Thursday, 2018-06-07

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nh1402[m]r0kk3rz: I had another thought about Firefox, not sure if it would work, but what if we mix and matched the ac_options in there.  Use ac_add_options --target=arm-linux-androideabi with ac_add_options --enable-application=browser instead of the mobile, and fiddle it to work07:28
r0kk3rzyeah i dont think we want to do that07:35
r0kk3rzwe shouldnt need to use the androideabi07:35
r0kk3rzi should finish off the clang dep and then maybe see how far i get with fx07:36
r0kk3rzmal: did you PR wayland update?07:36
nh1402[m]we shouldn't need to but wouldn't this way mean we wouldn't have as many dependencies07:43
r0kk3rzwould that even work with wayland?07:44
r0kk3rzi was hoping i could configure out most of the deps anyway07:45
nh1402[m]I'm not sure about that07:46
r0kk3rzdo you know which dependencies that would drop?07:54
nh1402[m]no idea, it was just a thought08:10
nh1402[m]I did try it briefly yesterday but naturally there were errors.08:10
leszekis it possible to use something else than javascript and sqlite db to save a list of variable entries from QML? QML Settings maybe? Anyone has experience using it? Does it work?08:53
r0kk3rzif you just want key value pairs08:54
leszekr0kk3rz: I want to save a bookmark list08:54
leszekso basically one key : { multiple values or array }08:54
leszekr0kk3rz: also an example of this would be nice08:55
r0kk3rzits quite straight forward -
leszekyeah this is just one key : value08:57
leszekI fear key : multiple values won't work08:57
r0kk3rzsurely dconf can do such things, thats the backend for it08:59
leszekok I try it then08:59
r0kk3rzthat says you can save a list<variant>09:01
leszekah nice. So it is also harbour compatible as it seems09:02
malr0kk3rz: not yet, I need to fix one bug first09:48
r0kk3rzwell its ok, it wont get into 2.2.1 anyway :)09:56
leszekr0kk3rz: apparently it does not work with an array of objects at least its giving me MDConf: no conversion of QVariant(QJSValue, ) whatever that means.10:05
r0kk3rzoh well10:06
r0kk3rzdconf aside, yeah roll your own something :)10:06
leszekso I can't add bookmarks to this list with not only one value like url but also a name10:06
r0kk3rzyou might be able to iterate through a group10:07
r0kk3rzhmm or not, nothing in the documentation at least10:08
leszekyeah that would be cool. Getting a list of keys that I could use10:09
leszekah you can do nested configuration groups. Hmm...10:10
leszekmaybe I can use this somehow10:10
r0kk3rzbecause you can have multiple nested groups, so app/bookmarks/(k,v)10:10
leszekyep thats also something I discovered right now10:10
r0kk3rzbut i dont see how you can iterate through the whole list, maybe theres a way10:11
leszekI will try lets see10:11
leszekthis Nemo.Configuration is a pain in the butt. It does not work at all. The same error message all the time11:03
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leszekqml is driving me nuts. I have a property var something = [] array and reference to it from another page with property var foo = parent.something. When I now update something foo apparently stays the same :/12:47
Lectem_Hi guys I'm new to SFos, I was wondering if there's a perfpackage ? couldn't find it using pkcon12:56
Lectem_(or linux tools)12:57
r0kk3rzi think that requires kernel things to work anyway13:00
fledermausit does13:00
r0kk3rzLectem_: by default pkcon doesnt have a lot in it unless you activate mer-tools repo13:01
r0kk3rzthere is also OBS where a lot of packages are built by the community13:02
fledermausI don't think it's there even in mer-tools bicbw13:02
r0kk3rzno it wont be13:03
Lectem_"<r0kk3rz> i think that requires kernel things to work anyway" Performance counters ? aren't those available pretty much everywhere ?13:04
Lectem_that'd be a shame not to be able to profile apps, cause right now lipstick uses around 7% of my cpu...13:04
Lectem_Where can I find the OBS repo ?13:07
fledermausLectem: they are but they are configurable, dunno if they're on or not in SF kernels by default13:09
r0kk3rzLectem_: check dbus monitor, if lipstick is using lots is probably that13:10
Lectem_they're available !  Kernel Performance Events And Counters CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS=y13:12
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Lectem_mmmhh, not so many dbus communications13:14
Lectem_like, if I dont touch my screen, no dbus comm13:14
Lectem_and still getting 4-12% cpu usage from lipstick13:15
r0kk3rzlooking at the system bus?13:16
Lectem_also I just saw dbus-monitor show some of my passwords in cleartext from the google auth.... is that safe ?13:16
r0kk3rzlipstick is also the compositor so its not going to be dead idle13:17
malLectem_: lipstick does always use some cpu if display is on13:17
Lectem_yeah right "fixed"
Lectem_mal: doesn't Qt have a "no redraw" cache ? or are you talking of something else ?14:00
malLectem_: no idea14:01
Lectem_unknown:151 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/statusarea/ConnectionStatusIndicator.qml:151:5: QML NetworkManager: Binding loop detected for property "technologiesEnabled"14:38
Lectem_that could explain the cpu burn14:38
cos-that just disables the binding14:42
cos-my guess is that there is an animation or timer triggering if it really uses cpu when doing nothing. drawing is normally done asynchronously.14:44
zebbiz_lapI'm trying to update the OS, but there's a patch that can't be unapplied15:30
zebbiz_lapHow do I remove it?15:31
zebbiz_lapIt seems like it's not even installed15:36
zebbiz_lapBut I can see it in the patchmanager15:36
zebbiz_lapAnd it's stopping me from updating the OS15:37
coderusif you sure it does not effect, clear /var/lib/patchmanager/ausmt/packages15:37
zebbiz_lapI'll try, thanks15:42
zebbiz_lapcoderus: Thank you for that, that worked15:46
coderusand install patchm,anager3 after update ;)15:49
Lectem_so much stuff is leaking through dbus :/16:24
Lectem_how can jolla claim it is secure16:24
fledermausisn't snooping disabled in non-developer mode?16:32
r0kk3rzsecure from the outside, once your inside its pretty much open :P16:39
malr0kk3rz: which is quite common for many systems16:40
r0kk3rzi like it that way, too many internal walls just gets in my way16:40
tom13are there still  pc fans  that  are dc driven?18:16
tom13wrong channel sorry18:16
r0kk3rzwait, they make pc fans that are ac driven?18:42
tom13ahh 4-pin fans have a pwm channel18:44
r0kk3rzah of course, speed control18:47
tom13still dc18:49
tom13they always hav 12v on red, but controller in fan reduces speed by pwm channel18:50
^7heois sailfish supposed to have suggestions when using the kb?19:03
^7heobecause mine never had any...19:04
kimmolinot on ported devices19:05
^7heosailfish X19:05
^7heoand why so?19:05
kimmoliafaik should work on official X19:06
Lieke_On SailfishX you have to install "Predictive text input" from Jolla store19:06
^7heowell it does not19:07
^7heoLieke_: oooh thaks19:08
r0kk3rzif you dont/cant have proprietary things, there is presage on openrepos19:08
^7heonah all good19:09
^7heobut I cannot find it19:09
r0kk3rzdo you have android support and exchange?19:10
^7heoit's an android app?!19:11
r0kk3rzbut if they also arent in the store, then you dont have proprietary things enabled :)19:11
^7heothen presage it is19:13
r0kk3rzdid you buy sailfish x?19:13
IngvixAnyone has a sense of what to add for notification to have vibration yet?19:13
r0kk3rzIngvix: you know apps dont control that right?19:15
tom13do some sfos users use an android browser for more privacy?19:17
^7heor0kk3rz: yes, is there a  free version?19:17
Ingvixr0kk3rz, I assumed that was given to be decided by the app on mouhijoki as release notes says "Support for vibration hint on notifications."19:17
Ingvixbut then why did I lost my IM-notification vibrations after the update?19:17
r0kk3rz^7heo: then you should talk to pketo_19:18
r0kk3rzbecause you should have proprietary things enabled and you dont?19:19
Ingvixor is it just a bug that I have for some reason?19:21
^7heor0kk3rz: I'm fine without really19:22
^7heoI'm also not wanting the android layer19:22
r0kk3rzyou paid for it all the same, but i dont care its up to you :P19:23
^7heoyeah :p19:24
^7heoI usually like to avoid proprietary stuff when I can19:24
r0kk3rzIngvix: so they did -
IngvixIndeed and I'd like to know the property that controls it19:28
r0kk3rzIngvix: how are you generating the notification?19:30
IngvixI'm actually not sure yet. I just want to fix it for sailorgram and I didn't check yet if it does it from qml or somewhere else19:31
r0kk3rzbecause it looks like you'll need to use dbus directly19:32
Ingvixit seems to generate it from c++19:33
Ingvixeh, seems a bit over my head19:34
r0kk3rzits not that hard19:35
Ingvixan advice would be appreciated then19:36
r0kk3rzok no, not over dbus, in the notification cateogory xml19:36
Ingvixshould something to be added here: or is it something very different?19:38
r0kk3rzno that internal feedback if the app is in focus19:40
IngvixI see19:40
r0kk3rzunless you want it to vibrate then i suppose, but that has nothing to do with lipstick notifications19:40
Ingvixno, I want the vibration to lipstick notification19:40
r0kk3rzthen put it in the category xml file19:41
Ingvixdoesn't really ring any bells19:42
r0kk3rzconfig file, anyway19:42
r0kk3rzthis one, obviously :P -
IngvixI see19:43
pketo_^7heo: if you bought sailfish x and don't find predictive text input or other bits in store, then drop a request here and we will take a look
^7heopketo_: I'd rather not have proprietary stuff19:44
^7heobut thanks19:44
^7heoI'll try to validate the openrepos key somehow19:45
^7heoand install presage19:45
pketo_might be good to check that the license is correctly registered on our end anyway, you don't have to install any of those bits if you don't want to19:46
Ingvixthanks, now it's working19:48
r0kk3rzi think you should be able to set all the stuff in the file over dbus, i might have to ask pekka about it19:52
tom13sometimes phone becomes unresponsive and a red LED shows.  What does red mean?20:35
tom13usually it recovers20:35
flypigtom13, I get this too, but I've no idea what it means I'm afraid. It's always a tense time until it recovers (it can take maybe ten minutes sometimes).20:36
tom13the home screen shows battery % and wifi and 3G icons.  can  i also get %ram or %cpu used up there?20:37
flypigtom13, I don't know whether there's a patch to get them in the notification area (there may be), but if you run Lighthouse or AIDA64, it'll show this info on a cover icon.20:39
tom13those are media players?20:40
flypigtom13, no, not the ones I'm thinking of. They're both device status apps. Hang on...20:41
r0kk3rzred flashing led means lipstick has crashed...20:42
tom13and red solid led?20:42
flypigtom13, AIDA64 (on Jolla store):
flypig(took me a while to find)20:45
tom13filesystem full20:45
tom13i need more than 2GB  root NeKit20:46
tom13have spare phone, will try your latest port20:47
Lectemr0kk3rz> secure from the outside, once your inside its pretty much open :P20:55
Lectem <<<< my issue is that it was supposed to be fixed a few years ago20:55
Lectemhow do such regressions happen20:56
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AutonomousSystemDoes anyone know how to disable screen rotation entirely in SFOS or perhaps even disable gyro to accomplish this22:57
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