Sunday, 2018-08-26

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antisHey, just got my hands on one of those landvo cheap phones. Is it possible putting SailfishOS onto that? I want to use it for experimenting.12:26
maldo those have source available? or any custom roms?12:29
r0kk3rzmediatek, dirt cheap, im gonna say no12:41
antisexact model spec is this ->
antisgot it from a friend for free. screen had some glitches - now it completely goes black. putting pressure on a certain section it comes back to life… r0kk3rz, am fully with you :)13:12
NeKitantis, I think older MediaTeks are not worth the effort, especially if device is broken14:40
NeKitmt67xx (their 64-bit/LTE SoCs) are more explored14:41
antisyeah, just had the l900 lying around for some time waiting to do something with it… found a rom, but i also think now it it simply not worth the effort.14:48
antisuhm… something different: more than 10 years old macbook accu is quite blown (it is not been powered for months). actually this is the first time seeing this. what to do with it? in the first place i put it in some steel bucket. how can i safely dispose it? can it explode completely closed?15:00
yofuhi have a few blown mobile accus, so far, noone exploded but i would avoid heating them up15:03
antisyofuh, thanks - hope you are right… laptop accu is a little bigger than mobile ones (like 4800mAh).15:12
antisleaving for now, cu later15:15
tbrmeh, most of them just baloon15:31
r0kk3rztbr: did you see the dell balloon that come out of vgrades laptop?15:51
tbrI've seen many baloons in my day ;)15:52
tbrI even cooked a few cells, luckily without unconfined runaway15:53
tbrsierra. tequila. oyyy!15:54
tbryeah, 3 years on a laptop can be quite hard on batteries and swelling is quite common on cells that really die15:54
tbrthe cells in this T460s are about 2 years old and are down to <40% capacity due to lots of use15:55
tbrmost properly engineered devices have designated failure/fracture spots in their casing to be broken by a swelling battery. enough consumer crap doesnt though15:58
r0kk3rzyeah it seems like when the swelling has nowhere to go, thats when you get problems15:59
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