Saturday, 2018-08-04

piggzfrinring_: hi, can I pester you for a kdeconnect review09:20
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MrJonesis there any specific reasons why the paid terms are so vague? first year 50 bucks but then "whatever but in some form"15:26
MrJonesit sounds like people are supposed to buy into it and then take whatever possibly expensive update contracts are gonna be made up on the spot, that's not very promising15:27
MrJonesI mean if you're gonna take money for updates (which is fine per se), at least make the terms clear, especially with such a fresh project. very off-putting15:28
MrJones(referring to sailfish x)15:28
MrJonesunless you are trying to suggest 1 year is end of life. in that case I don't see how anyone would reasonably pay for it15:29
MrJonesand sorry if I missed something on the website, just giving you my first impression15:30
r0kk3rzthe terms are vague its true15:43
r0kk3rzi dont expect there will be an additional payment though15:43
MrJonesr0kk3rz: then it should say so. 1 year EOL or 1 year "whatever but you know you're gonna pay" isn't a good way to sell a product16:04
r0kk3rzit wont be EOL either16:10
r0kk3rzthe way I interpret it, is you are guaranteed a year of support, and then after that its supported as long as Jolla feels like it16:10
r0kk3rzwhich considering jolla has never dropped support for a device they've sold, is probably going to be a few years16:11
MrJonesr0kk3rz: well I wasn't complaining about what they're actually doing, just that the sales pitch is abysmal16:13
MrJonesI would have been surprised if they _actually_ planned to EOL it after 1 year16:13
r0kk3rzyeah its not really easy to word tbh16:14
r0kk3rzthey wont want to lock themselves into supporting it for 3 years, but they probably will anyway16:15
MrJonesthey should at least for 2. otherwise, a purchase is really unattractive16:15
MrJonesnobody wants to make the effort to get into a niche system to be stuck on it with no updates after a year16:15
MrJoneseven something like "we can't make any promises, but plan to support it for at least around 3 years" would be infinitely better than the current text16:16
MrJonesright now it simply has the taste of a scam, like the payment will completely change after a year16:20
r0kk3rzyeah 'stuck with no updates' is something that happens in android land16:25
r0kk3rznot here so much16:25
MrJonesthe text suggests otherwise.. :/ but I'm repeating myself16:25
MrJonesit sounds a bit like either 1 year EOL or "oops sudden RHEL pricing"16:26
r0kk3rzits open to interpretation sure16:27
MrJonesare any official people here at times at all? or am I just telling this to the completely wrong crowd16:28
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