Tuesday, 2018-03-06

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dcalisteHello chriadam_, I hope you feel better. Good morning jpetrell08:04
chriadam_dcaliste: hi!  unfortunately I'm still ill08:05
chriadam_I think jpetrell is away today also, he said he was looking after his son who is also ill :-(08:05
chriadam_I've merged the InteractionRequest and also the CollectionNamesRequest PRs to master08:05
dcalisteI understand, I wish you to recover soon.08:05
chriadam_thanks :-)08:06
dcalisteThank you for the merged PR.08:06
chriadam_how has your week been?  good, I hope?08:06
dcalisteI'll use the CollectionNamesRequest today I think, or tomorrow.08:06
dcalisteThis week, I haven't much time to work for Sailfish, I implement real space projectors for our Density Functional Theory code and it took me my full time !08:07
chriadam_I don't know what Density Functional Theory is, but it sounds like you've been busy!08:08
dcalisteNow it's working, and I will have more free time, in the evning also.08:08
dcalisteMy plan is still to add tests for S/MIME signature plugin in QMF.08:08
chriadam_cool, sounds good :-)08:09
dcalisteHopefully, I may start to implement a GnuPG plugin for secrets, but I cannot promise anything.08:09
chriadam_no worries.  if you do get to start, let me know if you hit any issues / have any questions08:11
dcalisteYes, I will contact you if there is something that I don't understand or feel strange.08:12
dcalisteIn the mean time, I wish you will feel better soon.08:12
chriadam_thanks - I hope you have a good week!08:12
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presentIf some people want to play with Spotify Web API. :)09:47
presentFirst step done. Need to play a bit more the redditclient example from Qt for the OAuth stuff. But the connection and the first command is OK.09:49
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andrewalkerpresent: is it possible to play with web api?10:44
andrewalkerpresent: sounds very cool!10:45
presentandrewalker: Yep https://beta.developer.spotify.com/10:45
presentandrewalker: networkauth module from Qt ready to go in Sailfish app10:46
andrewalkerpresent: awesome! Did you use Cutespot code at all?10:46
andrewalkergot it10:46
andrewalkerit sounds like a really nice project, I'll keep an eye on it :)10:46
abransonthat's very cool10:47
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abransonElleo: have you seen this? ^^10:47
presentThis link https://beta.developer.spotify.com/console/ is great10:50
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abransonpresent: so you connect as a web playback device, then use the rest of the webapi to play music on your device10:56
abransonand also can do the whole spotify connect thing on your sailfish device from another client?10:56
presentabranson: I tried the "Connect" stuff first. I was able to retrieve the connected devices.10:57
presentI did not try to command the Sailfish device from another one yet.10:57
presentabranson: Playing a song should be the next try. ;)10:59
abransoncould be that there's no difference, that spotify clients decouple the local audio playback completely10:59
presentI love "Connect" :)  and I need it :D11:00
presentFor my Denon at home ;)11:00
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abransoni'd love to get cutespot back, and with connect. the android client is so clunky11:01
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presentabranson: https://beta.developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-playback-sdk/11:13
abransonpresent: no download for offline playback then11:15
Elleopresent, abranson: cool :)11:16
presentabranson: I did not check the playback yet. I had a look to CuteSpot code but there was Ubuntu imports.11:21
presentElleo, abranson: Maybe I will be able to get back some Qt class but for now I will focus on working on the Spotify API.11:22
abransonpresent: sfos version here: https://github.com/lukedirtwalker/cutespotify11:22
abransonand his fork of libQtSpotify, which is probably where most of the changes would be: https://github.com/lukedirtwalker/libQtSpotify11:23
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aboyeri'm running the Riot.im Android app, which is a messenger for the Matrix.org network, on SailfishX. for the most part, it works nicely. the only issue is that i'm not really getting any notifications. i've been doing some debugging and here is what i found.13:44
aboyeri added the app to the whitelist in /usr/share/lipstick/androidnotificationpriorities but that didn't really help.13:44
aboyeri started looking into how the fdroid version of the app polls for new messages. it uses the AlarmManager class/service from Android to wake up its background service every minute. from what i can tell, AlarmManager does not work in alien dalvik on sailfishos. can someone confirm this?13:44
aboyeri noticed that using AlarmManager is a new feature. so i compiled the app myself and reverted back to using a good old java Timer class. when the device is awake and unlocked it works just fine, logcat tells me that the background service wakes up every minute and it pulls messages and fires notifications if necessary. if the device is sleeping, the background service no longer wakes up every minute but every 20-30 minutes. why is this?13:45
aboyerany information on this would be appreciated. can i send patches to sailfishos or alien dalvik to help improve the situation? any advice on how to implement this kind of Android background thread for better compatibility with sailfishos?13:45
r0kk3rzim sure theres a background task thats probably better suited than just using a simple timer13:47
r0kk3rzim surprised alarmmanager doesnt work13:49
r0kk3rzaboyer: what device are you running on?13:49
aboyerwell yes, that would be alarmmanager. i'm also surprised as that service was available in api 1.13:50
aboyeri'm running it on a Sony Xperia X, the dual sim version13:50
r0kk3rzah ok13:50
r0kk3rzso long as the code is 4.4.4 compatible, it *should* be ok13:51
r0kk3rzhmm actually, i wonder if the RTC clock is working on that device :)13:52
r0kk3rztbh it sucks that you need an android app to run matrix13:53
aboyerthe app says that it is compatible with 4.1 and up13:53
aboyerhow can i check the rtc?13:53
r0kk3rza simple way would be to set an alarm in the clock app i think13:54
aboyerwell the native alarm app works just fine. maybe i can try an android alarm app and see if it works.13:55
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presentQuestion guys : Is there anyway I can react or load some javascript in a SilicaWebview?13:57
presentNeed to load a javascript file to access the DOM.13:58
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presentWould this be available? http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtwebview-webview.html#runJavaScript-method13:59
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presentI can display the page "https://sdk.scdn.co/spotify-player.js" but I'd rather to run it.14:04
presentMay be I have access to eval()14:08
elros_don't know about webview but qtwebkit which is used on sailfish have webView.experimental.evaluateJavaScript maybe you can use it14:09
presentelros_ just found a loadUrl function!!!14:13
presentThat might do the trick :)14:13
ladogapketo_: thanks. i think that's what it was. I've now created a jolla account and flipped early access toggle on the web page.14:14
pketo_good :)14:17
elros_present: can't find such a function: grep -i loadurl /usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtWebKit/plugins.qmltypes14:17
present__pvloadHtml sorry14:17
presentelros_: loadHtml sorry14:17
ladogapketo_: i tried "enable  software updates" from settings->developer tools, but it asks SSU-area in addition to username and password14:18
ladogano idea what to put there14:19
r0kk3rzdont touch that14:20
r0kk3rzits not for you :P14:20
ladogait works..yay14:21
ladogathe UI doesn't advertise anymore14:26
ladoga"no carrier" error still remains though14:26
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ladogait seems unrelated though14:35
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ladogai just noticed similar messages when running sailfish-browser from cli14:36
ladoga"[D]unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL"14:38
ladoga"[D] unknown:0 - Defaulting to webview scaling factor of 1.0"14:40
r0kk3rzis there a problem?14:41
ladogaand "[D] unknown:0 - "No carrier""14:41
ladogar0kk3rz: dunno14:42
ladogaeverything seems to work, but ssu commands also output that unknown carrier message14:43
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aboyerr0kk3rz: i tried an open source android alarm app that uses AlarmManager on my device and alarms are never triggered. is it even possible for me to debug AlarmManager in alien dalvik? or should i think about using some workaround to wake up the background service more reliably?14:57
r0kk3rzi dont think so, it might be worth logging that as a bug though14:58
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r0kk3rzthe only way that will be reliable is something that works with the system sleep cycle...14:59
r0kk3rzwhich really, the alarmmanager implementation in dalvik should be15:00
aboyeris the best place to report this on together.jolla.com?15:01
r0kk3rztjc is the place to report it15:01
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r0kk3rzkrnlyng: aboyer was just describing an issue with alien-dalvik in that the alarmmanager api doesnt appear to fire :)15:04
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presentIs there a way to have access to javascript log coming from a the silicawebview?15:16
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norayrwhy can update to fail?15:17
krnlyngr0kk3rz, hm15:17
norayri get the notification every time after reboot15:17
norayrwhen i install the update, then ther'se a reboot15:17
norayrand it fails.15:17
norayrbecause i get the notification again.15:17
norayrcurrent version shows
norayrmay be i can force it to balance trees somehow?15:18
norayri was getting notifications about the lack of space when starting some android apps.15:18
presentNeed to catch those : ({ message }) => { console.error(message); https://beta.developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-playback-sdk/quick-start/15:19
aboyerkrnlyng: are you an alien-dalvik expert? indeed the alarmmanager service does not work on sailfishx. i can help test and debug things if needed. i think i'll create a simple android app that uses alarmmanager and outputs messages to logcat when the alarms fire.15:19
krnlyngaboyer, yes i think that would help15:21
aboyeri'll try and have something by tomorrow.15:22
krnlyngaboyer, thanks :)15:23
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rubdosYou guys remember the discussion of running Firefox Wayland natively on SFOS?15:30
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rubdosIt just occured to me that one can "just style" Firefox with CSS15:30
rubdosmaybe that'd make a good browser, and it'd be native and upstream...15:31
r0kk3rzyeah it'd be really cool if someone got it built15:34
r0kk3rzi mean we arent the only people in need of a good mobile browser15:35
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presentIs there a directory in which I can write in my application? I need to modify a file from the resource.16:02
presentResource are read only... so I need to make my change in a new file.16:02
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andrewalkerpresent: you can use and change stuff in QStandardPaths::DataLocation. I don't think you should change files that are distributed with your application.16:16
presenttrying QTemporaryDir now16:17
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x2s.oO( oh, I hope my car handsfree works now :)17:00
presentI can not make the Spotify Playback work without access to the javascript console.17:01
presentI should have something working by now. And I still can't see the Sailfish App listed as "Spotify Connected".17:02
x2sis it normal that there is no bar or graph showing how the download is going?17:03
x2sall I see is a spinning circle.17:03
r0kk3rzx2s: the banner is the bar17:03
x2sr0kk3rz: Oh! OH! Thank you!17:03
r0kk3rzx2s: its not super clear at first...17:03
presentr0kk3rz: Is there an access to a javascript console that I'm missing?17:03
r0kk3rzpresent: i have no idea, ive not really played around with the browser related stuff17:04
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presentI'll push what I tried tomorrow.17:04
x2smaybe it would be, if the right side would be in black and white and slowly showing colors or something like that...17:04
elros_present: there is navigator.qt.postMessage() so you can send any message from javascript to qml but I believe there are better ways (like https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28429639/getting-log-output-from-qt-5-webview) to access console but I never tried17:06
x2s.oO( also just showing a percentage instead of the turning circle would help ;)17:07
presentelros_ Elleo abranson : Just update the Spotify Playback try : https://github.com/jgueytat/UnofficialSpotify17:11
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presentelros_ thanks I'm gonna try that17:12
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norayragain, the problem is, that i get the update every time, after installing it. and the system is, so the update cannot complete.18:59
malI have heard that some people have had issues that some apps cause the update to fail, check /var/log/systemupdate.log19:23
norayroh thank you!19:27
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direc85So... I have a Sony Xperia X with SFOS with a working speaker during phone call. If if really REALLY should not work, and I'm the only one that has it working, I would like to help...19:48
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