Saturday, 2018-10-27

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dragonchaserh0pey: yalp store from the fdroid repos works for me06:12
h0peydragonchaser: thx but it is missing some apps from play store?08:19
h0peyI am waiting for new jolla3 release and thinking about getting new xperia device08:20
h0peybut it will be a show stopper if play store doesn't work08:21
h0peyI know it is probably more because of google, but still it is problem08:21
h0peyI have always really liked sailfish as an os and had 2 jollas, I really would like to have an option for android/ios08:22
h0pey...anyway this was the reason I am testing android compatibility with my old jolla atm08:23
r0kk3rzyou can install it, but it refuses to download anything because you're 'unverified'10:09
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dragonchaserh0pey: no but many won't work because auf incompatible android api level18:18
h0peythx I need to think about it and test18:39
h0peyI miss sailfish :)18:40
dragonchaserh0pey: after a couple of weeks i am down to two essential Android apps which i can not replace... And these two are running fine19:30
deicide-i ordered xperia x, is there anything i should know before installing sailfish?22:20
deicide-i don't know anything about sailfish, i'm coming from nokia symbian22:21
depscribedeicide : first thing is, follow the instructions for flashing very, very closely. you have to jump through some hoops to get the unlock code.22:31
depscribebut i did it some weeks ago, flashed sailfish x, and have the best phone i've ever used.22:32
deicide-doubt it will be an upgrade over the tank that i got right now22:43
deicide-but the software is just bad22:43

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