Monday, 2018-08-20

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tmynttinHow long does it typically take to be approved as a publisher in OpenRepos?17:08
r0kk3rzwe have approved publishers now?17:23
tmynttinYea, I think it was called 'publisher' that I applied to... Anyway, so that I can publish my app to OpenRepos :)17:31
r0kk3rzback when i signed up it was anything goes17:34
r0kk3rzgood to see some QA improvements since then17:34
tmynttinSo, chances are I won't pass, then? Oh dear...17:35
r0kk3rzim not sure what you mean17:36
tmynttinJust that if there are some quality criteria for apps, my first one might need some work ;)17:40
r0kk3rzi doubt they are that stringent17:40
r0kk3rzwhats your app?17:41
tmynttina client to laji.fi17:44
tmynttinfinnish taxonomy database17:44
tmynttinthey have a realli nice api, so gave it a try17:45
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