Friday, 2018-09-07

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dcalistechriadam_, pvuorella, leinir and lbt, I've finished upgrading calligra in mer as we have discussed last month. It is compiling on OBS, see
dcalisteIt can be installed on device and tested.08:08
dcalisteSee also
dcalisteThe repo in Mer is simply a list ob git submodules and a spec file. Required KF5 stuff are compiled and installed in /usr/lib/calligra-kf5/ to avoid mess-up with system libraries.08:10
dcalisteCalligra is using an rpath to find them.08:10
leinirdcaliste: Awesomesauce! :D08:10
dcalisteOn device, performances are poor though and pptx files makes the application crashes. I need to debug.08:11
dcalisteBut it's a start and we can work on Calligra HEAD (well almost, it is made on 3.1.0) to improve and test.08:12
leszekwow nice :)08:12
leszeklol. Filemanager looks broken. Half of the entries are invisible on the Xperia X. Guess it is some GPU driver bug :/14:07
leszekyep. Scrolling fixed it14:07
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