Wednesday, 2018-12-19

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dcalistechriadam: thank you for the merge wave, and I'm sorry not to have tested gpgme MR on OBS before :(07:43
chriadamdcaliste: not your fault07:44
chriadamobs is a mystery to everyone :-P07:44
dcalistechriadam: looking further about my finishSwap() issue from security-ui, I've landed looking into libhybris, particularly the EGL implementation and the implementation of handling of natice wayland windows. I'm wondering if there can be a race condition in this finishSwap() call. I'll keep you informed if this gives some result or not (or brick my device).07:54
chriadamgood luck, I hope your device survives the investigation ;-)07:55
dcalisteHow can I know which android header level should I use for a JollaC ? abranson, do you have any idea ? Could it be 21, 22 or 23 by any chance ?07:56
chriadamor mal ^07:57
abransondcaliste: for aliendalvik or the bsp?08:22
abransoncongrats on the merge!08:22
dcalisteI guess the bsp (by default, I don't know what it is).08:22
dcalisteI'm looking to debug a possible race condition in libEGL.so08:23
dcalisteParticularly in WaylandNativeWindow implementation.08:23
dcalisteabranson: well more precisely, it is in /usr/lib/libhybris/ which is created by compiling libhybris with --with-default-egl-platform=wayland, but I'm just woondering which android headers I should put for JollaC.08:47
dcalisteI'm trying currently with API level 19, which corresponds to Android 4.4.08:47
abransondcaliste: that phone has a 5 base I think08:49
abransondcaliste: 5.1. you can find the property '' in /system/build.prop08:52
dcalisteabranson: ah great, I'm feeling much safer having some figure from files on device ;) Currently get android headers and compiling. I've tested with API 19, it was smooth.08:53
r0kk3rzdcaliste: are you looking into the sdl2 wayland issue?08:54
dcalisteNo, another issue with lipstick-security-ui that hangs sometimes.08:54
r0kk3rzhmm interesting08:54
dcalisteThe gdb backtrace show that the client is waiting forever in finshSwap() call.08:55
dcalisteI'm wondering if a race conditions can exist with the frame_callback and the wait for the frame_callback there.08:55
r0kk3rzif you want to dig around in there, you can also put on new wayland ;)08:57
dcalisteIt's a wild guess, the issue may live in the compositor not sending any event about the frame_callback though.08:57
Dakonhow can I simulate pinch gestures with the SDK emulator?10:03
r0kk3rznot sure you can10:03
caitlini used a touch screen laptop :/10:03
r0kk3rzthe simulator is somewhat limited, its better to use a device if you have one10:04
Dakonok, I thought that would be a common task and should work10:09
Dakonthe default "drag down to get a menu" isn't really integrating good with Map widgets :/10:13
r0kk3rzyou'd need a banner or something10:37
DakonI think I'll do it like modRana and just place a button to open the next page10:46
Dakonlovely: i486-meego-linux-gnu-g++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)10:49
pvuoreladcaliste: ping.11:47
dcalistepvuorela: pong12:05
pvuoreladcaliste: got a bit late to the email signing review, but pondering if it's ok to have subpackage for qmf crypto plugins? would avoid some space usage and dirmngr if crypto is not needed.12:06
dcalistepvuorela: no problem, I can create a MR for that, I agree. It's nicer.12:07
pvuoreladcaliste: did just myself that so i can create a PR out of that.12:07
dcalisteOk, I agree it's a good idea.12:08
pvuorelaok, good :)12:08
dcalistepvuorela: thanks.12:13
Dakonnice, that is alive again. Time to update my SMTP fixes for it and maybe eventually get a properly behaving mail client on Jolla :/13:09
Dakonhas anyone an idea why Map.toCoordinate doesn't work on Sailfish?17:38
Dakonit does not give an error, just nothing comes out of it17:38
tadzikI'd assume and outdated version of QtLocation or something17:39
Dakonaccording to the documentation it should be present, the autocompletion offers it and it doesn't raise an error if I call it17:42
Dakonah, it seems to have changed the API17:46
Dakonnormally it takes (point, boolean)17:46
Dakonin Silica it takes (lat, long, boolean)17:46
Dakonehm, (int, int, boolean), but anyway17:47
Dakoneven worse, only point, and it's the bool parameter that I actually need17:57
Dakonok, then I'll just calculate the offsets myself17:57
tsgloveHey guys, I am looking at getting into Sailfish, and thought to buy the Sony Xperia XA2.   Is the installation process documented out?   Or do I have to do any "development hacks"?18:08
malthese are the current installation instructions included in the installation zip
x2s.oO( uhm, uhm, why did my sfx phone search for updates the last time two month ago!? )18:16
Dakonyou disabled automatic search?19:43
x2sDakon: nop.19:58
tsglovemal, thank you!  On my way to check those out.20:16
Dakonha, SMTP fix merged!21:08

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