get synced because they're missing04:52
entilbut I hate speculating about these things, and not being sure if there are docs anywhere or how to approach reverse engineering04:53
entileventually I could just write a python script to create ICS files and reimport them, but if there's a simpler way, that wouldn't hurt04:53
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entil then there's this, but I see multiple calendars04:57
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entilanother theory whyresetting DateDeleted doesn't cut it is that I suffer of that problem sometimes. So I delete the account and recreate it, which got the entries from owncloud just fine, but maybe the entries the missus destroyed have some wrong uuid somewhere04:58
entilchriadam__: do you have a clue for me about the relationship between Calendars and Components? is it just Components.URL and Components.UID?04:59
chriadam__components table has NotebookId, and "notebook" is synonym for "calendar"05:00
chriadam__so a particular event consists of data from the components table (plus possibly data from customproperties table)05:01
chriadam__and the event belongs to a particular notebook05:01
chriadam__where a notebook is synced from the remote server.05:01
chriadam__see buteo-sync-plugin-caldav for in-depth information ;-)05:01
chriadam__if the notebook was deleted... well, I don't know mkcal very well, but I believe that if the notebook is deleted then all associated events will be purged from the database altogether.05:02
entilI found one which is deleted and its Calendars.Notebook does not match an existing calendar, so this will be my test case05:03
entilUPDATE Components SET Notebook= '72e06a6c-e36d-4422-8bb0-f381705a9036', DateDeleted=0 WHERE ComponentId= 2869;  -- nothing shows up in calendar05:05
entilSELECT Notebook, Summary, datetime(DateStart, 'unixepoch'), datetime(DateDeleted, 'unixepoch') FROM Components WHERE ComponentId= 2869;  -- looks like it should :/05:05
entiloh, it gets re-deleted for some reason05:07
entilwith the current UTC timestamp05:08
entilit's visible just long enough that I can tap it, then it disappears, and all I see in the owncloud access logs aresome REPORT requests that don't seem to match05:10
entilactually they might05:12
entilso upon undeleting the event, starting the calendar app, and going to next month where my test case event is, it makes three REPORT requests (one for each calendar) with response codes 401 and then 20705:14
entilthe 401 is weird but I'm sure that's an implementation detail in the app05:15
entilmaybe the 207 synchronizes that month's view or something, says that there is no event for that date, which causes it to be re-deleted (with the current utc timestamp)05:16
entiltook a look at the source code for buteo-sync-plugin-caldav and kcalcore and mkcal but this seems like something I'd have to really delve into if I take this route, like writing my own c++ tool using these libraries or something, because afaict there isn't a lot to go on wrt cli tools05:27
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chriadam__entil: you should be able to disable synchronisation with the owncloud account05:49
chriadam__e.g. via settings -> account -> owncloud -> disable05:49
chriadam__then do the undelete05:49
chriadam__then you can use the icalconverter tool to dump the events for a specific notebook05:49
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chriadam__although you might need the PR from dcaliste which adds the per-notebook functionality to that tool, so you may need to build nemo-qml-plugin-calendar yourself05:50
entil now I'm starting to think if I was barking up the wrong tree, that if it was sailfish that deleted the entries and the missus hitting sync on her phone just exposed the problem, instead of causing it :(05:51
entilbut I'll try your steps up to undelete and re-enable sync to see what happens05:52
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entilchriadam__: unchecking sync automatically does not affect this; the REPORT requests still happen when I open next month (after undeleting) and the entry gets re-deleted05:54
entilso I'll take a moment here in-between where I look at all the weird calendars I've had duplicated over the years, there are _a lot_ of them, to see which I should consider "official", or maybe I can just update the Notebook field on all of them and DELETE the duplicates, or something, but take a look at that situation either way before moving on to the undelete again05:56
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entilDELETE FROM Components WHERE RowId NOT IN (SELECT min(RowId) FROM Components GROUP BY Notebook, Summary, DateStart);  -- ftw, though it's a lot of work to get the remnant calendars squashed into one06:25
entilI hope those bugs are fixed now06:25
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jakibakiI have a weird problem with pyotherside :/ If I'm trying to run something like os.path.exists("~/äöü") It's giving me this error: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\xf6' in position 3: ordinal not in range(128)06:52
jakibaki It works perfeclty fine in the python-console.06:52
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jakibakiI'm assuiming that python is trying to convert my unicode-string to ascii but that's not at all what I want, I want it to actually recognize the umlauts.06:53
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entilwtf, I just got a new copy of the calendars for no apparent reason07:04
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entilok, now I have a very clean database wrt calendars, all the DateDeleted are 0 etc08:54
entiland I have a backup and I told the missus not to touch the shared calendar to not mess this up08:54
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entiljesus wtf, yet another new calendar popped up09:10
abransonentil: if you're getting your calendars duplicated only on the device,  then that's usually because the caldav plugin crashed during sync09:11
abransonbut that shouldn't duplicate them on the server09:11
entilabranson: how can I detect the crash? running with KCAL_DEBUG?09:12
abransonthere are instuctions to run msynd in debug mode. hang on a sec09:12
entilkk thx09:13
entilI was thinking of running the calendar09:13
leszekI have the same problem. How can I get rid of the duplicate calendars?09:13
abransonentil: here:
entilleszek: I go in and DELETE from the db09:14
entilstarted doing it, like, today09:14
abransonleszek: simplest is to just remove the caldav account and recreate it. that's what I do, but it doesn't happen very often.09:14
leszekok thanks. Will try09:14
abransoneven simpler if it happens a lot is to switch off the duplicates in the Calendar app09:14
entilbefore that I deleted the account but this left cruft in the db which came in the way when six months' worth of entries were deleted09:14
leszekyeah also noticed that today only09:14
abransonbut then you have to choose the right ones09:14
abransonentil: if all your calendars are synced, then you can't beat removing the db completely every now and again09:15
entilI just wonder if the deletion was my sailfish or the missus' android after all, if she caused it or made it known, because that's a huge fscking problem09:15
abransoni've not seen sailfish trash calendar entries myself09:16
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entillooks eerily similar09:16
abransonthat looks like an old migration though. nothing like that going on lately09:17
entilsigh, running msyncd the debug way caused my phone to reboot09:20
entilan unreadable amount of debug output ensued, the ui locked up and bzzt reboot09:20
abransonok that's not normal behaviour for a telephone09:22
abransonare you on a Jolla 1? is the btrfs ok?09:23
entil[C] unknown:0 - "PUT" request failed. 401 "Network request failed with QNetworkReply::NetworkError: 299"09:23
entilytf would it say that09:23
entilI see 401s (followed by 207s) for REPORT requests, not PUTs09:24
entil91.159.56.205 - mjt [27/Sep/2017:11:22:51 +0200] "PUT /remote.php/caldav/calendars/mjt/marsu/aa129c95-cfd0-4fa2-9547-2f62e8cb2af5.ics HTTP/1.1" 499 0 "-" "Mozilla/5.0"09:24
entiloh nginx...09:24
entilnowait, that's not actually nginx's fault, the client closed before the server could respond09:25
entilI also get some 412 Precondition Failed09:26
entilwtf is going on here...09:26
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entil"An If-None-Match header was specified, but the ETag matched (or * was specified)." makes it sound like it should be a benign error, like, "thx bro but I have this calendar entry already", right?09:29
entiland now I got another fscking calendar pop up here09:30
entilbut at least this supports the hypothesis that broken syncs create new calendars09:30
entilwhich is a bit odd, but at least now I know how to delete them - and they don't affect the server so that's nice09:31
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entilabranson / chriadam__ : any hints on how to proceed with this? :/09:39
abransoni'd move that db out and make a new one from the remote09:39
entilbut my whole problem is that the  remote had the entries nuked09:40
entilI'm trying to resurrect them09:40
entilmaybe I do need to figure out how to bake ics files of these after all... is there a tool for that with sailfish?09:43
entilbecause then I could push them to owncloud, somehow, I suppose, and sync with the phones09:43
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rifrafhello all09:51
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rifrafI need support09:51
rifrafHow I start install SAILFISH on Samsung galaxy j5 2015?09:52
r0kk3rzrifraf: you start with the HADK09:53
rifrafTHX, I got it , I will read it09:56
entilhmm, this seems to always try to sync the same entries09:57
entilgotta take a break, but I think I'll back up the remote and try to sync to an empty remote10:17
entilthere's strangely 200 entries there; round numbers like this make me scared10:17
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Mister_Magister if only sfos browser could use it11:07
leszekyeah the new gecko engine is lightning in contrast to the old ones11:09
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leszekthough most of the tweaks are not only the engine itself but firefox UI and UI process11:09
entilgeez, I nuked the calendar data from the remote - at best I get 61 entries synced off the phone11:17
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entil[D] unknown:0 - calendar.cpp : 557 - setting notebook "6b91dd54-6b9f-4031-86be-b4eb5aff54f6" for "5fb206cb-c321-4475-80d9-61fafc35a730"11:33
entilwonder if that's relevant, I switched to trying to create ics files, using `devel-su -p icalconverter export lol.ics -v` which did result in a file without relevant content11:34
blapwhich media player do you prefer for audio? (besides unplayer)11:35
blabberquasar mx, my onlypayed app on my jolla :)11:40
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blabber*only payed11:41
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leszekentil: for me removing the carddav entry for my nextcloud worked. Readding it and voila everything works perfect again :)12:01
leszekcaldav actually12:01
leszekcarddav is for contacts xD12:01
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r0kk3rzblap: what kind of music player do you prefer?12:08
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entilleszek: I get 61 entries.. but I also found this which should help me in my pursuits12:12
entilunfortunately I can't do this as fast as I'd like (suffering from fractured bones and a friend came over to help assemble ikea, what a life...)12:13
leszekentil: get well then :)12:13
entilleszek: thank you :) but I will hack that ics exporter so that it exports only the given Notepad/uuid as an option12:13
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entil*Notebook even12:15
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blapr0kk3rz: one that resumes where last playback stopped, allows seeking12:21
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blapthanks for the tip blabber12:22
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blap blabber: i don't see ability to load all files in a directory, can quasarmx do that?12:27
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blapalso do not see 'seek' or 'resume at last position'12:28
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r0kk3rzsounds like you want gpodder, its for podcasts rather than music though12:32
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LarstiQblap: resume from where? Before app exit?12:39
blapgpodder is for downloading podcast streams iirc12:40
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leszekblap: my video player can resume and seek if you want it to playback music it works aswell. Though playlist support only supports pls files13:00
leszekLLs Video Player13:00
blapthank you leszek i will try it13:00
blapso no 'load all files from directory'?13:01
leszekit has that option to add all files from a directory to the playlist13:01
*** bree <bree!~xiaobixu@2001:998:2a:dead:82e8:f6a2:ba1b:c0f1> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)13:13
blapok ty13:16
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)13:17
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)13:18
abransonleszek: i really love your player. i'd like to request that it automatically bookmarks videos when you close them though, so it resumes from the same place when you reopen them13:22
leszekabranson: you there is a history for videos already that you can use in combination with the resume playback13:23
leszekI don't like the idea of doing this automatically13:24
abransonor a prompt to ask if you want to resume or start over, if a previous position is found?13:24
abransonkodi handles it well13:24
leszekI don't like this ideas simply13:25
abransonok :)13:25
blapi don't understand, listening to podcasts, i want to resume where i left-off13:28
leszekno one is stopping you from doing that13:28
blapLLs can do it then?13:29
leszekI just don't want to apply some sort of autoplay. I know that VLC and smplayer did that for some time by default and it was annoying as hell. I was not the only one. So they changed it to a prompt. Though this is also annoying as if you don't want it you need to click a way the prompt all the time13:29
leszekblap: of course it can13:30
abransoni didn't know it could either13:30
leszekyou just need to pull down and select play from last time13:30
LarstiQleszek: are you objecting to automatically starting playing, or to automatically seeking to where left off?13:31
leszekLarstiQ: automatically seeking where left off13:31
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!~spiiroin@2001:998:2a:dead:71ee:82f:202a:6b21> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)13:31
LarstiQthanks </unconfused>13:32
leszekautomatic playback for local media is turned on by default already13:32
abransonah i see. when the video starts playing you can 'play from last known position'13:32
LarstiQleszek: aha, that in turn seems annoying to me. Tastes differ :)13:33
abransondidn't see that before. that would have saved me some seeking ;)13:33
leszekintroduced some time ago already as it was a feature request13:33
abransonit's annoying to auto-resume if you stopped a video near the end during the end titles and it resumes there13:34
abransonbut I'd vote for an option to enable auto-resume, default off ;)13:34
LarstiQabranson: that's punishment for not diligently watching the end titles13:35
abransonall those people need the recognition they deserve :)13:35
LarstiQNetflix seems to have decent heuristics for that case thoughg13:35
abransoni think kodi has some clever way of knowing when you've got that far and discarding the position13:35
r0kk3rzprompt auto resume if progress < total_length * 0.7513:36
leszekits simply checking the time remaining13:36
LarstiQsame for when you play something from the start, pause, change subtitle language, then it resumes from the start13:36
abransonbut where do you draw that line? depending on the length of the video I don't think proportion or absolute time will be guaranteed to work13:36
r0kk3rzbut for sure, the smarter you make a thing the more annoying it is when it doesnt read your mind correctly13:37
abransonif screen is mostly black with a general slow upwards motion, discard the bookmark :P13:37
r0kk3rzheh, pull in opencv just to disable a dialog, are you a node.js developer?13:38
abransonhow dare you13:39
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*** taaem <taaem!~quassel@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos13:43
entilsigh, I hacked that java code to get the perfect ics file, and when I imported it onto the backend and hit sync on the phone, 166 calendar entries got deleted13:44
entilhow do I not understand how this works, gawd13:45
entilmaybe if I re-import on the server and nuke everything on my phone :P13:45
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has joined #sailfishos13:47
entilaaaaand then I have only 105 entries on the phone13:48
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!> has joined #sailfishos13:49
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*** delaya73 <delaya73!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos13:50
entilstrange detail, though... when the original nuking happened, I had only 200 entries on the server, though I should have had 305, and now I have 105, so I can't help but wonder if those 200 entries are somehow significant13:51
*** Renault <Renault!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)13:51
entilthis is not how I expected to spend my day, been on the case for more than a working day's worth13:51
*** hge <hge!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)13:52
entiland my only solace is that if this happened with google's calendar, which it probably never would, I'd be even more fscked13:52
*** biraj <biraj!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)13:52
r0kk3rzstay tuned for another episode of 'entil tries to get caldav to do its job'13:52
entilit shouldn't be this hard13:52
entilleast when the server is onboard with all the data, the web ui shows it to me, but sailfish nope13:53
LarstiQthe programmer's mantra13:53
r0kk3rzstandards are great, but nobody implements them correctly13:53
entiltoo bad I can't just own a phone in this case13:53
entilthis is why people buy into the android/ios ecosystem not caring about ideology, because no matter how badly they'd implement their shit, at least it works consistently over their devices13:54
abransonentil: I bet chris is rubbing his hands together at all this caldav knowledge you're soaking up. One of us...13:56
r0kk3rzentil: indeed it helps a lot when you own both ends13:56
entilthis isn't even knowledge, this is befuddlement over things that don't work when they should and I'm basically taking shots in the dark13:57
entilalso frustration13:58
entilshit, even after recreating the account altogether I get only 105 entries in my calendar14:00
*** TheBootroo|work <TheBootroo|work!> has joined #sailfishos14:17
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entil[C] unknown:0 - sqlitestorage.cpp: 2069 - UNIQUE constraint failed: Components.UID, Components.RecurId, Components.DateDeleted for incidence "20170927T132957Z-1@fe80:0:0:0:9045:eff:fe34:826e%usb0"14:18
entilfinally some goddamned thing14:18
entilI had the foresight of running calendar with KCAL_DEBUG=2 (instad of 1) and importing the same ics files I could shove up the server14:19
*** chriadam__ <chriadam__!> has joined #sailfishos14:23
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entil46 lines like that, only 259 entries in the database, this adds up to 295, which is still 10 short14:30
entilsuicide 666 nekro14:30
*** delaya73 <delaya73!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)14:32
blabberblap, wasn't aware of your wanted feature set. quasar can definitely read all files in directories. the resume feature is not available though.14:34
entiland syncing causes everything I had on the phone to be uploaded to the server again, so there's a whole lot of duplicates for no good reason14:40
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blaphm i will get a nice command line player going15:01
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entil[D] unknown:0 - Start quick sync for notebook: "62796776-e480-427b-956b-1411d4ceecb0" between QDateTime(2017-03-27 14:45:44.959 UTC Qt::TimeSpec(UTC)) to QDateTime(2018-09-27 14:45:44.959 UTC Qt::TimeSpec(UTC)) , sync changes since QDateTime(2017-09-27 14:41:55.000 UTC Qt::TimeSpec(UTC))15:59
entilnb. 2017-03-27, what is that15:59
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entilwhy only six months :(16:32
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entilwhatever, just too bad everything becomes a mess if I try to import the older entries, with weird duplications and crap all over the place :/ but I guess it's time to give up and fsck it16:57
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* blap <3s sfos so far19:56
blapentering a sim card loading code didn't work tho19:57
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hannaDamn, seems it's not possible to boot without a battery even if I have it plugged in via USB20:31
hannaI wonder if there's a good reason for that or if it's just a bug20:31
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blaphanna: what hardware?21:14
hannajolla gen121:14
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blapmany devices can't run without battery21:37
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BoyetoI just put Sailfish on my Xperia X. Is there a more modern browsers than the Jolla browser (Firefox 38)?23:52
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