Wednesday, 2018-10-24

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tadzikinteresting, and somewhat relevant:
torotoisedoca question; is gdb supposed to work in the scratch box?12:14
torotoisedoc(aka in the sb2 targets)12:14
torotoisedocit seems loading a file in gdb directly (as in without gdbserver) will fail then setting breakpoints12:20
torotoisedoc -> this is what happens on running a simple test.c file12:31
torotoisedoc(with a main and a one-liner printf)12:31
torotoisedocmal : ping ^12:32
torotoisedocjaa do I need to run the test file with the ld.linux...12:35
malhmm, not sure how the emulation works and can gdb work there correctly12:36
torotoisedocthere seems to be instructions on how to use it sb via gdbserver12:38
torotoisedocanyways debugging it from outside sb works just as much :)12:40
torotoisedocso I will try there12:40
tortoisedochey ho14:34
tortoisedoclevel 214:34
tortoisedocgdb now works14:34
tortoisedoci need symbols for
tortoisedocmal : do you know where I can find them?14:35
tortoisedoc(or where I can generate an unstripped
coderusDoesn't gdb suggest command to install debug symbols?15:16
tortoisedoccoderus : nope15:18
tortoisedocand i also have scratchbox2-debug  installed (in the target)15:19
tortoisedocbtw the mentioned package does not seem to be on mer obs15:26
tortoisedocah! there's sb2-tools :P15:27
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* satmd updates his jolla1 from factory reset to now21:21
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