Tuesday, 2018-09-11

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dcalisteHello jpetrell, I think you've been busy !08:26
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fledermausdamnit, cracked the screen on my J1.15:44
fledermauswhat should I get to replace it... xperia? xperia xa2?15:44
fledermausthere are blackberries with actual keyboards, are they [unofficially] supported?15:45
tadzikrip screen :(15:46
fledermauswell, it's one crack, still usable, but I dunno if it's going to deteriorate fast15:46
fledermausI suppose it had a good run.15:47
leszekfledermaus: blackberrys are closed down15:56
leszekfledermaus: you can get the xperia x very cheap nowadays15:57
fledermausleszek: are they? too bad.15:57
leszekits definitely faster than the Jolla 115:57
fledermausleszek: I don't mind spending money on a new phone, this one lasted years so I count the cost as amortised over that.15:57
fledermausso if the xa2 is supported I could go for that.15:57
fledermausor if there are other recommendations.15:59
leszekxa2 is not supported currently. The beta image for it might arrive any day though16:16
fledermausthat's what I heard.16:19
depscribefledermaus : am awaiting an xperia x, new in box, from ebay for $143 u.s. -- pretty cheap as phones go nowadays.18:46
SQUelcherI cracked my Jolla C screen 1-2 years ago.. it's still pretty alive ;)18:47
fledermausgood to know18:52
rydaredepscribe: i'm waiting on mine too19:37
rydareit was $200CAD19:37
rydarebut the shipping is awful19:37
depscriberydare : yup, shipping is ridiculous. but, hey, we'll end up with a good sailfish phone.21:39
rydarebetter!  This OnePlus X isn't cutting it :P21:40
rydare2013+1 chipset, but has 3GB of RAM, runs pretty good for an older phone21:40
rydarelol mal i'm coming from an iPhone X and a OnePlus 5T before that21:43
rydarei'm spoiled i know21:43
rydareis the update that enables fingerprint on Sailfish X out?21:44
rydareI'm so excited to try it21:44
DennisRoczekrydare: yes, it's out since a few weeks21:44
rydarethanks DennisRoczek21:46
depscriberydare : i'm a little fearful that there's some trick -- that the bootloader can't be unlocked, or that it's full of spyware (beyond android) or something. we'll find out!22:30
rydaredepscribe: what retailer did you buy from?  on ebay i mean22:37
rydaremine was jingyu201422:38
rydare142.98$ USD22:38
rydarebeen waiting for it since August 6th22:38
depscriberydare :  goldenfield*2014 $143.95 USD. i have a feeling it is the same outfit. from shenzhen, yes?22:42
depscribeyou got a $1 better deal!22:42
depscribedo you plan to install jolla, or the community edition? i'll have to do jolla, because i need apk support for protonmail.22:44
rydaremine is from hong kong22:57
rydarei'm planning on using official22:57
rydarejust for banking apps22:57
rydarei don't expect snapchat to work, and i won't miss it22:57

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