Monday, 2018-07-23

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abransonanyone know someone called wdehoog?10:40
wdehoogI am here (now)11:25
malabranson: ^11:25
abransonwdehoog: loving your new hutspot.11:43
abransona lot of people have been hoping for something like that to come along11:44
abransonthanks very much!11:44
wdehoogabranson: youre welcome. nice to hear it works (sort off)11:53
abransonwdehoog: well it's not perfect yet, but it's a lot better than the state that cutespot's decayed to now.11:54
abransonthey do seem to have a large hole in their public api for the connect/playback portion11:55
abransonbut even without that, you've got a lot further accessing the web api than other people who've tried11:55
wdehooglibrespot came to the rescue for playing. don't know how long waill remain working11:56
abransonyeah, hope they don't ban people for using it either11:56
abransonseems  quite well maintained though. also has the advantage of being hardwired into lots of unupdatable consumer hw11:58
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sfsi'm considering buying xperia x and sailfishos license14:36
sfsthing is, currently i use android with only FOSS software (from f-droid)14:36
sfsis something like that possible with sailfishos?14:37
sfsalso, if i want to run only FOSS, i guess i don't need the license?14:45
sfsand one more question, can i browse the application store online?14:51
sfsi wanted to see what software is available, but there's no website14:51
nh1402[m]currently if you want to use Android apps you do need a licence.14:52
malthere is no web interface for the official store, the additional unofficial "store" is at
sfsis sailfishos fully open or is there some secret sauce?14:53
sfsnot talking about firmware here, just software that the os runs14:54
xenuno, it is not fully open15:10
sfsxenu: what is proprietary?15:10
xenuimportant parts of ui15:10
xenuso yeah, it's not possible to make it fully libre15:11
sfsthat sucks :/15:11
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flypigsfs, as well as the unofficial store, you can view the official store here (this is an unofficial view of it, not entirely up-to-date I think).15:27
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flypigsfs, not sure if this is helpful, but the source code barballs for the OS is here:
flypigbarballs, he he, should be tarballs :/15:30
fledermausthe hell happened there?15:34
flypigI think the heat is getting to me.15:38
leszekhmm... the source code link seems a bit outdated. 2.2 is missing15:38
flypigYeah, if you look at the dates, they seem to be released in fits and starts. March and June are good months for releases.15:42
sfscould you repost entries since my logout?15:46
sfsi needed to reboot15:46
flypigWhat's the last time you saw (I didn't record your away message)15:49
sfsflypig: 17:11 < sfs> that sucks :/15:51
sfs17:13 -!- phdeswer [~phdeswer@] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]15:51
sfsi'm especially interested what is kept proprietary15:51
sfsand i see there's some discussion about it, probably related to my question15:51
flypigsfs, so the last message you saw was "that sucks :/" (from you). I'll post the following...15:52
flypigsfs, here's the conversation:
flypigsfs, and as text:
flypigHope that helps (although, I don't think it answers your question I'm afraid).15:56
sfsok, thanks anyway16:02
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