Thursday, 2018-07-05

eLtMosen"kido <- that's pretty cool!" I guess i have waited for that O.O Thanks for pointing out!!08:58
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kidoeLtMosen: wrong channel? :) but yeah, that's quite cool09:43
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eLtMosenkido, yeah, wrong channel. again... My hexchat starts up with #sailfishos. gotta look more careful next time10:58
IngvixAnyone know if there's libass5 available for sfos somewhere?12:19
r0kk3rzcheck obs12:21
Ingvixnone there12:21
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KabouikMy Jolla C is still stuck to and I cannot update (it's been months but I keep postponing because I don't know how to fix this and want to avoid a factory reset). There is space on my internal memory, and the phone goes into the update mode with the black screen, but eventually fails and just states that there was an error, then reboots in
KabouikIs there a log file I could share here to get some help? Or would journalctl be useful?\19:12
malKabouik: /var/log/systemupdate.log or something like that, there is also a manual way to update19:29
KabouikYeah I'm trying ssu re manually mal19:29
KabouikHope it will work19:29
KabouikIt might be related, but I have some patches that are incompatible and can't be applied or uninstalled, they just seem to be stuck in their current status19:29
malok, that might cause issues later, hopefully not19:30
KabouikI'm not sure how to fix them though, nothing works either from the Patchmanager application or from the Warehouse/Storeman19:42
KabouikBut let's see first how it goes with ssu re, still in progress at the moment19:43
KabouikIt still is under progress, but there was a warning:19:55
Kabouik[16950]: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50603) with this library (version 0x50602)19:55
KabouikSo I guess I manually installed a package that is too recent for Sailfish, and in fact I do remember trying to revert it, but not sure how it went. It failed apparently.19:56
Kabouik[16950]: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50603) with this library (version 0x50602)20:05
KabouikFinished transaction (status=2, runtime=1722022ms)20:05
KabouikUPGRADE NOT COMPLETE - Retry 1 of 920:05
KabouikWaiting 1 seconds before retr20:05
malfrom what package did that error come from?20:06
Kabouikqtwebkit I guess, but I'm not quite sure which exact package20:06
KabouikThe terminal during ssu re does not say20:06
Kabouik I think these are the packages20:17
KabouikBut as a user said in comments (, I'm not sure how to reinstall the original ones20:18
KabouikAny ideas here?20:18
KabouikI guess I would only need someone to list which are the vanilla version numbers for the packages listed in this Openrepos page20:18
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r0kk3rzalternatively dr the repo from openrepos, refresh21:03
r0kk3rzand do a force install21:03
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