Saturday, 2018-09-01

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rinigusHi! Is there a way to prepare for a call from an app? i.e to fire up phone app with the phone number dialed in; calling responsibility of a user. ideally, callable from QML (aka Qt.openUrlExternally). alternative cmd line. disclosure: haven't looked too much in docs08:25
pvuorelarinigus: open tel: url08:31
riniguspvuorela: thank you very much!08:33
rinigus... worked perfectly!08:35
akaWolfhi, guys! where can I find list of applications? is there something like app store?17:39
kirvesAxeJolla Store17:40
akaWolfis it working only at Jolla phones?17:41
kirvesAxeworks on my gemini too :)17:41
akaWolfwhat kind of problem prevents run Android apps at community supported devices?17:42
r0kk3rzthe runtime we use is proprietary17:42
akaWolfis there different ABI?17:43
akaWolfor what17:43
akaWolfI see there is Alien Dalvik17:44
akaWolfis it library?17:44
xenuandroid is completely incompatible with sailfish, they are two different systems17:44
xenuto run android apps you need aliendalvik17:44
xenuwhich is propertiary17:44
akaWolfwhat is alien dalvik physically?17:45
akaWolfwhat prevents me from copy it from one device to another?17:45
akaWolffor example, Sony Xperia X uses Snapdragon 650, which is armv7, so there should be big probality, that it binary compatible with many armv7 Sailfish OS distributions17:49
akaWolfso what happened if I copy Alien Dalvik from Sony Xperia X?17:50
r0kk3rzits not that straight forward17:52
akaWolfdo you know what is Sailfish OS RUS?17:55
akaWolfis there someone from russian team working under SOS?17:55
r0kk3rzthere is a whole team of russians working on sailfish os17:56
akaWolfright under SOS?17:57
akaWolfnot own fork?17:57
akaWolfit's interesting since I'm programmer and live in Moscow (where that team located)17:58
akaWolfmaybe I can join it :)17:58
r0kk3rzim not 100% sure how its working, we dont get a huge amount of visibility of that17:59
r0kk3rzfor sure OMP employed a lot of russian sailfish community members17:59
akaWolfyeah, right, OMP17:59
akaWolfRostelecom brought OMP18:00
akaWolfnow I work for Rostelecom but in different company :)18:00
akaWolfanyway I'm not satisfied with Android and found SOS the most interesting variant now18:02
kimmoliwhy wasting time with android support? spend it making native apps :)18:12

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