Monday, 2018-07-16

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flypigThis morning I had trouble installing Android Support. I had to remove apkd-config-default before it would install. Does anyone know what apkd-config-default does and whether it's important?12:06
nh1402[m]flypig: what device?13:27
flypignh1402[m], Sailfish X13:39
flypignh1402[m], on a single-SIM Xperia X13:39
flypignh1402[m], In case it helps for context, I was originally using the device without Android support, because my Jolla account was associated with another device IMEI. Jolla kindly 'unlocked' the account, and then I got a 'conflict' error trying to install it.13:41
tadzikflypig: I had the same thing in a similar situation :)13:43
tadziknew xperia, old account, no android support at first, but I installed the Jolla Store android apps13:43
tadzikI suppose that triggered the installation of apkd-config-default13:43
tadzikand after my phone got "unlocked" by jolla, I could replace apkd-config-default with -config-home or something, and that made aliendalvik instal13:44
flypigtadzik, yes, exactly the same. I optimistically installed Aptoid Store (no errors installing, but nothing showed up). As you say, this is probably what triggered apkd-config-default install. Did you experience any ill-effects from removing it?13:47
tadzikflypig: none at all13:47
flypigOkay, that's good to hear. It sounds like I'm safe :)13:47
tadzikor we both have ticking time bombs :P13:47
tadzikI'll let you know if mine goes off ;)13:47
flypigha ha. Year, or that :D13:47
nh1402[m]flyping: Uninstalling apkd-config-default is the proper action and this is fixed in a later release. If you have installed android apps before installing aliendalvik you might need to reinstall those (which can happen in certain circumstances unfortunately) Otherwise everything should be fine.14:24
nh1402[m]To check if everything is ok you should check apkd-config-home is now installed and apkd-config-default isn't. If that is the case everything should be fine in the future without timebombs.14:24
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flypignh1402[m], thank you for the reassurance. I'd already uninstalled all the Android apps as part of my attempts to fix things. Now -home is installed and -default isn't, so the bomb disposal unit have been asked to stand down. My Jolla is working as expected and life is sweet again, thank you!15:01
flypigI'm writing an app with a cover that shows a clock (updated either once per second or once per minute, depending on circumstances). Does anyone have thoughts on the best and most efficient way to update? The two that spring to mind are either adding a QML Timer to trigger updates, or generating signals from C++ to trigger updates.19:56
r0kk3rzeither should be fine i think20:08
flypigr0kk3rz, thanks. Is there a danger the C++ side will go to sleep if I use a QTimer, say?21:44
flypigWhat's a sensible update interval if using a QML Timer? A 1 second timer seems like a bad idea.21:45
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