Thursday, 2018-11-01

xenui've have just read sailfish 3.0 changelog02:22
xenuit certainly doesn't deserve to be called a major release02:22
xenuit's sad02:22
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flav0rcheer up04:37
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h0peyI ordered xperia xa2, I hope I will get play store working somehow...07:51
r0kk3rzgoogle says no08:35
tbr"computer says NO"08:39
r0kk3rznah its google saying no, ive got playstore installled, did their whole 'register device id' thing, and its still says no09:15
r0kk3rzwhats this i keep seeing everywhere in the changelogs "Use the new PageStack animatorPush()."09:21
tbrr0kk3rz: it was a little brittain reference09:38
r0kk3rzi know09:38
h0peyfuck google10:33
h0pey"don't be evil" right10:33
h0peygoogle <-> microsoft10:34
h0peyit is almost like they have switched places10:34
abransonr0kk3rz: i think the pagestack thing is one of the performance things11:15
r0kk3rzabranson: is that something app developers should look at? or is that in a library somewhere11:16
abransonhmm not sure. might be worth trying out. i think the dev guide was being updated with some new stuff, so it might get mentioned in there.11:17
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kirvesAxeIs section 5.2 on this page outdated?
inkywhat do you think, prevent my sailfish from being updated to 3.0?20:13
inkyi see the bar, but nothing happens for hours.20:13
inkyafter reboot as well.20:13
tmynttintry it through terminal20:16
inkywow how?20:16
inkyyou mean pkcon upgrade or something?20:17
tmynttinssu release
tmynttinversion --dup20:17
inkythank you.20:20
tmynttingood luck!20:20
inkydoes anyone aware20:25
inkyif bluetooth lte will work after this update?20:25
inkymy jolla 1 does not see any lte device.20:25
r0kk3rzno it wont20:32
r0kk3rzi dont expect it will ever work for jphone20:33
r0kk3rzjphone is fairly old now, what its got is probably what it will ever have20:37
inkywhen i finally prepared myself for intex aqua fish, though it was very expensive, it was sold for $180, now there is not intex on ebay. and jolla 1 costs $200, same money.20:38
inkyxperia would be a good solution, much more powerful, but unfortunately i don't like the design.20:39
inkyand i just cannot use android.20:39
inkyor ios.20:39
inkyi am so used to jolla and i so like it.20:39
inkyi can survive without alien dalvik.20:39
r0kk3rzyeah it would be nice to have a bit more choice in the sailfish phone market20:41
inkyno space left on device at some time.20:43
inkywill try to free up, but20:43
inkyafaik even if i remove something btrfs still has the data?20:44
r0kk3rzafaik it does a balance regularly20:44
inkylet me share a screenshot20:58
inkywhat can i do to prevent pkcon from crashing?21:01
inkysame after restart21:04
inkyand it's not pkcon? packagekit has crashed.21:05
inkypackagekit daemon has crashed.21:05
inkyhow can i prevent it from crashing?21:05
inkyhow to clean rpm cache? should it help?21:05
inkynow i have cleaned the cache21:07
inkyit says no updates found. try again later.21:07
inkyand btw i cannot connect to wifi anymore.21:07
inkybut data works.21:08
inkyno update available21:21
inkywith internet as well.21:21
inkyjust does not upgrade.21:21
inkyi don't have a will to start everything from scratch so much!21:21
mpolinky: you want to keep track of this topic:
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inkyok cool i cannot even reset it now. it shows me the tutorial etc after reset but i see all the same apps etc.21:50
inkympol: thank you.21:50
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