Tuesday, 2018-02-06

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chriadam_rainemak: is that email signing meeting happening in this channel?  dcaliste mentioned that he might not be available for the meeting today, depending on the schedule for his work (he's involved in a workshop/conf thing in Switzerland at the moment)07:57
rainemakchriadam_, yes07:57
rainemakchriadam_, yeah I recall seeing something like that07:57
rainemakI'll be hanging here07:58
rainemakthough I don't know if I have input at the moment07:58
chriadam_do we have a good idea about what is required from us to enable his efforts?  and what the common bits are for s/mime vs gpg?  I know he's waiting on one enabler in secrets/crypto which I will make a PR for either tomorrow or the day after07:59
chriadam_but aside from that I have very little visibility into what's required etc at this point07:59
chriadam_hi jpetrell07:59
jpetrellsome areas easier to talk after we sign NDA07:59
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jpetrelldcaliste: hi :)08:00
jpetrellnot sure what is the appropriate channel for the email encryption&signing discussion08:00
dcalisteHello, I'm moving room, give me a minute.08:00
dcalisteTell me if you prefer another channel.08:00
chriadam_hi dcaliste :-)  glad you could make it today!08:01
dcalisteHello Chris.08:02
dcalisteI'm going to have discussions with collegues at the same time, but it should work.08:02
dcalisteI apologize if some time I take some time to answer.08:03
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dcalisteSo allright, jpetrell, do you prefer to switch to another channel?08:03
jpetrellI don't know, this is fine I guess :)08:04
jpetrelldcaliste: did you have time to think about the part-time work?08:04
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dcalisteDid you receive my answer by email? I would be happy to contribute as a community member. As a contracted job, I need to ask how it is compatible with my current position.08:05
jpetrelldcaliste: yes I did. :) was referring to "Let me think about that a bit more"08:06
jpetrelldcaliste: I don't have NDA to share with you yet (to get access to internal repos), will ping legal again today08:06
jpetrellwhere can I find information about the latest status of PGP/GPG work? is this still valid https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1780#c008:07
merbot`Mer bug 1780 in nemo-qml-plugin-email "Add OpenPGP support to mail" [Task,New]08:07
dcalisteYeh ok, no I'm sorry I didn't have time to discuss this with my boss and I'm working out of office for one week.08:07
jpetrelldcaliste: no hurry, just wondering :)08:07
dcalisteOk, let me brief you on the status:08:08
jpetrellsorry I have been busy working on mobile data and VPN areas last week haven't had time to look into signing area, but am planning to this week08:08
dcaliste- PGP signature checking and email signature has been implemented in QMF. Several generic MRs have been accepted already08:08
dcalistebut the may patch is not in yet.08:09
dcaliste- Then, binding and signals are added in nemo-qml-plugin-email in another MR that is waiting for review and discussion08:09
jpetrelldcaliste: is there any proto-level UI to try out? I guess not?08:10
jpetrellrainemak mentioned in passing that there was some license issue with some of the used libs?08:10
dcaliste- Besides, some low level libraries need some attention, like some additional patches in GnuPG08:10
dcalisteFor UI, yes there is an ugly one that allow to use both verification and signing process08:10
dcaliste- about licensing issue, I think no there is not. We can keep the ancient GnuPG GPLv2 for the moment08:11
jpetrelldcaliste: cool! could you send me instructions how to set it up (i.e. what pull requests/branches to build)?08:11
dcalisteYes, there are some instruction somewhere in Gitlab, I need to find them.08:11
dcalisteI can send them to you later today, by mentioning you in a gitlab comment for instance, if it suits you.08:12
dcalisteFor signing process, you additionally need a pinentry.08:12
jpetrelldcaliste: cool08:13
jpetrelllike discussed we won't have email encryption or signing in the next release, but there will be many related MW and UI enablers08:13
dcalisteI've done a crude one that I planned first to add into Lipstick, but discussing with Chris, it is better if I implemted a pinentry into sailfish secret.08:13
dcalisteAbout the inclusion plan, for which release, of course, I let you judge when things are mature enough.08:14
chriadam_dcaliste: denexter has implemented a proper password agent plugin for secrets/crypto.  I need to test that, then add the API for key generation based on user password.08:14
chriadam_but wanted to double check with you:08:14
dcalisteChris, I'm not pushing, take your time !08:14
chriadam_do you need storeSecretFromUserInput() or generateKeyFromUserInput() ?08:15
chriadam_that is, how is the pin entry data used?08:15
dcalisteI need a way to retrieve a secret from the user that is not yet registered.08:15
dcalisteThen this secret is given back to a one time run of GPG to sign, verify or decrypt.08:16
chriadam_i.e. it's a passphrase?08:16
chriadam_which should be returned to GPG in plaintext08:16
dcalisteI mean one time run : a new instance of gpg executable is launch for the operation.08:16
chriadam_(rather than a hash or something?)08:16
dcalisteIt is returned via a private channel inside the pinentry to the gpg agent.08:16
dcalisteThe code is directly taken from the official pinentry made in Qt or Gtk.08:17
dcalisteQMF<->GPG-agent<->pinentry<->GPG-agent<->gpg exe<->GPG-agent<->QMF08:18
dcaliste<-> means inter process pipes08:18
jpetrellchriadam_: tried to use denexter's proto yesterday but realized it needs more than me installing the security UI service. pinged him for instructions08:18
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chriadam_jpetrell: it probably needs me to hook everything up in the secrets API ;-)08:19
dcalisteIs the process used by GPG clearer?08:20
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jpetrellchriadam_: yup :)08:20
dcalisteThey are using a GPG made linrary for inter process transfer : libassuan08:20
dcalisteYou can send secret through libassuan via crypted channel, but not sure.08:20
dcalisteNeed to check.08:20
dcalisteNeed to check their API.08:21
jpetrellwould be nice to get key/certificate handling platform UI flows in place for signing (view list, view details, add, remove, later attach to contacts or generate)08:21
chriadam_jpetrell: I don't understand what you mean08:22
chriadam_view list of what?  certificates known to the email application?08:22
dcalisteFrom email UI, you don't need much UI cahnges : when receiving, you need an approval label, when sending, you need to choose the signing certificate.08:23
dcalisteFrom settings, you need more, IMHO.08:24
jpetrellchriadam_: user certificates used to sign the email?08:24
dcalisteI mean, you need to be able to retrieve public keys, invalidate some, check certificate fields...08:24
jpetrellalso how do you manage the keys of the contacts who sent emails to you08:25
chriadam_jpetrell: right.  one issue is that the secrets/crypto prototype currently supports "owner-only" access control (because we don't have an access control daemon yet, to be able to grant different applications access to resources).  so the email app might have stored some certificate to the secrets store, and can use those, but the contacts application cannot use those same keys, currently (unless we hack some "privileged apps can08:25
chriadam_access each others' collections and secrets)08:25
dcalisteWell, from a GPG pov only, keys are stored in GPG anyway, keys that have been retrieved already are available to everyone.08:27
chriadam_does that include private key data?08:27
jpetrellchriadam_: that sounds inconvenient08:27
jpetrellsecure sure08:27
dcalisteCurrently (not nice UI interaction I agree), I'm retrieving public keys via a home made QML component, or CLI, and email is just using what is available.08:28
chriadam_jpetrell: until we have an access control daemon, it's the only semantic which makes sense (unless you want to encode ACLs into the secret data / collections themselves.  which is possible of course, but we need proper access control elsewhere anyway, so it'd be good if we didn't have 2 different ways to do it)08:28
dcalisteIt returns: invalid, valid or no certificate.08:28
chriadam_dcaliste: when you say "keys that have been retrieved already are available to everyone" does that mean that some random application could sign some document with the user's private key, without the user knowing?08:29
rainemakdcaliste, ok it's good if ancient GnuPG works still08:29
jpetrellchriadam_: email encryption will happen before access control, and needs good UX for handling per-contact certificates/keys08:30
chriadam_jpetrell: certificates are public data, and can be stored openly in the contacts08:30
jpetrelloh true08:30
chriadam_jpetrell: keys are secret, and so if we do need to share those between applications, we need ot think about how to do that.  question is: why would that be necessary08:30
dcalisteIn short, no.08:31
dcalisteChris, sorry, in short no.08:32
chriadam_uh oh ;-)08:32
chriadam_which part08:32
dcalisteI mean the secret key need to be unlocked by the user.08:32
chriadam_oh, you mean "no, random apps can't sign things with the secret key" in which case "good" :-D08:32
rainemakdcaliste, libassuan is also pretty old... tried to upgrade it once08:32
rainemakmaybe we could have older libassuan as well in parallel  but my gut feeling says that new and old are not even compatible in IPC level08:33
dcalisteThen, the pinentry can cache the secret after first unlocking for later use.08:33
dcalisteBut since we control the pinentry, the caching action can be done explicit to the user as it is done in Gnome with a checkbox.08:34
jpetrellchriadam_: so user needs to manage personal keys per-app? I don't know enough about the domain, but potentially that sounds inconvenient08:34
dcalisterainemak: current versions for both libassuan and GnuPG are ok for PGP signature, for the rest I didn't check.08:35
chriadam_jpetrell: until we support access control (and thus can provide system UI for the user to grant a variety of apps access), what is the alternative?  we should not IMO allow any app to use secret keys by default...08:35
dcalisteProvided this MR: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/gnupg2/merge_requests/508:35
chriadam_(yes, we could store ACLs in-band in the secret/collection, but IMO that's a mess once we support "proper" access control at a system level.  I'm not saying that it can't be done, but if we do decide to do that, let's be aware what we're doing.)08:36
jpetrellchriadam_: I guess the issue is anyway minor until we have more apps that require access to user's keys08:37
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chriadam_jpetrell: I guess we shoudl check with other stakeholders to make sure "owner-only" semantics are sufficient for now08:37
jpetrellchriadam_: yeah08:38
jpetrellas long as we can quarantee decent UX I am happy08:39
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r0kk3rzabranson: i see what you mean about this gstreamer stuff, looks awesome. have you tried your new branch on gmo?08:40
chriadam_dcaliste: would you be able to summarise precisely what is required from us, to unblock your further work?  e.g. which API we might need to add, which PRs we need to merge, ...?08:41
chriadam_(we already covered to some extent, but a summary would be great)08:41
dcaliste- accept MR in GPG08:42
dcaliste- discuss MR in QMF allowing PGP stuff08:42
dcaliste- discuss MR in nemo-qml-plugin-email allowing QObject binding above QMF object08:44
dcaliste- Try the crude UI patches (not for inclusion but to understand what we need at UI level)08:44
dcaliste- Myself implement a proper pinentry.08:44
jpetrellI don't have anything else to discuss for now, what about others?08:47
chriadam_nothing from me.  only thing is that I don't have much spare time so I can't promise to review those PRs08:47
dcalisteSo jpetrell, I dig up where I put the instruction to try in Gitlab this afternoon and we iterate next week and the UI interaction.08:48
jpetrellyeah we are in a bit of a squeeze now before MWC and various customer projects, though email encryption is coming so it makes sense for us to support completion of pgp/gpg work while we work on s/mime during the spring08:49
jpetrelldcaliste: cool. I'll then try it out and give comments08:49
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dcalisteOk, in my opinion, S/MIME will be easier when we have working flow for PGP.08:51
jpetrelldcaliste, rainemak, chriadam_: Thanks all :)08:51
chriadam_thanks very much08:51
rainemakthanks! dcaliste will check gnupg2 MR right away08:51
dcalisteThank you all.08:52
dcalisteby the way, Chris, I've checked yesterday the issue in SDK.08:53
dcalisteIt is not here anymore.08:54
dcalisteYou can run mb2 directly from /home/mersdk/share08:54
dcaliste^ chriadam__08:54
dcaliste^ chriadam_08:55
chriadam_I will update the wiki :-)08:58
dcalisteOk, good. One action item done ;)09:00
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chriadam_updated, please check that i haven't made a mistake: https://sailfishos.org/wiki/CalDAV_and_CardDAV_Community_Contributions#Development_With_The_Sailfish_OS_Application_Developer_SDK09:03
dcalistechriadam_: Yes, I tried it exactly like that yesterday and it worked.09:04
dcalisteJust one note:09:04
dcalistenow the target is SailfishOS-
dcalisteWith the version number.09:05
chriadam_ok will update09:05
dcalisteIn the text where we mention that there is autocompletion for -t, we can say that version is changing.09:06
dcalisteperfect, thank you.09:09
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abransonr0kk3rz: yeah the 1.12 seems to work fine, but not make much difference to anything. I think the 1.14 is the one we should move to next, but I need to see whether what we can do with all that new stuff.09:26
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r0kk3rzabranson: yeah im keen to test out the webrtc stuff :D10:06
r0kk3rzalthough i can always test out the AC3 stuff on my tablet too10:22
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r0kk3rzabranson: btw the last time we had a gstreamer upgrade msameer had it as an experimental offering in the jolla repos that you could dare install and break your phone with11:01
abransonr0kk3rz: ok, i'll see how it goes...11:02
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dcalisterainemak: do you want me to rebase the GnuPG2 MR I mentioned earlier on master?11:31
rainemakdcaliste, please rebase11:31
dcalisteI'm going to have lunch, but in one hour can do.11:31
rainemakdcaliste, I'll merge it then11:31
rainemakdcaliste, whenever you can11:31
dcalisteok, will ping you, if you don't mind when done.11:31
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dcalisteRainemak, may I ask, I've rebased my MR on GnuPG2. I'm trying to test it on OBS, but the parent GnuPG2 is broken, see https://build.merproject.org/package/show/mer:core/gnupg212:52
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!~phdeswer@> has joined #sailfishos12:52
dcalisteWhat do you think?12:52
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rainemakdcaliste, there's something wrong in your build as I cannot see -doc package at all13:00
x2sFinally after days of waiting my Xperia lost the carrier connection again13:00
x2snow, what do I do with the log?13:00
dcalistewell, I branch mer-core:devel:gnupg2 and just changed the branch.13:01
rainemakdcaliste,  should be something like13:01
rainemak[  128s] Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SRPMS/gnupg2-2.0.4-1.3.1.src.rpm13:01
rainemak[  129s] Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/gnupg2-2.0.4-1.3.1.armv7hl.rpm13:01
rainemak[  130s] Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/gnupg2-doc-2.0.4-1.3.1.armv7hl.rpm13:01
rainemak[  132s] Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/gnupg2-debugsource-2.0.4-1.3.1.armv7hl.rpm13:01
rainemak[  135s] Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/gnupg2-debuginfo-2.0.4-1.3.1.armv7hl.rpm13:01
rainemakwhere 1.3.1 is coming from obs13:01
dcalisteYes, I see, but the link I put is not for my GnuPG2, but the mer one.13:01
dcalisteAnd it is complaining about broken builds.13:02
dcalisteMaybe the dumb = Y in the service file should be removed...13:02
rainemakdumb = Y should be removed13:03
rainemakat least13:03
rainemakcleaned already internal obs13:03
dcalisteYes, that's it, now it is compiling.13:03
dcalisteI've another question: I cannot find gpgme in mer:core or mer-core:devel, only in mer-tools:devel. Is it normal?13:04
rainemakin case license is such that it cannot be added to mer:core then it's normal13:05
rainemakbut gpgme is gplv2 still13:05
*** Coolgeek <Coolgeek!~coolgeek@unaffiliated/coolgeek> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 2.0.1)13:05
rainemakthe old one I mean13:05
dcalisteOriginally it was in mer-tools, maybe is was not moved after you indeed added it to gitlab.13:06
dcalisteBy the way, rainemak, MR in GnuPG2 is now rebased.13:07
rainemakdcaliste, noticed and merged13:07
dcalisteAh indeed, I've just noticed, nice, thank you.13:08
*** carepack_ <carepack_!~carepack_@p5B2D8235.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos13:08
rainemakdcaliste, you're welcome13:08
*** jbadiapa <jbadiapa!~jubapa@static-> has joined #sailfishos13:09
schmittlauchrainemak: As you were mentioning "ancient GnuPG" I took a look at the CVE database and there are plenty of CVEs our gnupg2-2.0.4 doesn't deliberately patch against, e.g. https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2013-440213:09
schmittlauch(just a first look)13:09
schmittlauchrainemak: I don't realy know what gnupg2 is used for so far, but passing in e-mails from the internet wil surely increase the attack surface. So an ancient version might be not that good of an idea.13:10
*** jbadiapa <jbadiapa!~jubapa@static-> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)13:14
x2sso, after making sure that not too many personal informations are in the log I just sent it directly to jolla. I'm wondering if anyone will ever read it13:14
r0kk3rzx2s: send it to monich13:15
r0kk3rzif you used the ofono logger i think theres an option in the app itself13:16
* monich nods13:16
x2sit sends it to ofono-debug@jolla.com13:19
x2sand it didn't bounce yet. ;)13:19
*** fledermaus <fledermaus!vivek@2a00:5f00:102:0:1ddf:76e0:e1c6:d299> has joined #sailfishos13:20
x2smonich: if you need me to test something let me know13:20
*** kido <kido!~kido@unaffiliated/kido> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)13:20
monichx2s: I've got the email, will take a look when I have a minute13:21
x2swhenever you have time :)13:21
*** Coolgeek <Coolgeek!~coolgeek@unaffiliated/coolgeek> has joined #sailfishos13:23
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Mister_Magisterabranson: rainemak: so what about libpurple?14:01
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!~phdeswer@> has joined #sailfishos14:01
rainemakMister_Magister, will push the newer code to the existing mer repo14:02
Mister_Magisterso we are not doing mirror?14:02
*** psachin <psachin!~iclcoolst@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:04
leszekoh sony xperia xa2 is basically the successor of the xperia x. Entered open device program. Wonder if that might get added to ported devices list for SailfishOS (or might even get official Sailfish X support)14:09
rainemakMister_Magister, not at the moment14:09
Mister_Magisterrainemak: okay14:09
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ladogaWhat's the flag to launch fingerterm in a new window?16:13
*** carepack_ <carepack_!~carepack_@p5B2D8235.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sailfishos16:14
ladogaI couldn't find any documentation.16:14
*** alexxy <alexxy!~alexxy@gentoo/developer/alexxy> has joined #sailfishos16:16
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x2sI wonder... is it possible to install spice on Sailfish and forward its display to a desktop? ;)16:26
*** r34t1p <r34t1p!~r34t1p@> has joined #sailfishos16:28
r0kk3rzthere was a vnc solution for that somewhere16:29
x2svnc doesn't do it. It has to be spice. Because spice needs love. :)16:30
r0kk3rzthen you'll have to make it yourself16:30
leszekisn't spice only for vms?16:31
x2sspice is like vnc, just better16:32
x2sthe current implementation though...16:34
*** r34t1p <r34t1p!~r34t1p@> has left #sailfishos ("Leaving")16:35
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*** Almindor <Almindor!~ales@d104-205-229-150.abhsia.telus.net> has joined #sailfishos16:45
Almindordoes anyone know if Jolla changed how app translations are handled? my project uses https://sailfishos.org/develop/docs/libsailfishapp/ but the translations folder in the RPM is never populated16:46
Almindorthis used to work before16:46
leszekAlmindor: are you sure this is in the project file: CONFIG += sailfishapp_i18n16:50
Almindoryes this is an already released app16:50
leszekhmm... thats strange then16:50
Almindoreverything has been set up ages ago16:50
Almindorif I look at the generated rpm the translations folder is empty16:51
Almindorany way to debug what it's doing? I hate these implicit commands16:51
leszekAlmindor: the build process and rpm building should be visible in a log or in qtcreator/sdk16:51
Almindorah I see Parse error at /home/mersdk/share/Programovanie/Jolla/lighthouse/translations/harbour-lighthouse-zh_CN.ts:67:142: Unexpected ''.16:52
leszekmaybe you can see something there16:52
leszekAlmindor: so the translation file is broken16:52
Almindorwould be nice if that actually stopped the build tho16:52
leszekor at least show a warning of some sorts16:53
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*** Robbster <Robbster!~james@> has joined #sailfishos17:15
Robbsterhi all17:15
Robbsterever since migrating from J1 to SailfihX, my contacts have been read only.17:24
*** nib_ <nib_!~nib@> has joined #sailfishos17:26
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@> has joined #sailfishos17:26
Robbsterbut I probably borked it. I restored the J1 backup and the contacts didn't restore, so i did some stuff and got contacts back.17:26
Robbsterbut found our later that they were RO.17:26
Robbsterbeen like that a while.17:27
tadzikdo you remember the stuff you did17:28
Robbsterumm, not really :/17:28
Robbsterhave developer mode and mostly just restored files and corrected file permissions.17:28
tadzikah, file permissions would be my guess17:29
tadzik./.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db seems to be the file17:30
tadzikit's 644, nemo:privileged for me17:30
Robbsterseem like there is an update to the way that permissions are handled - there appears to be a privilede17:31
Robbstersame here...17:34
tadzikI guess I'd try exporting them, removing all and importing them again to see if that helps17:35
tadzikbut I'm out of ideas :(17:35
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!~phdeswer@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)17:37
Robbsterhumm, seems like update works, but insert fails...17:37
*** jbadiapa <jbadiapa!~jubapa@static-> has joined #sailfishos17:38
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Robbsterare there any logs that I can get some more information from?17:59
*** frinring <frinring!~frinring@x5ce68ff6.dyn.telefonica.de> has joined #sailfishos18:01
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fledermausis anyone else seeing a whole bunch of animated gifs scrambled in the current os image? eg on twitter or mastodon.18:20
fledermausthey're not all scrambled when played but a lot are.18:20
r0kk3rzwhat device?18:22
*** Robbster <Robbster!~james@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:22
fledermausit looks like a fucked up interlace descramble.18:25
fledermausimages is broken up into rectangles, but you can sort of see the original picture split up over the lines and columns, a bit.18:26
r0kk3rzsounds weird18:26
fledermausannoying, is what it is.18:28
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kimmolii have a bit different http://kimmoli.com/tauhkaa/videoissue.jpg18:39
TeguI have had those once in a while18:40
fledermausfeel free to pile in.18:41
fledermausit's minor but it's annoying.18:42
TeguI wonder if those are GIFs at all or just videos18:42
fledermausit says "GIF" on the twitter UI.18:42
TeguI don't trust it :D18:43
Teguat least imgur serves videos as well, so Twitter might do it as well18:44
r0kk3rzabranson: ^^18:44
Teguas I thought https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/DVXOSc8WkAEkSqs.mp418:46
kimmoliwell, i'm on onyx port, which is still on
fledermausok it's an mp418:50
fledermausyeah, I had to dig through 50 bazillion nested divs to find it.18:51
Teguor just us "inspect element"18:51
Tegu(on desktop)18:51
fledermausI did.18:52
*** nib_ <nib_!~nib@> has joined #sailfishos18:52
r0kk3rzah is it a browser thing18:52
fledermausit was replacing the context menu if I got too close to the actual widget.18:52
fledermausso I started about a mm away.18:53
fledermauswhuch translates to about 5 million tags in twitter's web design.18:53
fledermausgstreamer was updated in the latest release, no?18:53
fledermausanyway, updated the question.18:54
Teguopen the devtools, hit the inspect button and only then select the element. then you don't need to hit context menus18:55
Teguand yea, sometimes it's annoying that webpages can override context menu. sometimes it's useful18:55
fledermausyeah, I know. I was already halfway there.18:55
fledermausnot really what Im bitching about here.18:55
fledermaus(even the devtools approach doesn't always work, since it can be ambigious which element you meant in some designs)18:56
fledermausbut whatever.18:56
fledermausbefore I start shaving that yak, the video borkage is what I care about.18:56
fledermausI've added a repro link, would be great if people could confirm either way whether they also see the breakage.18:57
Teguyea, t's annoying18:57
TeguI'll check it on my J118:57
*** nib_ <nib_!~nib@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:58
Teguyup, similar output18:59
Liekeworks on my xperia x (and looks delicious)19:00
kimmolion onyx19:02
Tegulooks like the framebuffer format is wrong or something19:03
fledermausmaybe a hardware-specific hyperoptimisaiton.19:06
kimmoliiirc browser uses different things to play tham e.g. gallery. that mp4 works when played in gallery19:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos19:07
Teguffprobe output for that video  https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/kJxsRZgJ0KZGrlphK7fOEA/raw19:07
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here https://pastebin.com/vm3TzCr519:14
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:14
kimmolihttps://github.com/sailfishos/gst-colorconv/commit/16fbaa7770f36d94163a9cac62b7bcbd7f9dda91 (?)19:17
*** dafox <dafox!~dafox@2a02:a448:c25a:1:7061:3b2a:37df:ded3> has joined #sailfishos19:19
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fledermauskimmoli: you reckon that's it?19:29
kimmolidunno. but sounds similar19:29
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*** urjaman <urjaman!~urjaman@unaffiliated/urjaman> has joined #sailfishos19:30
riniguskimmoli: your http://kimmoli.com/tauhkaa/videoissue.jpg works fine on onyx :)19:30
kimmolitry that mp4 ^19:30
kimmolirinigus: https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/DVXOSc8WkAEkSqs.mp419:31
riniguskimmoli: lovely cake - works fine19:31
kimmoliany volunteer to scrape changelogs/diffs to find out what related has changes? :)19:32
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riniguskimmoli: while surely interesting, for onyx upgrade to was fixing it. so, would be focusing on more pressing projects.19:43
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