Wednesday, 2018-08-01

x2smonich: Say, what do you think of this solution for the network loss problem:
x2sI'm still trying to get my head around how that should help09:17
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monichx2s: I think it's weird :)10:10
Mister_Magistermonich: best, reponse, ever xD10:13
x2sI'm thinking the same10:13
x2sthe only reason that I can imagine why this could work is some time-critical stuff, where writing the logs takes too long for something10:14
x2sbut ofono should be on such a high level that all the time critical things shouldn't matter anymore10:14
* monich nods10:16
x2sThere could be a bug in the kernel driver though. Hm. Maybe I should take a look at it. (But not this week. Maybe next, it'll be colder then. Hopefully)10:42
Mister_Magistermonich: since some lately update 2 phones (from same line) are getting random reboots from ofono xD Dont have details or logs so just saying :P10:46
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michiel_lDoes anyboy know how to change the default search engine in the Jolla browser from Google to say (or any other search engine)?13:19
michiel_lIt is pretty annoying that I want to avoid using a certain company, and the browser of my non-Google phone is the only place cannot do so.13:20
yofuhi was lazy and made my start-page13:22
yofuhold SearchPlugin xlm might do, haven't tested it, also there's a lot to do in about:config13:23
tadzik may help13:30
michiel_ltadzik: Thanks for the link, at least that is something. I would say that this warrants an application/opensearchdescription+xml parser to easily switch13:47
michiel_lI'll look at the about:config too!13:47
abransonmichiel_l: a parser would be a great idea. not a trivial task though.14:31
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r0kk3rznothing exists out there already?15:45
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