Monday, 2018-08-13

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rydarehmm, my xbox controller USB-A to microUSB cable has terrible transfer speeds, the generic cable the guy gave me when he sold me the OPX works much faster01:47
r0kk3rzchriadam_: hey, i took a look at updating libical, and theres api changes, not too major though06:07
r0kk3rzi fixed up kcalcore, what else uses it?06:08
chriadam_libical directly?  hrm, not sure.  perhaps our activesync stuff.  maybe some .vcs share-via-bluetooth code somewhere.  perhaps some buteo plugins which do calendar sync.06:09
chriadam_I don't believe our global indexer / lexer is still working, unfortunately, otherwise I'd have a more concrete answer for you06:10
tortoisedockimmoli : spot on06:17
r0kk3rzchriadam_: hmm ok, new libical osnt binary compatible is all06:18
chriadam_I can try to check, but best way might be to create an obs feature repo and see if something breaks.  pvuorela might be able to help with that, since my obs fu is weak.06:20
tortoisedochooray for evolution eh :D06:22
tortoisedocIve been trying to compile the most recent version of servo for the past weekend, and its a behemoth too06:22
tortoisedocthis thing just keeps on fighting evolution :D06:22
tortoisedocthats why we can't have nice things :P06:23
Mister_Magister /° hello!06:28
chriadam_r0kk3rz: jpetrell mentioned that we are looking at potentially allowing more community members access to internal repos via NDA/Contrib Agreement, and this may be a good candidate for that if you're interested06:33
pvuoreladon't think libical has too much direct use.06:33
pvuorelathat kcalcore might be enough already for fixing. i'll check later.06:33
chriadam_pvuorela: thanks.  I thought I saw some commit in sailfish-eas which used it directly recently, at least?06:33
pvuorelaon sailfish device can also just check what depends on the package.06:34
pvuorelachriadam_: yea, there is now some use there.06:34
r0kk3rzchriadam_: pvuorela: im fairly sure the changes to kcalcore should work with libical v1.0.1, so if new things are using it just check for is_utc()06:44
tortoisedocSfiet_konstantin : I noticed you had compiled rust 1.2206:55
tortoisedocSfiet_Konstantin ^06:56
dcalisteHello jpetrell, do you have 10 minutes to discuss about Calligra update in Sailfish?07:13
King_DuckZhey all10:56
King_DuckZany jolla employees around?10:56
Coolgeekhey. Is there an app to pay by phone, like a virtual credi card ?10:56
r0kk3rzKing_DuckZ: what do you need?10:57
King_DuckZI have a question about recruitment10:57
r0kk3rzmost people in here are devs, maybe talk to Jaymzz_10:58
King_DuckZcan I just PM him/her?10:58
r0kk3rzi dont see why not10:58
King_DuckZkewl :)10:58
King_DuckZr0kk3rz: I think he's ignoring me :(13:12
r0kk3rzmaybe go through official channels then13:16
King_DuckZyeah, that's the problem, no answer anywhere13:17
r0kk3rzbe more patient?13:18
King_DuckZhow many years does it normally take to get a reply?13:18
r0kk3rzno idea13:18
r0kk3rzi usually talk directly with whoever i need in jolla13:19
King_DuckZyes, and I got ignored as well13:19
King_DuckZI'm seriously starting to believe Jolla is holding a grudge at me for some reason13:20
r0kk3rzif you want to apply for one of the positions, just apply13:20
King_DuckZdone already13:20
King_DuckZsorry if I'm vague, I don't want to write too much on the channel13:20
r0kk3rzand i dont really have any further advice for you13:21
King_DuckZI wonder what's going on13:23
r0kk3rzits holiday season in .fi13:24
King_DuckZr0kk3rz: pm?13:30
r0kk3rzif you like13:31
xenuon irc, it's completely normal that people don't reply to you instantly13:44
xenuthey can be afk or something13:44
xenuespecially if they irc using bouncer, ssh session, irccloud etc13:45
r0kk3rzbut its instant relay chat right? ;)13:47
fledermausinstant response chat13:52
King_DuckZwell I'm not expecting real time replies :D13:53
schmittlauch[m]King_DuckZ: one potential issue: Many people only allow DMs from registered accounts.13:54
King_DuckZschmittlauch[m]: what's a DM? my nick is registered btw13:54
schmittlauch[m]King_DuckZ: direct message/ query. Well, than that's not the issue.13:55
r0kk3rzdanger mouse13:55
King_DuckZah, I think they're called pm or people just say query me on irc13:56
fledermausgreatest secret agent in the world.13:57
abransonKing_DuckZ: what's up? might be able to ask the right person for you13:59
King_DuckZabranson: are you from jolla? can we speak in pvt?14:32
abransonKing_DuckZ: yeah but I'm not sure if I can help - I don't have anything to do with the recruitment. but i might be able to help14:41
coderussomeone can make similar for hadk as well14:44
coderusno need to painfully setup chrot build environment))14:45
tortoisedoc_jesus christ18:17
tortoisedoc_how can compiling a compiler take longer than compiling a kernel18:17
tortoisedoc_where is this world going to18:18
fledermausa kernel typically takes short, well defined paths and doesn't do any massive reorganisation.18:19
fledermausa compiler is in many ways a lot more complex.18:19
fledermausespecially if C++ is thrown into the mix.18:19
r0kk3rzhow long can a compiler compile if a compiler could compile compilers?18:23
* fledermaus kicks off another llvm build 18:23
r0kk3rzfledermaus: are you doing llvm for sfos?18:23
r0kk3rznvm then18:23
tadzikr0kk3rz: seventeen18:36
tadzikisn't steamos just debian though? Are there no existing llvm packages?18:37
fledermausit's debian plus some different versions of stuff as required by devs/games/etc18:38
tadzikI thought steam runtime contains all those varying versions18:39
fledermausand GPUs require llvm, usually a bleeding edge one.18:39
fledermausruntime is different again, GPU stuff has to be on the OS, not the runtime, because the OS is what talks to the hardware, and runtimes are more or less frozen in time at the point they're released.18:40
r0kk3rzi didnt realise steamos was still a thing18:40
SfietKonstantintortoisedoc: yes, but I'm trying to have this work upstreamed to Sailfish OS18:41
SfietKonstantinand be able to get more frequent updates18:41
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r0kk3rzSfietKonstantin: is there a particular thing that needs it?18:53
SfietKonstantinr0kk3rz: I want it :)18:54
SfietKonstantinI think that it might be needed for an updated gecko (render engine)18:54
r0kk3rzeventually yes18:54
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : how much wood would woodchuck chuck if wooldchuck could chuck wood?19:08
tortoisedoc_SfietKonstantin : did you try to compile servo with the 1.22 rust? I have massive issues compiling rust 1.24 (frequent hang ups)19:09
tortoisedoc_downloaded cargo (0.28) hangs always in mer platform sdk19:09
tortoisedoc_(i486 target)19:09
tortoisedoc_so I had to recompile it against your rust 1.2219:09
tortoisedoc_but then compiling rust 1.24 hangs sporadically19:09
tortoisedoc_it seems some futex are not correctly handled19:09
tortoisedoc_wonder if it's due to sb219:10
r0kk3rzi486 target?19:11
r0kk3rzwhy would you bother19:11
SfietKonstantintortoisedoc_: we need nightly19:21
SfietKonstantintortoisedoc_: be VERY patient19:21
SfietKonstantinactually the cross compiler is bad19:21
SfietKonstantinI want to fix this too19:21
SfietKonstantinah but it is i486 target ?19:21
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : ill cross compile once the process is sound19:47
tortoisedoc_SfietKonstantin : have you experienced these deadlocks as well?19:48
tortoisedoc_on device?19:48
tortoisedoc_this thing is a world on it's own19:50
tortoisedoc_and not one I am in love with rightnow :(19:50
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