Monday, 2018-12-17

rysiek|plpackage reinstallation seems to have helped partially, but lipstick still fails to start00:23
rysiek|pl> lipstick[1823]: [C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (No such file or directory)00:29
rysiek|plthat seems to suggest wayland is not running?00:31
rysiek|plcan this be some permission issue?..00:39
rysiek|pl`ssu status` shows:00:56
rysiek|pl> Device model: UNKNOWN (UNKNOWN / UNKNOWN)00:56
rysiek|plwonder if that's related00:56
rysiek|plhey all08:30
rysiek|plso I looked deeper into the reasons why I ended up with lipstick not starting on my Jolla Phone with SailfishOS 308:30
rysiek|plseems like the upgrade got interrupted (most probably a battery issue, though I did make sure it was connected to the charger during the upgrade so... weird)08:31
rysiek|plis there a way to get `version --dup` *re-do* all the actions that it would have when upgrading to
rysiek|plas it really looks like either some packages are not installed, *or* some config changes did not get applied08:32
rysiek|plalso, is there anyway for me to get the list of all packages that should have been installed during upgrade to I am pretty sure I am missing some08:36
rysiek|plah got it08:39
rysiek|pllooks like I am missing a bunch of packages from the *packages modified* list, not to mention the *packages added* list08:46
rysiek|plwondering if I should just downgrade to 2.2.1, and re-try the upgrade afterwards08:48
r0kk3rzfind the main sbj pattern and apply that08:49
r0kk3rzshould be called something like Jolla Configuration sbj08:49
r0kk3rzthe 'battery issue' could be the perennial battery contact issue on the jphone i suppose08:52
r0kk3rzid never update a jphone off the charger08:52
rysiek|plit was on the charger, or so I thought (maybe the contact was not good)08:53
rysiek|plr0kk3rz: I see 4 sbj packages:08:54
rysiek|plkernel-adaptation-sbj pulseaudio-modules-droid-sbj sbj-configs sbj-version08:54
r0kk3rzits not a package, its a pattern08:54
r0kk3rzbut jphone could predate a lot of the conventions we use now08:55
rysiek|plhow do I list patterns or interact with them?08:55
* rysiek|pl is duckduckgoing frantically08:55
r0kk3rzthey should appear in the package list08:56
r0kk3rzare you using zypper to list?08:56
rysiek|plah no, I was using rpm08:57
rysiek|plaaaand there is no zypper on my damaged system, apparently08:57
r0kk3rzinstall it08:57
r0kk3rzits not normally there08:57
rysiek|plon it08:57
rysiek|plok, `zypper patterns` running08:58
rysiek|pl(so far no output)08:59
rysiek|plok, output here:
rysiek|plthere is an error about jolla store, which I guess explains the long wait when refreshing caches09:03
rysiek|plinstalled packages are: jolla-configuration-sailfish-development jolla-configuration-sailfish-sdk-target jolla-configuration-sailfish-sdk-tooling sailfish-api-1 sailfish-api-2 sailfish-api-309:03
r0kk3rznot sure if thats complete or not09:05
r0kk3rzuse zypper to search for sbj in the repositories09:06
rysiek|plhyh, `ssu lr` lists these:09:07
rysiek|pl - store ...
rysiek|pl - store ... 09:07
rysiek|pl - aliendalvik    ...
rysiek|plnote the UNKNOWN09:07
r0kk3rzyeah thats not good09:07
r0kk3rzperhaps its abort and factory reset time09:07
rysiek|plis there a way to manually change that to armv7hl?09:08
rysiek|ploh dang09:08
rysiek|plwhat version will I get upon factory reset?09:08
r0kk3rzlike, whatever it came out of the box with09:09
rysiek|plok, is there a way to fix the store repos?09:09
r0kk3rzi wouldnt worry about that just yet09:11
r0kk3rznot until the main ux is working09:11
rysiek|plright, but to get the main UX to work the only way is a factory reset?09:12
rysiek|ploh, ok09:12
r0kk3rztheres a boot option09:12
rysiek|pladded `zypper search sbj` output to the pad09:12
rysiek|plah yes, I was able to boot into Recovery Mode before. what should I do then?09:16
r0kk3rzup to you09:16
rysiek|plsure, but you said there's boot option and that there is a way to get UX up and running without factory reset?09:17
r0kk3rzoh sorry, i misread your sentence above09:23
r0kk3rzid go the factory reset through recovery mode option09:23
r0kk3rzits a pain, but the other way could be equally as painful09:23
rysiek|plthanks, I'll eat something and probably go for it09:23
rysiek|plspent >24h on that already09:24
rysiek|plreally appreciate your help!09:24
r0kk3rzyeah exactly09:24
r0kk3rzwhen you reset make sure you enter your jolla account details in the onboarding wizard09:24
r0kk3rzand then immediately update, dont do anything else09:24
attahAny ideas how i can reset the QML MediaPlayer's position on a livestream, i.e. make it start from whatever is live?20:24
attah.stop() apparently doesn't help :(20:24
attahi just toggle the source... that feels wrong.. but it works21:25

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